Quick Guide: How to Work a Ninja Blender 1500 Watts

By ingeniously combining power, precision engineering and exclusive technologies, the Ninja Duo Blender is two devices in one: a high-performance carafe blender, and a personal smoothie robot.

Auto-iQ technology does all the work for you. This technology allows you, at the touch of a button, to select preset programs for mixing, working and resting, all designed to leave nothing to chance.

Create smoothies, frozen drinks, cocktails, desserts and more. And if you lack inspiration, a quick and easy recipe guide is included in the box.

This blender sets the standard for performance and quality.With its Auto-iQ 1500W BL642EU power features, this Ninja Blender can process anything. It has a 6-speed touchless control and is extremely quiet due to its direct drive technology. With 750 watts of muscle, it can make smoothies, frozen drinks, ice cream, milkshakes and more! There are also various preprogrammed settings for various recipes so everything is easy as 1 – 2 – 3! But don’t just take our word for it… check out what our customers have to say!

The most powerful blender on the market. This ninja blender is so simple to use. The Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ 1500W BL642EU comes complete with a personal smoothie maker that is perfect for making fruit smoothies, milkshakes and other creations!

Introducing the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender

As the most popular choice Microwave Ovens when looking for a Microwave Oven with Grill Combination, you can be sure of a great appliance.

The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is a small sized blender that comes in Blue and White colour. This model was added to the small appliance range in October 2014 Season: Autumn/Winter. It has been described by those that have bought it as having an impressive design and an attributes such as easy to use and grip.

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The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is one of the best selling small kitchen appliances from . Apart from the small kitchen appliances range, customers also looked at purchasing budget microwaves, extra wide beds and budget tumble dryers from .
The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is a compact, easy to use blender, with a 600 watt motor and a 1.5 litre capacity. The jug is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean up after blending.

The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender features 3 speeds and pulse action for maximum control over consistency, so you can experiment or recreate your favourite recipes for drinks, baking or ice cream at home. Its Auto IQ technology responds to what’s in the jug, adjusting power accordingly and ensuring everything gets blended thoroughly. The blender will even tell you when the job is done by automatically shutting off to reduce noise.

Comparing Ninja BL770 vs BL771 vs BL772 vs BL773CO
On the following pages you can compare the Ninja BL770 vs BL771 vs BL772 vs BL773CO. Use the side by side comparison to easily see and compare all their features, specifications and customer reviews. There is also a video review of each product listed below.

The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender has been described on review as “easy to use”, a “great price”, “an idiot could use it” and “recommend to anyone”.

Overall Verdict for Ninja Professional 1500W Blender

This small kitchen appliance has been rated 3.7 out of 5 stars from 84 reviews with 75% giving this small kitchen appliance a positive review. The most popular positive review is “Great blender, powerful and small”.

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This Ninja Professional 1500W Blender has been described on review as great value for money. The most common positive review is “Great Value for Money”.

Ninja 1500 Watts Blender: What’s So Special About It?

We’re all impressed by the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender. It’s one of the most powerful and yet, energy efficient blenders in its class. You can get it at a discount by purchasing the “Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Blender Package” which includes the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender, Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Ninja Smart Control Dishwasher (See Comparison Chart Below).

It also comes with auto-iq technology, which makes it easier for you to make smoothies, ice cream or milkshakes for your family. The blender also comes with a recipe guide that contains more than 1,000 different recipes for making desserts and drinks.
It also konws the kind of ingredients you use and adjust its settings accordingly. This means it will also blend your smoothie, milkshakes and ice cream to perfection.

How to Save Money on a Ninja Professional 1500W Blender

Kitchen Appliances include the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender and other items that are currently on promotion with us: Ninja Mega Kitchen System, Ninja Smart Control Dishwasher, Chinook Vented Oven and Cookware Sets, Blackstone Multi-Cooker and many more.
While you are at it, why don’t you also purchase the Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Blender Package that includes all the above and also comes with great discounts.

Ninja Professional 1500W Blender: What Makes It Great?

The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is one of the most popular blenders. This small kitchen appliance is a very powerful blender that can make smoothies, milkshakes, cooking for your family and has a recipe guide included in the box.

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Ninja Professional 1500W Blender: What’s Not So Great?

The Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is a very popular small kitchen appliance. The only negative review we have come across is that some customers think it’s too noisy. We didn’t actually find any review for this blender that gave any negative feedback. So if you don’t mind the noise, then you will be more than happy with this blender.

Ninja Professional 1500W Blender: About the Manufacturer

Ninja is one of the most popular small kitchen appliance manufacturers out there. Ninja has been on top of their game for the past 25 years and have sold more than 20 million blenders worldwide. Their blenders are used by chefs in more than 100,000 kitchens in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

Ninja Professional 1500W Blender: Price Comparison

This small kitchen appliance can be purchased online at a discount price. It is cheaper to purchase this blender online than at a physical store. Below is our price comparison table showing the difference between different stores that sell this blender and their price (Last updated Saturday 30th of March 2019). We have compared prices from top stores like Amazon, John Lewis, Currys, Argos and more as you can see below.

Quick Guide: How to Work a Ninja Blender 1500 Watts

It is easy to work the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender. First, you need to put the ingredients in the blender.

Then, you can turn on the blender by pressing down on the power button. You can press it down again once it starts operating to choose a speed that works for you. The high-speed setting will crush ice and blend all ingredients into a thick smoothie, while the low-speed option is good for sauces and purees.

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Next step is to pour in your ice cream and press through the pulp cycle. You can then add in your liquids and let it slice through them for a smooth blending.

Ninja Professional 1500W Blender: About the Cost

It is much cheaper to purchase this small kitchen appliance online than in a physical store. We have found that the Ninja Professional 1500W Blender is on sale at a discount price from retailers like Currys, Argos, Amazon and John Lewis. Use our price comparison table above to find out how much you can save when purchasing this small kitchen appliance online.