What type of pan flute to choose to start?

The pan flute is a fairly complex instrument to master. This is why it is so important to choose the right model when starting out. To do this, we offer you in this article some tips and advice for choosing your pan flute for beginners.

The pan flute for beginners according to the budget

In the beginning, mastery of the breath is very important and it is not easy to acquire. This is why it is necessary to opt for a cheap flute. The latter will allow you to improve your breathing and your posture. The position of your body is indeed very important. Properly respected, it allows you to clear your airways and channel your breathing.

Thus, a study flute is light enough for a beginner. Allow around a little more than 200 euros to acquire it. Keep in mind that professional pan flutes can be worth upwards of $2,000. You must therefore work and be patient before buying this type of overpriced instrument. This cost difference comes from the quality of the materials used. The most high-end pan flutes are made from a single piece of ebony or mahogany wood, which explains the skyrocketing prices.

Here you have a list of the best offers to find the instrument you need.

The pan flute for beginners according to the key

You should know that pan flutes can have different numbers of holes and also different lengths. This greatly influences the type of its product. To start, choose the tone according to the music you want to play. If you prefer to play only folklore, it is advisable to choose a flute in G. It is the one that is suitable for beginners, because it is smaller and lighter than the others. It thus allows a better ease of handling to learn to master the instrument.

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Flutes in G alto are nevertheless perfect for playing in a Romanian style. But if you want to start with classical, you should opt for a tenor flute in C. The latter is relatively standard and allows you to play several types of music such as folk, classical, jazz, but also contemporary tunes.

The pan flute for beginners according to the number of tubes

Depending on the model, the pan flute is made up of a different number of tubes. This of course influences its morphology. For a beginner, it is advisable to choose models with 18 to 22 tubes. Those with 26 are rather tenor models, of larger caliber. Bass flutes, called Baritone, are intended for a more experienced user.

Remember that you have to get used to blowing medium tubes before trying deeper ones. Note that the more tubes there are, the more complicated the mastery. So choose models with at most 18 tubes to make your debut.

Choose by brand

For a beginner, even if you don’t want to treat yourself to a high-end instrument, quality is still necessary. Gibonus pan flutes, made in Poland and distributed by Gilles Patrat are quality products. In addition to being made of treated wood, they also undergo a treatment against mold for a longer life. They are also available in different sizes and tones, which is why you can find a beginner’s model there. The flutes of this brand are tuned with a piston system at the bottom of the tubes for better sound. They cost around 250 euros, which is quite affordable in the pan flute market. You can equip it with a cover and a case that you will find from the same brand.

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The Steffen Kuttner Panflotenbau models are made from high quality bamboo. Available on their official website, these are study pan flutes that are specially designed to facilitate the emission of sound. These are therefore suitable models for beginners. Moreover, the pan flutes of this brand remain very light while emitting an excellent sound. When you wait for a more advanced level of mastery, you can order pan flutes made to measure, according to your own indications.

Pan flutes from Preda Panflutes are also of excellent quality. They are made in the pure Romanian tradition. They are very popular with professional flautists. The brand offers a wide range of flutes with varying tones and ranges. It also has copper models, the first on the market. It also offers electroacoustic flutes with directly integrated microphone systems.

ULITZA Panflöten is a well-known flute brand in the market. It only releases a few models a year, which significantly increases their value. The flutes of this brand are well beveled and have an optimal sound quality. It is on this point that the brand insists the most, in addition to ease of use. The ULITZA Panflöten brand also attaches particular importance to ease of issue.

Finally, there are the Antonio Tirabosco Flutes. This brand manufactures and repairs instruments at the same time. She also refines them and can customize them to order. The flutes of this brand are made with quality bamboo. However, it only sells models depending on the arrivals of fresh bamboo. This also adds considerable quality to the various items it produces.

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You now have all the cards in hand to learn to play the pan flute. You know which instrument is suitable for a beginner as well as the major brands that can offer the best equipment. Remember to take lessons from a professional for best results. Even if you have a great instrument, if you don’t know how to play it, there’s no point.