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What is the best brand of Cajun seasoning?

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: Slap Ya Mama has been crafting top of the line quality cajun seasonings and recipes from Ville Platte, Louisiana for decades. Badia Louisiana Cajun Seasoning Blend powder.

What can you make with fresh rotisserie chicken?

Even if you're not eating it off the bone, there are incredibly fast, weeknight-worthy recipes out there that call for a fresh rotisserie chicken, like chicken soups, chicken salad, fajitas, pulled sandwiches, and more. But are they all created equal? Is one just as good as another?

Is Costco rotisserie chicken good quality?

This three-pound behemoth chicken is known as one of America's best values. It is an infamous loss leader for Costco, earning it a cult following as the default rotisserie chicken to buy. In the past, I've found it less than dependable for quality, even if the flavor is reliably fantastic.


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