Best Water Cooling Motherboards

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Are water-cooled motherboards good for gaming?

The water-cooled motherboards come with an integrated monoblock that covers the VRMs, CPU socket, DIMMs, and PCIe Express slots. And these types of motherboards are ideal for overclockers who are looking to cool down their high-end gaming rigs. Here we’ve rounded up the top liquid-cooling motherboards:

How does water cooling a motherboard work?

The process generates heat, which is normally carried away from the component by an air-cooled heat sink. The VRMs on a motherboard are found next to the CPU socket and most modern boards will have extravagant-looking heat sinks mounted to them. While these heat sinks typically work well enough, water cooling is always more efficient.

What is the best way to cool down a motherboard?

And to dissipate that enormous amount of heat, you need a motherboard that is compatible with a liquid cooling system. Water is more efficient in cooling down your hardware as compared to the air. Also, water absorbs more heat from the block and cools down quickly as it goes through the radiator.

Can you install a liquid cooling system on a motherboard?

Well, you can install a liquid cooling system on a standard motherboard but it won’t help you that much in cooling down the temperature. So motherboards that come with liquid-cooled monoblocks can give you more edge in lowering down your temperature at higher clock speeds.