10 Best waffle Makers For Home 2022-Complete Guide Review

Baking waffles is the easiest thing to do today thanks to the best waffle maker. A valid replacement for the waffle irons used in the past, this utensil is simple and practical, while taking up very little space in the kitchen.

If you are struggling right now to find the best waffle maker, this article will be of great help to you. It offers you a comparison of the most popular models on the market and a complete buying guide to help you find your ideal waffle maker.

Comparison of the best waffle Maker 2022: tests and reviews

The waffle iron market offers a multitude of models with various characteristics and functions. Faced with so many different choices, it is not always easy to know which waffle machine to choose. To help you easily find what suits you, this comparison presents the 10 waffle irons of the best brands in the sector.

Gadgy waffle maker

Make your own homemade waffles with this waffle maker designed by the Gadgy brand , known for offering small household appliances of good quality. This model is appreciated by users as much for its design and finish as for its ergonomics.

Easy and very pleasant to use, the device starts up simply when you plug it in. It has two indicator lights: red to indicate that it is on and green to indicate that its plates are hot enough to cook your waffles. A large, easy-to-use dial adjusts the cooking temperature to achieve the ideal browning.

If you are looking for the best waffle maker to treat yourself and your loved ones, this model from Gadgy offers you a 23 cm by 16.8 cm baking sheet . You can cook two large classic or Liège waffles in it, measuring 10.5 x 15 cm. Simply put the dough on the cooking grid to obtain delicious waffles a few minutes later. Thanks to the insulated handle, you will have no trouble opening and closing the device and there is no risk of burning yourself while handling it.

Finally, it should be noted that it is not complicated to clean the Gadgy waffle maker thanks to the non-stick coating of its cooking plate.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Easy to use and clean
  3. The temperature is adjustable
  4. Good value for money


  1. No timer

This device is very easy to use. Just plug it in, wait for the green light indicating that the desired temperature has been reached to come on, put some batter and let it cook… 2/3 minutes later, beautiful waffles appear. Read all reviews.

Lolita U.

Aicook waffle maker

With its 1200 watts of power, this Aicook brand waffle maker heats up very quickly so you can enjoy your meal without waiting too long. It takes about 5 minutes to be ready to use and only about 6 minutes to cook the waffles. You can also eat them soft or crispy as you wish thanks to the possibility of adjusting the cooking heat . Simply turn the swivel knob to change the temperature from the lowest level to the highest level, or vice versa. In addition, thanks to the two red and green lights, you know when the device is ready to cook your waffles and when they are cooked.

The Aicook waffle maker has a plate made up of two grids allowing you to make 2 waffles at a time. The whole cooking surface has a non-stick coating of good quality which allows a reduced use of fat. When the waffles are ready, it is also not difficult to remove them to taste them with honey, melted chocolate, syrup or even cream.

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In addition to its cooking speed and ease of use, the Aicook device is one of the best waffle irons of the moment because of its secure design. The manufacturer has indeed bet on phenolic plastic which is a material that is not only robust, but also anti-burn . Thus, the handle and the body of the utensil can be easily manipulated to make delicious waffles with the family.


  1. Fast heating and cooking
  2. Temperature setting
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. Easy cleaning
  5. Good value for money


  1. No timer

I was looking for a waffle maker to replace my classic and aging combined croque-waffle which allowed me to make two small waffles every 13 minutes … So very good surprise with this one, the waffles are ready in 3 minutes!! Read all reviews.

Rémi Fr.

Gaufrier Domo DO-9047W

Like the previous models, the Domo DO-9047W waffle maker has a fairly classic design and features. If patience is not your strong suit at breakfast or snack time, you can count on its 1400 W power to have waffles very quickly.

The device provides you with a deeper cooking plate that allows you to have waffles 2.6 cm thick . The non-stick coating on the grids prevents your baked goods from sticking, for easy release and cleaning.

The cooking temperature can be adjusted to 12 levels thanks to the wheel with which this Domo waffle maker is equipped. The swivel knob also has an indicator light that changes color depending on the degree of heat reached. That way, you’ll know exactly how to adjust the utensil for lightly cooked or perfectly browned waffles. To know if it is in working position and if it is ready to be used, you will only have to rely on the two other lights placed next to it.

In general, the Domo DO-9047W waffle maker is easy and pleasant to use for enjoying festive tasting moments with family or friends. Its cool handle and anti-heat coating allow it to be handled without the risk of burns. In addition, you have the possibility of storing the power cord easily to limit clutter.


  1. Quick cooking
  2. Deeper cooking plate
  3. 12-level temperature adjustment
  4. Anti-heating materials


  1. Plates are not removable

Heats very well and strongly which allows perfect waffles. This is the best device I have tested. The quality to price ratio is excellent. The plates are not removable but nothing attaches so that’s not a problem. Read all reviews.

Sofiane B.

Gaufriers GOURMETmaxx

Make up to 4 Belgian or classic waffles quickly and easily with one of the best waffle makers on the market. Designed by GOURMETmaxx , this model has a large fixed cooking plate which is divided into 4 molds of 10 x 12 cm in size, and 2 cm thick. With the heating power of 1200 W provided by the device, cooking does not take an infinite time. You will just have 5 to 8 minutes to wait depending on the soft or crispy texture you are looking for.

The GOURMETmaxx waffle maker does not have a button to adjust the heating temperature. The setting is automatic to allow you to always have the perfect cooking heat for successful homemade waffles. A heating indicator is there to let you know if the plates are hot enough to cook your delicious pastries.

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This model from GOURMETmaxx is rightly considered the best waffle maker in its class thanks to its ability to do its job properly. It is secured with non-slip feet that make it stable enough on any surface. Its clip closure system also allows it to remain securely closed for the proper cooking of the waffles.

For cleaning, there is no problem to be done because of the non-stick coating of the cooking plates. Waffles won’t stick together when baked, so you won’t have to struggle with stubborn leftovers after every use.


  1. Good cooking capacity
  2. 4 waffles on the same plate
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Good value for money


  1. Non-removable plates and somewhat short power cord

A very good waffle maker allowing you to make 4 waffles at a time in an ideal format. It heats up quickly, is easy to use and cooks perfectly. Only drawback, the plates cannot be disassembled (unless you disassemble them by removing the screws) and that does not facilitate their cleaning, it’s a shame… I recommend this device, however, by far the best I’ve found in this price range. Read all reviews.

Agathe I.

Krups FDK251 waffle maker

The Krups FDK251 waffle iron seduces with its original design and its stainless steel finish which give it a rather unusual look, but still nice. It is a model with a good heating capacity, despite its 850 W of power . The appliance is able to cook 2 waffles simultaneously thanks to its two-mold plate. The latter is also coated with a non-slip material which avoids having remains of preparation difficult to remove during washing. Although the plates are not removable, so it is very simple to clean them after using it.

If you want to buy the best waffle maker, you can opt for a model that will easily fit into your kitchen like the FDK251 from Krups. Indeed, with its compact size of 31.6 x 15.5 x 29.5 cm and its weight of 3 kg, the waffle maker takes up very little space. It also has a support below the device around which the power cable can be wound.

This Krups waffle maker will therefore delight young and old alike for breakfast or snacks with family or friends. This is an ideal model if you are looking for a simple and easy to use device to prepare delicious waffles.


  1. Design original
  2. Good quality of waffles
  3. Easy cleaning and storage
  4. Power cord storage


  1. Plates are not removable

Easy to use, very nice and good waffles. In addition, the stainless steel device is sober and aesthetic. Complete satisfaction with this product. Read all reviews.

Fanny D.

Waffle maker Senya SYCK-WM003

Waffle maker Senya SYCK-WM003

The SYCK-WM003 from Senya is a 3-in-1 waffle maker  that makes delicious Brussels waffles, wafers and croque-monsieur. It is for this reason that it comes with three sets of interchangeable aluminum plates with non-stick coating. The material of the plates promotes excellent heat conduction, which is distributed over the entire surface for even cooking. Their maintenance is very simple in the dishwasher, and it is easy to remove them to wash them or exchange them thanks to the ejection button provided for this purpose.

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The SYCK-WM003 Senya stands out as one of the best waffle makers on the market also thanks to its quick and pleasant handling. There is no specific setting to be made to use it, except simply to choose the plates according to the desired pastry. When it is working, the appliance is secured thanks to a system that keeps it closed to avoid burns and not to miss cooking. To the delight of the greediest, the time required to cook waffles, wafers or croque-monsieur varies between 3 to 5 minutes.

In addition to being quite elegant thanks to its red and black finish, the Senya SYCK-WM003 waffle iron is solid and resistant. The materials with which it was designed ensure good durability while facilitating its maintenance. It should also be noted that it is an easy-to-use and space-saving utensil thanks to the possibility of storing it upright.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Series of trays for different pastries
  3. Fast cooking in 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Easy to use and store
  5. Attractive price


  1. No temperature setting or On/Off button

I was able to make Northern wafers, Liège waffles…. Perfect. Plates very easy to put on and take off. Very good for the price. Wafer plates hard to find otherwise. Read all reviews.

Chris J.

Tefal SW852D Snack Collection waffle maker

Tefal SW852D Snack Collection waffle maker

The Tefal SW852D Snack Collection is one of the best options available to you if you like both waffles and croque-monsieur. This 700 W stainless steel waffle maker has two plates that allow you to enjoy both pleasures with one device. The molds are interchangeable according to your cravings for waffles or croque-monsieur.

If you are a fan of waffles and croque-monsieur and want to invest in a device capable of making you enjoy both, do not hesitate. This Tefal waffle maker provides results that will delight the whole family and guests. It is easy to use due to its simple features and also easy to maintain. Its interchangeable plates can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is a considerable time saver.

What makes Tefal’s SW852D even more interesting is the fact that it comes with storage boxes for each of its plate sets. It then becomes easy to store them until the next time the opportunity to reuse them arises.

Even more interesting, each box contains a recipe book that will allow you to experiment with all kinds of savory or sweet preparations.


  1. Good design
  2. Polyvalent
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Easy to store


  1. Limited plate set to make other recipes such as paninis for example

Device at the top. So far I’ve tried a plate game (dry waffles) and it’s perfect. The waffles are very dry and hard as it should be. A green light appears when the content is cooked. Easy to clean and the plates are very easy to change . Read all reviews.

Leturgez E.

Gaufrier Tefal WM756D12 King Size

Gaufrier Tefal WM756D12 King Size

In the category of the best semi-professional waffle irons, the Tefal King Size stands out both in appearance and performance. In terms of its design, the combination of black and stainless steel finishes gives it an elegant look much appreciated by users.

As far as its functionalities are concerned, this waffle maker is a large model dedicated to lovers of large format rectangular waffles. It allows you to simultaneously cook two 10 x 16 cm waffles with a thickness of 3 cm. These will be a real treat thanks to the temperature adjustment wheel which allows you to obtain perfect cooking.

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To keep control over the baking quality and also to avoid a possible burn, this waffle maker is equipped with an ergonomic turning handle. In addition to staying cold throughout the cooking process, the latter is practical for ensuring that the waffles cook well on each side.

It should also be noted that the plate is removable and is easily removed with a simple press of the ejector button. A tray equips the base of the Tefal waffle maker and is very useful for keeping the worktop clean by collecting cooking residue. Cleaning the utensil is also easy, especially since its plate is non-stick and can go in the dishwasher. For storage, simply retract the turning handle to save as much space as possible in your cupboards.

Model of 1200 W of power, the King Size of Tefal is also equipped with indicator lights which inform at any time on the state of heating of the apparatus.


  1. Convenient and easy to use
  2. Large format for large gourmet waffles
  3. Heating temperature control
  4. Easy maintenance and storage


  1. No instructions or recipe booklet

First appliance to make waffles but I’m won over…they are crispy, and you feel like you’re at the fair…for my part, I followed Cyril Lignac’s recipe with 50 grams of butter…excellent! Read all reviews.

Sabine O.

Krups FDD95D waffle maker

The Krups FDD95D waffle maker is one of the best on the market for preparing excellent homemade waffles quickly and efficiently in a professional way. It is a 1400 W power model that allows good heat distribution over the entire cooking surface thanks to its turning system. The waffles thus cook evenly and end up crispy on the outside and pleasantly soft on the inside. Thanks to its plate of good dimensions, you can obtain rectangular waffles which measure 10 × 16 cm in length and width for 3 cm in thickness.

You can optimize the cooking temperature thanks to the swivel knob that allows you to select up to 7 heat intensities . Enough to allow you to obtain a degree of browning that suits your tastes or the preferences of those around you.

The cooking plates are removable to facilitate maintenance. Moreover, it is precisely very easy to remove them thanks to the ejection button provided for this purpose. It should be noted that the plates are dishwasher safe to save you time when cleaning them.

The exterior of the Krups FDD95D waffle maker is just as easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel finish. Storage is done vertically to minimize clutter.


  1. Professional design
  2. 7 adjustable temperature levels
  3. Easy cleaning and storage
  4. Turning system


  1. No interchangeable plates for making paninis or croque-monsieur

Be careful, this article leads to a consumption of waffles that exceeds reason because it works so well! Read all reviews.

Goupil K.

Waffle maker Lagrange 019622 Premium

Waffle maker Lagrange 019622 Premium

Do you like waffles, wafers or croque-monsieur? The Lagrange waffle maker is a complete reversal model that will allow you to feast as you wish. The three batches of plates with which it is sold will allow you to enjoy several delicious and gourmet recipes.

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You can count on its adjustable cooking system  to make your favorite pastries the way you like them. You can treat yourself with crispy or soft waffles, or even light, medium golden or very dark waffles. Cooking is homogeneous and easy thanks to the possibility of turning the appliance over using the bakelite handle. In any case, you can be sure not to forget your preparations in the molds thanks to  the sound signal that sounds once your sweets are cooked. Note that the maximum power of the Lagrange 019622 Premium waffle maker is 1200 W.

Whether you decide to wash this waffle maker by hand or by machine, its maintenance is easy either way. And for good reason, the cooking plates are all covered with a non-stick material that does not catch food residue.


  1. Versatile device with 2 sets of plates
  2. Turning system for even cooking
  3. Temperature setting
  4. End of cooking sound signal


  1. No storage boxes for plates

Very nice to see, easy to use, large waffles first, not brown enough but easy to correct by turning the button on the right side. Very easy to wash afterwards. Great deal. In addition, I tried the gentlemen’s croques last week, super large plate very practical, does not stick. Read all reviews.

Damien J.

Buying guide: the important criteria to take into account when choosing the best waffle maker

Chocolate Waffles

Selection criteria

Choosing the best waffle maker for making scrumptious waffles is easy when you have all the necessary information. Discover in this complete buying guide the criteria to consider to make a wise choice.

The waffle type

There are many types of waffle irons on the market. Each of the models offers specific features to meet various needs.

For example, you can opt for a fixed waffle maker like the Aicook model presented at the beginning of the article. This type of waffle maker is the most common on the market because of its price, which is generally more affordable. However, this model is very often non-reversible and has non-removable plates. This detail can have a significant influence on its handling and cleaning.

The best waffle irons of the moment can also be revolving. This means that the plates can rotate in all directions to best distribute the heat. Rotation is possible at 360 degrees thanks to a handle that can be retracted like that of the Tefal WM756D12 King Size .

Multifunction waffle irons allow you to cook waffles, but also all kinds of pastries. They can also cook croque-monsieur or panini depending on the model chosen. For this, they often have up to 3 sets of interchangeable plates, as is the case with the Lagrange 019622 Premium waffle iron .

The power

The power of the waffle makers offered on the market varies between 700 and 1400 Watts. High power obviously equates to much more significant performance and cooking speed. However, while a model around 1200W is perfectly good at baking waffles as it should, that doesn’t mean a lower wattage couldn’t do the same. This is the case for example of the Tefal SW852D Snack Collection waffle maker, which with its 700 W allows you to have successful and quite delicious waffles.

The number of waffles baked

This is one of the criteria that should not be overlooked if you want to buy the best waffle maker to satisfy your cravings for homemade pastries. As standard, these appliances are delivered with a baking tray that can cook a rectangular waffle or any other format.

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Some models are able to make up to 2 waffles at the same time, or even more, to treat several people at the same time in a family for example.

The coating of the plates

It is important to choose a waffle maker that is equipped with a non-stick coated plate. This way, it will be much easier for you to remove the waffles and all your other goodies once they are ready. And since food doesn’t stick to the cooking grates, it’s also easy to clean.

Options and functions

The more options and functions a waffle maker has, the more convenient, efficient and easy to use it is. Depending on the means you have to invest in the model that suits you, you can opt for a waffle iron equipped with a thermostat. With this equipment, you can adjust the heating capacity and control the quality of the cooking to obtain perfectly cooked and golden waffles.

Some slightly more sophisticated models offer an audible alert that will notify you as soon as your preparations are ready to be tasted. Still others are delivered with accessories that facilitate the use of the device or one or more recipe booklets.

The brand of the waffle iron

If in doubt, you can also simply rely on the brand that designed the waffle maker that tempts you. It is better to trust a brand that has already made a name for itself on the market. And in the sector, the most popular brands are, among others, Tefal, Moulinex, Aicook, Krups and Lagrange.

How to clean your best waffle maker?

If the waffle maker you have chosen is a model equipped with removable plates, its maintenance will be really very simple. It is best to clean the device immediately after use to make the maneuver even easier. Of course, it will be necessary to unplug the device and wait for the plates to cool completely before getting started.

For cleaning, you must first remove the plates. Then you can use dish soap, a non-abrasive sponge and hot water to wash them. Or, you can just put them in the dishwasher if you don’t have time for a hand wash. Do not forget in either case to dry them well before placing them back on the waffle maker.

If the cooking plates are not removable, you can use a paper towel or any other absorbent cloth to clean them. Of course, no corner should be overlooked and remember that cleaning should always be done when the plates are cold and the power supply is interrupted.

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