10 Best sausage guillotines 2022-Complete Guide Review

The sausage guillotine is a recent invention that is making a lot of noise. Still called sausage slicer, this accessory is now an essential aperitif. It has been specially developed to cut sausages and all other charcuterie with precision, quickly, and in complete safety. Since these ingredients can sometimes be difficult to thinly slice with a simple table knife, the task is now easier and simpler with a guillotine. You can also use this accessory for cheese, bread, vegetables, and many more. 

If you need to have a sausage guillotine at home, it would be good to choose a functional model, easy to handle and above all of the impeccable quality. But since the prototypes have multiplied a lot, the choice is not necessarily obvious. For that, it would be good to consult this comparison of the 10 best sausage guillotines of the moment as well as the buying guide to make the right choice.

Comparison of the best sausage guillotines: tests and reviews

Here is a selection of the top 10 sausage guillotines currently selling on the market that combine efficiency, functionality and good build quality.

So Aperitif! Sausage Guillotine - The Original

Sausage Guillotine the Original So Apéro

The best on the market

The SO APERO Original sausage guillotine is a very effective tool used to finely or coarsely slice chorizo, dry sausages and other foods such as cucumbers, bread or truffles. Thanks to its micro-toothed stainless steel blade, you can make cuts at an angle with a shearing effect in complete safety.

This sausage slicer is specially designed for home use. It effectively replaces the board and the knife and saves you a lot of time. Whether it is to please family or friends with convivial aperitifs, the device is always ready to use and easy to use.

It should also be noted that for safety during use, the Original SO APERO guillotine is equipped with non-slip pads as well as a stainless steel safety arch. We also note the presence of a pin lock system which is used to block the blade for better security.

The SO APERO sausage slicer is developed and manufactured in France with untreated and undyed raw beech wood. It, therefore, does not contain any chemical agent that could contaminate food or affect its taste. The device is therefore healthy and presents no danger to health. It also has a sober and natural artisanal design. 

To clean it, a little bit of sponge with a little soap will do the trick. You just have to be careful not to immerse the device in water.


  1. Made in France
  2. Efficient and fast
  3. Easy to use
  4. Food grade wood


  1. The wood can be damaged in case of prolonged contact with water

I recommend this product 200%. I still can’t believe how well this sausage slicer cuts so well. As proof, I almost left a finger there by not paying attention. The models offered are really practical (I am thinking especially of the left-handed slicer). It’s quite a nice and original gift and it really gives a quality impression, just like in the photo. Read all reviews.

Billy B.

Guillotine or Laguiole sausage cutter

Laguiole sausage guillotine

The sausage cutter from the famous cutlery house

Made of untreated beech wood to be suitable for food use, the LAGUIOLE sausage slicer has a sober and natural look. It will have no trouble finding its place on the aperitif table to offer delicious slices of sausages and charcuterie to your guests. But you can also use it to cut your raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers) as well as other ingredients such as cheese.

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This delicatessen guillotine is in fact equipped with a toothed stainless steel blade which makes it easy and efficient to cut all types of sausages. With this tool, you will have no trouble making uniform cuts according to the thickness that suits you.

With its wide ergonomic handle, the LAGUIOLE sausage slicer offers a comfortable grip. Its use is also because the device is stable and has a roll bar.

For maintenance, there is nothing complicated! Since the handle that supports the blade is sliding and removable, it is possible to remove it to better clean it as well as the part where the sausage is placed. To do this, it is recommended to just wipe it with a damp cloth.


  1. Very sharp serrated blade
  2. Easy handling
  3. Efficient and functional
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Lack of safety pin

Just great of course we could only expect quality from Laguiole a very good brand we gave it to my dad ‘is super solid and be careful its edge very well frankly I recommend it arrive fairly quickly in good condition . Read all reviews.

Manon B.

So Apéro - Sausage Guillotine - Le Plateau

Sausage guillotine tray So Apéro

The complete kit

The PLATEAU sausage guillotine is a variant of the Original SO APÉRO model . Its particularity lies in the design. Here, the cutting device is attached to a large serving tray. As a result, the accessory is much larger and there is more space to cut and spread out the different products (sausages, chorizo, raw vegetables, charcuterie, etc.).

What makes this wooden slicer even more original is that it is equipped with a bowl in which you can put sauce, for example, and also small notches that are used to hold aperitif skewers. We are therefore dealing with a functional accessory that will be a sensation during your dinners with family or friends.

With this guillotine, the cutting of ingredients is quick and straightforward, because the device is equipped with a serrated stainless steel blade which is very sharp and very efficient.

Like all SO APERO models, the LE PLATEAU guillotine is designed in France. It is carved in untreated and unpainted raw wood. In other words, the slicer is strong, robust and does not pose a health hazard.

This wooden slicer is also equipped with a stainless steel hoop and a wooden pin for safe use.


  1. Efficient cutting mechanism
  2. Very good build quality
  3. Simple and easy to use


  1. May require a large storage space

Hide the charcuterie! This guillotine is deadly . My dad adores him. A word of advice: if you want to buy one, choose one with a chiseled blade like this one. Nothing to do with the smooth-bladed guillotine you find everywhere and crush the meat when they can’t cut it. This one cuts the toughest sausages with disconcerting ease. Read all reviews.

Vincent T.

Le Berger sausage guillotine

Le Berger sausage guillotine

Slicer the little wonder

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During aperitif evenings with friends or before a family dinner, sausages and other charcuterie are the most popular dishes. And it’s not always easy to cut thin slices for all these beautiful people. Having a sausage slicer like this La Petite Merveille model created by Le Berger can be beneficial.

Equipped with a very good quality stainless steel blade, this sausage guillotine is much more practical than a knife and a board. It allows you to effortlessly and accurately cut even slices for all to enjoy. You can use it to thinly or coarsely slice sausages, cold cuts and vegetables up to 7.5 cm in diameter. 

What is striking with La Petite Merveille is that it looks a little different compared to the other models. Rather than being equipped with a sliding arm, the accessory has a lever. Thanks to the latter, the cutting movements are sharper and more powerful.

Made with solid wood on which drawings are engraved, this sausage slicer will attract all eyes to it during your aperitif dinners. Everyone will definitely want to try it to see how effective it is.

Since the lever is easily dismantled, the maintenance of the La Petite Merveille guillotine is quite easy. You will just need a brush and a little cooking oil for its cleaning.


  1. Strong and durable
  2. Efficient and fast
  3. Powerful cutting
  4. Edible oil maintenance


  1. No contact with water

Very well the lever makes it possible to cut very dry sausage without effort, the product arrived in advance, I am very satisfied . Read all reviews.

Bernard T.

Two-Tone Apple Sausage Guillotine Special DISHWASHER

Apple Bicolor sausage guillotine

The entry level

This plastic sausage slicer is offered by Le Berger , a French brand specializing in cutlery. Designed on the same principle as the wooden models, the accessory is equipped with a smooth stainless steel blade. The latter is very sharp and efficiently cuts different kinds of food with a diameter of less than 65 mm into thin and regular slices (soft sausages, hard sausages, dried meat, chorizo, cheese, carrot, endive, cucumber, etc.).

The other point that also makes this manual sausage guillotine interesting is related to its maintenance. In fact, unlike wooden models that are usually cleaned with a cloth, this one is made of plastic and can be dismantled and washed in soapy water or even put in the dishwasher. 

It should also be noted that the Le Berger sausage slicer is a very light accessory that offers a good grip. We also appreciate its ergonomic handle and its non-slip puppets which promote comfortable and pleasant use. Added to this is a zipper locking system that keeps the blade out of reach.

At first glance, one might doubt the quality of the Apple Bicolor Sausage Guillotine because of its plastic design. But in the end, it is a surprising tool that combines formidable efficiency and remarkable ease of use and maintenance.


  1. Good cut quality
  2. Dishwasher cleaning
  3. Format compact
  4. Pleasant handling


  1. Unsleek design

It’s terrible as a kitchen utensil! It has already been used the same day of delivery and will be used again a lot more times 🙂 Stable and easy to use, the blade cuts very well, even thick sausage. Read all reviews.

Peter S.

Ruboka Sausage Guillotine

Ruboka sausage guillotine

One of the lightest

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The RUBOKA manual sausage slicer is a light piece of equipment that can easily be part of your aperitif evenings. Crafted from wood, this device looks great and does not go unnoticed. It also differs from conventional models thanks to its tray which serves as a support for cut food.

With its perfectly solid and extremely sharp stainless steel blade, this sausage guillotine guarantees clean and precise cuts. Moreover, to limit the risk of cutting oneself during times when the equipment is not in use, a wooden latch is placed to lock the blade.

Easy to handle, the cleaver allows you to effectively and very quickly slice sausages, cold meats and other types of products such as cheese, carrots, cucumbers, etc.

To make using this slicer as comfortable as possible, the manufacturer has developed a stainless steel safety bar. Thanks to the latter, the products to be cut are held correctly so as not to fall. 

The Ruboka sausage guillotine is a very easy to maintain model. To do this, simply remove the sliding lever to clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.


  1. Easy to use
  2. beautiful design
  3. Simple cleaning


  1. Cannot be washed in the dishwasher

This guillotine does the job perfectly. The blade is very sharp and easy to take apart for sharpening just in case. The cut is clean, not too hard. The handle is ergonomic. Safety via a pin is a real plus when you have children. It allows you to cut sausage, but also many other ingredients requiring regular cutting . Read all reviews.

Gaetan P.

Durandal sausage slicer

Durandal sausage slicer

In wood

The DURANDAL sausage guillotine is a very elegant wooden model that will have no trouble blending into the decor of your kitchen. Plus, it’s designed in a rounded, space-saving format so it can fit anywhere without getting in the way. It is also an ergonomic accessory that has a handle with a handle for a comfortable grip.

Easy to use, its very sharp stainless steel blade allows you to effectively slice salamis, dry sausages, cheeses and certain vegetables. With such a sausage slicer, you can now effortlessly cut your charcuterie during your aperitif evenings with family or friends, but also for your daily recipes.

Simple to maintain, the DURANDAL sausage guillotine can be cleaned quite easily with a damp cloth and a few drops of washing-up liquid. Since it is a wooden equipment, it is better to avoid immersing it in water. However, you can wash the removable sleeve under the tap and ensure that it dries quickly.

In addition to its very interesting features, the DURANDAL brand sausage slicer has everything you need for safe use. For example, there is a metal hoop which prevents the sausage from rolling when it is placed on the slicer as well as a safety pin which is used to lock the blade when it is not in use. Finally, the base is non-slip and provides stability to the tool throughout its use.


  1. Handle with ergonomic handle
  2. Suitable for all types of sausages
  3. Easy cleaning and maintenance
  4. Secure use


  1. Prolonged contact with water can damage it

It’s elegant to put it on the table and for everyone to use, just as well as an aperitif, very well made and of good quality, the blade cuts very well without having to force it, to clean it just a wipe with a sponge dish with degreasing product and wipe it, that’s it. Read all reviews.

Christiane U.

Saucisson Guillotine Esprit-Casse-Croûte

Sausage guillotine Esprit Casse Croute

100% French manufacturing

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The La Trancheuse sausage guillotine is a French-made product offered by ESPRIT CASSE-CROUTE. Designed with solid beech wood, it is a remarkable tool of very good quality. It clearly differs from other models by its original and unique vertical appearance. When opened, the device displays dimensions of 27x10x26 cm. It is not at all bulky and can be stored easily after use. Indeed, the cutting board can be folded down so that the accessory can take up a compact format.

There is no doubt that this sausage slicer will be a good ally when preparing your meals and for your aperitifs. It is equipped with a food-grade XC46C13 stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to efficiently cut all kinds of charcuterie with a diameter of less than 6.5 cm.

Thanks to this very practical equipment, cutting sausages, sausages, cheese or vegetables such as cucumber will be child’s play. Plus, you can slice thinly or coarsely with precision and very little effort.

The La Trancheuse sausage guillotine is simple to use even if its operating principle differs slightly from horizontal models. To use it, you have to slide the blade from top to bottom. After use, the material can be cleaned quite easily with a damp cloth. Before storing it, make sure to block the slider with the wooden safety latch to avoid any type of accident and above all make sure that it is out of the reach of children.


  1. Design unique et original
  2. Food grade stainless steel blade
  3. safety pin
  4. Easy cleaning


  1. Lack of non-slip pads

Here is an essential object for all epicureans who adore sharing the moments of pleasure of the aperitif. At first glance, skeptical about the quality of the cut, what was my surprise to see a perfect cut without any burrs, scratches, lamination of the slice of sausage. Buy it with your eyes closed, whatever watch your fingers. Read all reviews.

Lucie U.

APERI FUN Wood Sausage Guillotine

Aperi Fun Sausage Guillotine

Brown wood 28.3 x 16 x 10.3 cm

The APERI FUN sausage guillotine is made with a durable and resistant material: acacia wood. It benefits from a beautiful finish as well as an atypical design due to the shape of its handle and its cut-out area. It is a remarkable and aesthetic accessory that will look great on your table. 

If you like aperitif dinners with friends, those convivial moments where you nibble on a bit of everything and especially sliced ​​sausages and cheese, this accessory will be useful to you. Indeed, having a sausage guillotine like the one offered by APERI FUN saves time and helps to efficiently cut sausages and any other charcuterie into thin or thick slices.

No need to bother with a cutting board and a knife, this slicer replaces them validly. It is in fact equipped with a very sharp serrated stainless steel blade which cuts quite well all types of food and even the hardest ones.

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With its atypical handle, the device offers a relatively interesting grip. It also has four non-slip pads that ensure its stability during use. It should also be noted that the APERI FUN guillotine is equipped with a pin locking system. The sliding arm can therefore be jammed after use to limit any risk of injury during transport or storage.

The maintenance of the guillotine is done as simply as possible. Simply disassemble the parts, then wash them in soapy water and wipe them with a clean cloth.


  1. Stainless steel blade
  2. Lock system
  3. Non-slip base
  4. Simple cleaning


  1. Incompatible with dishwasher cleaning

Tested and approved ! It is very easy to use and the cutting quality is very good. I am very happy with my purchase and very surprised at the quality. You can make large slices or very thin slices. I recommend occurs. The only downside is that it is not dishwasher safe. Read all reviews.

David T.

Screl Deli Slicer

Screl Deli Slicer

Manual cutter with spare blade

It is not always easy to cut sausage with a simple knife, especially if it is very dry or very hard. And even when we get there, the result is not always perfect. It is for this reason that it is better to equip yourself with a sausage guillotine like this model proposed by SCREL .

With its very sharp stainless steel blade, this manual slicer guarantees you perfect slices without effort. Whether you want to cut salami, chorizo, mozzarella or other cold meats, the device can handle them quickly and efficiently as long as their diameter does not exceed 6.5 cm. But that’s not all, the blade of this guillotine is also suitable for cutting raw vegetables, cheeses, bread and other products.

The SCREL sausage slicer is carved from solid wood. It is therefore very strong and resistant. The accessory also has a handle that makes it easier to hold and use. Like all the other models presented in this comparison, the SCREL guillotine remains a very sharp tool to be handled with care. However, to limit the risks, the wooden pin makes it possible to lock the lever after use.
For maintenance, a moistened sponge will be more than enough to rid this sausage slicer of dirt and restore its shine. Under no circumstances should you wash it with plenty of water and above all do not send it to the washing machine.


  1. Spare blade provided
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Easy to use


  1. Cannot be machine washed

Excellent product, works great. The oval handle is much more practical than a round handle. I recommend . Read all reviews.

Daniel U.

Plate of country sausages

As you will have noticed, most models of sausage guillotines available on the market are similar on a number of points. But be aware that in terms of quality, not all are worth it. This is why the top 10 have been presented to you in order to narrow your search field. Now, to find the sausage guillotine that will be best suited to your requirements and your needs, it would be good to take into account some essential criteria which are:

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The material of manufacture

The vast majority of sausage slicers found on the market are made of wood (beech, acacia, etc.). In general, wood gives accessories its strength, resistance and durability. However, be sure to choose a sausage guillotine made of wood that has not been treated with chemicals so that it can be suitable for food use.

Some manufacturers offer good quality plastic sausage slicers. Even if it is often less resistant and less expensive than wood, note that this material has the advantage of making life easier in terms of maintenance. Unlike wooden equipment, plastic sausage guillotines can be cleaned with plenty of water and are dishwasher safe.

The quality of the blade

The blade is an important part of a sausage guillotine. It is thanks to it that the different ingredients are cut efficiently and quickly. If it is of poor quality, it can make the slicing task more difficult and slow. Which obviously wouldn’t be interesting. It is therefore for this reason that it is important to pay particular attention to this criterion before choosing your sausage slicer.

The vast majority (if not almost all) of the sausage guillotines sold on the market are equipped with a stainless steel blade, as they are more resistant to wear, humidity and rust and are the sharpest.

Safety and comfort of use

If you can make clean cuts effortlessly with sausage guillotines, it’s because they have an extremely sharp blade. This means that the risk of cutting oneself is not negligible. And since you are never safe from mishandling, it is better to opt for sausage guillotines that provide some security. It would therefore be best to favor models equipped with a blade locking system.

In addition to safety, the comfort of use must be carefully studied when choosing your sausage guillotine. This amounts to checking whether the grip is easy and whether stability is ensured during use. If these options are important to you, then turn to a sausage slicer equipped with an ergonomic handle, a safety bar and non-slip pads.

The interview

Wooden sausage guillotines require regular maintenance. It is necessary to clean them after each use. Generally, a damp sponge or cloth with soapy water will do the trick. Since wood is a material that warps on contact with humidity, it is generally not recommended to wash wooden devices with a lot of water. Please note that some wooden slicers may require maintenance with cooking oil.

At the level of plastic guillotines, the task is much simpler. Most of the time, they are dishwasher safe.