How to choose your multifunction robot?

A multifunction robot is a kitchen appliance that can replace all the others. If it is well chosen, you will no longer need juicer blender or beater.

However, there are many models and they are far from having the same interest. So we offer you in this practical article to discover the different criteria that allow you to know which multifunction robot to choose.

The objective is to give you the keys to understanding the descriptions of these products to allow you to choose on Amazon or Auchan the multifunction robot that fits your budget and that will be effective on your favorite recipes.

What to do with a multifunction robot?

It should be understood that the use of a multifunction robot completely depends on the model purchased. Indeed, some are more versatile than others. But a product can be extremely versatile and not have such a function that a more basic robot offers. Impossible to compare globally, you have to take the time to read everything.

It is therefore a matter of comparing by consulting the list of functions and the list of accessories. Then you have to make sure everything matches. A simple example is the juicer function. Some devices can squeeze citrus fruits… if you buy the accessory sold as an option. It’s quite different from the robot with a juicer included.

Here are the features you can expect to have: chopping, cutting, slicing, grating, kneading, mixing, beating egg whites, making fruit juices, cutting fresh pasta.

The accessories also allow you to know if you can grate in several different sizes. The quality of the accessories, to be checked thanks to the opinions of previous users, allows you to know if you can grate carrots and zucchini with the same ease.

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High-end multifunction robots can also be used as a blender, for example. On the other hand, in no case should a multifunction robot be confused with a cooker. It allows you to prepare the ingredients before cooking, that’s all. It is also to be distinguished from food processor which is generally less versatile.

Do we really need the greatest possible power?

It is easy to compare the power, it is expressed in watts and it is always written clearly in the descriptions or on the packaging. Unfortunately, power alone is of little use. Yes it is necessary to take a significant power, but it is also necessary to look at other points.

So raw power is not desirable. If it is great for kneading egg whites, it could boil vegetables that are more delicate to simply slice. It is therefore preferable to opt for a device with several speeds to choose from and even a pulse function (an ultra-fast speed available for a few seconds), to use it with all the foods required in your preparations.

Furthermore the engine must be resistant. Here again, it is the opinions posted online that can help you. It is a question of seeing if the robot is suitable for heavy dough, that is to say for long work requiring a lot of power. If he does well, then he can do anything. If not, it means the motor is a bit weak compared to others.

A robot for a single person or a large family?

More accurately, it is a question of seeing what can be prepared with the robot and therefore the capacity of the bowl and the positioning of the accessories inside the bowl. Can he beat a single egg and make pancake batter for 8 gourmands?

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The usable capacity of the bowl designates the maximum filling limit for proper operation of the robot. In fact, it should never be completely filled. This useful capacity is about 2/3 of the total capacity and it is expressed in litres.

An easy solution (for you) is to favor a multifunction robot with two bowls of different sizes. So he can do everything easily.

Although the multi-function robot replaces several food processors, at the end of use there are a lot of accessories to clean.

As a rule, the accessories are compatible with the dishwasher. If it’s important to you, check it out before buying. And the exterior of the robot can be washed with a damp sponge. You just have to always unplug it before you start cleaning it.


Since the multi-function robot can chop and cut (among other things), you must ensure that its use is safe for you and other regulars in your kitchen.

First of all there is the question of the stability. For this, the robot must be heavy. It can be equipped with suction cup feet. In any case it is preferable to have feet, as this reduces vibrations on the work surface.

Then there is the question of the getting started. It’s still pretty straightforward, but the best models only light up under certain conditions. The accessories must be well positioned, a button must be held (keeping the fingers away), a cover must be placed, etc. Major brands including Moulinex, Bosch Where Phillips have a reassuring side for that, because they respect all the French standards and go even further in general, for the safety of the users.

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In any case, a food processor is not a toy. It is up to you to make sure that children will not come near it and that your fingers are not near the blades when it is under tension.

Find the most beautiful food processor!

Finally, last but not least: the design and the colors of the robot. Just like the price you are willing to pay, it is a personal characteristic, depending on your tastes and the dominant color of your kitchen.

Where Kenwood favors a stainless steel exterior, brands Klarstein and KitchenAid offer a huge selection of vibrant colors. The size is also very variable. And these are all differences that are not related to the price and range of the food processor. You can opt for the cheapest robot at the moment and still have the right to color.