Best upright dustpans

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What are the different types of dustpans?

Some long-handle dustpans have an extendable or adjustable handle design for extra versatility. Some dustpans feature bamboo or wooden handles. These sturdy materials offer a homey aesthetic. Regardless of the handle material or length, a soft, nonslip grip can make the dustpan more comfortable to use.

Why are plastic dustpans so popular?

Plastic is most popular because it is durable and cost-effective. Most plastic dustpans have a molded or soft outer lip that covers the entire width of the opening. Often made of rubber, the material creates a flexible lip to mold to flat surfaces. This design allows dust and dirt to enter the dustpan instead of being swept underneath.

What is the difference between a brush and a dustpan?

The brush and pan have been designed for use together and work well on a number of indoor surfaces from carpets to tiles and hardwood flooring. The dustpan itself has been specifically constructed with a rubber lip which creates a flat locked surface for efficient dust removal without debris getting trapped underneath the base of the pan.

What is the difference between a dustpan and a shovel dustpan?

The dustpan is a slightly different design. It’s still a large shovel-like dustpan, but it’s much more reflective than the more expensive set. We kind of like this look, but it does mean that you need to wash it after every use if you want it to stay looking good.


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