What accessories to plan for your ukulele?

To play the ukulele, you need to equip yourself with various accessories. Some are basic and some are non-essential, but allow you to customize your stringed instrument. They also make great gifts for ukulelists. Find in this article a list of all the equipment you may need.

A case or protective cover

A good ukulele must be equipped with quality accessories. Like all stringed instruments, it must be protected from dust, humidity, but also scratches and breakage. This is why having a protective case or cover is essential. In addition to keeping your ukulele safe from scratches from its first use, this accessory also allows you to facilitate its transport when traveling. You can also find it in different models, including a soft, semi-rigid or even rigid case. To take care of your four-stringed instrument and ensure its longevity of use, this equipment is recommended.

Spare strings

It is an accessory that you must have on hand, especially if you are new to learning. In the market, a large number of ukuleles are released with lower quality strings. This is often the case with affordable models. By having spare strings, you can immediately start tuning your ukulele and thus improve your playing. Indeed, this operation gives you better sound quality, but also optimal playing comfort. Do not hesitate to treat yourself to a set of replacement strings from a well-known brand to ensure a good quality item.

A ukulele tuner

At first, ukulele players often have difficulty tuning their instrument properly. However, tuning is essential to enjoy quality sound and to progress quickly in your learning. With a tuner, it will be easier for you to tune your four-string instrument. It saves you considerable time. You will no longer have to ask those around you to help you perform this operation each time your ukulele needs to be tuned. Finally, this accessory greatly facilitates the adjustment of the tension of the strings. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, consider equipping yourself with this object.

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A ukulele humidor

A lot of ukulele players tend to neglect purchasing a humidor. However, it is one of the essential accessories that ukulelists must have. In practice, solid wood models require special maintenance to optimize their useful life. A humidifier allows you to keep the top of your instrument in perfect condition while significantly extending its longevity. Even better, the use of this accessory positively impacts the sound quality of your ukulele as you use it.

A capo for ukulele

If you’re a perfectionist player who’s only satisfied when your instrument actually produces the notes of the tune you want to play, get yourself a capo. This is an accessory designed to allow you to change the tone of your ukulele as you see fit. It therefore improves your playing and allows you to make the sound quality of your instrument and your skill even more satisfactory. If you already have a guitar capo, this might work just fine. If not, consider including it in your list of equipment to buy.

A tripod

Protecting your ukulele well allows you to avoid frequent purchases, that is to say investing in a new instrument. In addition to the cover, you can also put in your list of accessories to get: a tripod. This equipment allows you to put down your stringed instrument without the risk of damaging it. If you place it anywhere, the risk of it breaking is much greater. You and those around you may hit it unintentionally. Prevention is better than cure. So grab your tripod now.

A pick or plectrum

It is a small accessory that is used to strum the strings of your ukulele. This equipment also helps to optimize your playing comfort. You can find it in different sizes. It is available in various models. So you can find a plectrum in wood, metal, plastic or even bone. The hardness of each of these elements differs depending on the model of your choice.

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an amplifier

If you have an electro-acoustic ukulele, an amp allows you to give your instrument a volume boost. This accessory is in great demand during performances or rehearsals. This type of amp is designed to make your playing easier. Therefore, it has various advantages. It optimizes the sound quality of your ukulele by adding more bass or treble. It is available in several models allowing you to easily choose the one that best suits your stringed instrument. Easy to carry and equipped with several functions, you will have no trouble handling it.

A jack cable for ukulele

In addition to the amp, the Jack cable is one of the fundamental pieces of equipment that you must have if you have an electro-acoustic ukulele. This accessory is useful for connecting your instrument to your amplifier.

A ukulele method of learning

To allow you to progress quickly, do not forget to provide yourself with a learning method. The latter is very important if you are new to playing a ukulele. It allows you to easily follow and understand each lesson. It consists of various tutorials and videos. It also allows you to monitor your progress.

On the market, you can find brands that offer a pack including a ukulele with its accessories. Taking advantage of this type of offer allows you to save a little money and practice as quickly as possible. Indeed, buying your instrument and your equipment separately increases your expense considerably.


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