Best xbox controller charging stations 2022

Xbox series, the controller is what separates Xbox from the rest of the console market. The controller’s full of features that we’ll never see again on any other system; like being able to scan a QR code and automatically download a game or app. However, over time controllers need charged as they use up battery power in no time and die just as quickly if you don’t have a charger handy.

Best chargers take around 3 hours to charge full, but this process can be sped up if you are willing to use an external battery charger. We’ve got a list of the best charging stations that we’ve found so far through our own research and scientific testing (involving a lot of gaming), which could be used with Xbox One controllers and other compatible controllers, such as the Surface tablet controller.

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Best xbox controller charging stations 2022

If you grew up after the moon landing, chances are you spent at least a small part of your childhood with a video game controller in your hands. These devices have changed a lot over the years, however, and you may not remember or recognize some of the entries on this list.

The first home video game system was the Magnavox Odyssey, which could play 12 different games . This beast’s controllers were two simple paddles, each with a dial for vertical and horizontal movement. Surprisingly, these games were somewhat lacking in the immersion department.

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It immediately became clear what this system needed, however: a realistic looking gun. Luckily, Magnavox Magnavox quickly released The Shooting Gallery, which included a rifle that looked like an actual shotgun, but not as accurate.

Six years later, the gaming scene was turned upside down, thanks to the Fairfield Channel F. OK, so maybe no one cared about the Fairfield Channel F, but it introduced something revolutionary: the joystick. The console came with two detonator-like devices with a thumb cap on top that could be manipulated in eight different directions.

The joystick would be perfected the following year with the launch of the Atari 2600 (note: the Atari 2600 did not perfect the joystick at all). It was basically a stick with a red button, which is basic, but also more than enough to get the job done.

Gamepads would be standard until 1983 when the original Nintendo was released . Its controller combined a directional pad with two action buttons, as well as “start”, which was needed to start a new game, and “select”, which did nothing. There would be many variations on this controller over the years, with new buttons added and more versatility given to the d-pad. The Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Sony Playstation have all used controllers to great effect.

In 1996, Nintendo would again shake up the scene with the Nintendo 64, which used six buttons, a d-pad and a joystick, and a design that challenged you to figure out how to use it. It was a great way to separate casual gamers from those who were willing to spend years perfecting a way to practice manual gymnastics.

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This new controller would become the standard model that other systems would use, as Xbox and future generations of the Playstation would combine gamepads with d pads and buttons. Nintendo tried to take it a step further with the Wii, which used two independent controllers and body motion, but proved popular only with children and adults who had always fantasized about injuring their rotator cuffs.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the video game controller, but as the industry moves towards virtual reality , it seems likely that future iterations will be incredibly realistic, if not directly wired to your brain.

Most importantly, though, is that whatever the next controller looks like, it’s going to be a perfect way to get away from the real world (until your mom yells at you, of course).

Benefits of an Xbox controller charger

We’ve come a long way since the Stone Age of home gaming, when you were physically connected to the console via a wire that was never long enough. Most controllers are now wireless, and the original Xbox unit uses two AA batteries.

However, you can also get models with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery . I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, but it’s about a million times better than other options, provided you have a charging station to go with them. These stations are cheaper in the long run and more environmentally friendly than battery-powered models.

Not only will they save you money on Duracells, but they can also help declutter your living room. There are no cables to trip over, and all you have to do is clear some space for the stand on your entertainment center.

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This can help group your controllers together if you have more than one, as they are all stored in one place where they are easy to find. This saves you from wasting precious minutes searching for your joystick when you could be using that time wondering why those 12-year-olds kicking your ass in Halo aren’t in school right now.

Of course, you don’t have to have one…but you don’t have to join us in the 21st century either.

Buy a controller charger for Xbox

If you’re serious about your video games, there are other ways to take your efforts to the next level besides just getting a wireless controller . These devices can make you the most feared gamer in your circle of friends (provided you’re not friends with one of those aforementioned 12-year-olds, of course).

best xbox one controller charging station

A headset is a must for anyone involved in multiplayer games. Based on aviation-style headsets, they allow you to communicate with your team in real time, allowing you to coordinate your attacks and leave your enemies in ruins. Even better, they let you make gruesome claims about the mothers of people you’ll never meet.

Racing game enthusiasts should also consider a steering wheel, as it’s a great way to create a realistic driving experience. Many of them have real pedals in addition to working wheels, allowing you to use your real-life skills in a game of Forza Motorsport 7.

If you primarily use your console for something other than gaming, you’ll likely benefit from a remote and keyboard . These will allow you to let off steam on your favorite Netflix series without leaving the couch. Or you could just invest in the Kinect, which lets you use voice and motion to control your system.

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Whatever accessories you choose to invest in, the most important thing is that you literally forget what the outside world is like. It’s the American dream!