Why and how to meditate using music?

Meditation with the help of music allows you to find inner peace, chase away stress and put an end to daily routines once and for all. It is practiced in a calm environment with a soft musical background.

Meditation with music to find peace

Daily meditation, especially if it is accompanied by soft music, helps to find inner peace. It goes along with various gestures to expect a positive result, including perfect postures and breathing. Indeed, this practice remains ideal to completely get rid of stress and relax perfectly, despite the busy schedules of the day.

According to Taisen Deshimaru, Japanese master, everyone, including atheists, has the right to immerse themselves in a Zen universe through meditation using music. This practice is therefore not reserved only for religious. Lay people can make meditation one of their habits. Meditating is thus summed up by giving the mind the same care that we provide to the body. This practice corresponds to the key gestures of well-being, including the shower for purification and gymnastics.

Various techniques can boost concentration and mindfulness of the present moment. We distinguish, yoga, tai-chi, tantra… . Like meditation, they are based on an ideal posture and correct movement, without omitting the work of breathing. Music is then welcome to better concentrate and dive completely into a universe far from problems.

Meditation with soft music can indeed be done at home and at any time. The idea is to immobilize momentarily, in order to grant oneself in perfect conditions. The ideal remains to keep a posture with which one can feel comfortable. Such a gesture should be repeated two to three times a week in a calm atmosphere enlivened by soft music. If these conditions are met, you can expect many benefits from a harmonious universe.

A few steps for a successful meditation

Certain preparations are necessary for meditation using music to be fruitful. You have to start by defining the right time for this practice. You can do this based on your own schedule and goal. Morning meditation allows, for example, to start the day with well-being in all its aspects. In the evening, it completely eliminates all tension after an exhausting day. The best thing is to find a fixed time and duration.

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The next step is to create an ideal environment for meditation. Experts in the field advise neophytes to meditate in a seated position facing the wall in the same place, especially in a quiet room. The goal is to shelter from anything that is likely to catch the eye or divert thoughts. Meditation with music can thus be done in a soothing environment by installing a mat and lighting a candle.

In addition to background music, it is also possible to burn incense to relax the organs of smell. The choice of outfit should not be taken lightly either. Loose clothing will give you comfort and improve your concentration. You also have to get rid of your shoes and let a silent musical background reign throughout the room.

Relaxation is also one of the important steps before actual meditation. To do this, you can lie on your back and do some stretching. Keeping your eyes closed, favor deep breathing through your nose. Then, you have to relax your belly while exhaling. During this stage, your goal is to allow your joints and tissues to relax.

Choosing the right posture should not be taken lightly either. It can vary from person to person. You don’t have to perform the same gesture as Buddha with your legs crossed and your knees kept on the ground. You are free to choose a posture allowing you to feel comfortable and to combine uprightness, stability and openness.

Along with posture, breathing is one of the main keys to successful meditation using music. The technique consists of inhaling and exhaling deeply and not only on the top of the lung, while concentrating on the nostrils. The goal here is to focus on your breathing, so that it becomes light. Reaching the belly, the breath leaves no room for tension and restores a feeling of harmony.

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Posture and breathing, if done in the best possible way, promotes concentration on the mind. The goal is to give free rein to thoughts. Undoubtedly, this practice takes you to another universe full of good images. Sorrows, anger, doubts, fears and shame can also take place. The sessions may even be very painful. In this case, you are advised to focus on your breathing to keep your mind going.

Choosing the right music

Meditation is not practiced with just any type of music. You have to choose the background and the instrument used. Soft music from a pan flute allows, for example, to better concentrate on your breath, to take full advantage of the benefits of meditation. It is, in fact, a wind musical instrument that consists of reed pipes of different lengths. The interpreter must put his lips at the level of the upper orifice by sliding each of the pipes to play on the notes and create a dream atmosphere throughout the room.

Note that some people opt for meditation in total silence. However, music remains an ideal option to quickly get into the mood. It can also be used as a guide to start the practice well.