The Best Stage Microphone stand in 2022 – Comparison, Guide, and Reviews

Have you formed a band with friends and want to record your performances? Do you frequently speak in public, and would simply like to be sure that you are heard by everyone? In both of these situations, and many more, you need a quality stage microphone.

These devices have become accessible to the general public, with one subtlety however: the technical data sheets are often difficult to understand, which makes the choice complex. Because each model is designed for a specific use, and you have to be vigilant to avoid disappointment. 

Best Stage Microphone stand in 2022

We analyzed and then compared 41 microphones for 64 hours, and took into account the opinions of 743 consumers. We invite you to discover here seven microphones appreciated by users, and manufactured with various requirements in mind: business meetings, leisure, singing, etc. 

Following our latest update, our favorite model is the Shure SM48S-LC, a versatile mic that’s good value for money and features a handy on/off switch.

Our favorite stage microphone model of 2022

First choice

Shure SM48S-LC

The Shure SM48S-LC is extremely convenient thanks to its on/off switch, and offers impeccable sound quality in this price range. It is not designed for professional use, but it is able to cope with various situations and is quite enough for the vast majority of buyers.

Most :

  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Perfect for highlighting the voice
  • Convenient on/off switch

The lessers :

  • Not suitable for professional use

Our selection of the best models of the moment:

  1. Shure SM48S-LC
  2. Combo Shure BLX288/PG58-H10
  3. Shure SM58S
  4. Behringer XM8500
  5. Shure SV100-WA
  6. Sennheiser e835
  7. AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001
  8. AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002

Comparison table of the best stage microphones

Our 1st choice for a stage microphone

The best value for money to express yourself on stage

Introducing the Shure SM48S-LC

Mic Shure SM48SLC With Switch

Are you looking for a microphone oriented leisure and practical life, which will allow you to organize small conferences, quizzes or karaoke? We recommend a very popular model, offered by the most reputable brand in the sector: the Shure SM48S-LC.

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Summary of Shure SM48S-LC Features

  • Anti-pop filter and capsule with anti-shock suspension limiting noise.
  • Specially designed to enhance the voice.
  • On/off switch to better control your speaking.
  • Signature Shure ruggedness.
  • Purchase includes a cover, a multi-step fitting and a clamp .
  • Type : dynamic.
  • Directivity : cardioid.
  • Bandwidth : 55Hz-14kHz.
  • Sensitivity : -57.5dBV/Pa.
  • Nominal impedance : 150 Ohms.
  • Permissible sound pressure : 94 dB SPL.
  • Connectors : 3 pin XLR.
  • Dimensions : 16.6*5.4 cm/6.5*2.1 po.
  • Weight : 370g/0.8lb.

Photo and video demonstration of the Shure SM48S-LC

Mic Shure SM48SLC With Switch

What we think of the Shure SM48S-LC

First of all, please note that there are several versions of this microphone. We recommend that you opt for the Shure SM48S-LC, which has the particularity of being equipped with an on/off switch. In the context of company meetings or conferences, this can be practical to better organize the interventions.

This device is designed for voice and stage. It’s also good for recording podcasts, but you’ll get the most benefit from using it in front of an audience.

A very good budget version of the SM58, perfect for vocals and home recording projects. It will also be suitable for disc jockeys on a tight budget. A great addition to my microphone collection.

Bob H.

It’s not an ultra-professional model, but it’s perfect if you’re on a budget and just need decent, nice sound. Thanks to the built-in pop filter, capsule shock mount and cardioid pick-up pattern, your voice is audible and beautifully showcased.

For the organization of events in a bar or a store, speaking at a seminar or leisure singing, it seems difficult to find a better quality/price ratio than this product. Shure also provides you with a cover, a multi-step fitting and a clamp.

If this is your first time buying a “real” stage microphone, whether for yourself or as a gift, the Shure SM48S-LC is a safe and easy-to-learn option that you’ll be able to keep for a while and that we can only recommend to you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Shure SM48S-LC



  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Perfect for highlighting the voice
  • Convenient on/off switch

The lessers

The lessers

  • Not suitable for professional use

Our verdict on the  Shure SM48S-LC

Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Shure SM48S-LC is extremely convenient thanks to its on/off switch, and offers impeccable sound quality in this price range. It is not designed for professional use, but it is able to cope with various situations and is quite enough for the vast majority of buyers.

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Our 1st choice for a wireless stage microphone

The number one wireless option for two voices

Introducing the Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Wireless Vocal Combo with PG58 Handheld Microphones, H10

For you, cables on stage are too 20th century  , do you want to have total freedom of movement?

Then you need a wireless microphone.

If you’re looking for a bundle that includes everything you need, then the Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo might be right up your alley.

Most? You can sing with a friend, since it’s not one, but two microphones that are offered in this combo!

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Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo Features Summary

BLX2 Transmitter:

  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries per microphone (included)
  • Autonomy: up to 14 hours

BLX88 Receiver:

  • Maximum signal reception distance: 92 m / 300 ft
  • Frequency range: 542-572 MHz
  • Quickscan system to quickly change the frequency in case of interference
  • Level indicator too high

Microphone PG58 :

  • Microphone type: unidirectional
  • Bandwidth (PG58): 60hZ – 15kHz
  • Nominal impedance (PG58): 300 ohms

Photo and video demonstration of the Combo Shure BLX288/PG58-H10

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Wireless Vocal Combo with PG58 Handheld Microphones, H10

What we think of the Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo

In this combo you will find 2 microphones. This is perfect for karaoke sessions, two-voice shows, or two-host presentations, since the receiver dedicates one channel to each mic.

This system is simple to use: Turn on your mic, plug in the receiver, connect the receiver (via XLR or jack) to a sound system, make sure the mic frequency is the same as the one marked on the receiver, and That’s it!

Note that the design of the microphones is not exceptional, they are a bit “plastic”.

On the other hand, they are light and, like everything that is provided in this combo, they benefit from the quality signed Shure.

In fact, the PG58 microphones are very close to Shure’s SM58 model, “the” classic of microphones.

They are a little below for certain characteristics, but remain of very good quality.

Note that a version of this combo exists with SM58s instead of PG58s; on the other hand, it is more expensive, and for the small difference between the microphones, the pack presented here seems more interesting to us.

The fact remains that given all that is provided to you, this is of course a bigger investment than buying a wired microphone alone.

I usually use Shure wired microphones, and I really like their quality. However, when it comes to wireless, I was hesitant as there are quite a few good brands on the market and this set is also a bit pricey. I cracked, and it was a very good decision.
I use it for my home karaoke system. The sound is clear and faithful. The pickups are light. I am happy with this set. 

david b.

As with all wireless sound devices, there is always a risk of interference.

In this case, you can simply change the frequency quickly, thanks to the Quickscan system, which will help you find the best possible frequency.

Note that depending on the use and the place where you are, it may be necessary to adjust the gain, the microphone being quite sensitive.

Pros and Cons of the Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo



  • Shure quality
  • Two microphones provided
  • Effective wireless system up to 92m / 300ft

The lessers

The lessers

  • Slightly recessed pickup design
  • Sometimes necessary to adjust the gain
  • Price

Our verdict on the Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Combo

Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

If you are looking to capture two voices, each on its own channel, and wirelessly, the Combo Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 is an all-in-one system that should satisfy you.

Our choice for a high-end stage microphone

The reference model offering impeccable sound quality

Introducing the Shure SM58S

Mic Shure SM58S (with switch)

Do you want to be able to sing at the top of your voice, really giving voice? If you plan to have a semi-professional or professional use of your microphone, you might as well not do things by halves and choose the reference model, market leader for years: the Shure SM58S.

Summary of Shure SM58S Features

  • Voice-oriented design, with optimal midrange clarity.
  • Shure quality: ultra-rugged device that you will keep for a long time.
  • Anti-pop filter and anti-shock device, breathing and wind under control.
  • Included : standard 180° adapter, cover and multi-step connector.
  • Type : dynamic.
  • Directivity : cardioid.
  • Bandwidth : 50 to 15,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity : -54.5dBV/Pa.
  • Nominal impedance : 150 Ohms.
  • Permissible sound pressure : 94 dB SPL.
  • Connectors : 3 pin XLR.
  • Dimensions : 16.2*5.1 cm/6-⅜*2 po.
  • Weight : 298g/10.5oz.
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Photo and video demonstration of the Shure SM58SWhat we think of the Shure SM58SBe sure to opt for the Shure SM58S, with on/off switch. There are models that do not have it, but it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.Although this addition may seem anecdotal, it offers real comfort.This microphone is the absolute reference in the field, and it often serves as a point of comparison. Its main advantage is a flawless voice-oriented design: the frequency range is ideal for vocals, and the mids are very clear.I have heard a lot about this legendary microphone, especially because it remains accessible. I finally got myself one with an on/off switch, which I recommend. As it is designed for vocals, the sound is great, it really smooths out the mids and lows. It’s superior to other more expensive mics I own, especially if you sing loudly (opera, rock, musicals…). I screamed into it and it was still spotless.Lex C.Since there’s also a built-in pop filter, and the capsule is designed to absorb shocks, you won’t hear the sound of wind or your breath. The sound quality is simply excellent.Just like, moreover, the quality of manufacture. Although the Shure SM58S is a little more expensive than most of its competitors, it is also extremely robust: it will accompany you for the very long term without any problem.The box includes a cover, an adapter and a multi-pitch fitting, saving you some of the extra cost needed with other products.The cardioid polar pattern ensures good pick-up of your voice, and helps to significantly reduce background noise. Whatever the intended use, singing, voice-over or podcast, you are sure to benefit from an excellent rendering, without having to take your head because the microphone remains very simple to use and light.Advantages and disadvantages of the Shure SM58SMostExceptional sound qualityVery good durabilityLightnessThe lessersThe lessersHigher purchase priceOur verdict on the  Shure SM58SQuality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 3.0 out of 5.0 stars
Do you want to benefit from the best possible sound quality, and enjoy mediums of irreproachable clarity? Do not hesitate to have: the Shure SM58S is the model for you. It is a proven reference, adopted by many amateur and professional singers, a very good investment.See the price
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on Best BuyOur choice for a budget stage microphoneThe low-cost option that lets you be heard clearlyIntroducing the Behringer XM8500You have to be careful with your budget, but you want to have a microphone offering at least good voice clarity? Don’t worry, there are accessible and well-designed options. Among them, the one that seems the most convincing to us is the Behringer XM8500.See the price
on AmazonSummary of Behringer XM8500 FeaturesVery little feedback and background noise.Handling, breathing and wind noises well controlled.Integrated pop filter.Metal frame provides increased durability.Delivered with a rigid and very resistant case .Type : dynamic.Directivity : cardioid.Bandwidth : 50 Hz to 15 kHz.Sensitivity : -70dB.Nominal impedance : 150 Ohms.Connectors : XLR.Weight : ~240g/8.5oz.
Photo and video demonstration of the Behringer XM8500What we think of the Behringer XM8500Let’s immediately address the issue of sound quality.The Behringer XM8500 is a microphone oriented for personal use, which allows you to sing for yourself, organize karaoke parties with friends or embark on small projects, especially for students.The sound is obviously not comparable to what you get with some high-end models, but that’s not the point. Your voice remains audible, the mediums are clear and it is possible to record certain musical instruments effectively.I am impressed with the sound quality offered for the price. Of course, it’s not like a professional microphone, but for a ridiculous sum it has it in the belly. […] I tried the XM8500 because of its popularity on YouTube, and I’m glad I was convinced because with the help of an equalizer it sounds as good as the Rode Podcaster for 1/10th the price .Bernard V.
You still benefit from all the classic advantages found on more expensive devices: integrated pop filter, and design designed to limit background noise, wind and breath. There is also very little feedback (buzzing), which contributes to a superior feeling.Apart from the sound aspect, know that the Behringer XM8500 is very well finished. Its metal frame and light weight make typing easier and more comfortable. Most users say they are very satisfied, even pleasantly surprised by the robustness of the product.We must also salute the care taken by Behringer in the design of the case: it is rigid and has a handle, which greatly improves the portability of the microphone. In addition, it includes protective foams, the device moves little which prevents it from being exposed to serious shocks.We don’t see how it is possible to enjoy a better stage microphone at the same price: the brand really hit hard.Advantages and disadvantages of the Behringer XM8500MostExtremely interesting priceEasy to useConstruction durableThe lessersThe lessersSound quality slightly behindOur verdict on the  Behringer XM8500Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency3.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
For fun or personal projects, the Behringer XM8500 is just fine. It offers decent sound quality, and its low price as well as its rather impressive robustness end up justifying the purchase. If you just want to relax or practice singing, you should be happy with it.See the price
on AmazonOther alternatives to buy a stage microphoneThe alternative accessible by ShureIntroducing the Shure SV100-WAWhen a brand is queen of its sector, do you consider it essential to turn to it, even for an affordable product? Then you should be happy to know that Shure offers a low-budget and efficient stage microphone, the Shure SV100-WA.See the price
on AmazonSummary of Shure SV100-WA FeaturesDesigned primarily for oral presentations (conferences, courses, etc.).Presence of an on/off switch for more comfortable use.Limited feedback, good voice clarity.Supplied with a cable with 6.3 mm/¼ in plug, 1 cover, 1 clamp. Type : dynamic.Directivity : cardioid.Bandwidth : 50 to 15000 Hz.Sensitivity : -52dBV/Pa.Nominal impedance : 600 Ohms.Permissible sound pressure : 94 dB SPL.Connectors : 3 pin XLR.Weight : 244g/0.5lb.
Shure SV100-WA video demonstrationWhat we think of the Shure SV100-WAOne of the biggest strengths of the Shure SV100-WA is that you don’t have to compromise on the frequency response (50-15000 HZ). To put it more simply: you will be able to record your voice, but also all the most common musical instruments.Nevertheless, we recommend this microphone as a priority for conferences, seminars, courses and public speaking. For musical use, it is not ideal because it happens that we hear a little noise related to the manipulation of the object.Clear sound and good value for money. It seems solid and durable to me. It’s not made for all uses, but in my small home studio it’s exactly what I need. I’m very happy with it.Adam D.It’s not a deal breaker, as long as you still get nice sound with minimal feedback. Thanks to the cardioid directivity, the capture is only done in one direction, that where you are: your speech is therefore rid of a certain number of nuisances.Another strong point of this product is its solidity. The price is light, but the lifespan is not, which is quite similar to other devices from Shure. You won’t need to renew your gear for a while.Finally, note that an on/off switch is provided. We find this much more pleasant: you have the possibility of easily managing your speaking, while being heard but also being sure not to disturb other speakers.The Shure SV100-WA comes with a clamp and a nice cover, which makes it easy to transport from room to room.Advantages and disadvantages of the Shure SV100-WAMostShure quality without breaking the bankOn/off switchWide frequency responseThe lessersAverage handling of usage noiseOur verdict on the Shure SV100-WAQuality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
The Shure SV100-WA is a real gateway to the world of stage microphones. Despite its few flaws, it is able to record many instruments and your voice without any problem, with admirable clarity. For conferences or courses, it is ideal.See the price
on AmazonThe 100% vocal-focused microphonePresentation of the Sennheiser e835Your objective is clear: to record the services of your group, or your personal vocal performances, in the best possible way? There are many vocal-oriented microphones out there, but our favorite is the Sennheiser e835, made by audiophiles for audiophiles.See the price
on AmazonSummary of Sennheiser e835 featuresRejects acoustic clashes, inaudible usage noises.Metal body and grille offering optimum protection.Superb professional appearance, German made quality.Type : dynamic.Directivity : cardioid.Bandwidth : 40-16000 Hz.Sensitivity : 2.7mV/Pa.Nominal impedance : 350 Ohms.Connectors : XLR-3.Dimensions : 18*4.8 cm/7*1.9 po.Weight : 330g/11.6oz.Warranty : 10 years.
Photo and video demonstration of the Sennheiser e835What we think of the Sennheiser e835Before going further, be aware that, according to some users, the bass and mids are a little more pronounced on the Sennheiser e835 than on other models. This may bother you if you are very demanding, but goes unnoticed by the majority of buyers. The recording room also plays.What strikes immediately with this device is its elegance.We recognize the Sennheiser touch. The German manufacturer is a real audio specialist, very recognized in the industry. He is used to offering pretty products, with a superb silver finish, which is exactly the case here.These devices are fantastic. I used a Shure 58 and a Shure58beta before, but after buying the e835 I also gave one to a colleague in my group, and took an extra one just in case. Great sound clarity, good range, solid mic and fair price.Alan L.You are facing a unidirectional dynamic microphone: this means that the sound of your voice will be highlighted, and enhanced, for example, compared to that of instruments that could be next to you.The device has a metal body and grille, which gives a high-end effect and naturally helps to improve the service life. But you don’t really have to worry about it anyway, since you benefit from a guarantee of a rather comfortable duration: no less than 10 years.The Sennheiser e835 is equipped with a hum compensation coil, and a suspended capsule. The latter actually allows your listeners not to hear the noise associated with normal use of the microphone.It’s an ideal model for a group that is just forming and wants to avoid low-end hardware. It is also a good solution in a personal recording studio, or for religious songs.Advantages and disadvantages of the Sennheiser e835MostDesigned for audiophilesSleek aesthetics and solidity at the topExcellent handling of usage noiseThe lessersSlightly pronounced lows and midsOur verdict on the Sennheiser e835Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
By opting for the Sennheiser e835, you give credit to your qualities as a singer. The bass and mids may seem quite pronounced to some users, but apart from that nothing to complain about: your voice is clear, most of the nuisances simply eliminated, and the durability is there.See the price
on AmazonBest for one-time or occasional useIntroducing the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001Do you need a microphone to ensure the smooth running of a conference, but you do not intend to reuse it often, and you would especially like to benefit from an easy-to-use device offered at a low price? The AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001 fits that description perfectly.See the price
on AmazonAmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001 Feature SummaryOriented “vocal amplification”.Built-in pop and wind filter to eliminate background noise as well as possible.Zinc body and steel head, offering honest sturdiness.On/off switch.Supplied with a 1-pin male XLR cable and 1 support .Type : dynamic.Directivity : cardioid.Connectors : 3 pin XLR.Dimensions : 18.1*5.3 cm/7.2*2.1 po.Weight : 259g/9.1oz.
Photo demonstration of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001What we think of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001The AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001 comes with a 1-pin male XLR cable and a stand (but no stand), which is already very valuable at this price point, since it is one of the products the cheapest on our list.It has a metal head and a zinc body. It therefore withstands light shocks and normal use quite well, even if it is appropriate to handle it with caution. It is undeniably good value for money, which is why we recommend it for occasional use.After seeing someone test this mic on YouTube I was curious so I ordered one. I received it within two days. Upon opening the box, it felt sturdy and well made. […] I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality.David M.It’s not the only reason. Indeed, its design is well suited to public speaking: the sound quality is not incredible, but correct, and your voice is put forward since the microphone incorporates a pop and wind filter which rids you of most background noises.As a bonus, it has an on/off switch. It’s always reassuring to be able to easily mute the microphone when speaking in front of a lot of people. It’s also practical if several people have to speak and they each have a microphone: it avoids stepping on each other’s toes.The AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001 is also a solution to consider if you need to buy several microphones, for example for a company or an educational institution, but you are facing budget restrictions.Its lightness and intuitive handling make it an excellent ally for people who frequently organize conferences or seminars.For singing or parties (karaoke type), it is quite usable, but if this is your main purpose, we invite you to check beforehand whether the Behringer XM8500 could not be suitable for you.Advantages and disadvantages of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001MostVery easy to useGood value for moneyWell limited background noiseThe lessersNot sound quality orientedOur verdict on  the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency3.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
This model is not intended for audiophiles, but it does the job it is asked to do well, namely making your voice audible to everyone. You plug it into an amplifier or compatible speakers, and you don’t have to do anything more. If you want to make a quick and risk-free purchase, don’t hesitate.See the price
on AmazonA microphone with simple aesthetics offering good sound qualityIntroducing the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002Want to give your listeners quality recordings or performances, but aren’t too concerned about how your mic looks and want to avoid unnecessary expense? You might like the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002.See the price
on AmazonAmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002 Feature SummaryPrimarily designed for vocal amplification.On/off switch to create silences and limit stress.Die-cast zinc housing and steel head, good durability.Comes with a single male XLR cable .Type : dynamic.Directivity : supercardioid.Connectors : 3 pin XLR.Dimensions : 17.8*5 cm/7*2 po.Weight : 531g/18.7oz.
Photo demonstration of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002What we think of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002As the name suggests, the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002 is simply a higher-end version of the semi-high-end AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001.Just like us, a number of buyers were skeptical of this AmazonBasics product, but the majority of buyers are ultimately satisfied. It offers the same ease of use and connection as its little brother, which is great news.I must say that it is a good microphone, it manages to emit an excellent sound. The voice is crisp and clear. I recommend it.ElisabettaIn reality, the only slight downside that we note concerns the appearance: it is quite basic. It’s a bit of a shame if you sing on stage. That said, in practice, audiences generally pay little attention to such details when they’re caught up in the performance. And the sound recording does not suffer from any major defect.Because that is the whole point of this device: like high-end stage microphones, it is equipped with anti-pop and anti-wind filters, and offers excellent management of background noise and usage noises. Because it’s supercardioid, your voice is clear and stands out well against other sounds.In terms of build quality, we have no complaints. The die-cast zinc handle is strong while offering good ergonomics, while the head is made of steel as on most models.It comes with the same accessories as the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-001, namely a single male XLR cable and a stand that can be installed on a stand to be purchased separately.Finally, an on/off switch is included, which always offers more comfort. This allows you to temporarily interrupt the transmission of your voice to let someone do the talking (or to let a member of your band perform a superb guitar solo).Advantages and disadvantages of the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002MostVery good capture for the priceOptimum separation from background noiseIntuitiveThe lessersVery basic aestheticOur verdict on the AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency5.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 3.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
The AmazonBasics LJ-DVM-002 may not be the prettiest mic on our list, but it’s hard to fault on the pick-up front. It offers performance similar to that of models sometimes offered several tens of dollars more expensive. Whether an ordinary design is right for you is up to you!See the price
on AmazonOur approachOur methodAll the recommendations we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, comparisons, consumer opinion analyzes and, if necessary, interviews with experts and scientists.You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the trendiest: they are the ones that will do their job best on a daily basis, passing with flying colors all safety, reliability and efficiency tests and with an interesting quality / price ratio for you.In the end, the products we recommend to you are the ones we would want to buy, and the ones we would also choose for our friends and family.Things to know before buying a stage microphoneAre you still hesitating? Not sure what kind of microphone to buy, and want to know more about the models dedicated to speaking and on stage? Here are some answers to questions you may have had.Why choose a stage microphone?Stage microphones are great for vocals, karaoke, and lectures . Their design emphasizes capturing and amplifying your voice , limiting background noise.Do I need a very high-end model to get decent sound?Naturally, the more you opt for an expensive device, the more likely you are that the sound output will be of very good quality. However, it should be understood that this does not only depend on your microphone, but also on all of your equipment and the room .So here are our tips:For personal use with friends or for a first purchase, prefer an accessible device while you familiarize yourself with handling a microphone and associated accessories.For conferences, or if you have a limited budget but you sometimes produce in front of an audience, prefer the option oriented good value for money.For professional use, a top-of-the-range model is essential. You’ll get much better results, especially in the recording studio, especially if you need to capture not only vocals but also instruments.Should I plan for additional purchases?A microphone can be connected to various devices: amplifier , mixer , speakers , computer … it does not work alone. It will therefore be necessary to provide the appropriate equipment, making sure that the connectors are compatible.We also recommend that you buy a tripod , because holding the microphone all the time quickly becomes tiring.Are there any trusted brands to favor ? Shure is the undisputed market leader. If you want to be sure of having a quality product, you can trust them.For our part, we really like the German audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser .Our selection criteria for buying a stage microphoneWhen you’re just starting out, deciphering a microphone’s data sheet is often a difficult challenge. But don’t worry: we will simply explain to you what are the points on which you must pay attention.The priceCount a minimum of $30 for a decent microphone. High-end models, on the other hand, cost around $160 . However, for 80 to 100$ , you can already find very good microphones.The technical specificities of the microphoneThey are not as difficult to understand as you might think:Directivity: in practice, stage microphones are cardioid, that is to say unidirectional. They don’t pick up sounds all around, but mainly your voice. The frequency response or bandwidth. It is noted X Hz – X Hz. These are the frequencies that the microphone can restore and capture.The human ear hears frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz . Low values ​​correspond to bass, high values ​​to treble.A wide frequency range allows more instruments to be recorded, but the reality is a bit more subtle. In practice, the role of a microphone (conference, vocals, instruments) is often indicated by the manufacturer, and you can rely on that.Sensitivity: it is expressed in mv/Pa . Concretely, a more sensitive microphone is preferable, because it tends to reduce noise better.The maximum allowable sound pressure (also denoted SPL for Sound Pressure Level): this is the sound level not to be exceeded to avoid damaging the microphone, quite simply expressed in dBSPL. Integrated equipmentStage mics often have built-in pop and wind filters . They are usually quite effective. We recommend that you get a windscreen which will help limit the breath.The cells can be equipped with an anti-shock suspension .The majority of devices are designed to avoid picking up noise from use and to reduce the Larsen effect (the unpleasant buzzing that sometimes occurs). However, the final recording or capture quality will greatly depend on the configuration of the room and your equipment.If you notice problems, the following solutions should be tested:Change position (mics are subject to a “proximity effect” which tends to make the sound “deeper” if you are too close).ConnectivityThe vast majority of microphones have 3-pin XLR connectors. It is very common to have to buy an additional cable to make the connection with your equipment.The accessories providedIt can be very handy to have a cover , case or even a carrying case with your microphone, especially if you need to take it from gig stage to gig stage or from conference room to hall. of conference.The appearanceLet’s be clear: the aesthetic aspect does not really affect the performance of your microphone. But it’s always more enjoyable to get on stage with a sturdy and chic product than with a microphone that looks like a toy, especially in the context of live performances.

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