What age and what type of guitar to start?

The guitar is one of the most widely used instruments in the world. Are you passionate about this instrument and do you want to pass this on to your child or have you noticed that they are becoming more and more interested in music? If the desire comes directly from himself and he is very motivated, it will be easy for him to assimilate the practices as well as the theories of the guitar. However, you need to know which type will be best for him to start with and at what age he can start.

What is the ideal age to start the guitar?

Note that playing the guitar is a bit more complicated compared to other instruments like the piano. For example, it is quite possible for an 18 month old child to tap on keys and bring out the sound of a keyboard, because the theory and the practice of this kind of instrument are very easy. Just press and the sounds will sound. The key of a piano does not need much force. Contrary to this, for a guitar, you have to press a little harder on the strings so that they emit good melody. It is therefore necessary to have a minimum of strength as well as good reflexes, patience, that is to say a certain maturity to get there.

However, there is no ideal age to start learning the guitar. According to many professionals, it is the children who have more conviction and motivation when it comes to learning this type of musical instrument. As soon as he feels like it and he is between 6 and 7 years old, it’s the right time to start playing. It is only in this age group that the child can correctly erect his fingers and make chords. But there are always exceptions, it is also possible at the age of 5 if the motivation is there.

How to choose the right type of guitar for your child?

It is also important to know the musical style of your treasure well before deciding which type of guitar is more suitable for him. In general, children externalize their personalities by their choice of rhythm of music. If your toddler loves hard rock, the electric guitar is more suitable for him. It is therefore better to pay attention to the music that he often listens to to know the kind of melody he likes. Or just tell him about the many types of guitars out there and let him choose.

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Most parents don’t go for the electric guitar because they think it’s too loud. It should however be noted that it is equipped with volume controls as well as an amplifier accompanied by a plug where you can plug in headphones. Choose the electric guitar adapted to your child will therefore help to keep him motivated.

However, to start learning, the ideal would be to opt for the acoustic which is a much more accessible and lighter instrument, easy to handle by children.

How do you keep a child motivated when they start playing the guitar?

Have you noticed that your 4 to 5 year old is integrating into the musical world and starting to take an interest in the guitar? This is already a good thing since the motivation comes from itself. However, do not rush to put him in a music school, especially if he is still in the age of infancy. It is better to buy a mini-guitar for him first, so that he can become more familiar with the instrument before taking the plunge. The ideal is that he begins his apprenticeship at the age of 6 years.

For him to be able to keep his motivation, he must see the lessons as a game and not as an obligation. Otherwise, he risks giving up much too quickly. Each child is different, so it’s up to you to see how to maintain their will and motivation. The appearance of a guitar matters a lot also for the little ones and even for the older ones. Make this your priority instead of buying a cheaper model that he might not like.

What do you need to do to reach your end?

Most parents believe that private lessons are the best solution to obtain a quick and satisfactory result. If your child is already very independent, sending him to a school would be good for him. Otherwise, it is better to take a home teacher so that your toddler can evolve in a setting he already knows.

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At the beginning, you should not practice too long, like 1 hour, sessions of 10 to 20 minutes a day can be enough if you want your child not to give up quickly. Note that toddlers do not yet have the patience or the concentration necessary to hold out for a long time. It is also necessary to consider the notoriety as well as the experiences of the music school you have chosen, because the influence of your child’s teacher will be great on this one. Already, he must have the necessary skills to take charge of the learning of a young child.

Online courses are also an affordable solution, as it requires little budget and time. Your child can follow his learning at the desired time without leaving home. But before you start, it is important to choose an electric guitar that suits your needs and your age.

What are the benefits of playing the guitar from an early age?

According to numerous researches, there are only advantages. Playing the electric guitar from early childhood has several benefits on the development of your toddler, such as strengthening his intelligence quotient for example. Playing the guitar can also improve memory, stabilize mood, and even reduce anxiety.

Playing the guitar has a positive effect on a shy child. Once he is able to perform in front of an audience, he will be able to boost his self-confidence and this can only be beneficial for him.


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