Best X299 Motherboards For Gaming 2022

The X299 chipset is a HEDT chipset that primarily supports 7th Gen Intel HEDT processors, but 9th Gen support has also been added as a BIOS update on many motherboards, as the socket remained the same. X299 chipset offers many advantages over traditional chipsets like Z370 used for i7 8700k and B360.

One of the biggest advantages among these is quad-channel memory support. It’s debatable when people compare the X299 to the Z370, which is obviously fine, but it requires an article on its own. Nevertheless, here is the best X299 motherboard guide , which will help you get the desired motherboard at an affordable price.

Best X299 Motherboards For Gaming 2022

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motherboard performs the function of a column in a computer system and is compatible with all system components. Motherboards weren’t so popular ten years ago, but the latest inventions and technologies have led to a big increase in the importance of the motherboard and now a baseplate should not only work well but also look good.

When it comes to the best gaming motherboards, there must be a lot of refinement because there are so many chipsets, let alone the number of motherboards for each chipset.

Regarding the HEDT platform, the latest chipset in the AMD platform is the TRX40 chipset, which seems quite unique as it does not follow conventional chipset names and is compatible with 3rd generation AMD HEDT processors. . So, let’s take a look at the best motherboards for gaming in detail below.

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Frankly, choosing the motherboard isn’t as difficult as choosing some of the other components, especially when it comes to gaming PCs.

So these are the key factors to consider when choosing which motherboard to buy.

The catch

The first and most important step is to decide which CPU you are going to use, or rather, if it will be in the AMD or Intel team since most of their CPUs now use a standardized socket: AM4 for the first and LGA1151 for the second .

Of course, there are always processors that use a different socket, like AMD’s Threadripper (TR4) or some Intel i9 or Xeon processors (LGA2066), but all budget, mid-range and high-end processors range that you use in a gaming PC. is now designed with the two sockets mentioned above in mind.

Moreover, none of these sockets are expected to be replaced anytime soon, and the next generations of Ryzen and Core processors will surely be compatible with them.


Now on to the chipset, which determines whether you’ll have access to certain features like AMD CrossFire and Nvidia SLI for multi-GPU setups or AMD StoreMI and Intel Optane when it comes to storage.

Also, it affects how many ports/connectors/slots the motherboard can have and whether it supports overclocking.

You can see AMD chipset specs here and Intel chipset specs here. It goes without saying that motherboards equipped with the most advanced chipsets will have higher prices.

In addition, it must also be said that AMD does better than Intel in terms of compatibility since its AM4 socket has been designed for the future.

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This means that any AM4 processor will be compatible with any AM4 motherboard, regardless of chipset. Meanwhile, Intel recently overhauled the LGA1151 socket, rearranging some of the pins and thus making the new version of the socket incompatible with pre-cafe Lake processors.

Ports, slots and connectors

As you can see, we’ve highlighted the most important connectors you need to pay attention to, but what exactly are they for?

  • PCIe – used for GPUs and various expansion cards, e.g. For example, sound cards, capture cards, etc.
  • SATA III – Used for HDD and NAND SSD storage.
  • M.2 – Used for NAND and NVMe SSD storage.
  • HDMI / DisplayPort / DVI-D / VGA – Used for integrated graphics.
  • USB 2.0 – Used by devices requiring low bandwidth, such as keyboards, mice, or Bluetooth dongles.
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 – Hi- speed USB port used by most peripherals.
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 – The newest and fastest iteration of the USB interface, it’s much faster than Gen 1 ports, but few devices still take full advantage of it.
  • PS/2 – Analog connector used by older keyboards and mice.
  • Analog Audio Jack – Used by most wired headphones, microphones and speakers. Optical audio – Used by more advanced audio solutions such as surround systems or soundbars.

Form factor

And finally, as we’ve already established, motherboards come in a variety of form factors, with the most common being Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and ATX. Of course, there are other formats, but when it comes to gaming PCs and consumer desktops in general, these three are dominant.

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Now, in addition to the size, the format of the motherboard also affects its characteristics, mainly the number of slots, ports and connectors available. Naturally, you can’t fit four PCIe x16 slots and eight RAM slots on a tiny Mini ITX motherboard!

That said, smaller motherboards are a good option if you’re looking to build a more compact gaming PC, but if not, a Micro ATX or ATX motherboard would be a better alternative as they would be more cost effective. and would offer more connectors. . Also, larger cases generally have better airflow, which you’ll need to consider when building a gaming PC.

  • The Mini ITX form factor is good for building compact PCs, but these motherboards have fewer connectors, ports, and slots, and they tend to be relatively expensive.
  • Micro ATXs tend to be quite affordable and offer a good balance of size, price, and feature set, making them ideal for inexpensive PC gaming.
  • ATX motherboards have pretty much all the features you need in a PC for high-end gaming, but can also be quite expensive, especially when it comes to more advanced chipsets.



First of all, the most famous chipset for gaming right now is the latest Z490 chipset which is taken from the Intel platform and supports the latest 10th generation Intel processors.

Along with this chipset, we have also listed motherboards for Intel HEDT platform and the latest chipset for Intel HEDT platform is X299 chipset which even supports 10th generation Intel HEDT processors.

When it comes to the AMD platform, the most powerful chipset for mainstream AMD processors right now is the X570 chipset which was released with 3rd generation AMD processors.

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It was quite a fun task to wrap up the best gaming motherboards of the day and we tried our best to uncover the hidden potential of the powerful motherboards waiting for you to pick up and use in your spectacular gaming battle stations .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming motherboard 2022?

Asus Rog Strix Z-390 E Gaming is considered the best gaming motherboard in 2022 with excellent connectivity and overclocking limits. It also supports 2 GPUs at the same time.

Which motherboard is the best for playing games?

A gamer’s first choice should be the Asus Rog Strix Z-390 E Gaming as it offers great connectivity with good overclocking limits. It also supports 2 GPUs at the same time which is useful for heavy duty tasks.

What is a good inexpensive gaming motherboard?

MSI Z490-A Pro is the best motherboard for budget gamers. It comes in white, black, and silver and is capable of 128GB of overclocked 4800MHZ RAM with dual M.2 slots. All of its awesome features and very economical price really make it a good option.

Which brand makes the best motherboards?

There are many well-known names in the computer manufacturing industry. But Asus is first since making the best motherboards.