7 Best Survival Kits For Hiking (2022 Guide)

To indulge in adventures in the great outdoors, it is important to have the best survival kit. With poor quality equipment, you not only risk running out of better tools, but it won’t be at all resistant to outdoor conditions or weather. A blunt knife or a lamp with dim lighting is impractical.

The best choice would be complete survival gear with all the essential first aid and rescue items. They are durable and versatile tools. The following comparison will allow you to choose well among the different products on the market.

Below we present you the best survival kits:

1. Survival kit SURVIVAL Biohealth Paris

The 88 in 1 Ultimate Survival Kit provides you with equipment to survive with good value for money. It’s a must-have kit for your wilderness survival adventures for camping, hunting or fishing.

With these 15 effective and intelligent tools, travel with peace of mind. Equipment includes scraper, measure, fire starter, military flashlight, map, compass, led, tactical knife, bottle holder, whistle, emergency blanket, paracord bracelet , a signal mirror. Everything is enclosed in a waterproof and waterproof box.

These tools are designed with high quality materials. They are resistant to daily wear and various shocks. Non-toxic, the cover is reusable and withstands even the most critical temperatures. The flashlight provides perfect brightness even in the conditions without electricity.

2. Origin Sol Rescue Kit

The Sol Brand First Aid Kit is ideal survival gear for outdoor activities such as camping , hiking , fishing, sailing and many more. This top-of-the-range kit will be indispensable to you.

Compact and very light, it includes several essential tools to stay alive in the most extreme conditions (critical temperature, extreme weather conditions, etc.). The tools are enclosed in a metal and waterproof box, this equipment is of superior quality.

This survival gear in the form of a shock and water resistant kit includes a knife , a lamp, a whistle, a flint lighter, a fire starter, a mirror, fishing equipment and many more.

It also includes an emergency blanket, a compass , a sewing kit and a guide to survive and to help you in case of trouble and dangers.

3. Tang M. Dynasty Professional Survival Kit

The 10 in 1 kit is a must-have survival gear for your outdoor, wilderness activities like mountain climbing, camping, fishing, hiking. It guarantees your safety when you are delivered to nature.

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With versatile tools, this kit will save you from the dangers. It includes, among other things, a multi-function military knife, an unscrewing whistle, a map, a compass, LED lighting, a rescue blanket, a sharp wire saw. These tools ensure the safety of your trip.

Of high quality, these tools are made of ultra-hard stainless steel. They are extremely durable and are resistant to shocks, weather or even wear.

The kit is enclosed in a non-toxic and very thick waterproof case. Easy to carry, it can be placed in a survival backpack , in a suitcase or even attached to a belt.

4. Grullin First Aid Kit

This first aid kit from the Grullin brand contains the necessary equipment to provide first aid in the event of an accident or injury in nature. Delivered in a waterproof and waterproof case, it is essential for all your outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, climbing, camping, etc.)

This kit contains first aid for bleeding such as military combat tourniquet, Israeli compress bandage, self-adhesive bandage, alcohol swab, sterile compress.

It also includes a light medical splint in case of bone fracture. This splint is modular, reusable and waterproof. It is designed to immobilize bone and soft tissue injuries in an emergency.

You will also find in this kit a face mask with anti-backflow valve which prevents mouth-to-mouth contact and the risk of infection or contamination. A whistle is also available in this kit to call for help in an emergency.

5. Basic Gerber Survival Kit

This small 2-person survival kit from Bears Grylls is a basic model. This selection is recommended for children or teenagers who are new to outdoor activities such as camping, hunting or fishing. It can be an ideal gift for Christmas or even for a birthday.

This small kit contains the essentials to survive during your outdoor activities. It consists of a small knife, a fire stone, a sewing kit, a small lamp, a mirror, the essentials to survive during a hike or a campsite.

The tools are made with good quality materials, which are durable and resistant. They are particularly resistant to daily wear and shocks.

Delivered in a small waterproof and waterproof box, this kit is easy to carry. It can be hung on the backpack or suitcase.

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6. Kit de survie multi-usage The Friendly Swede

For your outdoor activities, in the wilderness or in extreme conditions, adopt this material. It contains the essential tools to stay safe during your travels, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc.

This kit suitable for 4 people includes 20 essential accessories, including sinkers, bait, fishing line with straw, needles or hooks. It also contains scissors, knives, threads, floats, a fire starter, a compass, a lamp, a whistle or even a safety pin, etc.

It differs from other survival kit models by the 8-meter rope made of electrical wire, fishing line and waterproof burlap. This multi-use rope is the best rope choice for all outdoor activities.

As for the whistle and the compass, these two items can be used without undoing the entire kit.

7. Kit de scout Gerber Bears Gylls

The Gerber brand scout kit is one of the best essential survival gear for outdoor activities. The Bears Gylls Survival Kit model is essential for camping, scouting, fishing, hunting and many other activities.

This set includes essential tools such as storm matches, a firelighter, a micro LED lamp, a compact knife, a guide, a compass, suture bandages, gas compresses or even alcohol wipes. In the event of an accident or injury, it will be very useful to you.

This very practical survival kit is easy to carry. It is enclosed in a waterproof and waterproof case that fits perfectly in your backpack or in your hiking equipment. It can also be hung on your belt or on a shoulder strap.

Made with good quality materials, this kit is resistant to wear and extreme weather conditions.

Buying guide for the best survival kits in 2022

What is a Survival Kit?

survival kit is a set of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance to aid survival in an emergency. Civil and military aircraft, lifeboats and spacecraft have this kind of equipment.

Survival kits of various sizes contain essential equipment and tools to get a person out of harm’s way, to keep them warm, to meet their basic health and first aid needs when they cannot access these.

But they also help deliver food and water, let rescuers know your situation, and help find your way home.

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The supplies contained inside a survival kit are usually a knife (often a Swiss army knife or multi-tool), matches, fire starter, first aid kit, bandana, fishing hooks or another sewing kit, but also a flashlight.

The survival kit, for whom?

Civilians, such as forestry workers, surveyors or bush pilots, who work in remote areas or areas subject to extreme weather conditions can also be equipped with this equipment.

People who live in areas prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters also have disaster relief supplies available. In order for the average citizen to be prepared for disasters, some cities will have reserves to keep stocks in case of an emergency.

The American Red Cross recommends an emergency preparedness kit that is easy to carry and use in an emergency or disaster.

Reasons to buy a survival kit

Before you get a first aid kit, it is essential that you know why you should invest in a survival kit. Here are some important reasons:

Stay organized:

It’s easier to deal with an emergency when you have everything you need close at hand. By purchasing a survival bag , you won’t have to rummage through your backpack for first aid items or search all your pockets for a lighter.

This kit contains all the necessities and essential items that need to be stored in a box or container, which will help keep you calm during a distressing situation and allow you to act immediately.

Stay prepared:

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. Having a rescue bag inside your car or in your home can save your life in an emergency. Carrying a fire starter or water purification tablets may seem ridiculous until you are left alone in the forest without water.

Planned for specific activities:

Depending on your destination, you can buy survival kits according to your different activities such as hiking, camping, etc. You can also invest in vehicle kits or items that you can keep at work.

Enjoy more convenience:

Of course, some people like to compose their own back-up gear because it’s a lot cheaper. However, this method may not be suitable for everyone. By investing in a complete survival kit, you are completely trusting the experts and the manufacturers.

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So you won’t have to worry about making a list of essentials and shopping for each item separately. Investing in this kind of survival gear will also take the stress and anxiety out of putting together a custom kit, allowing you to focus more on your journey.

Bet on better security

Some people are really careless when it comes to taking care of themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from having all kinds of adventures. If you’re one of those people or have a friend who likes to travel, we suggest investing in some compact and handy survival gear.

These survival packs are designed to hold everything you will need in an emergency. What’s more, it also makes a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Some expert advice

Investing in an FDA and CE certified first aid kit ensures that every item has passed inspection to maintain quality. Some survival kits also include a detailed guide on how to use the survival pack effectively, ensuring you stay safe throughout your journey.

How to choose a survival kit


In order to get the most out of your survival gear, here are some things to consider before buying this kind of kit:

The size and weight of the kit

The size and weight of the survival pack will determine how comfortable it is to carry, especially if you’re a backpacker or going camping. Opt for a portable, yet functional survival kit. Don’t fall into the trap of poor quality survival kits that don’t offer enough features.

The size of survival kits

Some brands offer compact survival kits containing all sorts of must-have items, such as cord, knife blade, fishing hook, sewing kit, etc. Although the bulky survival kit can hold more items, it will be difficult to carry.

Choose according to your destination

If you are going camping, opt for equipment suitable for camping or nature. Likewise, you’ll find survival kits designed for all sorts of activities, including fishing and hiking.

This feature will ensure that you have everything you need for your trip. You can also invest in an emergency car survival kit that you can store in your vehicle or in a drawer at work.

The different elements it can contain

What’s the point of buying a quality first aid kit if it doesn’t include all the items you’ll need for your adventure? Here is a list of basic items every survival kit should include:

  • Water purification tablets, portable filtration system or bottled water. If you run out of supplies, boil some water.
  • Matches (to be stored in a Ziploc bag), fire starter
  • Flash light
  • Compass, GPS
  • Whistle
  • Hand-cranked chargers for powering cell phones, flashlights, radios
  • Canned items or nutrition bars
  • Isothermal survival blanket
  • Knife blade, utensils, multi-tool with lever, fire starter and other tools
  • Basic first aid kit items including painkillers and alcohol swabs
  • Disinfectants, wipes, toilet paper, liquid soap
  • Allergy medication or breathing masks if you have a dust allergy
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The capacity

Will you be traveling alone or will you be accompanied by your child or a group of students? Some survival kits are only designed for one person, while others contain enough supplies for large groups.

The quality of the kit

These survival kits are great for people who want to pack extra supplies and have enough space to fit more stuff.

However, if you’re a hiker or hiking alone, we suggest investing in a compact kit that’s only suitable for one person, which will ensure your supplies don’t weigh you down.

The shelf life of perishable products

Before making the purchase, it is essential to pay attention to the lifespan of the supplies that make up your first aid kit.

It is especially important that your kit contains food items. Lack of food and water can cause you to starve and become dehydrated.

Make sure there is enough food and water in the bag so you can get by in the event of a shortage.

Strength and lifespan

In the event of flooding, snow, or extreme weather, you certainly don’t want to waste time worrying about food spoiling or whether the fire starter is still in good condition. Before investing in a first aid kit, remember to check the expiry date.

Supplies such as medical equipment and water tablets also come with an expiration date. Although the shelf life of most survival kits is long, it is always a good idea to check the dates.

The weather conditions at the place of use

If you are heading to a wet or swampy location, it is imperative to ensure that the first aid kit is waterproof or water resistant. This is especially important if your destination is likely to experience precipitation or any other type of water exposure.

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If you are unsure of the weather, we suggest packing the kit in a waterproof plastic covering. For added protection, store tablets and sensitive items in separate Ziploc bags to protect against water resistance.

A kit that can be customized to suit your needs

Do not forget to add items in the kit to make your trip more comfortable, which is especially important if you have young children accompanying you on the trip. Bring small toys that could soothe your child if he is distressed.

For adults, carry small items such as chewing gum, sunglasses, travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you to make your trip more comfortable.

Prioritize the essentials

In an emergency, you will no longer worry about your beauty, but about the rescue kit. You’d probably be too worried to look at yourself in the mirror.

To survive, you have to toughen up and that’s why you should avoid bringing unnecessary items just for fun, entertainment or out of habit. Bring only what is necessary and what can save you.

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