Best Xylophones For Beginners 2022

A xylophone is a very interesting musical instrument in that it is also a device for the awakening of babies and small children. But even with this second role, there are professional models for adults or children who play it with a little more advanced stage. If you are looking for some, here are two models that might interest you. Play me toys Xylophone A0805 sound 12 has 12 keys. It is very light and therefore ideal for children. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone Rolling Musical Pull-Along Toy is all colorful to engage and delight little ones.

The 9 Best Xylophones For Beginners (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Snowinspiring Wooden Mallet Percussion Wand

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Purchase guide

The xylophone is a musical instrument also called metallophone in metallic version. It designates the name of an educational toy allowing children to discover sounds and colors. It is an excellent tool to learn about music. In order to choose the right one for you, here are some tips.

Best Xylophones for children or babies

Indeed, there are different kinds of xylophones depending on the use. That’s why we’re going to give you this information as a buying guide for the best xylophones. Let’s start with the models for children and/or babies. For the latter, it is better to choose those with blades (8 blades maximum) which are both colorful and shiny. Which will not only awaken their senses, but it is particularly pleasing to the eye. The design is precisely an important criterion to study before choosing a xylophone. Models with the same color (black or white) are more suitable for adults.

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Also, make sure that the tones are more cheerful and attractive, that is to say well suited to children’s ears. It is the same for the size of the chopsticks which should be at the pot of their hands. Generally speaking, xylophones of this type do not contain hazardous substances such as BPA, lead, etc. With them, it is guaranteed that your child will be able to develop his creativity as well as his musical ear.

For older children, there are versions with two rows of blades. They have sharps so that the sound is clearer and more precise. It is a more improved version that is more suitable for children who are more used to it. However, it remains a toy among many others and not a professional musical instrument. Otherwise, you can take products that correspond to adults and children with blades that are already tuned and removable keys.

The characteristics of the blades

As mentioned above, the xylophone is also called metallophone in its metallic version. It is a percussion instrument with one or two rows of blades made of wood or metal.

To improve safety, the wooden blades are specially designed for children. They are arranged like a piano and struck with wooden sticks. Other models can offer up to 48 notes with more powerful sounds. They are more modern with raised sharps and flats producing a more advanced sound quality.

Unlike wooden reeds with shorter notes, those that are metallic generate more vibration. As for the stick, wood is the most used material and the most expensive given its robustness.

It is ideal for this kind of instrument. Moreover, it comes in several species including rosewood and resinous wood. This is not the case for rubber, plastic or other synthetic materials, but which are rather economical. With these latest models, you’ll often be looking for where to buy a new xylophone.


The choice of wand

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All this on the one hand, but on the other hand, the sound can vary depending on the quality of the stick. It is the most important device used to strike the blades to obtain the notes. Wands usually feature mallets or mallets with a spherical tip on the end. More precisely, it is the material with which this tip is made that influences the sound produced. It is obvious that it is the wooden sphere that generates a note that is both strong and correct, but it turns out to be more expensive.

Also, this does not prevent you from buying the rubber version which allows you to have a softer sound. Your choice depends on your expectations. For babies, for example, we recommend these types of chopsticks to protect their ears. Finally, the advantage with sticks made of synthetic materials is that they are less expensive and more resistant to wear, compared to plastic and rubber.    

It is clear that the xylophone is not popular like some musical instruments. However, many people, especially parents, find it difficult to know how to buy a better value for money xylophone. To do this, there are several sites like a price comparison on the internet. You can find other information and advice that can serve as a guide to make the right choice.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a xylophone work?

Being part of the percussion instrument family, the xylophone is made of several wooden blades of different sizes that you have to hit with mallets in order to produce a sound. Each blade will be well arranged so as to respect the chromatic scale and not to distort the notes of the musical instrument.

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As a general rule, the xylophone offers 3 and a half octaves, even 4 octaves in some cases and can offer up to 30 wooden blades of a different sound.

Q2: How to learn the xylophone?

To learn to play the xylophone, you must be familiar with music theory beforehand. It is therefore easier for those who already have a foundation in piano to learn this musical instrument.

There are of course professionals who can accompany you in learning the xylophone. It takes a few years of learning to be really introduced to this kind of instrument and to know how to play a real melody.

There are also some online, written or video tutorials that can introduce you to using a xylophone. Note that this kind of musical instrument can be used by children aged 4 and over.

Q3: To which family does the xylophone belong?

The xylophone belongs to the family of percussion instruments. It is a traditional music device that is halfway between piano and percussion. Moreover, to play it, you will need two wooden mallets with a rounded end. This will make the wooden blades fixed on the rubber vibrate.

We can also say that the xylophone is one of the idiophone instruments, along with the glockenspiel, the metallophone and many others.

Q4: Who invented the xylophone?

The xylophone was first seen in 1866. It is the musician Théodore Bonnay who is at the origin of this instrument. Since then, despite the different versions of the device, the very structure of the xylophone has not changed. It is still a percussion instrument, made of wood.

This music professional had the idea to create this musical instrument for the show with his son. But in Europe, we owe the discovery of the xylophone above all to Arnorlt Shlick. Nowadays, the new collections of xylophones are treated to better resist humidity. This can affect the sound quality.

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Q5: What is the difference between a xylophone and a vibraphone?

Do not confuse xylophone and vibrophone. In style, the two musical instruments may resemble each other. However, the operation is not the same. The xylophone is made of wooden blade. The vibraphone meanwhile will only be made of aluminum. Mounted on a frame, the latter embeds in addition to its resonator blades, a keyboard and a pedal. Which is not the case with the xylophone. Also, the sound will be different. The xylophone offers a softer sound while the vibrophone, as its name suggests, uses vibrato.