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What is the best fastpitch softball first base mitt?

The Mizuno GXF50FPW MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt is a 13 inch glove with a real and genuine leather lacing. It is designed with the conventional open back to provide a better flexibility for better control and an easier use. 13 inches in glove length measurement. Conventional open back. Bio-soft smooth leather.

What are the different types of first baseman mitts?

First baseman mitts typically vary in type based on the shape and design of the web, or the portion of the glove that is considered the pocket for catching and holding the ball.

Why do first basemen need a Mitt?

Not only do first basemen need to successfully field ground balls that are hit to their position, but they are also responsible for the tail end of the majority of all ground ball plays. This constant need for first baseman to receive throws from other infielders to secure ground ball outs requires a need for a specific kind of mitt.

What is the best women’s softball first base glove?

For any player in love with great bats and looking for one of high quality and a real top class glove, the SHOELESS Joe Women’s Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove surely comes in handy. It is a 12-inch glove model made purely of 100% steer hide leather with the traditional tobacco tanning finishing. It is a glove of quality and real class.