10 best water filter jugs For hard Water 2022-Complete Guide Review

If you want to avoid the often unpleasant nature of tap water as much as possible, buying a filter jug ​​is certainly the best solution. Indeed, if it does not prevent it from being drinkable, the products used to treat it, chlorine in particular can alter its taste. In addition, domestic water can be loaded with limestone and heavy metals which in the long run could pose serious health problems.

The role of the carafe with a filter will be to rid your precious vital beverage of any unwanted element. And if you are thrifty and above all green, it will also help you avoid investing too much money in the purchase of plastic water packs.

Comparison of the best water filter jugs for hard water: tests and reviews

This comparison presents the best filtering devices of the moment. It will of course be followed by a buying guide that will provide you with all the useful information to make a choice that suits you as much as possible.

Filter carafe Aqua Optima EJ0630

Filter carafe Aqua Optima EJ0630

To allow you to quench your thirst now with healthy water without aftertaste, the Aqua Optima EJ0630 filter jug ​​filters it for you efficiently. You benefit from a 5-stage filtration system that allows you to reduce the level of limescale, chlorine, heavy metals or any other harmful substance. This will allow you to enjoy the authentic taste of your coffee or tea every day, or to prepare your favorite drinks. This particular model just happens to come with an Evolve filter that will guarantee you purified water for 30 days. Note that most filter cartridges of the same brand are compatible with carafes of the same range as this model.

The Aqua Optima EJ0630 filter jug ​​itself measures 12.2cm in length, 25.6cm in width and 26.6cm in height and weighs 712g. It is thus available in a format that allows it to be kept cool in the refrigerator door without any problem. The utensil also offers a filtering capacity of 1.4 liters, while its total capacity is 2.8 liters. To serve your water in the simplest way, this Aqua Optima filter carafe has an ergonomic lid. And so as not to forget to change the filter at the appropriate time, the manufacturer invites you to download its reminder application for free from the Google Store or App Store.


  1. Efficient filtering system
  2. Ergonomic design for easy storage
  3. Android or iOS application that indicates when to replace the filter
  4. Good value for money


  1. Does not have a directly integrated filter performance indicator

Very good carafe, perfect in capacity, the water has a good taste, quick to filter. Read all reviews.

Dany T.

Laica Stream Line filter carafe

Carafe filtrante Laica Stream Line J31-AB

If it is increasingly difficult for you to drink tap water directly and you have opted to purchase a filter jug, here is a model that might interest you. It comes from the Stream Line product range of the Laica brand , which is much appreciated for the variety of its offer. This filtering utensil will therefore help you to effectively reduce the hardness of your domestic water so that it tastes better. Enough to allow you to now prepare your drinks or your food while being sure to taste them in the most authentic way possible.

This Laica filter jug ​​offers a filtering capacity of 1.25 liters and has dimensions of 26.5 x 27.2 x 0.9 cm. You can easily slide it into the door of your fridge without interfering with your other bottles. This allows you to always enjoy daily water that is not only of good quality, but also refreshingly refreshing.

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What still pleases with the Laica Stream Line, apart from its transparent green color, is that it incorporates an electronic reminder indicator. Its role is to warn you through an audible alert each time it is time to change the filter to optimize the quality of your water. The device is also equipped with an automatic “ QuickFill ” lid which facilitates its use.


  1. Fridge door compatible
  2. Efficient filtering system
  3. Ergonomic lid
  4. Filter performance level indicator


  1. Be careful of shocks or falls

I live on the first floor of a building and we all know the inconvenience of climbing stairs 3-4 times with water packs. I wanted to try this carafe a bit out of curiosity, despite knowing that in the region where I live the water could often have a lot of limestone. Well, it was really a big surprise. I’ve been using it for 3 months, and the water tastes much better than bottled water. Afterwards, I recommended it to the whole family. Read all reviews.

Frédéric F.

Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Jug

Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Jug

Significantly improve the quality of your daily water with this Chubby filter jug ​​from the Waterdrop manufacturer . This device, which sports an elegant design, is a model specially designed to sweeten the drink from your tap as much as possible. By improving its taste and eliminating its smell, the device will help you, for example, to drink the necessary amount of water without complaining.

This filter jug ​​has a filtering system of 7 different layers that make it particularly effective. The combined action of each of these levels makes it possible to retain most of the harmful substances that are found in tap water either because of treatment products or pipe materials. In any case, you will be assured of daily hydration without ingesting residues of limestone, lead, arsenic, chlorine or fluoride. In the same way, the organic salts (magnesium, calcium, etc.) which are essential to the good balance of the organism are preserved. Regarding its characteristics, the Waterdrop Chubby water filter jugoffers a capacity that will allow you to have up to 16 glasses of water. It has an agronomic lid and handle that make it easy to use. It should also be noted that the plastic used for its design is of good quality and certified BPA-free. In addition, an easily activated sound alert has been integrated into this utensil to notify you as soon as the filtering performance


  1. 7 levels of filtering
  2. Ergonomic handle and lid
  3. BPA-free plastic material
  4. Large capacity of 3.5 litres=


  1. A bit bulky

Still nothing to say about the delivery and the packaging, when the product the filter jug ​​is very beautiful practical aesthetics larger than expected. Small flat there is no mark for the water level, because it is not three liters fifty centiliters as advertised, because I made a carafe of 0.75 centiliters and a coffee maker that represents two liters to two liters 50 centilitres . Read all reviews.

Florentine J.

British filter carafes

The German brand Brita is no longer to be presented on the filter jug ​​market. And for good reason, it was she who in 1970 developed the first domestic water filtering device. Since then, it has not stopped improving its products and above all innovating to the point of establishing itself as a world reference in the field.

This filter jug ​​offered by Brita is part of a very wide and very diversified range of models which are unanimous with the general public as regards their quality. Thanks to the high-performance MAXTRA+ filter it comes with, you will now drink water without substances with unpleasant tastes or harmful effects. The device is also equipped with the new Brita Smart Lightwhich is characterized by an LED which constantly informs you about the level of performance of the filter. The operation of this system is based on a color code (Red, yellow and green) which indicates whether or not the filter needs to be changed. And to do this, this intelligent indicator records a number of data such as the date of its activation and the quantity of water treated.

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The Brita Water Filter Jug has been carefully and ergonomically designed to make it easy to use and store in a fridge. Each new cartridge will allow you to filter up to 100 liters of water, saving you money.


  1. Sober and elegant design
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. High performance filter
  4. New filter performance indication system


  1. Filtering time is long

Already a satisfied Brita user (my latest Elemaris model), I opted for this model because its look is very neat, and its use is ideal for us. Contrary to a comment which does not reflect the reality concerning the fact that water from the funnel pours out when you use a drink, I have no such problem and I took care to check if any unfiltered water flowed into my glass. Finally the diode composed of 3 colors is super stylish and the indicator only flashes when you use water (again those who said that the indicator did not work ….) so very satisfied with this new carafe and its pretty result clapper color. Read all reviews.

Wayne J.

Aigostar Pure filter carafe

Aigostar Pure 30LDV water filter jug

One of the greatest assets of a filter jug ​​is of course its ability to filter tap water in order to improve its quality and taste. For this, its operation must be based on an efficient filtering system that effectively retains the substances that alter its condition. This is what this model made by the Agiostar brand offers through its 4-stage filter. It should be noted that the cartridges with which this device is compatible remain effective for up to 60 days. Note that the manufacturer has provided 3 of them to allow its use to be enjoyed for as long as possible. You also benefit in this regard from a capacity of 3.5 liters allowing you to filter 2 liters of water.

The Agiostar water filter carafe is made of BPA-free plastic which is perfectly suitable for food use. It is surmounted by a lid with valve designed to facilitate supply and service. It also prevents the filtered water from being contaminated with dust or something else. And for real-time monitoring of the filter’s status, a small LCD screen is integrated into the lid. Added to this is also a practical ergonomic handle that will allow you to easily pour the water into your glass.


  1. Four-stage filter system
  2. BPA-free plastic material
  3. Ergonomic handle and lid
  4. LCD display to monitor filter performance


  1. High filter time

Although very reluctant to this type of jars, I decided not to generate so much plastic waste and the truth was very happy. Meets expectations that water doesn’t know how to ‘tap’, and I’ve been drinking bottled water for years and the palate has, but so far just fine. The capacity is sufficient for consumption in a meal, and otherwise, since the filtering is fast, it can be refilled at any time. I use the same water for the iron. Read all reviews.

Nicholas M.

BRITA Elemaris XL filter cartridge

BRITA Elemaris XL filter cartridge

One of the star products in this comparison, the Brita Elemaris XL filter jug ​​will suit you if you want to improve the water you drink every day.

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It has to start with a large capacity of 2.2 liters as indicated by its XL format mentioned in its name. This will allow you to fill about ten glasses of water to cover your needs and those of your family. And if you think its large size will prevent it from slipping easily through your fridge door, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it can be kept cool without a problem. This model is also one of the few to be equipped with an automatic valve that opens automatically to let the tap water through.

In terms of these features, this filter carafe is also the only one in its category that offers  Brita Meter technology . This is the indicator that informs you of the best time to change the cartridge in use. It is based for this on 3 data that it records, namely the hardness of the water, the volume consumed and the time elapsed.

You have understood it, the taste of the water filtered by your carafe will no longer be the same as you used to drink from the tap. Freed from chlorine and other unpleasant substances, it will simply be more pleasant to drink.

Regarding its maintenance, the Brita Elemaris XL is easily cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher provided you do it without the lid. It also has a non-slip base which gives it good stability as well as an ergonomic handle.


  1. Large format for large capacity
  2. Elegant design and compatible with storage in the refrigerator
  3. Smart filter replacement indicator
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. The manufacturing plastic is deemed a little too flimsy by some users

I won’t be able to tell you if this carafe really manages to remove all the bad particles that are in the water, but I find it more practical in the end to have a carafe on the table. I do not scrupulously respect the filter change cycles. I think there’s a little commercial side to it that makes us change it a little more often than necessary . Read all reviews.

Laura D.

Carafe filtrante AmazonBasics

Carafe filtrante AmazonBasics

Despite the name of its range, this filter jug ​​displays features and functions that are not just basic.

The device has for example a filtered water capacity of 1.35 liters with a general capacity of 2.4 liters. This gives you drinking water that has been effectively freed of chlorine, limescale, or other substances. Its 3 supplied cartridges have a lifespan of 30 days to purify no less than 100 liters of water. It should be noted that the AmazonBasics filters are also compatible with the Brita Maxtra , which means that you will not have any problem when it comes to replacing them.

Finally, it should be noted that it will be easy for you to handle this filter jug ​​and also to use water thanks to its ergonomic handle and its anti-drip spout.


  1. Design and design suitable for most refrigerators
  2. 100 liter cartridge filter capacity
  3. Ergonomic handle and spout


  1. No electronic cartridge replacement indicator

The water in my city is very chlorinated, the result is very satisfactory, water pleasant to the taste . Read all reviews.

Robin D.

Levoit LV110WP Water Filter Jug

Levoit LV110WP Water Filter Jug

This filter jug ​​from Levoit offers 5 layers of filtration to eliminate as much chlorine as possible in your water to improve its taste and encourage you to drink more. The filtering system proves to be as effective against heavy metals as it effectively retains. It is the same for odors, limestone and all other particles that spoil the quality of the water. And in this regard, this filter jug ​​allows you to hydrate yourself daily by taking advantage of all the benefits of the calcium and magnesium it contains.

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For optimal use, the Levoit brand has integrated a filter performance indicator into its device which announces the time remaining before changing the filter cartridge. And for even more convenience, the system notifies you exactly when the filter system needs to be replaced with a new one. As an indication, be aware that any new filter remains effective for 60 days or after having been used to filter 150 L of water.

The Levoit LV110WP filter jug ​​is easy to fill and clean thanks to its removable lid. It has a spout that prevents the passage of waste while allowing water to be served easily. Finally, it should be noted that the device is made of food-grade BPA-free plastic.


  1. 5-layer filter system
  2. Filter replacement time and performance indicator
  3. Ergonomic design of the carafe and its lid
  4. Instructions for use


  1. Filtering time can be high depending on water quality

Super carafe, huge capacity and duration of the filter multiplied by two. Very pleasant taste to buy without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Brice O.

Brita Flow Optimax 8 filter carafe

Brita Flow Optimax 8 filter carafe

The Brita Flow Optimax 8 filter jug ​​is one of the largest in this comparison. With a total volume of 8.2 liters, it will allow you to have up to 5.2 liters of filtered water. It is a rectangular format model that displays a mat design. You can easily put it in a kitchen with modern decoration or any other style.

It is equipped with a tap that allows you to use water without having to open its lid, which also offers a design that facilitates its filling. You just need to install it at the right height on a counter or even on a refrigerator to be able to use it easily.

By purchasing this filter jug, you also receive a Maxtra+ cartridge so you can start using it immediately. And when it’s time to change the filter, the indicator built into the lid will remind you.

It should also be noted that it will be easy for you to maintain it. Indeed, its rectangular design with rounded edges greatly facilitates the access of the cloth to the smallest nooks and crannies.


  1. Big capacity
  2. Tap system to serve water easily
  3. A Maxtra+ filter provided
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Only compatible with Brita cartridges

Very convenient. Aesthetic. Easy to maintain as there are no corners that cannot be cleaned, unlike the model I had before which had right corners that were very difficult to clean… Delivered with 1 cartridge. Sliding valve for filling with indicator for cartridge change, and removable for cleaning the lid. About 5 liters of filtered water and 3 on hold. Very easy distribution. Read all reviews.

Corinne G.

Philips AWP2970 water filter jug

Philips AWP2970 water filter jug

Thanks to the Philips AWP2970 you can drink water without limescale, heavy metals and pollutants of all kinds. This filter jug ​​can filter up to 1.5 L of water quickly thanks to its general volume of 2.5 L. Its operating principle is based on an ultrafiltration system with 3 filtering stages. It is capable of retaining up to 99%potential micro-organisms and agents that could be present in your tap water. In addition, the filter is so effective that it is able to remove the tiniest particles of impurities to guarantee you healthy and pleasant drinks to drink. Moreover, you do not risk forgetting to change the filtering system on the right date thanks to the timer which helps you to respect the maximum period of 60 days recommended for the use of the cartridges.

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The AWP2970 from Philips is a filter jug ​​that is easy to handle and carry thanks to its agronomic handle. It comes in a format specially designed to allow it to fit in most refrigerators.

A carafe must be cleaned regularly to continue to provide drinking water whenever you need it to quench your thirst or for your cooking. This model from the Dutch brand Philips can go in the dishwasher without any problem once you have disassembled it in a few steps.


  1. Filtering efficiency with ultrafiltration technology
  2. 1.5L capacity
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Easy to clean


  1. No additional cartridges

Ultrafiltering carafe that works very well, being used to the taste of Eau de Paris, the difference was felt from the first glass. I found water without “taste” a feeling of purity. The timer is convenient to know when we need to change the filter. The big plus being that it also filters bacteria, unheard of until now. Doesn’t take up space in my fridge. I recommend 200% very economical. Read all reviews.

Gad S.

Using a filter jug

Selection criteria

You would like to have a filter jug ​​that can effectively rid your water of limestone, chlorine and heavy metals so that it can be of better quality and pleasant to drink. Only, you are a little dropped by the diversity of products and you don’t know which one would be the best choice for you. This is good, because in this guide, you will discover the basic criteria that will allow you to choose the filter jug ​​that best suits your needs and your budget.

The material of manufacture

Manufacturers use various types of materials (plastic, glass and stainless steel) for the design of filter jugs. Each material has particular characteristics that they give to the accessory. It is therefore important to carefully examine all these details in order to choose the filter jug ​​that best suits your expectations.

Plastic filter water jugs are the most popular models on the market. They are very practical and are generally within reach of all budgets. However, it should be ensured that they are free of Bisphenol A or phthalates.

Glass filter jugs usually have a very nice design. They are appreciated because they have a beautiful effect in the decor. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, glass is a material that does not alter the taste of water. However, its use and cleaning require caution and delicacy, because we are dealing with a fragile material that can break or break in the event of an impact.

As for the good quality stainless steel models , they are robust, solid and have good resistance to rust. Compared to glass prototypes, they can be handled easily without the risk of cracking or breaking.

The capacity and size of the filter jug

The capacity of filtered water containers varies from one model to another. This generally depends on the format of the equipment. The larger the size of the accessory, the larger its capacity. Note that a small filter jug ​​is easier to transport, takes up little space and can be put in the fridge. But depending on your consumption habits, you may need a large capacity model. Just keep in mind that the total volume of the carafe and the volume of filtered water are not the same. For example for 2.4L you can get 1.4L of filtered water. So pay attention to all these details in order to choose your filtering device.  

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Utilisation facility

If you want an easy-to-use filter water jug, it would be good to opt for a model with a flip top. They are easier to fill, as it won’t have to be fully opened before water can enter. You will even find carafes with an automatic opening valve.

Filter replacement indicator

If a water filter jug ​​is able to rid the water of impurities, it is because it is equipped with a filter that contains activated carbon or ion-changing resin. The latter improves the taste of water by acting in particular on heavy metals and nitrates. But be aware that not all models are able to filter nitrates because of the composition of their cartridge. This should therefore be taken into account when choosing your equipment.

After a period of use, the filter components become ineffective. As a result, it becomes urgent to replace it to ensure that you always drink healthy water.

You will therefore find models of filter jugs on the market that are equipped with a very practical indicator on the lid to allow you to monitor the level of the cartridge in real time. This can be an LED indicator light or an LCD electronic date stamp that notifies the user when the filter needs to be replaced.

Before buying your filter jug, make sure that compatible replacement filters are easy to find or otherwise prefer a model that adapts to universal filters.

How to maintain a filter jug?

The maintenance of a water filter jug ​​primarily involves changing its cartridge. As a reminder, it is thanks to the composition of the latter that the water is rid of these impurities and has a better taste. If it is a model without a filter replacement indicator, it will be necessary to think of doing it systematically at least once a month.

To be sure to drink healthy water, it is also recommended to empty your carafe every 24 hours. In addition to this, it is necessary to think about cleaning the carafe itself very regularly to avoid the deposit of limescale and also to limit the proliferation of bacteria. To do this, just use a little dishwashing liquid and/or vinegar and rinse with hot water.

Some models sold on the market can be machine washed. If you prefer this option, choose a filter jug ​​compatible with the dishwasher.