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What's the best vacuum sealer for You?

FoodSaver is known for, well, food-saving systems, and it makes some of the best-selling vacuum sealers available today. This vacuum sealing system is fully automated: There's bag detection that starts the vacuum-sealing process and moisture detection that selects the correct mode, whether you're sealing marinated steaks or pantry snacks.

What is the Foodsaver 0150 vacuum sealer?

With its slim, lightweight design and ability to be stored vertically or horizontally, the FoodSaver 0150 is a vacuum sealer that's perfect for kitchens with limited space. Despite its moderate price tag, this model offers two convenient settings—one for dry foods and one for moist—and includes a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

Is Mueller a good vacuum sealer?

This vacuum sealer from Mueller Austria is a great value. Not only does it create strong seals, but it also boasts an easy-to-use control panel, which gives you complete control over the vacuum-sealing process—and it's compatible with other brands of vacuum sealer bags and rolls.

Should you use a vacuum sealer for your food?

Besides extending shelf life, vacuum sealers are also useful for sous vide cooking, keeping valuable metals protected from air exposure, preserving fish after a fishing trip, and more. "Vacuum sealers are your best friend if you want to win the fight against freezer burn," says Robert Miller, butcher and owner of The Conscious Carnivore.


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