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What is the best ladder hook for shingles?

Flat steel: These are the standard, garden-variety of roof ladder hooks. They are made of steel, six to eight inches long. The length lies flat against the roof and provides good security without damaging the shingles. Depending on how the edge is angled, some of them may not be suitable for use on wood shake shingles.

Can you use a ladder hook with another hook?

If a hook is designed to be used with another at the same time (one on either side of the ladder), bear in mind that that will be double the weight on the end of the ladder when you’re trying to turn it over. The main colors for ladder hooks are safety yellow, red, and black.

What is a roof hook?

A first-rate ladder hook with proven performance that won't break your budget. A hook that makes it simple to connect a ladder to a roof without endangering shingles. A premium hook that allows you to safely climb a ladder to access roof. A one-of-a-kind roof hook that delivers great combination of affordability and quality.

How do you attach a roof ladder to a roof?

Ladder hooks attach to the top two rungs of your ladder and are tightened in place with wingnuts. Pull the roof ladder up to the roof and lay it on the roof with the wheels facing down. The wheels will roll across the tiles or shingles instead of knocking them loose.


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