Best Snowboards for carving 2022-Complete Guide Review

To each person, his snowboard, his design, and his style of play. But beyond the simple aesthetic aspect, there is also the technical aspect. That’s why you shouldn’t jump on the first snowboard you find. Instead, take some time to compare products and consider your level, model size, building materials, and design. After this step, you can purchase the item you are interested in. 

Burton Ripcord is in a good position in the rankings with its “All mountain” performance which allows it to easily adapt to all styles of rides of athletes. For its part, the Nitro Prime is equipped with revolutionary systems aimed at maximizing its responsiveness and flexibility.

The 4 Best Snowboards For Beginners (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Burton Snowboard

1. Burton Ripcord Snowboard pour Homme

By looking at the characteristics of the Burton Ripcord, you will have a vague idea of ​​where to buy the best snowboard of the moment. This equipment is a must for beginners as well as athletes with an intermediate status in the discipline. Its directional shape and Easy Bevel technology give you more freedom of control, making your movements easier in all terrain conditions.

This model has a flat profile aimed at accelerating your learning of balance. To this is added the Early Rise to contribute to its flexibility while ensuring stability without a hitch even on deep snow.

Adjusting the bindings won’t take all your time either. It has been simplified with the integration of the Channel® system. In addition, the article is compatible with the majority of accessories found on the market and not only those of the brand.

For the

Versatile: Designed by the best brand of snowboards on the market, this All Mountain equipment aims to optimize your performance in all conditions.

Innovative technologies: This Burton snowboard is made up of several systems patented by the manufacturer such as Exposy Super Sap®, Channel®, Biax® fiberglass or the Fly® core. They contribute effectively to improving your level while allowing this model to remain in the race for the title of the best snowboard of the moment.


For beginners only: If you are already a professional or a seasoned competitor, you will quickly find your limits with this item from Burton.  

Nitro Snowboard

2. Nitro Snowboards Prime 17 Snowboard

Comparing the models on the market will allow you to identify the one that meets your expectations. And if you find yourself faced with the Nitro Prime, but you don’t know which snowboard to choose, this equipment presents arguments that will make you change your mind.

In the park or on the slopes, this material from Nitro can be transformed into a freestyle snowboard with its improvements. The Flat Out Rocker, for example, ensures your safety during practice. No matter the elements on your course, it increases the stability of the whole allowing you to learn tricks more easily.

Its Premium Extruded FH character gives it great lightness. Combined with its directional shape, this system simplifies its manoeuvrability. Beginners like it.

For the

Robust structure: With its Bi-Lite Laminates technology, this board remains almost intact against the effects of excessive driving. It is resistant to the different movements in this discipline while providing you with an interesting level of flexibility during your freestyles.

All-purpose: Thanks to its directional shape, you will handle turns with precision while benefiting from maximum grip on all types of snow. You can then count on the best performer on our list in this area.


Not suitable for experts: Despite its quality of design, you have to do without this nitro snowboard when you have acquired a certain level.

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Jones Snowboard

3. Airtracks Snowboard Set/Pack Planche Data


The manufacturer Airtracks provides you with complete equipment to save you time. You will find in this set a snowboard, a pair of dedicated shoes, as well as the fixing kit. Everything is stored in a 175 cm bag.

Regarding the board, its design and its technical aspects indicate it for a targeted use towards those who are in the discovery phase. Nevertheless, it provides as many sensations if you already have some experience in the matter, thanks to its data wide concept. This allows you to use it in any mountain, but also in freeride and freestyle. Depending on your size, you can choose between the lengths of 150, 155 or 160 cm respectively.

On the shoe side, you also have 3 specific models, namely Strong, Savage and Master QL. The latter is equipped with a professional fastening system, which allows you to quickly and effectively tighten your laces, without the risk of seeing them come undone in the middle of the action.

The aluminum attachment loops ensure a solid hold on the board. For the best comfort, choose them according to the size of the boots, which must be larger than the usual.

For the 

Complete equipment: The cover printed in the colors of the brand contains everything you need to put at your feet the necessary elements for fun activities in the snow.

Multiple choices: Depending on your size and your morphology, you can find the board size that suits your size and your experience of the terrain. The same goes for shoes, which you can select from three categories.


Boot sizes : Some boot sizes do not correspond to the size of the bindings supplied with the package. They may be too wide, and therefore not fit in the slot provided for this purpose. On the contrary, it also happens that they are too small, and thus toss around in the loops.

Solidity of the boots: Some models of shoes are fragile, because the soles come off quickly after a few sessions of sliding on the snow.

Snowboard freestyle

4. Salomon Patrol Snowboard Wide


The main asset of the Patrol Snowboard Wide is its versatility. In other words, its double directional shape significantly facilitates its use in the mountains. To make your moves to the summits on snow, you can attack from any side. The structure of the board has been worked on both ends, which helps you to exploit it in both directions.

In addition, the Salomon brand winks at men of an intermediate skill level with this board, which will allow them to progress to the next level. The design of this snowboard includes cambers calculated and located on strategic parts, so as to provide good reactivity, but also faster and more efficient control. This specificity makes it ideal equipment for freestyle and freeride sessions.

Finally, this board has nothing to envy to others in terms of comfort and maneuverability. With its flat profile and the curve points under the feet, you have ideal flexibility for all your sliding sessions. The texture-free edges ensure you have stability suitable for any type of terrain and game you lend yourself to.

For the 

Cut for freestyle: With its double directional construction profile, you can give your all in your movements and your acrobatics on the powder, without fear of the position in which you can land on your feet. You can always move forward, with the body oriented either to the left or to the right.

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Good responsiveness: Despite its size, which exceeds 1.5 m in length, you have highly sensitive and easy-to-steer equipment. The different cambers in its design play an important role in this.


Weight of the article: Weighing in at nearly 4.54 kg on the scale, this board requires a certain mastery, whereas it is offered to average level users.

For men only: Given its size and weight, the Patrol snowboard Wide is actually quite imposing. A version for women and children could prove to be interesting.


Fixation snowboard

Burton Grom


The snowboard binding is an integral part of your equipment set. Indeed, it conditions your stability, but also your ability to perform your movements on the board. This model is intended for All mountain activities, that is to say, it is versatile in terms of discipline.

Light and easy to use, it also has a High — back equipped with Ergo Shaped Easy Ratchet technology which simplifies the insertion and removal of your feet. The set is made of polycarbonate, an element renowned for its resistance and durability. Plus, the manufacturer designed it to fit all major mounting systems, not just a Burton Snowboard.

Housse snowboard

Dakine Pipe


This snowboard bag has a full-length zipper. Loading and unloading your equipment is then simple. During the portage, you have the choice between the handle or the shoulder strap. The latter is removable so that you can remove it in case of discomfort.

The structure is made of 6000 D polyester. Waterproof and hard to tear, this inexpensive product from Dakine effectively fulfills its role of protecting your equipment from scratches and knocks between uses.

Purchase guide

If you have decided to indulge in this sliding sport, the purchase of a snowboard is mandatory. However, you still have to find the right one since on a price comparison, there is no shortage of models. In this sense, we have developed this article to inform you of the various criteria to take into account before embarking on any transaction.



In order to know how to choose the best snowboards of 2022, the first step in your equipment purchase must be the consideration of your level. This will allow you to discard a majority of models passing before your eyes to make a more judicious selection.

In general, snowboarders are structured according to 3 categories. If you’re riding low to medium slopes and your speed is such that you’re riding gently off the side of the trail, the board for you is in the beginner and intermediate class. As soon as you have acquired the notions and that you borrow the blue and black flags, and that you rarely make edge faults, identify yourself as being a confirmed athlete. And when you no longer hesitate to hurtle down all types of slopes with precision and efficiency, take a look in the expert department.

The type of wrinkle

In a buying guide for the best snowboards, you will also be advised to choose your equipment according to the type of ride you plan to practice. Indeed, there are different categories of boards and they are intended for a specific type of terrain and user profile.

Athletes who enjoy jumps and tricks will find their account among the models dedicated to freestyle such as in snowparks or other places that offer the possibility of performing these movements. If you prefer off-road racing or courses on virgin tracks, the “freeride” specimens are cut out for you. The “All mountain” references present the happy medium between these last two categories. They are versatile and can be used often on all types of powder and terrain.

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The size

To find out how to buy a better value for money snowboard, the size criterion should not be overlooked. If you opt for a board that is too long, you will have difficulty handling it. And conversely, a model that is too short will make you lose stability and be less versatile. It is then a question of finding the good compromise between your morphology, your level of play and the measurements of your equipment.

In general, sellers provide you with a size guide so that you can refer to it according to your size and intuitively. If you plan to exercise in the parks, go for the shorter models and vice versa, athletes who are looking for unique sensations during long journeys will choose a longer specimen. For reference, the length should be up to the chin in vertical mode.



Before wondering where to buy a new snowboard, it is important that you take stock of the bindings that come with your equipment. These accessories generally condition the good practice of your exercise and come into play to considerably improve your performance on the slopes.

However, you must then identify its compatibility with the board. While some models are specific only for products of the same brand, others are of a so-called “universal” nature and are able to accommodate a large number of materials on the market. If you have a soft board, it is imperative that you choose a binding of this type. They are especially intended for the beginner for their lack of reactivity. Speed ​​enthusiasts will turn to stiffer components for more precision in their movement.


Even if you opt for a cheap snowboard, you will probably have to decide between various materials whose aspects will be interesting like each other. The design criterion should not be left out, as it plays an important role in your sensations. The more you like the way your gear looks, the more you’ll want to use it.

On the market, it is not the choice of aesthetics that is lacking. You have at your disposal a wide selection of models ranging from retro style and modern look, through vintage patterns. It’s all about finding the specimen that will look special when you blast down the slopes with speed and precision.

Know how to use a snowboard in excellent condition

Like all sports equipment, the snowboard deserves that you take care of it so that it can accompany you durably in your activities. And to do this, we provide you with these few tips for handling it well and thus enjoying its full performance.


Choosing the right snowboard size

To start, make sure you use material that suits your body type. You will then need to check the size of the board and refer to a size and weight guide on the canvas. For this, do not hesitate to measure the length and width of the equipment with a tape measure. You will also do the same with your body to know yours.

Dress properly

Since snowboarding is a sliding and speed sport practiced in the snow, it is important that you equip yourself with the necessary protective accessories to reduce any risk of injury. Keeping warm is essential first and a water-repellent suit would be the best alternative. A mask will protect your eyes from the dazzling lights that you may encounter on the track. Don’t forget the helmet that will protect your head from blows in the event of a collision.

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How to make the binding on the snowboard

The bindings determine your performance on the board slopes. Their adjustment is usually carried out in 3 stages. First, position your board in the direction of your practice. Identify yourself according to the advancement of your feet: Goofy (right) or Regular (left). Then set them up by choosing the stance or spacing between props. The selection of the angle will be made according to your level and the type of ride you plan to do.

Choose a good training ground

If this is your first time on your board, the first step to take is choosing your practice area. Select a slope where snowboarders and skiers are not in large numbers to avoid jostling. So you can practice without worrying about getting into the people present. In any case, stay away from courses with steep slopes during your initiations.


Maintain the equipment

Taking care of your equipment greatly extends its durability. Indeed, it is important to carry out some cleaning operations to prevent your equipment from deteriorating quickly. For the sole, a soft cloth or acetone will do the trick. At the level of the edges, regular sharpening is to be carried out to optimize the grip of the board in the snow. Waxing may be necessary, especially if you plan to store it for a long time.

Store your equipment

Between two uses, make sure to always store your equipment in its cover to protect it from various external alterations. But this storage of your equipment should only be done after having cleaned and maintained it. This will allow you to recover an immediately operational board when you decide to get back on the slopes.

The most popular brands

There is a wide choice of snowboards on the market today. Faced with this, you will certainly have some difficulty in choosing well. This is why we have decided to tell you about several brands that are very popular with fans of this discipline.


All mountain sports enthusiasts inevitably know the Salomon brand. This is a company created in 1947 and which specializes in the design of articles for sport and leisure. The history of this company has been marked by the many innovations it has made in its ski equipment. Furthermore, Salomon always tries to bring its products into line with the latest technological advances. This has enabled it to establish itself on the international market. Today, it continues to offer a very varied range of materials that are recognized for their high quality.


Having been in the business since 1977, Burton is one of the best known snowboard brands on the market today. All sports practitioners, whether amateurs or professionals, inevitably know this sign. In the years since its inception, Burton has experienced rapid development. Moreover, it continues to evolve in recent years by offering improvements in its products. This company currently holds the world’s largest market share in the sale of snowboard accessories.


AIRTRACKS is one of the companies that have specialized in the field of snowboarding. This brand is also known by most practitioners of this discipline. Indeed, it offers a wide range of items that are intended for all athletes. The brand is diversifying its production in order to meet the needs of athletes who practice mountain sports. In addition, it is getting closer to its customers and offers its products on the internet. AIRTRACKS is also sought after on the market, because its articles are sold at a rather attractive price.


Skiweb is a brand that is mainly involved in the marketing of sliding sports equipment. This brand is trying to win more customers with its quality products. The company takes into account the real needs of athletes when manufacturing all of its products. This is what enables it to offer merchandise that can compete with the products of major brands in the market. In addition, Skiweb is gradually continuing its development and is targeting the international market. It gets closer to its customers by marketing its products on the web.


Nitro Snowboards was created in 1990 in Seattle, the birth of this brand is the result of the initiatives of two athletes who were passionate about snowboarding. The founders wanted to remedy the lack of choice in this sector. Faced with this, they essentially offered products that combine technology, performance and design. Moreover, Nitro Snowboard is particularly known for all the innovations it has brought to this mountain sport. She continues to be talked about after all these years thanks to the trust that has been established with the clientele.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is snowboarding?

A1: Snowboarding is a sport that is generally practiced in winter or simply on snow in countries where powder snow is continuously present such as high mountains. You will need a snowboard to practice it. Similar to that of surfing (on water) and skateboarding (with wheels), the position adopted is done by standing on the equipment, feet on a line, one behind the other.

During your exercises, your equipment is necessarily accompanied by a pair of bindings and special boots dedicated to this discipline. Your tools must also be in line with your type of activity such as freestyle snowboards, Alpine, Freeride, boardercross or even splitboards.

Q2: How much does a snowboard cost?

A2: The models on the market come in several categories and you will choose according to your level, but also your budget. In general, entry-level products cost around 100 to 250 €. The middle range is between 250 and 450 €. And if you are a professional and want to invest in high-end equipment, you will count above 450 €.

By way of comparison, the first category contains a foam core. Its particularity lies in its price accessible to everyone. The superior specimens are made of wooden core whose lifespan is particularly increased and offers much more maneuverability.

Q3: What size junior snowboard should I choose for my child?

A3: When buying your equipment, even if you have decided to opt for a cheap snowboard model, the size is an essential element that should not be overlooked. This rule also applies to children. At a glance, for freestyle use, the length in question should be between the chin and the collarbone. For a freeride, count the difference between your chin and your nose. It is the same for a snowboard cross.

The selection should also be based on the weight of the child. In general, stores like well-known brands on the market offer size guides so that you can refer to them and find the product that meets your toddler’s morphology.

Q4 : Comment farter mon snowboard ?

A4: You will first need to equip yourself with the necessary materials for the process. You will basically need a special wax or wax and an iron, intended for this use. After cleaning the board, melt the bread of wax on the device, aiming to create drops. Be sure to apply it regularly to your model. Iron with your device while remaining only a few seconds in the same place. Leave for 30 minutes to overnight, then scrape or brush to remove excess product.

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» Check articles from past years

These products were among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Jones New York Planche De Snowbaord Hovercraft

For many users, the Jones Hovercraft meets the criteria to answer the question: what is the best snowboard on the market. Its presence in this comparison is therefore justified. In addition, this model collects international awards, which earns it its status.

First, the manufacturer has equipped it with an authentic look with its nose, progressive sidecut and directional swallowtail shape. This aesthetic gives it unequivocal aerodynamics, ease of passage in the snow, but also maximum fluidity in turns.

This hybrid rocker/camber version has a stiffness rating of 7/10. The Concave Speed ​​Channel technology comes into play to push the snow under the board, improving your speed. In terms of sturdiness, you can count on its premium poplar core combined with its double layer of fiberglass strata.

For the

Overall design: Its rounded shape and similar to a spoon allows this Jones snowboard to increase your sliding sensations while reducing the immersion of the equipment in the snow.

Grip systems: These “Traction Tech 2.0” wavy edges placed along the length of the shape provide several contact points to provide maximum grip on powder snow as well as on the groomed track.


Discouraging price: Consumers hesitate to buy it in view of its cost. Indeed, for beginner equipment, they prefer to invest in an article cheaper than the average.

Rossignol Femme Frenemy Snowboard

Long before rushing to a comparison, you must first define how to choose the best snowboards of 2022. To help you, we offer this Rossignol Frenemy which is appreciated for its ability to be used on all types of terrain. By adopting it, you will find that turns will be triggered more easily.

Thanks to the manufacturing materials, this board offers good flexibility which brings pleasant sensations under your feet. In addition, it reacts effectively as soon as you press it. Its Amptek II system provides better stability and optimal grip. All its characteristics make it especially recommended for intermediate level users.

The quality of creation of this equipment is no longer to be demonstrated since it is very apparent. Its success on the market is also explained by its practicality in use. Indeed, this material is “Flex” balanced and has edges that are serrated to guarantee grip reliability. The icing on the cake, its original design hardly leaves buyers indifferent, and especially appeals to young snowboarders.

For the

Versatility: By offering this product, Rossignol has a good chance of becoming the best snowboard brand. Indeed, this model remains effective, whatever the type of surface on which you use it.

Efficiency: This is the most efficient snowboard according to the comments of buyers for the flexibility and responsiveness it shows. In addition, it offers the grip and stability that are necessary for use in the best conditions.


Lack of information: Buyers find it unfortunate that the manufacturer does not provide enough details about the materials of manufacture of this item.