5 Best Squash Rackets 2022

Squash is one of the most popular sports in the world. To be able to improve, you will need a high quality racket. This helps you improve performance. On the market, the selection is a bit difficult with the existence of many models. If this is your first acquisition, you must read this article to find out how to choose the best squash rackets of 2022. In order not to miss your investment, you must insist on certain criteria such as size and weight, grip and maneuverability as well as the rope and the frame. You are also invited to take a look at the comparison of the most fashionable prototypes to simplify your selection. For example, the Wilson Hammer Tech offers more success due to its build quality. TheHarrow 181 g also allows you to make powerful strikes.

The 5 Best Squash Rackets (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

1. Wilson Hammer Tech Men’s/Women’s Squash Racket

What is the best squash racket on the market? Turn to this inexpensive Wilson. It has a graphite frame. Therefore, it is strong and durable. Seeing it deteriorate rapidly is not likely to happen. So you can use it in its original state for a long time. It is also light with its weight of 120 g. You can therefore strike with great ease and agility.

This item has a 499 cm2 head size. It helps you make precise and powerful attacks to counter your opponent or practice. In addition, thanks to the closed neck, the balance is at the rendezvous. You will not be able to shake or vibrate when handling it. It also offers you an easy grip with its unique handle size, regardless of whether you are left or right handed.

For many athletes, Wilson is the best brand of squash rackets. This model is not only the cheapest, but also the most efficient thanks to its design.

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Strength: This item is strong due to its graphite frame. Therefore, you can continue to use it in good condition for a long time. In addition, it has a low weight and promises you to strike with more mobility and ease.

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Performance: With its head size of 499 cm2, this specimen is the partner of people who like precise and powerful attacks.


No bag: The presence of a carrying case would have been advantageous to be able to take your racket easily everywhere.

2. Harrow 66081206 Response Squash Racket

This Harrow squash racket is the partner of amateurs and professionals in this discipline. Indeed, it is aerodynamic. It therefore helps you to make powerful strikes to beat your opponent. With its weight of 181 g, it is easy to handle, without the slightest vibration. As a result, you can easily perform precise blows and attacks.

Designed in carbon, this model is also solid. Its high resistance allows you to use it for a long time. It cannot deteriorate quickly. It measures 73.7 x 5.1 x 25.4 cm. Thanks to this size, it is held comfortably in the hand to make an extraordinary match.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, this equipment is design. With the combination of black and yellow colors, it gives an elegant and sporty look to all enthusiasts.

Want to know where to buy the best squash racket? You can stop your choice on this Harrow 181 g. It offers more performance thanks to its aerodynamics.

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Aerodynamics: This item helps you perform powerful strikes thanks to the quality of its design. Weighing 181g, it gives you more balance and less vibration. So you can make precise shots.

Solid: This equipment was made with carbon. It is therefore robust and does not fear time or use.


Information: According to the opinions of the users, it would be necessary a little more details on this product.

3. Prince Pro Sovereign 650 Squash Racket


Do you want to buy a new squash racket? You can take a look at the features of this Prince squash racket. It incorporates a more open string system. As a result, you will benefit from more power and bite when using it. So you can play with more efficiency and more performance. With its good balance, it helps you achieve fast and intense strikes. This article has a sieve of 480 cm2. It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It offers more precision during your attacks.

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On a practical level, this copy is a guarantee of solidity. Indeed, it was designed with carbon and tungsten. It remains intact in the face of continuous use. So you can use it for a long time. Also, its design is classic. It adapts to all styles of squash enthusiasts.

Wondering which squash racket to choose? By consulting this ranking, you may be interested in this model signed Prince. It guarantees you more power during your strikes.

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Power: Thanks to its open string system and its 480 cm2 head, this article allows you to undertake intense and precise shots. This way you can quickly improve your skills in this sport.

Design: This equipment adopts a simple and attractive look. It can conform to all styles of players.


String: According to the test carried out, some users noticed that the string of this prototype did not show enough tension.

Check the price on Amazon.fr!

4. Dunlop nanomax Ti Raquette de squash


This Dunlop nanomax Ti is for many users the best squash racket. Very practical, it comes with a carrying case. It is therefore possible for you to bring it everywhere with you. You can thus continue to train during your holidays or your weekends in the countryside. This bag also allows you to store it when you are no longer using it. She will be well protected.

This article guarantees you great maneuverability thanks to its handle. This one is the right size to fit comfortably in your hands. Your equipment will therefore not be able to slip out of your hands while typing.

Featuring a sturdy frame, this product can last you for a long time. The risks of seeing it get damaged quickly are not there. It is also light and gives you more agility when performing your movements.

Compared to other models, this Dunlop comes with a carrying case that ensures practical use.

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For the

Transportable: Comes with a cover, this product can be taken wherever you go. This also protects it against shocks that may occur during movement.

Handle: Thanks to its neither too big nor too small handle, this item fits well in your hands. As a result, you can handle it with more ease during the game.


Description: The manufacturers were not specific when presenting their product. More details would have been better.

5. Head Nano Ti 110 Squash Racket


This copy has a frame that weighs 110 g. Thanks to its lightness, it is easy to handle. Indeed, you can handle it with more ease and agility. You will be faster during your movements and strikes. Besides, you won’t be tired even if you have to play for hours. It also allows you to make powerful strikes.

The handle of this equipment is similarly easy to grip. It limits vibrations. Because of this, you can also perform precise shots. Also, it won’t be able to slip out of your hands upon ball impact. Comfort and efficiency are therefore guaranteed.

Made from high quality materials, this item is a guarantee of robustness. You can therefore use it frequently and intensively without it deteriorating quickly.

If you haven’t made your choice yet, you can take a look at this Head Nano Ti110. It is light and easy to handle.

For the

Handy: Thanks to its low weight, this item is easy to handle. As a result, you can perform your movements with more agility. This will make your keystrokes faster.

No vibration: Without any tremor, this equipment helps you to make precise attacks.


String: For some users, a more technical string would have been a real plus for this product.

Purchase guide

As with so many other sports, equipment is of paramount importance in the practice of squash. And in this sport, the first equipment that comes to mind is obviously the racket. Since it is with it that we touch the ball, the racket must be carefully chosen to obtain the best possible performance. Different criteria must therefore be taken into account when buying this accessory, which we will explain to you in this buying guide for the best squash rackets.


The size and weight

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If you’re unsure how to buy a better value squash racket, start by considering its size. The sieve, which is the surface of the frame, is the most important when it comes to size. A larger head size will provide more hitting power and comfort, while a smaller head size will allow for much more precise hits. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to take a surface of more than 500 cm². Experienced players will be more tempted by head sizes under 470 cm². Intermediate sizes will form a good compromise for a progressing player.

Among the advice we can provide, the weight is also fundamental in the choice of a squash racket. A very light racquet, at less than 140 g, is better suited to experienced players who will be looking for more playing comfort and maneuverability. They can, however, cause a lot of vibrations in the arms. For beginners, heavy rackets over 170 g are recommended. These are less expensive and the vibrations are almost non-existent.

Grip and maneuverability

To know where to buy a new squash racket, you have to take into account the handle. This is the part with which the player will handle the racket and must therefore correspond perfectly to him, and more precisely to his hands. If the handle is too big, the player will find it difficult to hold the racquet firmly. It therefore risks slipping or rotating during impact with the ball.

But that doesn’t mean the handle has to be small. Indeed, if it is too thin, the player will have to contract his muscles a lot while handling the racket, which can cause fatigue, especially during a long playing session. It is therefore absolutely necessary to take a racket with a handle at the right size that will allow a firm grip. It must also offer a good grip.


The rope and the frame

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As is often indicated in a price comparison, the quality of the string is essential in choosing a racket. Thicker strings will naturally last longer than thinner ones, although the most expensive thinner strings also provide quite a long life. On the other hand, a thin string will offer much more sensation during the game.

This string quality must also be associated with a good frame. For beginner players, it is advisable to choose a frame made of aluminum or composite material. These materials are stronger and therefore more durable. For a more experienced player, graphite racquets which are certainly less resistant but much lighter will be more interesting. This will then allow you to play with much more agility.

The most popular brands

There are more and more people playing squash these days. Over the years, this discipline continues to gain followers. It is by responding to this increase in squash players that brands are offering more and more varieties of rackets. However, it is necessary to have certain notions to know the best brand of racket and thus obtain guaranteed satisfaction. This article offers a list of the best squash racket brands that currently exist.


This American brand is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of squash rackets. It is therefore not a surprise that it appears in this list. Its racquets are among the best performing on the market. There are various models whether in graphite or in lighter material such as carbon fibers. Wilson products are available anywhere in the world thanks to a very efficient distribution network which is also the consequence of an international demand for their squash racket.


Hudora is a German brand that has extensive experience in the field of designing squash rackets, and simply everything related to rackets. Hudora snowshoes are made from the best materials available. And customers know very well the quality concern in Hudora squash rackets. In addition, Hudora is one of the equipment manufacturers of the big names in professional squash, it holds a very important place in international competitions in this discipline.


Being one of the most prestigious brands that exist in the world, Dunlop has an immense variety of activities especially in car or sports articles, and it is not surprising that Dunlop also manufactures squash rackets. Those produced by Dunlop benefit from the know-how that the brand has acquired through its longevity. Dunlop engineers are among the best and this logically results in the design of squash rackets that come close to perfection. In addition, they are among the cheapest rackets.


Being a fairly recent brand, Head has nevertheless been able to stand out very quickly from its competitors by offering squash rackets with various innovations. Head stands out above all for the design of its rackets, which are very modern. Racket ergonomics are also one of Head’s strengths. And it is mainly thanks to this that it is grabbing more and more space on the market. Squash rackets are visible in all the stores that exist in the world, and are therefore very easy to find.


Despite its existence for a long time, the Prince brand has always kept its reputation intact by manufacturing top quality rackets again and again. Although better known in other disciplines such as tennis, Prince has been able to adapt to the rise of squash, the number of practitioners of which has increased over time. This ingenuity that he had in the development of tennis rackets was also verified in the design of squash rackets. Prince products are still among the best and it is not the customers who will

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