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What is the best shift knob for my car?

Mishimoto MMSK- BK Weighted Shift Knob Why we like it: Here we have a shift knob that allows you to use it no matter what car you’re driving. Because it weighs 0.8lb it allows you to shift your gears smoothly and fast. Not only does it function effectively but it greatly improves your driving experience.

Is there a universal shift knob for manual gear shifts?

This universal shift knob is designed for manual gear shifts and to fit most cars thanks to its rubber sleeves. Plus it’s perfect for car and truck decoration. It comes with two adapters for easy fitment which are 0.8cm and 1cm in diameter. In addition it has an allen wrench and screws for super easy installation.

Do bubble pack shift knobs work with automatic transmission?

These shift knobs feature a unique transparent, bubble-packed appearance, although you can also opt for a matte finish in a variety of colors. They’ll also work on certain automatic transmission vehicles, so long as they don’t have a push button shifter from the factory.

What are the best gear shifters for your car?

Titanium:If you’re looking for a durable & high quality gear shifter, pick one made of titanium and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Apart from allowing you a smooth driving experience it’s also scratch resistant.


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