Can you learn the violin on your own?

Learning the violin is a little more complicated than that of other musical instruments that have markers to position the fingers. If the guitar has frets, the piano has white and black keys. Which is not the case with a violin. Despite everything, it is possible for you to learn it on your own.

What are the good habits to adopt to start well alone?

Learning a violin requires respecting a few imperative rules, especially if you plan to learn alone.

First, get yourself the right instrument. For your start, it is best to invest in a cheap violin. Some people often give up after a while. Wait until you have confirmed that you are really passionate about this musical instrument before buying a more expensive model. Then practice. Whether you like it or not, your progress depends on your firmness in practicing regularly. Don’t expect to go pro without putting in the effort. The secret is to practice, practice and practice again.

Added to work, set a specific goal. You will have a challenge to accomplish. By following the steps, you will be motivated to work on your game. Be sure to choose a goal corresponding to your level. Otherwise, you may easily get discouraged. To avoid confusion, set up a program that suits your availability. In this way, you will be able to clearly see your evolution and move forward knowingly.

Finally, cultivate your patience. You already know that the violin is a difficult instrument to master. You must therefore be patient, confident and persistent. Remove the word “surrender” from your vocabulary. When you encounter difficulties, overcome them.

How to learn this instrument alone?

From the moment you opt for self-directed learning, you must put in place a learning strategy. To do this, determine which method you want to adopt. If you feel like it, you can start with music theory. If the latter does not interest you too much, here are some ideas that might appeal to you.

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If you play other instruments, but want to take up the violin as well, it will be easier for you to enter the world of violinists. In principle, you already have the music theory as well as the ears accustomed to restoring a piece. You just need to work on your posture, learn playing technique and improve your fingering.

If you’ve never touched an instrument in your life, you’re going to have to start by learning the basics. Indeed, you must be able to read notes and rhythms. For this, you can turn to the violin learning manuals or take advantage of the courses offered online.

Learning the violin with manuals

Currently, you can find many books that allow you to access different courses. They are great for people who are unfamiliar with technology. Most manuals on sale on the market offer the basics of music theory, the treble clef or even the bass clef. You will find in the books suitable for students various lessons to start your learning. You will be able to learn the right postures such as the positioning of the fingers and the holding of the bow, different techniques for memorizing, rhythmic reading and reading of notes as well as many training exercises for your instrumental practices.

Learning this instrument online

It is very easy to access violin lessons on the Internet. For example, you can download the free tutorials offered by a large number of channels on You Tube. In this case, you will not have to go through music theory. You learn right away how to position your fingers on the strings. Indeed, videos shared on the web allow you to know where and how to place a particular finger on a piece of music.

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You can also refer to the various forums and blogs bringing together thousands or even millions of violinists around the world. You can gather a lot of information or ask questions there. In the community of violin lovers, you can find partners who might be interested in following the same program as you and therefore progressing with you.

Learning with tabs or a Smartphone

Many mobile applications dedicated to learning the violin are available today. All you have to do is install it on your Smartphone. You can then practice or learn your lessons anywhere and anytime. In addition, the music theory course is more pleasant and more attractive. This type of application is a perfect complement to videos on You Tube.

As for tablatures, they are very useful to help you learn to read a score while strengthening your playing. They are also ideal for improving postures. The tablatures of a violin are more difficult to master than those of the guitar. Indeed, they do not have bars on the handle. You must therefore create your benchmarks before starting your learning. They usually appear as four lines. You will find on these numbers that show the level of the handle at which your finger must be placed. Note that the lines represent the four strings of your violin.

What about the learning time?

Making an exact estimate of the time spent learning this stringed instrument is difficult especially if you are self-taught. However, you can choose your pace. By respecting the programs that you have imposed on yourself, you will be able to evolve significantly. Regularize your pace so as not to spend too much time on a lesson at the risk of getting bored and demotivated.

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How quickly you progress may also be a function of your age. According to some studies, young musicians have a stronger capacity for assimilation. So they can learn things more easily. As for adults, they are generally less available for practice and take on various responsibilities that reduce their ability to concentrate.