5 Best ski jackets women 2022

If some are looking forward to winter, it is mainly for the various activities that can be done during this season. You have then chosen to reserve your place for a ski resort for the next vacation. However, one question still bothers you: what clothes to wear to hit the snowy slopes? As important as your skis, the ski jacket is an essential accessory. 

And his choice should, therefore, not be taken lightly. To find the best ski jacket, certain aspects should be taken into account: waterproofness, breathability, but also warmth. Thanks to Ultraflow 8000 technology , the Ultrasport model for women has excellent waterproofing. Intended especially for men, the modelThe North Face Resolve Insulated also has all the features sought by the most demanding skiers.

Women’s Ultrasport

Everyone’s needs are different, but there’s only one way to determine which is the best ski jacket on the market. This women’s model appeals to buyers precisely because of its softshell exterior. The latter precisely translates that the jacket consists of a 3-layer system, including a technical underwear to resist sweat, a fleece to warm the user and a protective jacket to protect against bad weather.

Its strong elasticity and its minimal weight make it a major ally for your stay in the mountains. On the accessory side, it is equipped with the necessary: ​​chin guard with zipper, hood or even fake fur. Even when skiing, it is normal that you need to have certain objects close at hand, hence the usefulness of the various storage spaces on this jacket: inside pockets and outside pockets.  

The Ultraflow 8000 technology is a feature that differentiates this jacket from the other models in our comparison. It precisely offers impermeability and excellent breathability to the jacket. In addition, despite all the features incorporated into this model, it guarantees maximum freedom of movement to the wearer.

For the

Optimal storage: The most efficient ski jacket is the one that will give you the possibility of storing your various accessories, such as your mobile phone or your MP3 player. And precisely, this model has several pockets and eyelets for optimal storage.

Waterproof: Waterproofing is one of the most important purchasing criteria when it comes to choosing your ski jacket. With Ultraflow 8000 technology, this ski jacket displays an impeccable degree of waterproofing.

Practical: In addition to warming you up and protecting you from the weather, this jacket would not be stuffy to wear and guarantees great freedom of movement.


Bad fit: According to the opinion of some users, the size of this ski jacket is not adequate with the universal size: too small for some, too large for others.

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The North Face Resolve Insulated

In cool and wet weather, it is important to find ski clothing that will give you maximum freedom of movement. Before your stay in a ski resort, it is necessary, therefore, to find the means that will allow you to know how to choose the best ski jackets of 2022.

With its standard fit, this model for men will suit all different sizes. So that your hands are always protected from the cold and so that you have, at the same time, a place to store the various accessories you will need, this model has two pockets.

The DryVent shell ensures the waterproofness and breathability of the jacket. On the other hand, the brushed tricot chin guard liner is one of the standout components of this product. To ensure increased performance, the manufacturer has also thought of equipping this model with 60 g Heatseeker insulation in a waterproof membrane.

For the

Insulation: Which ski jacket to choose to improve your performance on the slopes? Certainly a model that promises excellent insulation. A test would then have shown that the synthetic filling of this model offers a reduction in heat loss even in the coldest temperature conditions.

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Waterproof: When making this jacket, the makers chose a waterproof fabric that provides an impenetrable barrier against moisture.


Lack of layers: In extreme conditions, some users would have hoped to benefit from more layers on this jacket.

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Columbia Lay D


Like a desire to surf the latest trends in ski jackets? The color white is currently on the rise. But you shouldn’t just rely on the design of a product to decide whether you want to buy it or not. Feminine, but functional as desired, this reference bears the sweet name of Lay D.

Whether you want to wear it for your walks in the city or to ski in the mountains, its 550 g/m² down and its thermal reflective technology will be of great use to you to effectively fight against the cold. To ensure insulation, the manufacturers have opted for 80% duck down and 20% feathers. A wise and well-considered choice.

For accessories, you will find an adjustable and removable hood, a drawstring at the waist, waterproof zipped pockets, removable synthetic fur and several pockets to facilitate the storage of your various accessories and objects.

For the

Design: The aesthetics of the product is a point that will allow you to easily compare the various models, and thus define where to buy the best ski jacket. Feminine and elegant, this jacket will turn heads both in the city and on the ski slopes in the mountains.

Warm: Lay D is a jacket that will keep you warm all day long. The materials used in its manufacture, its structure, its layers and the Omnishield technology make this reference an indispensable asset when temperatures are falling.  


Lack of storage: Built-in pockets wouldn’t have sufficed for buyers.

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Mountain Warehouse Honey Youth


Children also find maximum pleasure on the ski resorts, in winter. But as with adults, you also need to find high quality clothing for comfort, warmth and freedom of movement while skiing. The advantage with this jacket is that it is not only of impeccable quality, but it is also the cheapest model in this ranking.

Composed of 100% polyester, this is a soft and heat resistant jacket. Designed for ski getaways, rest easy letting your child ski with this jacket. The fabric is resistant and waterproof thanks to the fleece filling. The various materials that go into the manufacture of this product make this jacket the ideal accessory to keep your child warm, but also to protect him on the slopes.

To effectively resist the snow, you will find a durable water-repellent coating. The fleece lining is also involved in insulation and warmth on the slopes.

For the

Optimal storage: Thanks to the zippered front pockets, children will be able to efficiently store their various accessories and keep them close at all times.

Adjustable: With hook cuffs and adjustable buckles, this affordable jacket is custom-fitted to its wearer. A criterion that makes Mountain Warehouse the best brand of ski jackets.


Classic colors: Without finding any major flaws in this jacket, parents only criticize the colors offered, which are too “classic”.

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Roxy Jetty


The Roxy brand has been offering ski clothing of all kinds for several years. For a girl as for a boy, you will certainly find a reference that will meet your expectations and your needs. Standing out from all the other models you will find on the market, the design of Jetty is quite pleasant: bold prints that are the DNA of the brand.

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For serene and efficient use, the jacket benefits from various features: reliable, waterproof and breathable technology which is the DryFlight 10K. With a cut studied point by point, it is a garment that your child will be able to wear easily on the ski slopes.

Protection against the cold is ensured by the superposition of various thicknesses, but also by Warmflight level 3 thermal insulation. All this is added with a chin guard to further optimize its reliability.

For the

Thermal comfort: This ski jacket is intended for little skiers. The manufacturer therefore particularly wanted it to be able to keep the user warm in any situation.

Design: In this model, Roxy had the brilliant idea of ​​opting for a design that revolves around bold, yet pretty graphics.   


Badly reproduced color: If there is nothing to complain about the design, some users find that the reproduction of some colors is not really adequate to what we see on the images.

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How to choose a good ski jacket?

Whatever purchase you make, you like to have something that is efficient and durable. But it doesn’t happen just anyhow. A process must be done before. So to find out how to buy a ski jacket with better value for money, follow the advice we give you in this text. It contains all the criteria to consider when buying the perfect ski jacket for you. Namely, impermeability, ventilation and protection against snow infiltration.


Purchase guide


In contact with your warm body, the snow that sticks to your clothes ends up melting. If it seeps inside your clothing, you will have an unpleasant feeling of cold mixed with humidity. So as the first criterion to take into account in any buying guide for the best ski jackets, we find impermeability.

To tell if a jacket is waterproof or not, look at the waterproof rating in its description. This unit has the Schmerber. The higher the value associated with this unit, the more the fabric protects against water. Ideally, this value should be around 10,000 Schmerbers for maximum protection.


Another criterion is to include in your list before thinking about where to buy a new ski jacket. It’s about ventilation. Remember that skiing is a sport. At one point or another, you end up feeling hot and running out of air. However, opening your jacket will create a thermal shock. So before making your purchase, check that the ventilation zips are present.

In general, they are under the armpits or on the chest. So your skin can breathe well. It should be noted that this opening has two forms. Either it is in the form of a net protecting you from the snow, or it is squarely on the inside. However, these zips vary according to the jacket model.


Protection against snow infiltration

When you are skiing, it is normal for you to fall. And yet this fall can cause snow to seep into your clothes. So before taking a look at a price comparison, check that the model you are going to buy has a snow skirt or wrist tighteners.

These two elements are used to block the passage to the snow which threatens to affect your comfort. If the snow skirt blocks the entrance between your top and your pants, the cuffs in the closed position prevent ice from entering through the opening at your hands. Thus, you will be warm and you preserve your comfort.

The ski jacket is an essential element when you go to do this activity. Indeed, it offers you warmth as well as protection against humidity when you are skiing. But for such a result, you have to know how to handle and maintain it. In case you do not know exactly how to do it, go through the indications that we have prepared for you in the paragraphs below.blank

Read the features of your new ski jacket

There are more than a hundred brands that offer ski-friendly jackets on the market. Some are more effective than others, but in any case, you have already made your choice and have already purchased your jacket. Now it’s time to use it. However, before proceeding to this step, be sure to check the product label. Find in it all the advice related to the handling of your jacket. Thus, it will be effective for a longer period of time.

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wear it right

To protect your feet from the cold, you use snow boots. As for the ski pants, you have opted for a model with a fabric offering warmth and impermeability. When you have finished putting on the latter, move on to the top clothes. Inside your jacket, wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and then a sweater over it. To prevent snow from getting into the pants, tuck them all the way in. Then finally, put your ski jacket on top.

Clean it the right way

It is true that the snow is not as clean as it looks. It contains impurities that end up sticking to your clothes when you fall. So you need to clean your jacket. Ideally, wash it by hand. But if you don’t want to get tired, the machine can also be a solution, provided you opt for a gentle wash and a low-intensity spin cycle. Also avoid adding bleaching or softening agents. They reduce the waterproofness of the jacket.


Check that it is still waterproof

The most unpleasant thing about skiing is being cold and feeling damp on your skin. Normally, with a good ski jacket, this situation does not occur. However, it happens that the garment loses its impermeability and leads to this result. So to find out if your jacket can still protect you, take the following test. Pour a few drops on its surface. If these only slip on the fabric and do not enter it, it means that the jacket is still waterproof.

Do these few gestures to make it waterproof

In the event that the drops have penetrated the fabric, carry out these few actions to reinforce the waterproofness of your garment. Spray waterproofing on the entire surface of the jacket or spread a waterproofing applicator on the same surface after it has been washed. This will reactivate its protective function. If you are afraid of missing part of the garment, use a waterproofing detergent when washing. Make sure no film covers the surface to let your skin breathe when you wear it.

The most popular brands

To avoid suffering from hypothermia while skiing in the high mountains, equip yourself with the right elements. Among them, be sure to have a ski jacket. Check that it is suitable for extreme temperatures to avoid any danger. In relation to this, choose a reliable brand to offer you the maximum protection. In case you don’t know any, discover the details of the brands that we will present to you in the various paragraphs below.


The principles and values ​​of Mountain Warehouse stem from the decision of one person: the founder of the brand named Mark Neale. Its objective is simple: to offer you quality equipment at unbeatable prices. As a technique, the brand has chosen not to call on resellers, but to open its shops almost everywhere where you will need its equipment. Apart from controlling costs, it is also his way of getting as close as possible to his customers in order to learn about their needs.


Sawadikaa is a brand specializing in the design of clothing items for winter sports. But not only. Its products can also be used during periods of cold or rain. There are several items suitable for these different climates, but what makes Sawadikaa famous in this field is its ability to produce waterproof clothing that can protect you from different situations. Take for example the case of the brand’s ski jacket which is both a raincoat and a jacket that you can wear in town in winter. It offers this protection thanks to the mixture of techniques and style that it incorporates.


The Quicksilver brand was created for one purpose: to bring more color and style to the surfing world. But over the years, the brand has expanded its activities and is currently present in the field of clothing for men and children, but also in the field of skiing and snowboarding. These ranges have a common objective. It’s about bringing you more comfort and fluidity in your movements, but also overall style thanks to the marriage of technique and design in each product. So be sure to find a ski jacket to your liking at Quicksilver.


Ice Peak has understood one thing. The best moments are shared with the people we love: family and friends. It is on this basis that she decided to develop different sports equipment. Indeed, there are models for all sizes at the brand. So, whether it’s for hiking, skiing or other outdoor activities, Ice Peak can provide you with all the items you need. This brand stands out for the appearance of the products it offers. They are indeed, very colorful, but also worked on the background and on the form. In this sense, they offer you the maximum comfort and at the same time, they enhance your figure.


O’Neill is a brand that has made a name for itself thanks to these summer clothes that offer all the necessary ventilation and comfort. Indeed, they are light, but are also made of natural materials. But these summer clothing items are not the brand’s only products. O’Neill also offers items for winter and winter sports. It should be noted that the team of this house is made up of several board sports enthusiasts. It is therefore to accompany you in these activities that she has decided to release these different collections.

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Ski jackets for women — Buying guide, ranking and tests in 2022

Columbia Sportswear 1413901

With this range of jackets, Madame is spoiled for choice when it comes to colors. This one, black, goes with everything, but otherwise, you can find it in other dark and light colors like pink or sky blue.  

You’ll weather storms without flinching in this item that comes with a detachable hood and powder skirt. The snow will therefore have no gap through which to enter, isolating you properly from the cold. It’s the same for showers, since it’s waterproof and windproof. In addition, the jacket will keep you warm at all times thanks to the omni-heat lining.

This does not mean that you will die of hot in it. The water-repellent interior lets air circulate and continuously evacuates excess heat via omni-tech technology. This is a ventilation system located under the arms. The polyester that makes up the exterior is more resistant and easier to clean than other materials. The active fit is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. You will be totally free in your movements.  

For the

Guaranteed comfort : This jacket extends to the wrists and has an opening for the thumbs. No part of your body will feel the cold. If you are then hoping to find what is the best women’s ski jacket on the market, consider this.  

An all-season garment: The synthetic fur comes off easily. You can therefore wear this jacket, regardless of the region or the period during which you ski.  


Too big : Some consumers find the item a bit too big for them. However, they have selected their usual size well.

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Ultrasport Ultraflow 8000

If you have to walk in the snow with your skis on your shoulders, this Softshell jacket is made for you. It is indeed elastic and light, to allow you to move without constraint. She doesn’t weigh much.  

This garment incorporates several spaces where to store our various accessories such as telephones, the flashlight at the level of the sleeves. Being waterproof and windproof, the result of Ultraflow 8000 technology, it completely cuts out the cold. Inside, you don’t have to worry about sweating and catching cold either, because it’s breathable. In cases of force majeure, simply fold down the hood.

This versatile jacket isn’t just for skiing or boardsports. It is essential for fitness, hiking and leisure. Besides, you can wear it in any circumstance without being afraid of not being fashionable.   

For the

Multiple Spaces to Store : The best women’s ski jacket shouldn’t just keep you warm. It is also supposed to have many accessible pockets to store phone, keys and other accessories. And this is the case.  

Versatile: This jacket made of polyester warms without weighing down the wearer. It allows ample movement and great freedom, which makes it suitable for various activities such as fitness or camping.


Wrong size : A few women were disappointed to find that their jacket was too small. However, they did order their usual size.

Columbia Lay D

The reference, white, down is much warmer than synthetic models. If you plan to ski in areas with freezing temperatures, this is ideal. You will also appreciate the cozy side in addition. Added to this is thermal reflective technology.

This inexpensive jacket with 80% down and 20% feathers combines the advantages of both. It warms optimally and is comfortable. The synthetic fur bars the way to the cold. Everything has good breathability, which prevents you from sweating profusely in full exercise and catching cold afterwards.  

The drawstring at the waist allows the jacket to fit perfectly to the silhouette of the wearer. It also incorporates multiple pockets where you can store your personal belongings: zipped pockets and another called media and mask.  

For the

A well-insulated jacket : Choosing your clothes for the week in your dressing room is complicated enough, and finding which women’s ski jacket to choose is even more so. With this reference from Columbia, the apple will be quickly sliced. It incorporates several components such as the snow skirt to limit heat loss as much as possible or even a removable hood.

Presence of several pockets : On the model, there are at least three, including waterproof pockets that will keep your electronic tools dry during snowstorms.


Zip a little too light : This part of the jacket raises some doubts among buyers. They find it a little too light and fear that it won’t last long.

Roxy Erjtj03124

If you want to be noticed on the slopes or if you like trendy and fresh colors, turn to this model from Roxy. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns as interesting as each other. We also use it to go out on winter evenings with friends.

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The slim fit gives an impression of control of one’s movements, well-being, assurance and lightness. It’s not like you’re drowned in a huge heavy jacket. By the way, as this jacket weighs around 280g, you will hardly feel it on you while you are freeriding or descending the snowy slopes.

Yet thermal insulation is just as important. The 10K waterproofing is about average and already starting to be good. As a bonus, you have a chin guard to practice your activity in complete safety.

For the

A trendy jacket : Roxy seems to be a good address for those who don’t know where to buy the best women’s ski jacket. She wants to show that the aesthetic side can prevail over the technical side in this kind of equipment. We then find ourselves in front of a fashion item with colors and a feminine and all-purpose cut. Whether you’re working out with it or just visiting the area, it’ll do the job.

Good heat retention: The ROXY DryFlight technology associated with the materials used in the composition of the jacket reduces heat loss. So you won’t risk getting cold if you decide to buy this jacket.


No ventilation system : Of course, this article keeps you warm, however, since there is no opening under the arms, you are likely to sweat a lot inside.

Nightingale Curve

The manufacturer has set itself the challenge of making this synthetic jacket as cozy and warm as a natural down version, if not more. And we can say that he succeeded in this, because the insulation is such that the cold does not penetrate even if it is sprayed or splashed. It is therefore also suitable for bad weather. This results from the 3M Thinsulate Featherless 600 technology and its 3-layer DWR membrane.

If for you the style occupies an important place in the selection of a garment, you could not be more satisfied with this jacket with symmetrical bands and contrasting zips. The manufacturer insists on its feminine side through this choice of colors and patterns.  

For the

Good insulation : Relying on the opinions of previous buyers helps to make your own about a product. As for this one, even if it is not the best brand of women’s ski jackets, its performance in terms of insulation and comfort is top notch thanks to its synthetic interior in 3M Thinsulate Featherless 600.

Highly waterproof: Even if this down jacket from Rossignol gets wet, it won’t sag or let the cold in. If we had to compare it with other specimens, it has this advantage.


Available in one color only : You cannot choose another color with this jacket, although the one offered is not always to everyone’s taste.