Best Shower Chair For Narrow Tub 2022

The bathroom is supposed to be one of the rooms in the house where we can completely relax. Therefore, optimizing the comfort of the room is better than a good idea. That’s why today we’re going to tell you about the best shower stools or chairs on the market.

Whether you are looking for this type of shower furniture or want to know more about its usefulness, you can follow this guide. In order to give you a better overview of the product, we will first see some shower stools offered at the best value for money.

Then, I suggest you follow the little buying guide that will allow you to choose the bathroom seat that you really need.

Best Shower Chair For Narrow Tub 2022

Here you can get all kinds of Best Shower Chair For Narrow Tub
2022 where you can get the product Best Shower Chair For Narrow Tub


What is a shower chair?

A shower chair is a seat to be placed especially in the bathtub or in the shower. These chairs were designed

for people who cannot stand up while showering. They have also been designed to prevent bathers from sitting directly in the tub. Indeed, such a position can lead to a sudden fall of the person taking his bath when he stands up. Therefore, shower chairs allow users to shower in complete safety and in particular with more autonomy for people with reduced mobility.

Bathroom stools can also be called, shower seat, bath chair or bathroom bench . Please note that the bathroom chair is different from the transfer bench used for people in wheelchairs .

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What style of shower chair is right for you?

There are generally two types of shower seat: those with arms and backs and those without. So which one should be right for you.

Shower chair without arms or backrest

A bathroom chair with armrests and a backrest may be suitable for a person who does not suffer from back pain and who has good balance. This type of bathroom seat should allow you to have easy access to your legs and the different parts of the body in order to help you with your beauty rituals. You should also choose a stool that has as much of a non-slip seat as possible if you choose in this configuration. Also, a curved seat will give you a better sitting position in the shower when it has no backrest.

Shower chair with full backrest

A shower chair with armrests and backrest is ideal for people who need more support when bathing. It is indeed easier to have better support with such a seat. In addition, to increase the comfort of its user, it is preferable to choose this type of seat, often for medical use, in a padded configuration. If the user of the seat suffers from a major skin problem, it is even advisable to add a cushion to the chair before using it. You can also choose this type of chair in a model with removable arms to give you more choice in its use.

Shower chair with chest of drawers

A bath chair with chest of drawers has a hole in its seat. It can be used for grooming as well as having a bowel movement. Most of the time, this type of chair is offered in two configurations: with chest of drawers and without chest of drawers.

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So, the advantages of the chair with chest of drawers are among others:

  • Ease of access to private parts of the body during grooming;
  • It offers a solution to people who suffer from incontinence.

As for its possible downsides, we can cite:

  • The need for good support on the edges of the chair to avoid any risk of falling;
  • It is uncomfortable most of the time.

The different types of shower chair

Apart from the various configurations that we have seen in the previous sections, bathroom chairs still come in different types. So, what are these different types of bath seat?

Versatile shower chair

Here we are talking about these bathroom chairs doubled as a convenient chair function. This type of chair is recommended for people who require great assistance in various hygienic care. The advantage of the multi-purpose shower chair is that it allows its user to gradually reclaim their motor skills. In addition, this type of chair can be reclining to provide more comfort to its user.

Space Saving Shower Chairs

Here we are talking about the foldable , folding and compact shower chair. This type of chair is suitable for bathrooms with limited space. If they are constructed of lightweight materials, they can even be carried camping etc. Attention, the use of such a chair should respect the load capacity stated by the manufacturer.

Important features of a shower chair

After having carried out a brief comparison of the products that we were able to present to you, we would like to highlight the important characteristics of a shower chair. So, here are these characteristics in a nutshell:

  • A shower chair must be stable (feet with non-slip tips and non-slip seat);
  • It is important to have a stool with the right dimensions;
  • The ease of drainage is not to be neglected;
  • The various security systems are essential;
  • It will take a system that facilitates the transfer for a person with a disability;
  • Comfort and ergonomics must come first;
  • Ease of maintenance should not be overlooked;
  • The sturdiness of the seat is important;
  • The possibility of reclining in different positions while remaining on the stool is important.
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Things to consider on a bath chair

Doing a pre-purchase test is necessary before picking up a shower stool. Indeed, as everyone has a different need, it is important to know the different points making a product more ergonomic than others before embarking on a purchase. As testing a product on the Net is not always possible, we have put together a few selection criteria that should guide you in the following sections.

seat height

Shower chairs that hang on the wall and shower screens are not always height adjustable. Indeed, this type of device is most often to be fixed in a given place. So, if you want an adjustable chair, opt for a stool that has adjustable height legs.

Seat width

The most important thing here is to choose a stool with a seat wide enough to support you, but small enough to allow you to move properly.

seat style

Bathroom chairs can have a flat, curved seat with cuffs and drainers. Besides, the seat can be rounded or not. For better stability, if you want to attach the chair to the wall, take a model with a seat at right angles. People who are looking for a certain aesthetic result can choose a transparent seat which will harmonize perfectly with the decor of the room.


A stable shower chair should have sturdy legs with non-slip tips. In addition, in my opinion , it is preferable to take a chair with backrest and armrests if the user wishes to have real stability when sitting in the shower.

Shower wall thickness

The chairs to clip on the shower screens are not necessarily compatible with all shower screens! So, before placing your order, check the characteristics of your shower enclosure.

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Tub wall thickness

If you want to take a bath seat, make sure that it has good hooks for both the tub wall and the wall. If the edges of the bathtub are quite thin, you must call a professional before making your choice.

Width of tub or shower floor

Before making your choice, make sure that the dimension between the legs of the chair fits well with the width of the floor of the bathtub or shower.


Upholstered chairs are better suited for people with a skin condition.

shower door

It is important to check the compatibility of your shower chair with the configuration of the shower itself. If you have a walk-in shower with a wall, for example, if it is quite narrow, you will have trouble closing its door. So if you need to take a large shower chair and only have a small space, take a curtain instead of a shower door.

No return policy!

Attention, once your purchase is made, you will not be able to return the product to the retailer in most cases. So, it is more than important to thoroughly check all the features of the chair before buying it. Besides, always go for the chair with the best value for money to avoid disappointment.

Why are shower chairs considered “safety equipment”?

Several medical authority centers consider the shower chair to be a safe piece of equipment. Indeed, according to these centers, the cause of death in disabled people as in some people who are supposed to be in good health is often linked to a fall in the shower. With the increased use of stools, armchairs, benches and shower chairs, this fact has been reduced.

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Who uses shower chairs?

Shower chairs are equipment specially recommended for people with health problems. Reduced mobility, back problem, inability to stand for too long; in short, all the inconvenience associated with standing too long is encompassed in the need for the use of a shower chair. In addition, it is an equipment that I recommend to people who particularly like to get ready in the bathroom before going out. Indeed, as it can serve as a comfortable seat in the room, it can always be useful.

Advice and recommendations on safety for seniors and people with reduced mobility

The bathroom is a place of comfort. However, it can be slippery and unsafe for seniors and people with disabilities. Here are our recommendations and advice on using the bathroom for these people in a nutshell:

  • Always use a non-slip bath mat;
  • Install a bath grab bar on the shower entrance wall section;
  • Opt for taps that are accessible from a seated position and easy to handle;
  • Choose a wheeled toilet chair with safety stop for people with reduced mobility.