How to Use Vitamix as a Food Processor?

Removing and replacing ingredients easily with the Vitamix food processor is the ultimate way to keep your food healthy and fresh. This article will show you how to use a Vitamix as a food processor in order to make great tasting smoothies every day, or preparing simple everyday meals that require only one clean up.

Vitamix is really one of those things in life that get complicated when you’re not using it all the time, but can be anything but if you just know how to operate it properly. The first thing you’ll want to do is clean the area of your blender that will be potentially coming into contact with food. It’s best not to use soap on this part, as it may get caught in the blades and can’t be removed.

All you need to do is rinse it out with warm water and a little bit of vinegar. That’s all the cleaning it needs before use, but if there are visible seeds or pits still stuck around, take a toothpick and remove them one at a time.

Why Vitamix is a Great Food Processor

There are thousands of Vitamix recipes and it’s that cookbook that, if you don’t have one, will show you how to use this blender as an amazing blender. You’ll be able to make smoothies, soups, fillings for food, purees and more. If you’re already a fan of many different kinds of food and want to create some great tasting foods at home while saving money on commercial products, then the Vitamix is perfect for this.

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Don’t Forget to Wash the Jar

…and then of course there’s the Vitamix jar. The Vitamix jar is the thing you blend your food into. If you forget to wash it after it’s put away, then no worries, but if you want to make sure that your blender is always clean and ready to go at a moments notice, here’s how: fill the jar with warm soapy water and let it sit for about five minutes.
Vitamix Recipes

If you’ve never used a Vitamix before, once you open that cookbook and read through the recipes, you’ll soon be making some extremely delicious foods at home. If it’s your first time opening up the cookbook, make sure to turn off the machine and cover any openings of the lid so no more water escapes.

The reason for making sure to keep it covered is because if too much water stays trapped inside, it may rust and cause a problem down the line.

speed : speed is a key factor to consider when using a blender, as you’ll be able to use your time more efficiently. If you’re blending in smaller batches, like for smoothies, then the larger motor power will do the trick.

variable: variable is another consideration, as it decides how much speed you’ll be able to run your blender at. If you have a smaller batch of ingredients, then going with a lower variable will work perfectly.

blade motor: blade motor refers to the size of the blender that has more blades in it. This is going to determine how fast and strong it will be for chopping and grinding. For example, if you have a large bowl and want to chop up some onions or garlic, then a high powered blender would be best.

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How to Use Vitamix as a Food Processor

Automatic shut off: automatic shut off is an option that will turn itself off after the cycle is done. This is great to have rather than having to watch it and check every so often or having it on while you’re doing something else.

Program settings: program settings are ideal for when you want to make smoothies in under a minute or if you want to crush nuts or seeds.

Digital interface: digital interface are only helpful if you know how to use it. Most people who don’t use the Vitamix very often will not have a need for this feature, but it’s still nice to have if you want to learn more about the machine and what you can do with it.

Small and large containers: small and large containers will allow the use of ingredient sizes ranging from small to large. The smaller the ingredients are, the more you’ll be able to chop up at a time. This is great news for those who don’t want to make several batches of something in order to utilize their machine.

Direct drive: direct drive, as opposed to belt driven, means that you won’t have any clinking or shaking while it’s running and using this feature is best for all-purpose blending.

Use Vitamix to Chop Vegetables

If you have a limited amount of time and don’t want to let the Vitamix sit in the kitchen waiting to be used, then you can use it as a chopper. This is great for chopping up big quantities of vegetables or just grinding up nuts and seeds at home when you don’t have access to a store.

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Use Vitamix to Grind Grains and Meat

Many people think that a Vitamix is only for fruit and vegetables, but that is not true. The Vitamix can be used to make quick work of meats and grains, many of which need to be ground before cooking. If you’re looking to chop meat up fine enough in order to use it in stews, soups or stir-fry dishes, then you will want to make sure your meat is a little on the softer side. With the right ingredients, you can grind up almost any type of meats with ease.

Use Vitamix to Crush Ice and Frozen Fruits

If you want to make some really nice smoothies and shakes, then using your Vitamix to crush some ice and frozen fruits is the way to go. Fruits like berries and mangoes always seem to work best when they’re crushed up rather than blended, as it makes them smoother and more palatable.

Use Vitamix as a Blender

There are a lot of different ways that you can use a Vitamix blender. You can make a variety of different foods with it if you know how to do it. Many people don’t realize just how versatile this machine really is, which means that you’ll need some guidance when it comes to using it.

Use Vitamix for Soups, Dips and More

If you want to use your Vitamix for basically anything, then making soups is one of the best ways to get started. The process takes a little bit of planning ahead, but once you get it down, you’ll be able to make some really tasty soups at home.

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Use Vitamix for Smoothies

If you want to make some great tasting smoothies with your Vitamix, then there are a lot of different kinds of ingredients that can be used. Simply placing all your ingredients in the blender and turning it on is the best way to know what will work for your smoothie recipe.

Vitamix Recipes

Once you get the hang of using your Vitamix, you’ll find that there is almost nothing that it can’t grind, chop or puree. Many people do not know this, so they assume they should stay away from certain ingredients. As long as you know what’s in your food and use common sense to make sure everything will work together, then you have nothing to worry about.

To make it easier to use your Vitamix, it’s important to have the ingredients prepped ahead of time. This also allows you to make sure that you’re not wasting any food and that there are no leftovers. By prepping your ingredients ahead of time, you can save a lot more money when making large batches at home. It’s also much better for the environment if you aren’t putting food in the trash after making a large amount of food.

Blending in the Kitchen vs Baking with Vitamix

The key to making a great baked “dessert” using your Vitamix is to make sure that you add a few things. If you’re going to use your Vitamix for baking, then you will want to make sure that you add things like oil, flour and eggs. This is going to help with the consistency of the recipe and make it much easier for you, which will keep the mess down. There’s also a lot of Googling you can do to find recipes that will work for the Vitamix.

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Vitamix for Baking

Since you’re going to be baking with your Vitamix, it’s important to make sure that there are no leftovers and that the ingredients are prepped ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure that your recipe doesn’t need any oil, flour or eggs, as these can sometimes hinder the consistency of the end product.

Dairy Product Substitutes

There are a lot of dairy-free products that you can use to replace dairy in your recipes. Things like soy, coconut and almond milk can be used in place of things like milk, sour cream and buttermilk. Since these ingredients aren’t going to affect the taste of the food being made, you’ll find that they make a good substitute for some things.