10 Best Vacuum seal bags for food 2022-Complete Guide Review

There are many qualities of vacuum bags on the market and it can take a long time to review them all. The easiest way to find good quality models is to browse this comparison which has selected the reference products for you. The article of course contains a comprehensive buying guide that tells you everything you need to know to choose the best vacuum bag.

Comparison of the best vacuum Seal bags for food 2022: tests and reviews

In this comparison of the best vacuum bags on the market, each product offers features that could suit your needs. The packaging you are looking for to effectively converse your food is certainly there.

Best vacuum bags 2022 for storage clothes blankets Packing bedding

Vacuum bags Vacu N°1

Pack of 100 embossed and versatile vacuum sealer pouches. You can use them to preserve any kind of fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. When stored in a freezer, they provide effective protection against freezer burn. Thanks to their high impermeability, your products are preserved with all their flavor and nutrients intact. You thus benefit from the freshness of your food for a long time, thus avoiding waste and too frequent shopping.

The vacuum sealing of your kitchen ingredients or your food can be done with the brands of external suction sealing devices. Thanks to pieces in the 25 x 40 cm format, this pack of bags is intended for several applications of conservation and protection of objects and various products. They offer rock-solid efficiency thanks to their multi-layer design and waffle structure.

If you want to buy one or more quality vacuum bags, know that these models are guaranteed without chemical residues. They can be used at high or low temperatures without problem, and you can wash them for reuse.


  1. Versatile bags
  2. Good storage performance
  3. Effective protection against taste deterioration and freezer burn
  4. Without chemical residues


  1. Unique size

Good value for money product. Read all reviews.

Pascal U.

MRS BAG embossed vacuum bags

MRS BAG embossed best vacuum sealer bags

To meet your cooking or storage needs, the MRS BAG brand offers suitable embossed vacuum bags. This package contains 100 pieces of 20 cm by 30 cm specially designed for food use. You can use them without worrying about your health, because these premium quality pouches are FDA certified and guaranteed to be BPA free. These cooking or storage bags are compatible with most vacuum sealers and other sealing devices.

The use is very simple. Simply put your food product to be stored in one of these bags and place the end in the machine. The embossed design with circular system of its sealing pouches allows the air to be sucked out quickly and efficiently. Once sealed, the packages remain perfectly airtight to preserve the quality and taste of food for a long time. Plus, these bags are designed for immediate use, and you won’t have to worry about cutting them out first.

If you are wondering which vacuum bags to buy right now, know that these models offered by MRS BAG have multiple uses. In addition to being reusable, they can indeed be used for conservation, microwave cooking, freezing or even protecting valuables. Very resistant, they can also go in the dishwasher whenever necessary.

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  1. Resistant and guaranteed BPA-free
  2. Pre-cut and ready to use
  3. Versatile
  4. Compatible with all external suction sealing machines


  1. Unique size

Very good product, easy to use both to fill it and to empty it. Solid and efficient, food is well preserved. I use it to vacuum frozen reserves of pork and veal as well as for cheese and spring rolls. These foods come out better than in traditional freezer bags. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Sophie J.

Jemesi vacuum bags

This kit is brought to you by the Jemesi brand. It consists of 5 rolls of plastic vacuum bags tested and recognized as compliant with food safety standards in force in Europe and internationally. You can use them for storing at room temperature or in the freezer, or even for cooking in boiling water or in the microwave. You can be sure to consume foods that have kept all their flavor, all their freshness, and that do not contain traces of BPA.

The 5 rolls of this Jemesi vacuum bag set each have a length of 5 m and are respectively 12, 15, 20, 25 and 28 cm wide. They can help you meet all your packaging needs, regardless of the type of sealing machine you have. In addition, these rolls of bags are versatile and can even act as a protective cover to keep some of your objects or devices away from wear, humidity and dust.

These vacuum bags are designed in a multilayer material which gives them resistance to any test. In addition, their particular structure facilitates the complete elimination of air for longer conservation than usual.


  1. 5 rolls of different sizes
  2. Resistant thanks to the multi-layered texture
  3. Use for various purposes
  4. BPA free


  1. No cutter for cutting

Excellent bags, very good quality at a good price, no problems at all. Read all reviews.

Karin T.

KitchenBoss Vacuum Bags

KitchenBoss Vacuum Bags

Set of 4 vacuum bag rolls to extend the shelf life of your food and for many other uses. This is the solution to stop wasting your leftover food or to prepare your meals in advance. Also no more foods that end up losing their flavor over the days or that take on the smell of other products in the refrigerator. These sealing bags are specially designed to keep the taste, freshness and nutrients of your food intact. They are effective for preserving fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and many other raw or cooked food products.

KitchenBoss is a brand that strives to always maintain the quality of its products at the highest level. In addition to meeting sanitary standards and being guaranteed BPA-free, the brand’s vacuum bags are resistant thanks to their multi-layer thickness. Good quality vacuum bags allow to optimize conservation by multiplying by 4 or 5 the time of consumption. The same is true for cooking food whether in the microwave or in hot water.

Vacuum sealing is made quick and easy by the embossed back surface of this range of KitchenBoss consumables . This provides a diamond air channel that allows oxygen to be completely expelled to the outside of the package. In addition, a box cutter allows the roll used to hold well in place and to be easily cut according to needs.

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  1. Optimized texture and thickness
  2. 2 sizes (20cm and 28cm)
  3. 2 boites cutter
  4. Food grade and BPA free


  1. Some slight sealing problems reported by some users, but which can be overcome by doubling the welds.

Awesome. Even better than the ones that came with my machine. Embossing on one side only (photo 2 the original one) which allows it to be sealed even if there is liquid. Dispenser with easy cutting which makes them very easy to use. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Noemie C.

FoodSaver FVB003X Vacuum Bags

FoodSaver FVB003X Vacuum Bags

If you want to buy the best vacuum bag for your daily preservation needs, the FoodSaver FVB003X rolls could satisfy you. It is a pack of 32 plastic bags with high efficiency thanks to their embossed texture. Perfectly suited for food use, these vacuum packaging accessories have a capacity of 950 ml. Each bag can store all types of food from fruits and vegetables to fish and raw meat.

These storage bags have the particularity of being equipped with an anti-leakage strip at the level of their opening. This makes them quite effective for vacuum sealing foods that have a lot of juice or a higher moisture content. The role of the anti-leakage band will be, among other things, to absorb excess liquids from a juicy steak, for example, for an impeccable seal. The other strong point of this batch of vacuum storage packaging is their great robustness conferred by their patented material with 5 layers of thickness. It should also be noted that these FoodSaver bags can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator without any problems. In addition, they are perfectly compatible with all the vacuum packing devices produced by the same brand.


  1. Embossed texture with 5 layers of thickness
  2. 950ml pre-cut vacuum bags
  3. Anti-leakage system for more efficiency and cleanliness


  1. Incompatible in the microwave or bain-marie

Machine adopted for several years, really great. Apart from fresh food and other cooked dishes for which I could no longer do without this device, vacuum-packed garden nuts do not go rancid, the same goes for all dried fruit. As for saving space in the freezer when it comes to fresh vegetables and fruit in anticipation of jams, it’s incomparable! Whether it’s bags, jars or fresh boxes, I use everything, including the one for marinades! Read all reviews.

Cathy P.

Zaffiro vacuum bags

Rolls of vacuum bags designed without BPA and suitable for all types of uses for food preservation. The packages have a dotted relief surface which allows all the air inside to be effectively sucked out. Thanks to the efficiency of this process, the sealed food stays fresh much longer in the freezer. Say goodbye to freezer burns that spoil the aesthetics of your beautiful pieces of meat. You can also be sure that the taste or smell of your food will not be altered after a long stay in the freezer.

These bags are also suitable for the vacuum preparation of various foods. You can easily use it for cooking in the microwave or bain-marie. In either case, this allows you to benefit from an optimal cooking temperature while protecting the food from excessive heat.

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Brought to you by Zaffiro, these rolls of sealable packaging film are long enough to be used for various applications and for a long time. They are also compatible with several models of vacuum sealing machines available on the market. In addition, they are reusable to allow you to save as much as possible.


  1. Embossed texture for better air extraction
  2. Suitable for freezing and cooking
  3. Compatibility with several different models of vacuum sealers
  4. Resistants


  1. No cut-off device

Works perfectly with my machine. Ideal size for me and perfect heat seal. Read all reviews.

Francois T.

Lohotek vacuum bags

6 rolls of sealer bags compatible with storing food in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Also designed to withstand enormous cooking temperatures, these packages are equally useful for cooking sous vide foods. You can thus put your product with its sealed bag directly in the microwave or in boiling water.

If you are wondering which vacuum bags would be the best to preserve your food efficiently, these models offered by the Lohotek brand do their job very well. They allow your food products such as meat, vegetables, fish or fruit to retain their taste over the entire shelf life. Whenever you want to eat it, the food stays fresh and looks like it was just bought. This result is possible thanks to an embossed surface that facilitates and optimizes the expulsion of air. The product is then effectively protected against anything that can alter its freshness, flavor and fragrance.

These wraps are reusable and food grade guaranteed BPA free. They offer a resistant and durable texture, while being perfectly adapted to all vacuum packing machines. All you have to do is cut the sufficient bag size and seal your food in it with just a few taps of your sealer.


  1. High performance multi-layer design
  2. Guaranteed without Bisphenol A
  3. Resistant and durable
  4. For storing and cooking under vacuum


  1. No cutting device

To make my choice on this lot I calculated the price per linear meter and it was in my opinion the most interesting. For the use no problem it works very well we choose the width of the bag to seal according to the volume and the shape of the food. I have a vacuum machine that works great with this item and the vacuum is quick and efficient. One of the two sides is embossed. Read all reviews.

Audray C.

Bonsenkitchen vacuum bags

Bonsenkitchen vacuum bags

What would you do if you could have up to 200 vacuum bags at your disposal  ? Of course, you would certainly be shopping much less frequently while buying much more food each time. Your storage possibilities are indeed almost unlimited with packaging that is perfectly adapted and specially designed for this need. vacuum bagsfrom the Bonsenkitchen brand are effective in preserving the freshness of your food as well as the flavor and nutrients. And if you have the ability to keep raw food fresh, you can also store cooked food just as effectively. You thus benefit from the advantage of being able to cook your meals in advance to save time while avoiding waste.

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Apart from the storage solutions offered, these versatile food pouches are also ideal for sous vide cooking in hot or boiling water. They also allow defrosting in the microwave, while being washable and reusable.

These 200 Bonsenkitchen vacuum bags have a format of 20 x 30 cm. They are compatible with sealing machines over 16 cm wide. The embossing of their inner wall allows easy elimination of air as well as better preservation of the freshness of food.


  1. High conservation performance
  2. Loss of taste of limited foods
  3. Compatible with Bonsenkitchen sous vide machines and many other brands
  4. Resistant and durable


  1. Unique size

These bags are of good quality, they are thick, of good dimensions. They work great with the machine: Vacuum Sealer, Cadrim Vacuum Sealer Machine Vacuum Sealers, bought from Amazon as well. We had tried vacuum bags on rolls and it didn’t work well. Now that’s perfect. Read all reviews.

Aurelien T.

Humgbo vacuum bags

Enjoy 6 rolls of vacuum film that can be used with a freezer or refrigerator. These bags designed by the Humgbo brand measure up to 500 cm in length against 28 cm in width. You can therefore make exactly the size of packaging you need without constraint and without wasting the slightest centimeter. Also suitable for sous-vide cooking, these bags easily withstand microwave heat and can easily be boiled at the same time as the sealed food. It will suffice to ensure that you always respect the cooking conditions to guarantee an optimal result.

You can also use Humgbo ‘s 28 x 500 cm vacuum bags to protect your valuables or electronics from dust and moisture. It will be easier for you to transport them easily from one place to another in the event of a move, for example. As you have understood, these packaging can be used for various storage or vacuum cooking applications.

They are designed in a robust and durable material which gives them good resistance to wear and to all kinds of uses in the kitchen. They also comply with international food safety standards which recommend effective treatment against chemical waste such as Bisphenol A. They allow you to prolong the preservation of your food by protecting it against humidity and other deterioration factors. While preserving your food, they help preserve their freshness and flavor.


  1. Durable BPA-free packaging
  2. Compatible with all sealing devices
  3. For storing and cooking under vacuum
  4. Size of 28 x 500 cm for each roll


  1. No cutting device

The lot consists of 6 rolls of 20cm wide by 5m, which allows many uses and for a really interesting price! The roll is very easy to cut. Above all, they are BPA-free, which is very important for food preservation and even more so when reheated in the microwave! I don’t have the vacuum sealer of the same brand and it still works very well! Read all reviews.

Jenny M.

FoodSaver FGP252X Vacuum Bags

FoodSaver FGP252X Vacuum Bags

Enjoy up to 5x longer shelf life with this FoodSaver consumable pack. Air and moisture are effectively evacuated inside these vacuum bags to preserve the freshness of sealed food. It is the same for the taste which does not change either as well as the nutritional quality.

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You have a total of a roll of packaging of 20 cm x 6.7 M, 4 rolls of 28 cm x 5.5 M, and 36 bags of 950 ml. The vacuum bags are equipped with a zipper system and will make it easier for you to manage your meals or your leftover food on a daily basis. The rollers will be ideal for vacuum packing products that you want to keep for later consumption near or far.

These FoodSaver FGP252X vacuum bags are made of multiple layers of materials that effectively protect your food from the inconvenience of freezing. They can also be stored in the refrigerator or used for defrosting in the microwave or for vacuum cooking in a bain-marie. These are consumables designed without BPA and can be used with FoodSaver appliances and those of several other brands.


  1. Versatile use thanks to different bags and rolls
  2. High preservation efficiency
  3. Compatible with the freezer, refrigerator and microwave
  4. BPA free


  1. No cutting device

Everything I need is put together. Beautiful quality bags, durable and grip perfectly. But I think they could have been cheaper . Read all reviews.

Mustafa S.

Vacuum bag buying guide

Vacuum packing is a food preservation process that requires adequate packaging: the vacuum bag. The latter must therefore be of high quality and flawless in order to preserve the freshness of the food for as long as possible. This buying guide invites you to discover the elements to consider in order to make a wise choice.

The different categories of vacuum bags

Also called a vacuum bag, a vacuum bag is simply a package inside which there is no air. This is possible thanks to a device called a vacuum machine which draws in air in order to reduce the atmosphere in the packaging. This process makes it possible to protect the objects or any other article which has been sealed there. In the case of food products, the vacuum bag allows not only to protect them, but also to increase the shelf life, while preserving the taste quality.

Depending on the storage needs and the vacuum devices, there are different types of vacuum bags. This is the first detail to be sure of before making a purchase in order to be sure that your packaging will be suitable for the type of machine you have.

Embossed vacuum bags

This category of vacuum sealer pouches is much more suitable for external suction sealers. Indeed, it is the embossing that facilitates the suction of air in this type of device for optimal vacuuming. There are two models, one dedicated to conservation and the other to cooking.

The embossed storage vacuum bags are able to withstand a temperature ranging from -40°C to +70°C. They are perfect for storing your food in a fridge or freezer.

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Embossed cooking vacuum bags can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +115°C. They are suitable for all types of cooking, whether in the oven with an immersion heater or in a bain-marie. Their great resistance to cooking applications will allow you to be tempted by sous-vide cooking.

Smooth vacuum bags

If you own a chamber vacuum sealer, this is exactly the type of packing bag you should buy.

Here too, two models of food bags are available on the market. There is the storage version which therefore offers good resistance to a temperature range between -40°C and +75°C. They have been specially designed to allow the good preservation and optimal packaging of your food.

The second models are smooth cooking vacuum bags specially designed to put sealed food products in the oven, in a bain-marie, etc. They can withstand a temperature of 115°C.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the vacuum bag

If you are wondering how to choose a vacuum bag that will perfectly meet your expectations, the format is a factor that should not be overlooked.

Some packaging models are offered in rolls that allow you to cut the length that suits you. This gives you great flexibility in cutting your roll, even if it means you have to cut it yourself. Some models are offered with unwinding boxes with/without an integrated cutting system.

There are also packs of small, ready-to-use pre-cut vacuum bags. All you have to do is put your food in it and vacuum seal without worrying about cutting. They offer you time savings and ease of use.

In either case, it is ideal to provide several bag sizes if you plan to put products of various formats under vacuum. It is also necessary to think of adding a few centimeters a little above the size of the product to be sealed in length and width for a correct packaging.

Don’t forget to take the thickness into account

Not all vacuum bags are the same thickness. A packaging of a good thickness will be more resistant depending on its use.

If you buy vacuum bags to preserve and package food, the thickness expressed in microns must vary between 70 and 90 microns. For cooking, it would be good to opt for a thickness that ranges from 90 to 115 microns.

It should be noted that the type of thickness is not necessarily essential when it comes to packaging non-food products. Any will do as long as the bag effectively protects the contents from moisture and dust.

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