10 Best Vacuum Sealers 2022-Complete Guide Review

If buying a vacuum sealer is an excellent idea to keep food longer, you still have to know how to choose it. The market is indeed flooded with models of all kinds and one can easily lose one’s footing in the midst of the features and functionalities they offer. Do not miss any line of this comparison and this buying guide if you want to know everything you need to make the right choice.

Comparison of the best vacuum sealers under 100: tests and reviews

The objective of this comparison is to introduce you to the most popular and best-selling vacuum sealers on the market. Several of them will certainly meet your needs for the long-term preservation of your daily foods.

Bonsenkitchen VS3801 Vacuum Sealer

Bonsenkitchen VS3801 Vacuum Sealer

If you want to preserve the food you cook in advance or the food you buy, the Bonsenkitchen VS3801 is exactly what you need. Beyond its elegant design which will certainly not go unnoticed, this machine is very practical.

Count to start on its 140 W power which will allow you to quickly and effectively seal your dry or wet food. Thanks to its approximately 30 cm heating band which will allow you to vacuum pack in a large bag or in several small bags. It’s a big advantage to go faster if you have a lot of food to bag completely airtight. And for more practicality and ease of use, the machine is equipped with a device that allows you to cut your storage bags according to your needs. A roll of film is also integrated for the occasion into the sealing equipment in addition to 5 bags with zipper.

The Bonsenkitchen VS3801 is a versatile model that also has a vacuum system for jars, bottles and all kinds of sealed containers. You can easily store your fruits and vegetables so that you always have them fresh for your different recipes. You will even have the possibility of preserving your leftover wine by effectively sucking up the air contained in the bottle.

It should also be noted that this brand vacuum sealing machine has been designed in materials of good quality. It will also take up very little space in your kitchen, whether on a counter or in a storage space.


  1. Simple and elegant design
  2. 140W power
  3. Easy to use with built-in cutter
  4. Versatile and easy to store


  1. Machine a bit noisy

I am very satisfied with this machine for vacuum sealing dry foods. very fast, does not heat up, no need to wait between each vacuum packing, the bag cutter included is super practical and easy to use. one cuts one welds without removing the bag, one removes the bag thus formed and there is nothing any more but to fill it then to put under vacuum. I used it 3h30 in a row without interruption to put meat and vegetables and cold cuts under vacuum. Read all reviews.

Luna M.

VPCOK Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer is brought to you by the VPCOK brand to allow you to extend the shelf life of your food. This is the perfect kitchen assistant for anyone who likes to save time by preparing or buying food in advance.

By purchasing this vacuum sealer, you benefit from two sealing methods that will allow you to preserve different types of cooked or raw products. This is on the one hand the dry mode intended for foods such as nuts, cereals, etc., and on the other hand the wet mode for meat, fish, eggs, or even seafood. You also have the option of bagging your jewelry, utensils or other items to preserve them from wear and tear or to transport them safely. You can also put your medications in vacuum bags so that you can store them properly.

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The VPCOK vacuum machine comes with two sets of 5 bags of two different sizes to vacuum or seal your products and objects. A marker is also available to allow you to note all kinds of information such as the sealing date for example on the packaging. There’s also a handy carving knife and a suction tube with wine stopper to preserve your best vintages. A user manual has been included by the manufacturer to let you know everything you need to use this stainless steel appliance effectively.


  1. Easy to use and versatile machine
  2. Comes with complete accessories
  3. Good quality manufacturing materials
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No integrated roll holder

After several researches of vacuum machine I opted for this one. . I immediately tested it with meat, and it worked really well! The user manual is in French and it is very easy to use. The machine is compact and quiet. It is sold with a few vacuum bags which allows it to be used as soon as it is received. Read all reviews.

Stephen O.

GERYON E2900-Black Automatic Vacuum Sealer

GERYON E2900-Black Automatic Vacuum Sealer

The E2900-Black model from the GERYON brand is a vacuum storage device that will please you first of all with its elegant and ergonomic design. With its sober design and its black color, it will certainly not stain your kitchen. Likewise, its compact and lightweight size will allow you to easily transport it anywhere and store it anywhere without problems. The machine is also made up of different parts that can be detached to allow easy maintenance. 

The GERYON E2900-Black offers simple and practical use thanks to its two vacuum-packing modes which allow dry and moist foods to be preserved with the same efficiency. Its operation is fully automated and does not require any complex action or manipulation. All you have to do is plug the appliance into the nearest power source and select the mode that suits the type of food to be stored using the touch pads. In addition to vacuum preservation, this machine also allows you to simply seal the packaging of products (candies, cookies, etc.) that you have not been able to finish.

The GERYON E2900 – Black is also delivered with all the accessories necessary for its optimal operation. Among other things, you will have a suction tube that will be useful for vacuuming different types of storage containers.


  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Two main sealing modes
  4. Easy to clean and maintain


  1. No roll holder built into the device

Sealer received neatly in its box. The box corresponds perfectly to the description of the product. In use, this sealer is ultra easy to use and very practical. It is possible to vacuum seal and seal any food in a bag. No more waste, it is also possible to close a bag (for example chips) to store it much more easily. I recommend . Read all reviews.

Arnaud F.

Kitchen Chef VS2650 Vacuum Sealer

Kitchen Chef VS2650 Vacuum Sealer

If you want to invest in an affordable sous vide machine that does its job very well, the Kitchen Chef VS2650  offers you an interesting quality/price ratio. You will have at your disposal a 120 W device with a maximum depression of 0.8 bar, which gives you the choice of three different packaging modes.

On the one hand, you have the possibility of vacuum sealing dry foods in order to preserve them much longer than with conventional methods. Among other things, you will be able to efficiently store seeds, rice, beans, nuts and all kinds of cereals.

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On the other hand, this vacuum storage equipment will also allow you to hermetically pack your moist foods. Whether they contain water or fat, removing air and gases from the bag will help maintain their freshness for a long time. You should know that you can vacuum pack fish, meat, shellfish, vegetables or pieces of fruit.

The third mode of packaging will be useful to you in case you have already opened food bags that you simply want to close. The manufacturer provides you with bags of different sizes, which are adapted to his device.

The VS2650Kitchen Chef vacuum sealer additionally features a 31cm sealing bar with a double sealing system. Its operation can be automatic or manual depending on your needs and for convenient use.


  1. 140W power
  2. 3 sealing modes
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to store


  1. Unsuitable for conventional packaging bags

I had one of the first devices sold more than 10 years ago, I tried this one with friends who totally convinced me, silent, powerful, with possible power selection, fast welding. Read all reviews.

Jamel D.

Machine sous vide KitchenBoss

Machine sous vide KitchenBoss

If you are used to stocking up on food in your refrigerator, you certainly often find it difficult to keep it longer than you would have liked. The same is true if you like to cook your meals in advance for lack of time or simply on principle. In either case, your storage concerns will be solved with this vacuum sealer offered by the KitchenBoss brand . Using it from now on will save you from having to throw away your food or force yourself to eat lest it spoil.

It is a powerful model that has a power of 100 W and a suction force of 60 kPa. Enough to allow you to vacuum pack all perishable foodstuffs (dry or wet) that you want to keep for as long as possible. You can also simply wrap certain foods in a storage bag without necessarily vacuuming it.

This device offers good robustness and good resistance thanks to its design in high quality ABS-PC material. Its design is very simple without being unpleasant. The upper part of the graphite gray box has the buttons that allow you to open it and select one of the 3 sealing modes. As well as being easy to use, the KitchenBoss Sous Vide Maker is easy to maintain and easy to store. It is also available in different colors.


  1. Good design
  2. 3 sealing modes
  3. Easy to use and clean
  4. Easy to store


  1. A little noisy operation

Ultra simple and a real space saver for all the food that I freeze and which until now was in standard freezer bags. A first batch of bags is provided but thereafter I recommend the rolls which are more economical. Read all reviews.

Gabriel D.

Machine sous vide Klarstein FoodLocker Slim

Machine sous vide Klarstein FoodLocker Slim

As a vacuum sealer for occasional use at home, the Klarstein FoodLocker offers a very good price/performance ratio.

What pleases at first glance about this device are these features that allow it to be used both automatically and manually. Thanks to its 130 W and its powerful suction system, you will be able to effectively seal all the food that you do not want to consume right away. You can therefore count on different preservation methods to vacuum your dry or wet products efficiently. Moreover, in this regard, the device comes with a set of ten bags to be sealed ready for use. Its operation is intuitive and you can use it with all types of vacuum packaging.

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In addition to its functions and features, the Klarstein FoodLocker also impresses with its design, which has not been neglected by the manufacturer. In addition to its compact size, you will have no problem installing it on your work surface or finding a storage space for it. The machine is also equipped with a storage space for its power cord and a non-slip base. It offers protection against overheating which secures its use by stopping its operation at the slightest abnormal rise in temperature.


  1. Compact and elegant design
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Easy maintenance and storage
  4. Comes with 10 sealing bags


  1. Incomplete accessories

I read the manual and I was surprised to get it to work perfectly the first time. There aren’t many bags that come with it. I had purchased additional rollers which were recommended. But I didn’t realize it was rolls, I thought it was bags. I recommend the rolls because it’s easy to seal! and suddenly you can choose the length of the “bag”. In use we understand where to place the end of the roll so that it seals well. But check the width. The recommended roll was much smaller than the machine could handle. Read all reviews.

Mary T.

Machine sous vide ABOX V66

Machine sous vide ABOX V66

The reason why this device is appreciated by many users who have tried it is simply that it does what it was designed to do. Keep your food healthy and fresh for as long as possible thanks to the 5 sealing modes offered. Whether homemade or purchased, your food can be vacuum packed quickly and efficiently. Like most models, the device also offers the possibility of simply closing bags or extracting air from bottles or storage jars using a suction tube provided for this purpose.

With its 85 W , the Abox V66 sous vide machine is powerful enough to help you extend the storage life of your food up to 7 times longer. You can count on a suction of -55 kPa for dry goods and -15 to -25 kPa for wet goods. 10 bags of standard dimensions as well as other accessories are also provided to allow you to use your device immediately after receiving it.

The V66 Abox benefits from an intuitive and intelligent operation which makes its use and handling simple and easy. The opening and closing of the lid is automatic, as well as the stopping of the machine at the end of the packaging process or the vacuuming. It should also be noted that the control panel is just as practical thanks to its tactile keys which are illuminated to indicate the current mode.


  1. Elegant and functional design
  2. 5 vacuum and sealing modes
  3. Automatic operation


  1. Longer or shorter vacuuming time depending on the food

 Very effective device, very easy to use, very fast. You can use pre-cut bags or a sealing roller, which is convenient depending on the size of the food. It has 2 vacuum functions: normal or soft, for softer foods which will not be crushed. Again, this is a plus compared to conventional devices. I am really delighted with this purchase which will save space and keep food longer! Read all reviews.

Agathe T.

Tefal Vacupack classic VT2540 vacuum sealer

Tefal Vacupack classic VT2540 vacuum sealer

The Tefal Vacupack classic is a vacuum packing device that comes in a very elegant design. Its neat appearance and its glossy black color indeed complete to give it a contemporary look that will be able to harmonize perfectly with the styles of current kitchens.

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With its 110 W power, Tefal’s Vacupack classic offers 3 sealing modes to meet most storage needs. You can thus vacuum pack all types of food, regardless of their texture and degree of cooking. It simply means that you won’t have to worry about keeping your dry, moist, cooked or raw food fresh for a long time. Apart from that, you can also use the simple seal mode to wrap products or reseal opened packages.

The manufacturer offers you 8 bags of 28 x 25 cm in addition to 10 others of 22 x 30 cm, or 18 in total for your first uses. You’ll have no problem restocking as needed thanks to your device’s compatibility with most plastic bags on the market.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, know that the Tefal Vacupack classic VT2540 vacuum machine won’t get in the way. Its compact size is precisely one of its greatest assets because of the ease of storage it allows.


  1. Sleek and modern design
  2. 110W power
  3. 3 operating modes
  4. Easy to store


  1.  a bit noisy

Quick and easy to vacuum seal food. Very practical . Read all reviews.

Valerie P.

Blusmart Vacuum Sealer

Blusmart Vacuum Sealer

Have you stopped overfilling your refrigerator because of the difficulty in storing some of your food efficiently? This Blusmart vacuum sealer is your sustainable preservation solution that you can’t pass up. Count on a conditioning time up to 8 times longer than usual. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or sweets: you can now store everything for as long as your eating habits require. Don’t worry about whether the food you want to preserve is dry or moist, the machine offers different modes to suit all needs.

This Blusmart sealing device has a cutter that makes it easy to cut bags or plastic films to the right size. It is also equipped with a kitchen scale that will quickly become your everyday ally to closely monitor the dosages of your cooking ingredients. All data will be displayed on the LCD screen built into the cover of the device and next to which are the control keys and indicator lights.

Interestingly, the lid of the Blusmart vacuum sealer automatically lifts and lowers before and after the sealing process. So you won’t have to do much to use it to store your food.

And when it comes to cleaning, you can also count on its removable drip tray to make your job easier.


  1. Versatility
  2. Ease of use
  3. Complete starter accessories
  4. Ease of cleaning


  1. a bit noisy

This machine works perfectly . It comes with several individual bags and a roll. The roll is very practical and saves plastic because it can be cut to the desired length. Read all reviews.

Renaud F.

FoodSaver FFS005X Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FFS005X Vacuum Sealer

If you are looking for high-end equipment, the FoodSaver FFS005X-01 is most certainly the best machine on the market that will best meet your needs. With a power of 140 W and a suction force of 0.56 bar, this model is quite suitable for much more regular use.

This vacuum sealer offers automatic or manual operation with three vacuum speeds and two sealing levels for optimum sealing efficiency. It thus offers you the possibility of ensuring the conditioning of dry and moist food for a very long time. Just remember that once vacuum-packed, your foodstuffs can be kept in any of your storage spaces without risking losing their freshness.

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The FoodSaver FFS005X-01 is further distinguished by its control panel with buttons, each with one or more indicator lights. This is useful for much more intuitive monitoring of machine operation.

Regarding its accessories, you will note that this equipment comes with all the basic accessories. Among other things, there is a suction hose, a vacuum pot, a roll of plastic film 28 x 30 cm and 10 sachets of 0.94 L and 3.78 L. The starter kit also includes a tray collector which proves to be very practical to recover the liquid which flows out of the humid food as well as the debris of the dry food.  

For cleaning, some elements are removable so that the maneuver is as easy as possible after each use.


  1. Robust design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Comes with all accessories
  4. Easy cleaning and storage


  1. Its price a bit high

This machine is very practical to use, efficient and quite fast, without making too much noise. Its locking lever ensures perfect pressure during the air suction phase which is directly followed by the bag sealing phase. It works very well with embossed bags of different brands. Read all reviews.

Denis B.

Vacuum sealer buying guide

The vacuum machine , also called a packaging machine, is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to effectively and hermetically seal packaging in order to preserve various kinds of products. It is very useful for both catering professionals and households. If you are currently trying to buy this device, you have certainly noticed that there are different versions. To avoid wasting your time looking for the ideal model, it would be good to take these few criteria into consideration.

The type of vacuum machine

The different models of vacuum sealers that exist on the market can be grouped into two main categories. A distinction is made between chamber vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers with external suction.

With a chamber sealer , it is possible to vacuum dry and liquid foods. It also adapts to different types of packaging such as smooth or embossed bags. It is the professional model par excellence, as it responds much more to large vacuum packaging productions. This type of equipment is bulky and costs more than an externally aspirated model.

vacuum sealer with external suction is space-saving and much more suitable for home use, although professionals can still use it. In terms of performance, it is limited compared to bell models. In addition, it is much more suitable for occasional use and more suitable for packaging solid products.

The power of the machine

The more powerful the vacuum sealer’s motor , the faster it will be able to pull in air and seal faster. In general, the power varies between 90 and 105 W for models intended for limited use. It is higher for professional vacuum sealers. It is therefore advisable to choose a model whose power will be adapted to the frequency of use and the quantity of food to be packed. For greater efficiency, this data should be associated with a minimum suction capacity of 6 liters per minute.

Packing Speed ​​Control

The packaging speed is one of the determining criteria in the purchase of a vacuum sealer. By opting for a device capable of quickly sealing packaging, you will not only save a lot of time during the process, but you will be able to easily vacuum seal liquid or fragile products.

If you want the vacuum packaging machine to adapt to all types of products (solid, fragile, soft and liquid), it would be good to favor an automatic model that offers several levels of air suction speed. Thus, you will have the possibility to control the speed according to the type of food to be vacuum-sealed as well as the size of the container used (bags, boxes or jars of different sizes).

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Some vacuum sealing machines work with a manual suction system. If you opt for one of these, you can control the suction speed until the end of the vacuum cycle depending on the food to be packaged.

The different features and options

Vacuum sealers can come with different kinds of features and options. These promote better food preservation and at the same time guarantee ease of use. For example, the wet or dry function allows the suction speed to be adjusted according to the type of food.

Some models have Solder and Pulse functions . Thanks to these, it will be possible to manually control the vacuuming according to the type of food to be packaged.

You can also find vacuum sealers equipped with a storage roller and/or a bag cutter . On some models, we can distinguish a drip tray which is used to collect the excess liquid. Added to this are the jar and bottle sealers as well as the clips that are available on certain models.

The price

The price of models with external aspiration that adapt more to domestic use varies on average between 40 € to more than 200 €. With regard to professional vacuum machines, i.e. bell machines, it runs between €100 to €1000. It is obviously necessary to make a choice taking into account your budget while favoring a good quality model combining performance and durability.

Why buy a vacuum sealer

Having a vacuum packing device promotes optimal food preservation. Indeed, vacuum packing is a technique that blocks oxygenation and fermentation. It also blocks contamination and the spread of bacteria on food. Thanks to this method of storage, the products keep their freshness for a long time. In addition, it preserves vitamins and minerals.

Some people may find themselves with a significant amount of food, perhaps after a party or simply because they have been shopping for the whole month. In either of these cases, a vacuum sealer can really come in handy. It will simply allow you to store and preserve without having to waste or throw away. If you’re also in the habit of preparing ahead for the whole week, vacuum sealing your ready meals is a great idea so they don’t spoil early.

With a vacuum sealer available , you can easily cook certain foods at the right temperature. Indeed, vacuum preparation is a technique that promotes better cooking. It consists of putting the product to be cooked (meat, peas, vegetables, shellfish, etc.) in vacuum packaging to prepare it in a bain-marie at less than 100°C. It will therefore be necessary to adapt the temperature and the cooking time according to the food to be cooked, for example by using a probe thermometer.