The best squash ball 2022-Complete Guide Review

The racket and the ball are the materials that you will necessarily have on hand for the practice of squash. The selection of this equipment should not be taken lightly if you want to carry out your activity in optimal conditions. For our part, we are going to direct you to the alternatives to the question how to choose the best squash balls of 2022. To do this, you will have to prioritize these three basic criteria before buying your specimen: the number of units in a pack, the material of manufacture and the design. Be careful not to neglect these parameters so that you can have in your possession an article that will meet your expectations. But if you want to quickly compare two prototypes, we offer the Karakal KZ675 and the Dunlop Progress. The first stands out for its set of 12 resistant and robust balls and the second is especially appreciated for its high quality design structure.

If you are looking for this type of equipment or wondering where to buy the best squash ball of the moment, we will recommend Karakal. Renowned and in demand in this field, the brand continues to bring innovations in the manufacture of its equipment.

This is a model entirely made of rubber and intended for competitions. The balls have two yellow dots so that you can recognize their level of rebound during your exercises. However, they are designed for experienced athletes, as they offer a fairly high level of difficulty.

In the pack, you can find 12 balls that still require a re-inflation process to be operational. However, you will have a large number of units available to save some money for a while. With these characteristics, it will be easy for you to answer the question which is the best squash ball on the market.

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For the

Pack of 12 balls : The workforce gives this item an advantage over the other specimens in our comparison. Indeed, you will have in your possession a set of 12 balls that you can use as you wish. You will be able to give yourself to your heart’s content during your exercise sessions.

Approved design: The manufacturing quality of this equipment has been certified by the World Squash Federation. As a result, the balls are suitable for use in all conditions, for training as well as for high-level competitions.


Deflated balls : You will have deflated balls upon receipt of this article. You will then have to restore them before using them.

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Dunlop Progress

The tire specialist Dunlop is also embarking on the design of squash balls. Many consumers have trusted the brand for its reputation, but above all for the manufacturing quality of its products.

For the design of this specimen, the brand did not forget to include its logo while respecting the color codes for the rebound levels in addition to the points. 3 balls make up the lot. They have a diameter 6% larger than standard materials.

With this item you have the opportunity to improve your performance, as it has been exclusively designed for players looking for evolution. These prototypes do not require any warm-up time before use. For connoisseurs, the best squash ball on the market would be found in this Dunlop brand pack.

For the

Manufacturing material : This equipment is entirely made of high quality rubber. It is wear-proof and does not deteriorate quickly despite the style of play you are going to adopt.

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Improved level of play: This model is essentially designed for intermediate level athletes or for beginners. It will allow you to improve your performance in the field.


Lack of precision in the product description : Consumers feel that the brand should display more characteristics about the item. Some ended up with a different specimen from their initial order upon delivery.

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Wilson Racket Sport WRT617600

If you are an experienced player, but you do not know which squash ball to choose for your activities, Wilson Racket Sport could give you the solution to your problem. This equipment is designed for intermediate level competitions or for professionals.

You will recognize them at a glance with their two yellow dots. These balls offer a very low rebound, characteristic of variations which are used at a certain temperature or which require a fairly long heating time to have suitable rebounds.

This model is also present in our ranking, because of its material of manufacture. The two specimens included in the set are made of resistant rubber and do not fear intensive handling.

For the

Versatility : Thanks to its robustness, some consumers have engaged in other activities with this ball from Wilson Racket Sport. Initially designed for Squash, this equipment can be used in various fields.

Design method: This model consists of 2 rubber half-spheres. The manufacture is of good quality and does not fear intensive use.


Exclusive use in a heated room : Practitioners have noticed that this ball is used in a room with a specific temperature. Otherwise, the equipment may not heat up quickly and this will have an impact on the rebounds, and on your performance.

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How to choose a good squash ball?

As in most racket sports, it is important to know how to choose your squash balls. Indeed, each of these has their own characteristics and a default selection could have a bad impact on the practice of the game. The criteria to remember when purchasing are in particular the number in a pack, the material and the design.


Purchase guide

The number of balls in a set

The number contained in a set is the first criterion to take into account if you want to know how to buy a squash ball with better value for money. Most in-store departments generally offer assortments of 3, 6 or 12 pieces.

If you are simply an amateur of this discipline and you only take out your racket on a few occasions, during a picnic with family or friends, a set of 3 or 6 balls should be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are more the type to participate in various competitions, it is still better to opt for a pack of 12, in order to be well equipped for the training sessions.

In this case, a price comparison will not be too much. For young people who are new to squash, but want to reach an expert level, it would be more practical to choose several sets of balls. The advice of a professional will recommend that you buy three of them with different characteristics: a set of three to start with, another for intensive exercises and a final one for competitions.

The material

Typically, in a buying guide for the best squash balls on the internet, most of them are made of rubber. The difference is only in the dynamism of this component. Depending on the brand and product, latex can be more or less sensitive to heat and cold.

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Some specimens can have very low bounces while others can jump very high. Normally, the standard size is around 40 mm for a weight of around 24 g. The dimensions of this type of equipment are not very variable and in reality, they do not really affect the game. During the matches, the dynamism of the rubber is mainly influenced by the ambient temperature.

It is therefore important to choose a model that suits the climatic conditions of the room. For a space with a high spreader, it is best to opt for a ball with a relatively slow bounce. On the other hand, in a cold environment, it is advisable to use those with a faster and higher rebound.



Before finding where to buy a new squash ball, it is still important to know about design. As for the tint, you should know that black remains a great classic for practitioners. It is the most popular during competitions. Colors such as white or, much more rarely, yellow are, on the other hand, chosen for training sessions.

Each of them normally has marks, one or two dots of special meaning. In fact, there is nothing very complicated when it comes to distinguishing between each product, just refer to these benchmarks. For example, types with one or two yellow dots are characterized by a very low bounce.