Top 10 Best Toasters Grille 2022-Complete Guide Review

The toaster is an essential utensil for anyone who sees in breakfast or aperitif, a privileged moment where toasted bread is widely accepted. If you are one of those fans of golden and crispy toast, you certainly want to find the ideal toaster. Find it without delay in this comparison of the best models on the market.

Comparison of the Best Toasters Grille 2022: tests and reviews

The toasters in this selection are offered by the biggest brands that operate in the field and are recognized for their know-how in this area. The features and functionalities of these devices are varied to meet all possible needs.

Grille-pain Philips HD2515/90

Grille-pain Philips HD2515/90

Golden and crispy bread every day: that’s what this Philips HD2515/90 toaster promises. This elegantly designed model benefits from an automatic centering grilling system that allows browning in optimal conditions. The appliance offers up to 8 setting options for selecting the perfect intensity level to toast the bread just right. The width of the 2 slots of this toaster can be increased or reduced to adapt to different thicknesses of bread.

The Philips HD2515/90 toaster incorporates a reheat function that allows you to have hot bread almost instantly. Its defrost function also allows it to toast bread efficiently while defrosting it gently. All to allow you to taste your sandwiches as you like and whenever you want.

In addition, it should be noted that the Philips HD2515/90 toaster is very easy to use model. For example, you won’t have a problem removing your toast from the machine, no matter how small. Even the smallest tench can indeed be removed thanks to the heightening function. In addition, the device is additionally equipped with a drawer that collects all the crumbs that fall during the toasting process.

For safe use, this toaster is protected by an automatic shut-off system and has always-cold walls to prevent burns. An ejection button has also been provided to stop the machine at any time when necessary.


  1. 8 browning settings
  2. Possibility to adjust the width of the slots
  3. Booster function
  4. Cold walls and short circuit protection


  1. A little bulky device

Good product as often with Philips. Practical with its crumb tray, its browning level. A little bulky but that’s due to its two slots. Read all reviews.

Olivier T.

Grille-pain Bosch TAT3A011

Grille-pain Bosch TAT3A011

Regarding its physical characteristics, the Bosch TAT3A011 is a toaster that measures 31 x 16 x 19 cm in length, width, and height. It comes in a white color that serves as an elegant finish to its sober and modern design. It has a power of 980 W on which its operation with an automatic centering system is based.

Having this utensil in your kitchen will allow you to have deliciously crispy and nicely browned bread every day. Just what you need to offer you an excellent breakfast based on chocolate, peanut butter with jam, or egg toast. The machine is equipped with a support that can also be used to heat croissants and all kinds of pastries.

The appliance provides you with sufficiently toasted slices of bread that are evenly browned on both sides. And it is precisely possible to adjust the degree of browning that suits you thanks to a wheel that allows you to select up to 6 levels. Note that even small slices of bread do not get stuck in this compact and easy-to-store toaster.

You can also use the Bosch TAT3A011 safely without fear of short circuits thanks to its automatic shutdown function. You can also interrupt the toasting process at any time if there is a problem, or if you feel that your bread is toasted enough. For the crumbs that do not fail to fall, a tray has been provided to collect them properly.

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  1. Beautiful design
  2. Automatic bread centering system with 6 browning levels
  3. Pastry stand
  4. Instant off button and auto-off function


  1. The slots have good width, but this is not variable

In use, the product proves to be intelligent in design and practical in use. The appliance is compact, correctly manufactured, allows slices to be thicker than the standard and offers a rapid and wide heating progression. Read all reviews.

Staudé F.

Grille-pain Russell Hobbs

Grille-pain Russell Hobbs 23330-56 Colours Plus

Part of the Colors Plus collection including household appliances for breakfast, this toaster will be useful for refueling in the morning or for a snack at any time of the day.

The Russell Hobbs 23330-56 is the perfect device for situations where you don’t have the time to wait indefinitely for the moment to make a good toast or a sandwich. Its Fast Toast technology makes it possible to toast slices of bread twice as fast as standard models. In addition, you will have the choice of 6 browning levels which will allow you to go from lightly browned bread to perfectly browned bread.

Equipped with 2 very wide slots to toast not only thin slices of bread but also thicker ones. Likewise, you will also have no problem picking up the small slices that can simply be pushed up thanks to the lifting handle. No more risk of burning your fingers or worrying about trying to get your bread out of the machine with various objects. And to prevent crumbs from scattering everywhere inside, the removable crumb tray will allow you to collect them easily.

The Russell Hobbs 23330-56 Colors Plus is a 1670 W toaster that offers instant shut-off, defrosting, and bread centering functions. It also has a retractable rack that can be used to heat many other small baked goods. It should also be noted that it is not only its characteristics and its functionalities that appeal. The design also seduces enormously with the lacquered red finish of its stainless steel case.


  1. 50% faster toasting
  2. 6 browning levels
  3. Power of 1670
  4. Wide slots with boost, cancel, defrost, and center function


  1. Risk of jamming slices of bread that are too thick

A very nice surprise that this toaster. First of all, it’s beautiful…that’s what you see first. Then it grills quickly and well (evenly). When I say fast, it’s really fast and you have to be careful with the programming. For me, on 2, it’s perfectly grilled, more, it would be “scorched”. The slots are very long, you can put 2 to 3 slices of baguette on each side vertically. Read all reviews.

Guillaume C.

Grille-pain Moulinex Subito

Grille-pain Moulinex Subito LT260D11

This Moulinex toaster with 850 W power allows you to never run out of bread for your lunches or snacks. It has compartments that allow you to grill two slices at the same time for a slice of bread or a sandwich. The width of the slots is also variable for compatibility with both slices of baguette and slices of toast. A lifting device is added to all this to optimize its ergonomics and make it even easier to use.

The Moulinex Subito LT260D11 incorporates a 7-level toasting setting to suit the taste of the whole family. You can reheat your cooled bread to make them even more delicious to eat with the reheat function. The unit also has a defrost mode that allows you to meet all your toasting needs. A voluntary machine stop button is also available if necessary. All this without forgetting the removable crumb tray that collects the residue of toasted bread. Moulinex Subito LT260D11 toaster will not stain your kitchen thanks to its attractive design. With its red and black stainless steel case which measures 27 x 16 x 19 cm in size, the utensil is compact enough not to be too bulky.

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  1. Mesh compartments with variable width
  2. 7 adjustable browning levels
  3. Defrost and reheat functions
  4. Bread slice lifting handle and stop button


  1. No auto-off feature

This kettle has been with me for several years! And even if it’s not my habit, it really deserves that I leave a comment! Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Grille-pain Tefal TL365ETR Express

Grille-pain Tefal TL365ETR Express

This model of toaster offered by the manufacturer Tefal is distinguished by its elongated shape. It has a stainless steel case which gives it a rather chic look, especially with the combination of the black color. With its design and dimensions of 43.5 cm in length, 14.8 cm in width, and 21.4 cm in height, you will have no problem integrating it into your kitchen.

The Tefal TL365ETR Express allows you to efficiently toast slices of baguette or toast, thanks to its slot that follows the format of its box. Its 1000 W power optimizes its performance to allow you to obtain crispy bread quickly. As for the browning, it can be perfectly adjusted to your tastes thanks to the 7-level thermostat which allows you to control the toasting temperature.

This toaster is effective for toasting fresh bread or reheating slices that have already been toasted. Frozen bread is also effectively toasted, but not without having been effectively defrosted using the defrost function. In either case, you will have no trouble recovering your toast or your slices of baguette thanks to the lift system. And like all the models in this comparison, Tefal‘s TL365ETR Express is also equipped with a crumb tray.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Grill, reheat, and defrost
  3. Adjustable browning level
  4. Great toasting performance


  1. No support for pastries

It’s rare when I’m so satisfied with a purchase, which is why I wanted to take the time to post a comment. After a month of use, the results are clear: this kettle is simply perfect! Every detail has been designed with a great deal of intelligence and practicality: its empty weight is light and the all-stainless steel material inspires confidence. Good grip even when fully loaded. Very good visibility of the water level with a wide choice of the quantity of water to be heated: from a cup to a large saucepan to heat the water for the pasta or from a basin to mop the floor . Read all reviews.

Audrey C.

Arendo Breakfast Toaster

Arendo Breakfast Toaster

The Arendo toaster has 2 elongated toasting slots that can accommodate up to 4 slices of bread. It is also equipped with a retractable support which can be used to heat croissants, baguettes and any other pastries. The bread is toasted in optimal conditions to become deliciously golden and crispy thanks to the automatic centering function. Up to 7 levels of browning are offered by the machine so you can always eat your bread exactly the way you like it.

This toaster from the Lunch range from Arendo is an automatic 1000-1500 W model that toasts and warms bread, or defrosts it as needed. Each of these functions is accessible through buttons placed next to the wheel that controls the thermostat. A cancel button is also available to stop the machine at any time. Auto shut-off is additionally incorporated into the features to protect the machine from electric shock.

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As a utensil supposed to equip a kitchen, this Arendo toaster has also been designed to please in terms of its design. It is also equipped with non-slip feet and a storage device for its 90 cm cable. Of course, it has a crumb tray which makes it easier to clean. And finally, it should be noted that its walls are lined to stay cold all the time and limit the risk of burns.


  1. 2 elongated slots that can accommodate 4 slices of bread
  2. Browning setting
  3. Toast, reheat and defrost functions
  4. Double cold walls


  1. The manual is not in French

I have now tested all the functions offered and, honestly, I did not expect so much!

I thaw my baguettes daily on the pastry rack and it gives me crispy baguettes like my microwave never could! I also tested defrosting and cooking burger buns inside: Nickel. On the other hand, for those who like to cook their sandwiches identically on each side, I must admit that when cooked at low temperature, one side is a little less cooked than the other (but I love it because it gives a good side tender on spreads). I also tested the reheating function and it’s perfect, the bread or the brioche does not come out as hard as soles . Read all reviews.

Anne A.

Ariete Vintage 155 toaster

Ariete Vintage 155 toaster

If you have a preference for vintage household appliances then it is very likely that this toaster from Ariete will seduce you. In a very elegant pastel green, it has a sleek retro look and comes in a rounded shape that is sure to make an impact in your kitchen.

If this device is in this comparison of the best toasters , it is not only for its appearance. It benefits from a stainless steel design which gives it solidity, robustness and resistance to shocks and wear.

This vintage Ariete toaster comes in a compact format with two slots so you can toast toast and sandwiches without being bulky. It is also equipped with a power of 810 Watts which allows it to fulfill its function correctly. Added to this is a thermostat adjustable to 6 different positions to adapt the temperature to the type of browning desired.

This retro-looking toaster has a minimum of features which sets it apart from certain models in the same range. There is a defrosting, toasting, reheating, stop and automatic ejection function at the end of the cycle.

For optimal and comfortable use, the Ariete Vintage 155 toaster is equipped with a lever that allows you to raise the slices of bread in order to remove them more easily and safely. In addition, you will certainly appreciate the crumb tray which is very practical for easy cleaning of the device.


  1. Retro design
  2. Robust design
  3. Simple d’utilisation
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. average power

This toaster is both aesthetically beautiful but also super efficient! I do not regret my purchase at all and even intend to buy myself appliances from the same range . Read all reviews.

Elodie F.

Grille-pain KitchenAid 5KMT2115EOB Classic

Grille-pain KitchenAid 5KMT2115EOB Classic

Make your breakfast a convivial moment with warm, toasted and crispy bread thanks to this retro design toaster from KitchenAid. With its two extra wide and deep slots and its power of 1000 watts, it has enough to brown any type of thin or thick bread as you wish.

Versatile, this toaster appliance is also suitable for toasting round bread rolls. Just press the corresponding button and the power will be reduced to 50% so that it adapts to their browning.

This KitchenAids toaster has a chrome selection knob with blue backlighting that allows you to set the ideal temperature according to your needs. It also has an automatic centering function which guarantees even baking of the breads. In addition to these features, we appreciate the “keep warm” and “cancel” options.

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The device is equipped with a lever which allows you to raise the hot slices of bread in order to recover them in complete safety without the risk of burning yourself. Added to this is a crumb tray that eliminates cleaning chores.

The manufacturer scores good points in terms of design by betting on high-quality stainless steel. You can therefore be sure of choosing a solid and resistant toaster that can be used for many years. Despite the material used, the structure has been insulated so that it remains cool, even when the toaster is at its maximum temperature.


  1. Good build quality and retro design
  2. 5 degrees of browning
  3. “Round buns” option
  4. 2 extra wide deep slots


  1. No defrost function

High quality toaster. It fulfills its function perfectly. Regular cooking. Read all reviews.

Benoit H.

Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slots Tefal TT770811

Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slots Tefal TT770811

This Tefal brand toaster is made of stainless steel, a solid, reliable and durable material which gives it good resistance to wear. It comes in a very elegant curved design highlighted by its smooth and satin black coating.

This is a model that could be suitable for people looking for a toaster suitable for family use . It is indeed composed of 4 slots divided into two independent compartments. These are able to accommodate all kinds of slices regardless of their thickness.

The Tefal TT770811 4 Slots toaster device works with a power of 1700 Watts. It is equipped with two thermostats with 7 adjustment levels. Each of them manages a chamber of two slots independently of the other. There are also 4 levers that allow you to raise the sandwiches so that you can remove them without burning yourself.

Beyond browning slices of bread, this toaster has cancel, reheat and defrost functions for optimal use. They are used respectively to stop the browning process, to reheat bread without toasting it and to toast bread straight out of the freezer. The device is also equipped with a tray below each compartment that retains residue to facilitate cleaning. 


  1. Toaster suitable for thin and thick slices
  2. 2 independent 2-slot chambers
  3. Multifunctional and powerful
  4. Light


  1. No pastry support

Toaster received a few days ago, works perfectly, the 4-grid system is very practical, the appliance toasts perfectly, happy with my purchase . Read all reviews.

Lucy V.

Grille-pain 4 tranches Cuisinart

Grille-pain 4 tranches Cuisinart CPT180E

This Cuisinart model is one of the best toasters sold on the market. It stands out from its competitors in the same price range thanks to its build quality, functionality and ease of use.

This is a stainless steel toaster with 4 extra wide slots suitable for both small slices and baguettes. Robust, reliable and solid, it offers a grilling capacity suitable for family use. But it is also a perfect model for those who want to save time at breakfast since it allows you to toast 4 slices of bread simultaneously.

And so that it is precisely able to perform its function effectively, and this within a reasonable time, this 4-slot toaster has a power of 1800 watts. It is also equipped with two independent thermostats adjustable on 6 levels which allow the user to adapt the browning temperature according to his needs.

The Cuisinart CPT180E 4-slice toaster can adapt to all needs as long as these two compartments operate independently of each other. It is very interesting if the preferences are not the same within the family. You can therefore toast slices with different levels of browning at the same time.

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In addition to these possibilities, note that the Cuisinart CPT180E offers other features such as: defrosting, reheating, automatic stop and ejection function and slice centering. It is also equipped with a crumb catcher for easy cleaning.


  1. 2 independent cooking chambers
  2. Extra wide slots
  3. Thermostat and 6 cooking levels
  4. Robust and reliable materials
  5. Multifunction (defrosting, reheating, etc.)


  1. No pastry support

We really like to use it. It is very pretty in the kitchen which makes its presence even more appreciable . Be careful, it gets very hot, even in low mode (1 to 2) . Children are happy to brown several slices of bread at the same time. Read all reviews.

Sandra B.

Buying guide for choosing the right toaster

Toaster Buying Guide

The toaster, also called a toaster under other skies, is a basic piece of equipment found in almost all French kitchens. 90% of households have one. This shows how often this device is essential in homes.

Very practical, this device is used to quickly toast slices of bread for breakfast or at any time of the day. And for those who know, toast is a real treat. In addition to being crispy and more digestible, it has a much better taste.

The toaster can also be used to make toast as an aperitif, to defrost bread or to reheat stale bread. Depending on the model chosen, you will have the option of making bagel, waffle or round bread toasts.

The selection criteria to take into account

If you are currently trying to find the best toaster so you can have crusty bread every morning without necessarily going to the bakery, here are some tips for choosing the ideal model.

The slots

Before choosing a toaster , you must necessarily pay attention to this detail. You must first choose a model with the ideal number of slots. It would indeed be pointless to buy a device that has more or less slots than you need. This therefore means that the choice of device must be made in consideration of the size of your family or according to your consumption habits. There are 1-slot, 2-slot and 4-slot models on the market.

In addition to the number, be aware that the length of the slots varies from one model to another. Generally speaking, single slot toasters are longer. You can insert two slices of bread or a baguette. 2- and 4-slot toasters , on the other hand, have separate, smaller compartments. They are suitable for small slices of bread, not baguettes.

The power of the device

The time it takes for the appliance to heat up in order to toast the bread is determined by its power. If you want your toast to be ready very quickly, especially in the morning, you will need a powerful toaster . The vast majority of models available on the market have a power between 800 and 1800 Watts. Be aware that the 4-slot models are naturally the most powerful.

Thermostat and temperature setting

Power alone is not enough to ensure the efficiency of the toaster. If you want to have control over the browning of your toast according to your preferences, it is better to favor a model with an adjustable thermostat on several levels (6 to 8 ideally).

The most common features

Compared to basic models, the most elaborate toasters have very interesting features. If you want to make the most of your device, here are some possible functions that you should not overlook: 

  • Extra-high slice lift function  : Convenient for removing slices of bread easily without putting your hand in the slot.
  • Defrosting function  : With this option, you can toast bread directly from the freezer.
  • The reheating function  : thanks to this function, you can reheat bread to the right temperature without toasting it.
  • Auto shut- off and ejection  : the appliance will automatically eject the slices of bread and shut off when the baking cycle is complete.
  • Removable crumb tray  : This is an integrated accessory that facilitates cleaning after use. It will no longer be necessary to shake or turn your device since the crumbs fall on it.
  • Cold walls  : The insulating walls avoid the risk of burns.
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The other possible options

The different functionalities are not all present on the same model. However, you will find toasters that have several of its options at the same time. If one of them interests you, be sure to buy a model that has it because not all of them will necessarily be useful to you.

  • Centering the slices  : thanks to this system, the slice of bread is always optimally positioned, which allows uniform toasting.
  • The pastry holder  : it is used to heat croissants and other items to the right temperature without denaturing them.
  • The bagel function  : to toast only one side of the bagel or any other type of bread without toasting the other.
  • Toast tongs  : ideal for handling your toast, especially to take them out of the toaster without getting burned.

Build quality and design

If you want to buy a reliable, solid toaster that will serve you for many years without fail, you must not neglect the quality aspect of the design. In general, it is stainless steel or plastic that is used for the manufacture of these devices. Just make sure you choose a toaster that’s sturdy, durable, and has a warranty. If you prefer plastic toasters, go for BPA-free ones.

As for the design, it largely depends on your preferences. You will indeed find retro, vintage, classic, or modern toasters, rounded, square, in various colors…

The different types of toaster

Before choosing a toaster , it is important to know the different models that exist on the market in order to buy the one that really adapts to your needs. We distinguish the “all bread  “ toaster which is the classic vertical model with wide, long and deep slots. Compact and multifunctional, this type of toaster can heat or grill all kinds of products without toppings such as slices of bread, baguettes, pastries.

You will also find “special baguette  ” toasters as well as horizontal toasters .

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