Top 10 Best sous vide Cooker 2022 for beginners-Complete Guide Review

Purchasing a sous-vide cooker might just be the best decision you can make as a foodie. Why ? Well, quite simply because this utensil will certainly revolutionize your culinary experience. Indeed, sous vide cooking is reputed to cook food more evenly, and without it losing its flavor and nutritional value. And of course, like more and more people, you certainly want to be able to eat more qualitatively now.

If you are therefore looking for the best sous-vide cooker , you can easily find it by simply continuing to read this article.

Comparison of the best sous-vide cookers 2022 For Beginners: tests and reviews

There are plenty of brands specializing in the design of sous-vide cookers, and each offers dozens or even hundreds of models. That’s too many products to sift through and too much time to spend to possibly find the right one. The best is to go through a comparison that selects for you the best devices on the market. This is all the easier when a buying guide is also offered to allow you to refine your choice.

VPCOK sous-vide cooker

With its 1000 W of power , the Vpcok sous-vide cooker allows you to cook your food at low temperatures. It is a model equipped with a digital display and touch keys that allow you to control its operation. So you can use this intuitive control panel to easily and quickly adjust the cooking temperature and timer.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this sous-vide cooker clings effectively to the container that will be used to cook the food. Its innovative heating technology heats the water 360 degrees and maintains an optimal temperature throughout the process . You are thus guaranteed to succeed in all your recipes both in terms of taste and texture, and you save precious time. In addition to that, you eat healthily, because this method of cooking avoids the oxidation of food and is done without fat .

If you want to buy this appliance with the aim of experimenting with sous-vide cooking as a neophyte, this model will do just fine. It is ergonomic and easy to use to try lots of recipes without fear of missing them. All you have to do is put the food in the container with water, after having of course seasoned it, let it marinate, and put it under vacuum in a suitable bag. Afterwards, you choose the right settings, and you let the machine do its job.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Convenient hanging system


  1. Basic features

The device is super easy to use, no need for a special container, I take the pot. the device is fixed with its clamp and the vacuum-packed meat is plunged into the water. 2h30 in water at 55 degrees, remove the piece of beef from the bag, pat dry with kitchen towel, leave for 5 minutes and fry the piece over very high heat with butter to sear it for 2 minutes on each side. Serve right away. Delight assured. Read all reviews.

Michel U.

Sous-vide cooker SEVERIN SV 2447

Sous-vide cooker SEVERIN SV 2447

For its sous-vide cooker, Severin has chosen brushed stainless steel as the materials for covering the shell . This thus gives, at the level of the concession, a product of very good appearance, robust and whose durable character is immediately obvious. The German brand has also made sure to offer a device that is easily removable to make its maintenance easier.

Regarding its other physical characteristics, we note a touch control panel with LED display . Its dimensions are 44 x 28.8 x 26.3 cm in length, width and height with a weight that is around 4 kg. It is therefore an appliance that does not need too much space in your kitchen to allow you to benefit from its functionalities. And when it comes to this, the SEVERIN SV 2447 has plenty to appear in this comparison as the best sous-vide cooker in its category.

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It is thus equipped with a thermostat that will allow you to control the ideal cooking temperature of your food, with a range between 40 and 99 degrees. You also have a programmable timer up to 24 hours to give you flexibility in your organization. The timer is backed up by an audible system that sounds to let you know when cooking is complete.

It should also be noted that the SEVERIN SV 2447 sous-vide cooker has 550 W of power. It has a 6 liter tank that you will have no trouble filling or emptying.


  1. Good quality materials
  2. Built-in thermostat
  3. 24 hour timer
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Slightly limited power

Just-temperature or low-temperature cooking at home. Ideal for cooking in place, for adding value to products that are always easy to cook or for regethermy. Read all reviews.

John-Paul B.

OSTBA vacuum cooker

Now cook in a completely different way with the Ostba stainless steel sous-vide cooker with 1200 W power . With its ergonomic format, this immersion heater type model is compatible with most domestic containers. Its clip system allows it to be firmly attached to the edge of the container in which the sous-vide cooking is to be done. And by the way, it should be noted that the device will allow you to cook almost all types of food from meat to fish, including vegetables.

The sous-vide cooker offered by Ostba is topped with an adjustment head that allows easy access to its functions. The function keys are tactile and the LCD display is very clear to allow good reading and precise adjustment of the parameters. You can set the cooking temperature corresponding to your recipe thanks to a heating range from 0 to 90 degrees . Then the 99 hour 59 second timerwill allow you to have all the time necessary to obtain food cooked in the most optimal way possible. This device is designed to work only when it is used in the right way, ie with the right amount of water. This must therefore be well above the minimum level and below the maximum level. Note that these two limits are clearly indicated by Min and Max markings on the bottom and top of the stainless steel tube.


  1. Hard-wearing and easy-to-clean materials
  2. Precise temperature and timer control
  3. Protection against operation with the wrong amount of water
  4. Good value for money


  1. No extra features like on more advanced models

I very recently discovered low temperature cooking and decided to buy a sous vide cooker. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Maria C.

Cuiseur sous-vide Klarstein Quickstick Flex

Cuiseur sous-vide Klarstein Quickstick Flex

Rediscover the true taste and nutritional quality of the foods you used to eat with the Klarstein Quickstick Flex. This sous-vide cooker is an easy-to-use model for adopting a cooking technique widely used in restaurants at home. You can cook meat, vegetables, fish and many other foods. There are no limits to the recipes you can try to delight yourself and your loved ones.

The Quickstick Flex cooking immersion heater offered by the Klarstein brand is made for you if you are looking for the best sous-vide cooker. It thus incorporates advanced technology that allows you to benefit from a temperature adjusted to the nearest degree between 0 and 95°C. In the same way, a cooking time of 60 minutes can be set depending on the recipe and the food being cooked. With its power of 1300 W , this appliance is able to boil up to 20 liters of water and maintain the temperature at the same level until the end of cooking.

The Klarstein Quickstick Flex sous-vide cooker is easily controlled thanks to a 180 degree rotating control panel. Its tactile buttons allow you to easily select the cooking parameters while the LCD screen allows you to have a clear overview of the settings. The device also benefits from the IPX7 waterproofing standard which protects it and secures its use.

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  1. Neat and elegant design
  2. Easy adjustment of temperature and cooking time
  3. Good heating power
  4. Waterproof device


  1. Standard features

I’ve heard a lot about sous vide cooking and I really wanted to try it, I opted for this device, it’s easy to use because the instructions are in French, I didn’t have a sous vide bag and so I I used zip bags and it worked. Read all reviews.

Milouth J.

KitchenBoss Sous Vide Cooker

KitchenBoss Sous Vide Cooker

Among the best sous-vide cookers in this comparison, the KitchenBoss manages to stand out for its quality of design. Its stainless steel finish gives it a luxurious look that testifies to the great care taken to make it as aesthetic as possible in the eyes of the user. In addition to this, it benefits from an IPX7 certification which confirms its robust and above all waterproof character . You can be sure of using it for a long time without its operation being altered by any water infiltration.

With its 1100 W of power on the meter, this model clearly appears as a device capable of offering good fast cooking performance with each use. It will allow you to cook your food efficiently by keeping the temperature at the right level from start to finish. The results in terms of taste, texture and nutritional benefits may surprise you much more pleasantly than what you are used to.

When it comes to cooking temperature, the KitchenBoss Sous-Vide Cooker gives you the flexibility to make adjustments that suit you between 0 and 90°C . You will be able to cook all your meals while being sure to prepare them in the best conditions. The same is true for the timer which can be set with a wide margin of 99 hours and 59 minutes . You will no longer find yourself limited in front of foods that need a long time to cook properly.

It should also be noted that this utensil is easy to use and also comfortable. It is highly appreciated for its low noise pollution which means that it can be used at any time without being disturbed.


  1. Quality design with IPX7 certification
  2. Good heating power
  3. Timer and adjustable thermostat


  1. The temperature may fluctuate during preparation, but this does not affect the cooking quality

Good quality product, even for its price among one of the lowest on Amazon. The settings are very simple, it is extremely quiet and the little extra is that it is possible to remove the base which is immersed in the water to clean it. Sous-vide cooking is really great, it takes a little time at the beginning to prepare it in the bags, but it’s still very simple and the taste is really there. Read all reviews.

Sebastian T.

Inkbird Sous Vide Cooker

Inkbird Sous Vide Cooker

The Inkbird brand sous-vide cooker develops a power of 1000 W to heat water efficiently and quickly. Use it to do all your cooking at low temperatures to get food cooked just right. Its 360 degree circular heating technology allows ingredients to cook evenly. In the case of meat, for example, you can be sure to taste it each time more tender and tasty than with conventional cooking. This appliance is also ideal for all kinds of foods such as fish, vegetables, seafood or eggs.

The Inkbird sous vide cooking stick has a thermostat and timer that allows perfect adjustment of the preparation conditions. You can make all settings on the control panel with touch buttons and LCD display. And for more comfort, you will also be able to control it via wifi connection, from your mobile terminal. All you have to do is download the dedicated application in Android or iOS version on your smartphone or tablet.

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In addition, this sous-vide cooker incorporates a protection feature that warns you when the right amount of water is not poured into the container. This avoids any mishandling that could damage it or create an incident. Moreover, in this regard, the manufacturer insists on always respecting the level of liquid indicated by the Max and Min inscriptions. In addition, thanks to its quality materials, it will be easy to clean the device.


  1. 360° circular heating
  2. Uniform cooking
  3. wifi control
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Mobile application a little limited in recipes

As part of my blog “Le Barbecue de Rafa”, I was able to test several immersion heaters. I liked this model there especially by the quality-price ratio that it offers. When unpacking, the finish of the product is not cheap, the handle is solid and allows a good support for a saucepan or a GN container. The connectivity between the immersion heater and my wifi is done quite quickly. It connects right away when you turn it on, and there’s no signal dropout. It’s very practical when you go out during the long hours of cooking in order to know where the timer and the temperature are. Read all reviews.

Rafa S.

Klarstein Tastemaker sous-vide cooker

Klarstein Tastemaker sous-vide cooker

Cook like in a 5-star restaurant with the KlarsteinTastemaker sous-vide cooker in cocotte format. Don’t be afraid to miss your meat, fish or vegetable recipes because of cooking carried out in poor conditions. With its operating power of 550 W, the utensil provides the right temperature and ensures that it remains constant. You only have to set the number of degrees between 40 and 90°C that suits the food to be cooked sous vide. Setting the cooking time is also possible thanks to the timer which offers you 24 programmable hours .

It is easy to handle this device and control its features. Everything is done intuitively from the front panel which has an LED screen that allows you to check that you have made the correct settings.

The least that can be said about the Klarstein Tastemaker is that it has more than one trick up its sleeve made of high-quality aluminum. Indeed, with its capacity of 6 liters , it can also be used to reheat some of your dishes to allow you to always eat hot. The tank can also be washed effectively by hand or machine thanks to its non-stick coating which gives it good durability.

It should also be noted that this sous-vide cooker has a fairly pleasant modern design and will not be too much in a kitchen because of its compact format .


  1. Uniform cooking
  2. Programmable temperature and cooking time
  3. Reheat function
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. No wifi function

Product that interested me for a long time. Full of flavors found, it’s great . Read all reviews.

divide P.

WMF Lono sous-vide cooker

WMF Lono sous-vide cooker

The WMF Lono is a 2-in-1 1500 W sous-vide cooker that gives you the means to successfully prepare your meals like a great chef. Two programmable modes, gentle cooking and sous-vide cooking, allow you to cook fish, meat and many other foods with precision. Note that the great advantage of cooking in this way is that the result obtained is very pleasant both nutritionally and taste-wise. The reason is simply that sous vide cooking, for example, avoids the dissipation and evaporation of the flavours, aromas and nutrients of the food into the water and the air. On the contrary, the aromas and everything that contributes to enhancing the recipe remain inside the vacuum bag and have plenty of time to impregnate the food.

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With the WMF Lono sous vide cooker, you benefit from a temperature range of 35°C to 90°C and a programmable cooking time of 72 hours. The device has a 6 L water tank and a 3 L slow cooker made of quality materials such as Tritan and Cromargan®. It should be noted that Cromargan, for example, is a highly resistant material made of steel with a high chromium content.

The handling of the device and its accessories is easy thanks to their ergonomic design. It is equipped with a digital screen which makes it easy to read the cooking parameters to be sure not to make any mistakes.


  1. Two modes for highly precise cooking
  2. 35-90°C thermostat and 72-hour timer
  3. High quality manufacturing materials
  4. Great heating power


  1. Takes up a little more space than most other models in the comparison

I took the time to get to know this device because it’s the first time I’ve used a sous vide cooker. In the end, nothing very complicated. The device is called pro but it remains within everyone’s reach. The precise temperature adjustment allows cooking to be varied from 35 to 90°C, while the timer function allows gentle cooking for up to 72 hours. Read all reviews.

Sabine K.

Steba SV 100 sous-vide cooker

Steba SV 100 sous-vide cooker

In view of its professional quality, the Steba SV 100 fully deserves its place in this comparison of the best sous-vide cookers. It is a high-performance appliance that has the capacity to cook a large quantity of food to satisfy the needs of a large family or many guests. It embeds a pump that benefits from the power of the 1500 W motor to brew up to 7.5 liters per minute . This saves you valuable time in case you have to prepare for a lot of people at the same time.

With its weight of 2 kg and its dimensions of 14.5 cm x 13 cm x 32 cm, the device can be used with all types of containers that have a minimum depth of 15 cm. The cooking temperature is adjustable to tenths of a degree and can vary from 5°C to 99°C . As for the timer, the minimum schedule is 5 minutes while the highest time is 99 hours . This gives you all the flexibility you need to cook your food perfectly, whether it needs high heat or a long cooking time.

It should be noted that the Steba SV 100 sous-vide cooker indicates through its Min and Max marks the approximate quantity of water to put each time in the container. You will therefore be alerted in case the liquid level is too low or if there is none at all. In either case, the unit will turn off if it was on, or simply won’t turn on to start cooking.


  1. Professional quality
  2. Large cooking capacity
  3. Precise adjustment of temperature and cooking time
  4. Protection against running without or not enough water

Perfect for my use, bought as a replacement for a device from another brand. To see in use . Satisfied for the moment, I recommend See all reviews.

Pauline W.

Sous-vide cooker Lacor 69192

Sous-vide cooker Lacor 69192

This model offered by the Lacor brand is like the previous one, one of the best professional sous-vide cookers currently available on the market. Of course, adopting it means that you will have to invest a substantial budget, which you are not likely to regret in view of the performance it offers. 

The Lacor 69192 is a model suitable for all cooking conditions and which will be very useful for a family made up of many members. In fact, you can prepare much more food at once than with ordinary appliances. Since some dishes take a very long time to cook, this appliance will be ideal for saving time by preparing enough food to satisfy everyone at the same time.

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In terms of power, this sous-vide cooker displays 1400 W and has a turbine that can easily turn 6 liters of water per minute. It is this performance that guarantees even cooking of your food, be it meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

For the rest, it should be noted that it provides the user with an intuitive control panel that allows easy cooking settings. It is not bulky and easily attaches to containers thanks to its ergonomic grip handle.


  1. Professional quality
  2. Large cooking capacity
  3. Precise adjustment of temperature and cooking time


  1. The price also

Received yesterday as soon as it was put into service for a test of cooking foie gras under vacuum at low temperature, it is precise in the degrees required and makes almost no noise in operation. The operation is simple and quick to understand, I will do other tests for cooking white and red meats in reverse cooking. This keeps the meat very tender and does not lose weight compared to traditional cooking in the oven. Read all reviews.

Oliver J.

Vacuum food

A sous-vide cooker offers you the possibility of adopting a revolutionary way of cooking which has already won over many lovers of healthy and tasty cooking. This involves cooking food in water, but without the latter coming into direct contact with what is being prepared. The ingredients are in fact seasoned beforehand, placed under vacuum, and cooked as they are at a controlled temperature. Its benefits are numerous and are manifested in more delicious, healthy and fragrant recipes.

This buying guide will help you make the best choice.

The criteria for selecting the best sous vide cooker

You just got used to the idea that you really need a sous vide cooker. This is undoubtedly a good decision. However, to make your purchase a success, you must respect a certain number of parameters. Here are some key criteria for you to consider before you get started.

The type of sous vide cooker

Two types of sous vide cooker models are available on the market today. Thus, in your selection exercise, you will have the choice between immersion heaters and autonomous sous vide cookers. Fortunately, these two models allow you to perform the same operations. To have an immersion heater, you might have to invest a small fortune, but you won’t be disappointed with its functionality. As for the autonomous sous-vide cooker, it is equipped with a heating element which makes it autonomous and easy to use. You can choose one or the other depending on your needs and budget.

The power

Power is a criterion of choice that you should not neglect under any circumstances. You should know that the efficiency of your sous vide cooker depends on it. Generally, the power of this device is calculated in Watts. If you plan to use your cooker for domestic needs, a power of 750 Watts to 1100 Watts will suffice. On the other hand, if you intend your appliance to be used professionally, it is recommended to opt for a power that is around 1500 W. Experiences of use have proven that the higher the power, the shorter the cooking time. .

Temperature (temperature range, stability and accuracy)

The other elements to bet on your purchase are those related to the temperature of your sous vide cooker. In general, not all foods cook at the same temperature. Thus, to successfully prepare any type of food with your device, you must choose models whose temperature range oscillates between 40°C and 90°C. It is also necessary to ensure that your machine has an irreproachable temperature precision. This must be at least ± 0.05°C. During cooking, you can check the stability of this temperature with a thermometer. Under these conditions, you are sure to benefit from all the nutritional properties of your food.

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The materials

It takes quality material to make a quality sous vide cooker. Do not neglect this criterion at the risk of having a fragile device delivered to you which unfortunately will not serve you for long. When buying, give preference to models designed in stainless steel. They are easy to clean and stand the test of time better. Stainless steel is actually a robust material, very effective against rust.

Features and ergonomics

Nothing is more pleasant to handle than a sous vide cooker with multiple functions. On the market today there are sous vide cookers with LCD displays and equipped with a timer. These options allow you, for example, to situate yourself in relation to your cooking time and the duration of the preparation. Other more modern models are even designed with WIFI and Bluetooth functionality. In any case, in your choice, bet on simple and intuitive devices, attractive and easy to use.


Your sous-vide cooking appliance must offer high-end security. Preferably, turn to models that are equipped with an anti-overheating system. They are among the best models of sous-vide cookers on the market. Safety can consist, for example, of stopping the operation of the device in the event of overheating, or when the required water level is not reached. In any case, a secure device will prevent you from unfortunate incidents and save you money.

How to use a sous vide cooker?

The basic and simple way to know how to use your sous vide cooker is to read its user manual with a clear head. But in general, the use begins with the packaging and the prior vacuum packing of your food. In the case of an immersion heater, you will then have to choose a container that respects the dimensions recommended by the manufacturer of your sous-vide cooker. You pour enough water into it, place the food in it and set the cooking parameters.

It will be the same in the case of a stand-alone device. All you have to do is fill it with water and start it with the right temperature and time settings.

How to maintain a sous vide cooker?

Cleaning the sous vide cooker is very easy to do. Today on the market, the latest models of these devices are equipped with the option of self-cleaning. Thus, your cooker eliminates all traces of oils that could clog it without your intervention. However, it is up to you to use the manufacturer’s cleaning tips to complete this work.

Know already that it is not recommended to use abrasive objects to clean the device. You risk leaving scratches. For this, simply use a cloth for the maintenance of the interior of your device. If stains remain, use a sponge to get rid of them. Some models allow machine washing of some of their parts, but in this case, always follow the recommendations.

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