Buying guide for Best trekking shoes For men: test and opinion

If you are reading this article, it is because you are concerned with trekking and in particular with a pair of shoes suitable for trekking.

We will see through this comparison, the specificities of a good hiking shoe for trekking, whether for men or women.

You will be offered different sections that will help you make your choice in the best possible way.

What is a Best trekking shoes for men 2022?

Specific shoes for trekking are designed for long walks, so they are more comfortable than hiking shoes and are most often made of leather because they must be waterproof.

It must be very resistant because the trekker relies on his pair of shoes for a long period.

The trekking shoe is characterized by its high upper in order to provide better protection to the ankles, there are also side reinforcements.

The best trekking shoes For women 2022?

Discover without delay the best trekking shoes through the comparison that we have prepared for you!

We will base ourselves on 4 essential criteria to choose the right pair of trekking shoes. You will have to adapt to the type of trek you plan to do.


For treks it is necessary to look for a rigid sole, the rigidity will relieve the efforts of the foot on difficult terrain even if a more rigid sole is more uncomfortable than a flexible sole.

The upkeep

Good support will lead to excellent foot and ankle comfort.

The hook

A sole designed with a hard rubber will be more resistant and will last over time, while a more flexible sole will have better grip.

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Depending on the type of trek, the pair of shoes chosen must have a high level of waterproofing, one can choose a model with a Gore-tex membrane for example.

Type of trekking shoes

There are 2 categories of trekking shoes. Long-distance hiking shoes are equipped with a high upper and a rigid sole. And mountaineering boots.

A long-distance hiking shoe will weigh between 1100 and 1500g and a mountaineering shoe between 2000 and 2500g. The big difference in weight between the 2 can be a criterion of choice.

Which Trek shoes to choose?

To make your purchase easier, check out a selection of trekking shoes from the best brands Asics, Asolo, Salomon or Lowa. A wide choice will be offered to you, men’s and women’s models, ultra-light shoes or shoes for sensitive feet.

The different types of Trek

To save you time we will see in this paragraph which shoe to choose for which type of Trek. We will particularly develop 3 types of Trek.

rocky terrain

Go for a long-distance hiking shoe for this type of Trek, a shoe with a high upper and a semi-rigid Vibram sole.

For the stony passages the presence of a stone guard is essential.

Wearing crampons is a plus, especially if there are passages in the snow.

Trail trek


For this type of outing, equip yourself with a long-distance hiking shoe, just like for the 1st point, developed with a high upper and a Vibram sole, but also waterproof and capable of withstanding strong negative temperatures (-10°C).

The trails have beacons, so the stone guard is not essential. A Gore-Tex membrane is essential for this kind of Trek where the snowy passages are long and the slopes steep. Crampons are also essential.

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Summit treks


Treks with mountaineering passages require equipment with mountaineering shoes.

They are taller and stiffer than hiking boots.

Gore-Tex is obviously essential for this kind of outing.

If the shoe is poorly insulated it can cause frostbite. Some pairs for the most developed are equipped with a Thinsulate type layer which offers resistance to temperatures of (-20°).

Caring for your pair of Trek shoes


You can wash your Trek shoe with warm water and soap. It is recommended to use a brush if the shoe is really dirty.

Remove the insole to prevent it from getting wet.

We then advise you to let it dry at room temperature without exposing it to extreme heat. You can use re-waterproofing sprays to revive the waterproofness of your pair of shoes.

The choice of your next Trek shoe can be made mainly according to the type of Trek (Trek in the mountains or Trek on the summits). The essential criteria to take into account do not differ much from hiking boots, ie good support, sufficient rigidity, good grip and impermeability.

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