Top 10 Best yogurt maker wirecutter- Complete Guide Review 2022

Choosing the best yogurt maker is a must for anyone who wants to put a cross on industrial dairy products by making their own yogurts. This is precisely an approach in which the manufacturers of household appliances encourage you by providing you with appliances of good quality. The most efficient models are also offered to you in this comparison, coupled with a buying guide that helps you choose the right one.

Comparison of the best yogurt makers: tests and reviews

On the yogurt maker market, the biggest brands compete in ingenuity to offer you utensils that will fully meet your needs.

Severin yogurt maker

Severin JG3519 yogurt maker

Being one of the simplest and most affordable models from the German manufacturer, the Severin JG3519 yogurt maker is nonetheless a well-made product. Made from a quality plastic material, the device first seduces with its sober and neat look. You can be sure to use it for a long time to delight yourself with delicious yogurts that you have prepared yourself.

This yoghurt maker offers the possibility of preparing 7 yoghurts at the same time . However, you will not have to wait to eat everything before making more. The device is indeed delivered with a set of  14 jars of 150 ml which will allow you to prepare and store your yogurts. It should be noted that these can be hermetically sealed thanks to their elegant burgundy red screw-on lid.

The Severin JG3519 is an easy-to-use yoghurt maker thanks to the memo scale and its single switch button which allows you to start or interrupt the preparation. All you have to do is press it and wait patiently for the process to complete. On the other hand, it will be necessary to keep an eye on the machine in order to be able to turn it off manually at the right time. It may be ideal to use an external timer or use an outlet that has one.

For the rest, you should know that this yogurt maker has non-slip feet. Its cleaning is easy and the pots can be washed in the dishwasher.


  1. Sleek and ergonomic design
  2. Comes with 14 x 150ml jars
  3. Capacity of 7 jars
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No built-in timer

Like all the items I buy for my kitchen, I am very careful about what I buy being passionate about cooking. A yogurt maker is the total love of homemade, in the extreme, but also a nice gesture for the planet, having 3 children I won’t tell you like the plastic pots on parade and I was tired of the textures and flavors if we could call it that, industrial. So I turned to this yogurt maker because of its very attractive price. Read all reviews.

Sam P.

MVPower Yogurt Maker

Prepare your own yogurts in the healthiest way possible with this yogurt maker from MVPower . Thanks to its ergonomic design and its functionalities, this model is easy to use to have fun on a daily basis.

The temperature is adjustable and can be varied between 20 and 52 degrees depending on your needs. It is the same for the duration of the preparation process which can be according to an interval ranging from 8 to 48 hours. And, all the settings can be monitored from a control screen from the beginning to the end of the process. In addition, the device incorporates an automatic shut-off function making it completely autonomous in the preparation of your milk recipes. You can also observe how the milk is transformed into yogurts through the large transparent lid of the machine.

A large capacity of 7 jars of 180 ml allows you to vary your pleasures and meet all your expectations. In addition to this, the device is compatible with any type of yogurt and any variety of milk. In short, you have the possibility of treating up to 7 people at the same time, with different aromas, or even of making reservations for several days.

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Finally, it should be remembered that cleaning the MVPower yoghurt maker is not complicated, especially since the pots can go in the dishwasher. These are also easy to store either in the fridge or in a kitchen drawer.


  1. Time and temperature setting
  2. Capacity of 7 jars of 180 ml
  3. Automatic shutdown
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. 1 year warranty offered by the seller


  1. No extra pots provided

I bought this item to prepare yogurts for my family, tired of going through the bins of glasses every week. It works very well and my first yogurts are all successful. The instructions are easy to understand. Read all reviews.

Jean-Marie H.

Ariete yogurt maker

Yaourtière Ariete 617 Yogurella

Very present in the kitchen utensil sector, the Ariete brand offers a wide range of high-performance and easy-to-use utensils. This is precisely the case with the 617 Yogurella which is sure to delight fans of homemade yogurts.

Behind the a priori simplistic design of this yogurt maker, we take pleasure in discovering a very ergonomic and efficient device. With its 20 W power, the user will be able to make up to 1.3 kg of yogurt. This is equivalent to 7 jars with which you can delight your children or that you will enjoy sharing with your friends. And if you want to keep them for later consumption, all you have to do is keep your yoghurt pots in the fridge, taking care to screw their lids on.

The 617 Yogurella Ariete yoghurt maker makes your life easier in all aspects of its use. For example, you will only have to wait 12 hours to have fresh, healthy yogurt with the flavor you like. In addition, a single button allows you to turn it on, which prevents you from getting tangled up in too complicated settings. What is even more appreciated in this device is the fact that it is easy to clean and also easy to store.


  1. Nice design
  2. Capacity of 1.3 kg
  3. Comes with 7 yoghurt pots
  4. Easy to clean and easy to store


  1. No extra jars

Bought to make yogurt with soy milk, got great results. Read all reviews.

Carmine F.

Klarstein Gaia electric yogurt maker

Klarstein Gaia electric yogurt maker

Through its Gaia yoghurt maker, the Klarstein brand gives you the possibility of preparing your yoghurts with total control of the ingredients used. Add as many fruits as you want and adjust your flavors according to your tastes and let the machine do the rest.

It is in all 12 pots of 180 ml that you can prepare at once thanks to the very large capacity offered by this yoghurt maker. There will therefore be enough yogurts to delight everyone, whether with family or friends. In addition, thanks to the lids that screw and unscrew easily, it will be possible to take one or two jars to taste wherever you want.

The Klarstein Gaia also makes it just as quick and easy to prepare homemade fresh cheese. Its bowl is designed in such a way that the heat is evenly distributed inside for delicious results.

This yogurt maker, which measures 31, 12.5 and 24.8 cm respectively, is easy to wash and store with its pots. It has a robust design thanks to its steel frame. Its plastic materials are also resistant and food grade, that is to say without bisphenol (BPA). Time and temperature adjustment is possible for complete freedom and time saving in the preparation process. A backlit LCD screen is there to offer you more ergonomics, while the non-slip base guarantees you stability. The device is also protected against overheating to allow you to make your favorite yoghurts and fresh cheeses in complete safety.

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  1. Capacity of 12 jars
  2. Adjustable temperature and timer
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. The user manual is not useful for understanding how the yogurt maker works

Following the comments and after a lot of comparison, I decided on this yogurt maker. I had already bought a raclette machine from this brand, which gave me full satisfaction. I made the right choice, I’m not disappointed, the device is perfect. It is light, compact, design, easy to clean. The jars have a good capacity 180ml, the glass is of good quality and the lids to be screwed are perfect for children. Read all reviews.

Beatrice F.

Moulinex yogurt maker

Moulinex YG231E32 Yogurteo Yogurt Maker

The Moulinex Yogurteo is a device that comes with 14 x 160ml glass jars . Even if its cooking tank cannot contain all these containers, this yogurt maker can nevertheless accommodate up to 7. Users who have already tried this model have not failed to appreciate this possibility of always having yogurts ready to be consumed. They also liked the way the lid of the jars is closed by screwing, which allows good preservation while facilitating transport.

This yogurt maker is equipped with a small LCD screen that allows you to control its operation and cooking process. Two buttons are located on either side of this display, the right one to turn on or off and the left one to start the timer. The latter also allows you to benefit from a fermentation time of up to 15 hours for a variety of recipes. Once this yogurt maker is turned on, you don’t need to stand by to turn it off manually. It will know how to stop on its own when your yogurts are ready and will even warn you by emitting a beep. But if you still want to know how the preparation is progressing, you can do so thanks to the large transparent lid of the device.

In addition to being very functional, the Moulixex Yogurteo yogurt maker is a very elegant model that is easy to store thanks to its compact size. Its use is easy, especially with the dating system integrated into the lids of the jars. The latter can also be washed in the dishwasher to facilitate their maintenance and that of the machine.


  1. Stylish look
  2. Availability of 14 glass jars
  3. Screw cap with date system
  4. Timer with automatic shutdown


  1. Lids deemed fragile by some users

Long live Moulinex a quality French brand (it’s rare). Combining both a nice design and easy use, it is a very well thought out product compared to competing products. Over-hood to store the lids very appreciable. Opening of the jars by screwing (nothing to do with the multidélices of SEB, much more expensive, with which it is difficult to unclip the lids). In addition, you can specify the expiry date on the lids by simply twisting. In the end, 7 pots with 1 replacement set (which I ordered), that’s enough. And most importantly, the yoghurts are perfect! Read all reviews.

Claire Y.

Duronic Electric Yogurt Maker

Duronic YM2 electric yogurt maker

From additives to colorings to preservatives, many of the ingredients found in yogurt at the big box stores aren’t always good for your health. Making it yourself at home is therefore the best way to treat yourself in a healthy and balanced way with family or friends.

Unlike its predecessor, the YM1, which offered a large 1500 ml pot, the Duronic YM2 offers 8 small ceramic pots of 125 ml . This makes it possible to have individual portions ready to be enjoyed or to be taken everywhere with you. In addition, it avoids having to serve in other containers and also it facilitates storage in the refrigerator. And by the way, the jars have a lid that preserves the freshness and flavor of your yogurts.

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The Duronic YM2 has a very simple operation thanks to its control panel with a digital display, an on/off button and another for the timer. All you have to do is turn on the machine and set a preparation time between 6 and 12 hours for an ideally tasty yogurt. It should be noted that the timer still gives the possibility of programming up to 24 hours of cooking.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Robust design
  3. 8 ceramic pots of 125 ml
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. No extra jars

Excellent yogurt maker. I bought it specifically for the 24h function (to make lactose-free yoghurts), and it is perfect for that: it alternates between “heating” and “keeping warm” periods on its own to prevent the yoghurts from overheating and it kills bacteria. The pots are of very good quality, and stronger than I expected! I recommend 100% . Read all reviews.

Claude F.

Cuisinart Yogurt Maker

Cuisinart YM400E Yogurt Maker

With the Cuisinart YM400E , you have a yogurt maker that stands out from many other models on the market with its brushed stainless steel structure. This not only gives it a certain elegance, but also robustness and durability. It is a 2-in-1 device that allows you to make all types of yoghurts and also fresh cheese. For this reason, all the necessary accessories are provided to allow you to make your tasty recipes quickly and easily. You thus have 8 glass jars among which 6 offer a capacity of 125 ml and 2 a capacity of 250 ml. In addition, there are 2 cheese strainers dedicated to the production of fresh cheese. Plastic lids are available for all these containers to store your preparations in the best conditions.

The Cuisinart YM400E yogurt maker relies on its two programs alone to operate simply and efficiently. On the one hand, you can set the preparation time of your yogurts and on the other hand that of your cheese, all thanks to a timer that goes from 1 to 19 hours. The stopping of the transformation process is automatic and the remaining waiting time appears on the LED screen, not forgetting the beep at the end of the process.

It should also be noted that the utensil is easy to clean and its accessories can go in the dishwasher. Its compact design and ergonomic design also make it easy to store.


  1. Sleek and durable design
  2. Two programs for making yogurt and cream cheese
  3. Timer function and automatic shutdown
  4. Easy to clean and store


  1. The cheese pots are made of plastic, as are the lids

Excellent product, easy to use, it fully meets my expectations. I was surprised to be able to make 10 yogurts. I also made white cheeses with goat’s milk. It’s great, I’m very happy with my purchase and I recommend this product . Read all reviews.

Manon H.

Yogurt Maker Multi Délices Express Seb

Yogurt Maker Multi Délices Express Seb YG660100

If you love milk-based desserts, this yoghurt maker offers you up to 5 different programs to make all kinds of milky delights quickly and easily. This is for example the case of the Express program which allows you to have smooth yoghurt in just 4 hours . This cooking method, twice as fast as usual, is made possible by advanced steam technology which allows you to benefit from optimal heating conditions.

The Seb YG660100 Multi Délices yoghurt maker comes with 6 glass jars that can all be used at the same time. This is the ideal machine if you like yogurt, but don’t consume a lot of it during the week. The jars offer a capacity of 140 ml and can all be closed with a lid to preserve their freshness. There is also a drainer which is based on a patented system and which makes it possible to make cottage cheese recipes a success.

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In terms of its physical characteristics, this yogurt maker made in France by the famous brand Seb comes in a sober, but elegant design. It is made of quality materials, durable and without elements that do not comply with current food standards. The machine also incorporates an automatic closing function which makes it safe to use.

For its maintenance, the yogurt maker just like its pots with their lids and its other accessories is easy to clean. They can even go in the dishwasher if you don’t have time to wash them by hand.


  1. 5 programs to vary recipes and pleasures
  2. An Express program to make yogurt twice as fast
  3. 6 pots of 140 ml with lids and strainer
  4. Easy to use and maintain


  1. No extra jars

I was a little skeptical, I hesitated for a long time in front of the price, but it’s simply a treat. It’s running at full speed! Do not hesitate to look on the net for recipes, you will find some great ones, especially with chocolate. And no worries about cooking time or anything else for me. Read all reviews.

Ellie L.

Multidélices Express Seb yogurt maker

Yoghurt Maker Multidélices Express Seb YG661500

By purchasing the Seb YG661500 , you also receive 12 x 140 ml glass jars which will allow you to concoct your favorite yoghurts. Despite its price which is quite high, this device still manages to seduce thanks to its functionalities and its performance. For example, you benefit from 3 functions included in a single machine to have the possibility of varying your milk-based delicacies. Thus, in addition to being a very good yogurt maker, this device is also an excellent cheese maker while allowing you to make all kinds of dairy desserts.

To treat you without delay, this device includes an express yogurt preparation program in just 4 hours. You can also count on the 4 other programs offered to give in to your cravings for dairy products. The 12 pots provided, each with a lid and a patented drip system, allow you to treat several people at once. You can also count on the graduated ladle to make the right dosages according to the yogurt, cheese or dessert recipe you plan to make.

The transfer of the jars to the refrigerator is done easily thanks to the removable tray equipped on both sides with a carrying handle. Note that the accessories of this yogurt maker from the French brand Seb can be machine washed.


  1. 5 selectable programs
  2. 1 Express program to make yogurt faster
  3. Possibility to also prepare cheese and other dairy desserts
  4. 12 glass jars with lids and drainers

I am very satisfied with my purchase. We are a family of 5 and eat very regularly yogurts and other milky desserts…a mountain of weekly waste! Now I make yogurts twice a week. It takes me 5 minutes flat (mixing the milk with yogurt and filling the 12 pots), the rest is the machine that manages and I don’t take care of it. Read all reviews.

Amanda C.

Lagrange yogurt maker

Lagrange yogurt maker 459602

The Lagrange 459602 yogurt maker is a French-made product that allows you to make homemade yogurt in all possible ways and flavors. Because it is easily programmed from its ergonomic control panel, the operation of this machine is quite simple. You can thus make yogurt with any type of milk without problem, from whole to skimmed, passing by semi-skimmed. You will even be able to use soy, oat or even almond milk to make equally creamy and delicious yogurt recipes. You can count on the capacity of 9 jars of 185 ml , all delivered with their lid, to vary the pleasures and the recipes with each preparation.

Note that this appliance, which also acts as a cheese maker, also offers 4 250 ml strainer pots . You will be able to let yourself be tempted by tasty homemade cheeses produced by yourself from natural and healthy ingredients.

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Among the other interesting functions offered by the Lagrange 459602, we can note, among other things, its timer and its automatic shutdown. You thus benefit from a preparation time of up to 25 hours depending on the recipe and without you having to monitor the cooking. In any case, you will be notified by a beep as soon as your yogurts or cheeses are ready to come out of the machine and be consumed.


  1. Ergonomic and durable design
  2. 2-in-1 machine for yogurt and cheese lovers
  3. 25-hour timer with automatic shut-off and audible signal
  4. Control panel with backlit display

An easy-to-use and very practical yogurt maker, I already really appreciate being able to make my own fresh cheeses and yogurts. From the first fresh cheeses, a real success… See all reviews.

Jean-Michel D.

Using a yogurt maker

Selection criteria

The yogurt maker is a piece of equipment that makes it easy to make homemade yogurt as well as many other milk-based preparations. Its main function is to ensure the fermentation of the milk in the optimum conditions so that a perfect result can be obtained. In order for your yogurt maker to really adapt to your needs, you must make a choice in consideration of several key factors.

The capacity of the device

To choose the right yogurt maker , one of the first parameters to take into account is obviously related to consumption habits. It is necessary if possible to determine the number of pots of yogurt which will be consumed within the hearth per day or per week in order to choose the model which adapts the most. For your information, be aware that the maximum capacity of a yoghurt machine varies on average between 4 to 14 pots of 140 ml to 200 ml depending on the model.

For a person or two, a yogurt maker of 4 to 8 pots could be enough to last a good part of the week, the time to redo it. On the other hand, if the family has at least 4 or more people, it would certainly be more advantageous to favor a yogurt machine with 12 pots or more in order to satisfy everyone.

We must not lose sight of the fact that it is possible to provide additional pots in order to make several batches according to needs. However, do not forget that homemade yogurt should ideally be kept cool for a maximum of one week, so there is no need to make astronomical quantities.


Do you want a yogurt maker just for making yogurt or do you also want to make other preparations such as cottage cheese, chocolate fondants, clafoutis or other gourmet desserts? The answer to this question will let you know whether to opt for a multifunction yogurt maker or not.

With basic equipment that’s not too expensive, you can easily make simple yogurt whenever you feel like it. But if you want to have something to vary your desserts, opt for a high-end yogurt maker that offers various programs depending on the milk used or the type of preparations you want to make (cottage cheese, yogurt, drinking yogurt, etc. ).

Additional options

Successful yoghurt or cheese is above all a question of timing. Which amounts to watching your watch to stop the process at the right time. But the good news is that there are models of yogurt makers that are equipped with a timer system associated with an audible alarm . This allows you to program the preparation time and to be warned by a beep at the end.

 But, there are also models that are integrated with an automatic shut-off function. If you want to make your recipes without the hassle, it is better to opt for this kind of device which is completely intuitive and autonomous. You will also find models with an “ express mode  ” which speeds up the preparation of yogurts.

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For the comfort of use of the yogurt machine to be optimal, you can also bet on models equipped with an intuitive screen.

The design and the material of manufacture

In order not to have regrets after the acquisition of a yogurt maker , you must also take into account its manufacturing quality. You will find yogurt machines designed with stainless steel, plastic, glass or aluminum. Some are also developed from the annoyance of several materials. The most important thing is to choose a yogurt maker that guarantees good durability and is designed with healthy materials compatible with food use. The pots delivered with the machine are also generally made of glass or stainless steel. As far as design, format and colors are concerned, you will have several options to choose from depending on your preferences.

The budget

The price of a yogurt maker varies according to several parameters: the brand, the features and the power of the device.

Entry-level models cost on average less than 20 euros. But with a budget between 30 and 70 euros, you can see mid-range yogurt makers which are very good options. However, if you want a high-end, high-performance yogurt machine , you should certainly plan for at least 80 euros.

Choosing your yogurt maker: other criteria not to be overlooked

For a wise purchase that will be really profitable for you, it would be good not to neglect certain aspects. These include the guarantee given by the manufacturer, the method of cleaning the yogurt maker and the availability of accessories such as: recipe books, spatulas, additional pots, drip tray and cheese tray, bottles for drinking yogurt, etc.

Before making a final decision, you can also consider the dimensions for optimal storage , the weight for ease of movement , the presence of ergonomic handles , etc.

In addition, do not forget that the yogurt maker is a household appliance that rotates with a motor equipped with power. In general, this data varies between 13 to 600 Watts. The higher the power, the greater the performance.

How to maintain your yogurt maker?

Maintaining your yogurt maker should be taken very seriously. Before and especially after each use, you must carefully wash all the components as well as the various accessories. Indeed, if the yogurt maker is not maintained as it should, very quickly, it will turn into a nest of bacteria. Cleaning is therefore essential not only to preserve your health, but also to guarantee the durability of the equipment.

To properly clean your yogurt maker , you must first wash the jars, lids, bottles, cheese tray or drip tray by machine or by hand. Then, you have to take a damp cloth with a little dishwashing liquid to gently clean the support. Finally, dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

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