Top 10 Best rolling pins 2022-Complete Guide Review

The rolling pin can often seem banal and simple to choose. However, there are countless models on the market and finding yourself in the middle of it all can be dizzying. So how do you choose one rolling pin or another while being sure to make the right choice? The easiest way is to go through a comparison that lists the best products according to the most practical criteria.

Comparison of the best rolling pins 2022: tests and reviews

Rolling pin DM Creation

Rolling pin DM Creation

50 cm two-tone bamboo

If you’re looking for a simple and classic rolling pin, you’ve definitely found what you need. This model is available in the natural color of bamboo, which is also its manufacturing material. A detail that ecological users will undoubtedly appreciate.

Whether in the hands of a professional or a fan of homemade pastries, this roller seems to do its job perfectly. It is designed in such a way as to allow everyone to work their pasta as easily as possible. No need to spend endless time trying in vain to obtain the result that suits you. With dimensions of 50 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter, the utensil offers a good hold in the hand.

This rolling pin offered by the DM CREATION brand also offers the robustness and durability of its manufacturing material: bamboo. It can therefore be used to flatten dough for all kinds of crispy or soft preparations. The manufacturer certifies that its product does not shrink with use, and is also not sensitive to expansion. As far as maintenance is concerned, a simple cleaning with water and a little mineral oil will suffice to preserve the good condition of the material.


  1. Ecological and sustainable product
  2. Easy to use
  3. Simple to maintain
  4. Good dimensions


  1. Requires some practice to get the right thicknesses of dough

Simple strong and effective! Large diameter, weight that makes it easy to handle! Very good roll! Read all reviews.

Patrick P.

Uulki rolling pin

Uulki rolling pin

Ecological in untreated beech 40 cm

For lovers of kitchen utensils with a traditional design, the Uulki® brand offers a roll that seduces with its elegance. The material used here is beech, a wood very appreciated for its quality and for its robustness. Without even having tried it yet, we feel at first glance that we are dealing with a well-made utensil. In addition, beech wood is also known for its antibacterial properties, which makes it a very hygienic material.

This rolling pin consists of two handles and a rotating body with ball bearing that allows the dough to be rolled out. It measures 40 cm from end to end, while its rotating part is 22 cm long and 5.5 cm in diameter. The utensil is additionally available in a total length of 43 cm, but with a flattening body of 25 cm and a diameter of 6 cm. In one dimension as in the other, the Uulki® brand promises easy use without great effort. Lovers of cookies, pizzas, cakes or pies will therefore be able to use them with the greatest pleasure for all their preparations.

The manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations are also just as simple. This roller washes out with water and requires regular treatment with wax or oil.


  1. Food grade beech wood meeting European standards
  2. Robust and durable
  3. Ball bearing system for ease of use


  1. Absence of rings to calibrate the correct thickness of dough

Super happy with my purchase, the rolling pin is very large (43 cms) and above all very sturdy, you can feel it by the weight, perfect for making your pastries well, it is made of wood, natural, good value for money, very handy !! I highly recommend it, finally a very practical and useful roller . Read all reviews.

Emmanuelle G.

Silikomart rolling pin

Silikomart rolling pin

Smooth white plastic

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One of the steps that can be complicated when you want to make a biscuit, a galette, a donut or any other type of pastry is the time to work the dough. Rolling out or flattening your dough without the right utensil or even by hand is the best way to miss your preparation. In addition, we waste a lot of time toiling as best we can to obtain a more or less acceptable result. Which can be a problem in the event that there are greedy mouths that are impatiently waiting to be able to feast.

This rolling pin offered by Silikomart is efficient and easy to use for rolling out all kinds of dough. It measures 40 cm in length for a diameter of 4 cm, and displays a weight of 290 grams. Its dimensions and weight give it a certain ergonomics that allow it to be handled easily. It should not be relied on plastic constitution to doubt its robustness. It is indeed a well-made utensil that can be used for a very long time, whatever the use and frequency of use.

To clean it, there will also be no problem at this level since the utensil does not fear water and does not retain materials.


  1. Light and robust
  2. antiadhésif
  3. Easy to use
  4. Good value for money


  1. Absence of rings to control the thickness of the dough

Excellent roller used for sugar paste and others. Nothing to say at the top and does not stick. Awesome ! I’m even thinking of buying a second one but with a longer length for wedding cake sugar paste! I love it, it’s my favorite roll! It has become indispensable in my kitchen!! Silikomart always keeps its promise and packaging at the top! Read all reviews.

Chay I.

Mastrad rolling pin

Mastrad silicone rolling pin

Non-slip silicone

A French company with a total of 26 years of experience, Mastard has made easy cooking its main motivation. She has thus given herself the mission of proving to everyone that cooking can be a real moment of pleasure. From then on, driven by a vision combining both practicality and aesthetics, the brand has never ceased to surprise with products that are always useful.

The advantages of this rolling pin certainly appear more obvious to you now that you know a little more about its manufacturer. You are indeed in front of a utensil that is both elegant and functional. The material of which it is made is first quality silicone, which reinforces this impression of robustness that one feels when seeing the utensil.

What is even more reassuring about this roller is its ergonomics, which is noticeable from the first use. In addition, it is supplied with a number of rings that allow you to define dough thicknesses according to the recipe. Making your favorite pastries will be easy and will become a real pleasure, exactly as the French brand has always wanted it for you. All you have to do is love to treat yourself and love to surprise or wow your family or friends with your baking skills.


  1. Joli design
  2. Resistant and ergonomic
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Accompanied by thickness rings


  1. A little small for a large dough

I find it great! FYI I am a regular user of the rolling pin (I prepare all my pie dough, pasta…) so the rollers I tried: the classic wooden roller with handle, in marble, in stainless steel and the long version without a wooden handle… In short, it’s my favourite; non-stick, in silicone therefore hygienic and easy to wash, without handle. A set of rings which allow to have a uniform thickness of dough: personally I do not use it (the roller is not long enough and suddenly the rings leave imprints in the dough when my preparation is wide) but can be good for all small preparations (ring provided for pizza thickness, shortbread and tart in particular) .Finally it’s Mastrad so in terms of silicone utensils I think there is no better! Read all reviews.

Marie U.

Chuer Rolling Pin

Chuer’s Non-Stick Rolling Pin

With adjustable discs and measurement marking

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Just because you make your own pastries doesn’t mean you have to accept the fact that they don’t turn out the way they should. The WisFox brand in any case promises you perfect pies, galettes or cookies exactly the way you like them. And it is through this utensil that she intends to allow you to please yourself as often as possible. It is clear that your loved ones (friends or family) will also appreciate everything that comes out of your oven.

Now spread your pasta with ease without seeing the impression of performing a chore. This rolling pin offers you considerable time savings as well as perfect control of your preparations. It measures 30 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter, sufficient dimensions to work more or less wide pasta and succeed in your recipes. You will be helped in the task by thickness adjustment rings which will allow you to obtain the desired results. The body of the utensil is also engraved with measurement marks that allow you to control the size of your pastries. Note that a cooking mat lined with culinary annotations is provided to make your life even easier.

You should know that the manufacturing materials of this rolling pin from WisFox and its mat are stainless steel and silicone. The brand has made sure to use materials that are totally suitable for use in the kitchen and for preparing food.


  1. Son design
  2. Its food-grade manufacturing materials
  3. Its thickness adjustment rings and baking mat
  4. Its easy to use
  5. Its non-stick coating


  1. The rings do not allow to obtain certain thicknesses

Super practical, I love it . Read all reviews.

Julian T.

Mastrad rolling pin

Mastrad adjustable rolling pin

Silicone/Steel/PA, 41 cm

In the field of kitchen utensils, the Mastard name is undoubtedly synonymous with quality and practicality. And for good reason, the French brand has always had the reputation of offering products designed to make life easy for lovers of homemade cooking. The French brand confirms its know-how through this roll intended for all those who love freshly baked pastries.

One of the greatest assets of this utensil is undoubtedly its ergonomics. It is indeed easy to use it to spread your pasta in the desired way. This is the expression of the manufacturer’s motto which supports the idea that having fun in the kitchen should not be more complicated. Also, rather than just setting the thickness of their pasta by guesswork, the user gets an extra boost here. Indeed, it will be possible to lower the dough to four levels of thickness (2, 4, 6 and 8 mm) depending on the pastry to be made. You can also count on the non-stick coating for a perfectly smooth result.

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The sturdiness of this product conferred by its silicone material is also a point worth noting. This suggests that it is sure to do what it was designed to do for a very long time. Cleanup is also easy. 


  1. Ergonomic
  2. Materials are BPA free
  3. Resistant and durable
  4. Easy machine or hand maintenance
  5. Dough thickness adjustment


  1. The rings often tend to limit the width of the dough

This adjustable rolling pin is a marvel. It does not stick to the dough and allows perfect achievements. Some say the size is a bit tight for rolling out large quantities since the slices will then go over the dough and crush it, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t need to spread larger surfaces (at worst, I remove the washers and go carefully, as with a classic roller…) . Read all reviews.

Justine U.

Super Kitchen Rolling Pin

Super Kitchen Rolling Pin

Made of stainless steel with non-slip coating

The SUPER KITCHEN rolling pin is a utensil that everyone must have in their kitchen, as long as they are fond of baking. This will be an opportunity for the whole family to gather around a dough that is about to be transformed into delicious cookies or succulent biscuits. There is no denying it, home-made is tasted with pleasure and gluttony, especially when the preparation is particularly successful.

Both tastefully and visually, this 40 cm roll will help you easily achieve your culinary baking goals. Take advantage of the scale on the utensil to spread your dough to the width of your choice. And for more accuracy in the realization of your recipes, you can define the thickness that suits you thanks to 3 pairs of adjustment rings. These allow the roller to rise to different levels of height relative to the work surface.

Finally, it should be noted that everything is accompanied by a baking mat made of a quality and non-toxic material.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Thickness adjustment rings (2, 3, 5 mm)
  3. antiadhésif
  4. Baking mat comes with


  1. Choice of thickness level limited to 3 levels

I love it and can put it in the fridge to make it more enjoyable and effective when rolling out my dough. The carpet is also useful . Read all reviews.

Veronique O.

Tupperware rolling pin

Tupperware rolling pin

Modulo roll with blue white cutters

If there is a brand that is no longer really to be presented in the world of kitchen accessories, it is undoubtedly TUPPERWARE . Does this name mean anything to you ? This is not surprising, since everyone (or almost) has already at least once stored or transported their food in one or another of the boxes of this manufacturer. Of course, it is not a container in this case, but rather a rolling pin.

As its name suggests, the Modulo is a fairly modular utensil and this is what makes it interesting compared to other accessories in its category. First of all, it has 4 cookie cutters that allow you to cut various shapes in the dough. Enough to make your cookies or galettes even more appetizing. Also, these cutting rings can be clipped to either end of the spreading cylinder. This allows, depending on the accessory chosen, to benefit from two levels of thickness (approximately 3 and 6 mm) to flatten the dough evenly. It is possible to add handles to optimize grip and ease of use.

In addition, this TUPPERWARE brand rolling pin is hollow and can therefore contain a certain amount of water. The advantage of this feature is to allow the user to vary the weight of the utensil always with the aim of facilitating display. In addition, the accessory filled with water can be cooled in the freezer to then be able to easily work certain pasta in particular.

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  1. Made of quality plastic materials
  2. Modular and multifunctional
  3. Height adjustable
  4. Comes with handy cookie cutters
  5. Easy to use


  1. The handles are a bit too short

Good quality, leakproof reasonable size for baking and well packaged! Perfect . Read all reviews.

Hervé M.

Rolling pin Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin

4 levels of thickness and non-stick

Joseph Joseph offers a roll whose mission is to support pastry lovers in their daily preparation. It should be noted that the brand has distinguished itself for a little over 17 years in the design of kitchen utensils. We can therefore expect this model to play its role very well in the hands of anyone.

Whether rolling out cookie, galette, pizza or pie dough, this roller is very ergonomic and easy to use. The thickness can be adjusted by adding rubber rings to the body of the accessory. It will thus be possible to obtain four different levels of height (namely 2, 4, 6 and 10 mm) depending on the pastry to be made. Similarly, a graduation system directly engraved on the roller allows better control of the width of the pasta worked.

This utensil is made of quality wood, strong and durable. It is non-stick and cleans easily with a little water and a cloth.


  1. Ergonomic
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. It can happen that the paste clings to the wood depending on its texture

Super roller offered to my mom who was looking for an adjustable roller whose rings do not move. Unlike the roller of another brand that I have, the rings of this one do not move thanks to the screw system keeping them in place. In addition, the smooth wood material is really very pleasant! Read all reviews.

Cecile L.

Isenberg rolling pin

Isenberg Professional Rolling Pin

Made from a single piece of beech wood 

Concerned about using quality materials while preserving the natural balance, isenberg drew its rolling pin from European beech. As you have understood, it is a well-made wood that comes from sustainably exploited forests. The accessory is made in one piece, which means that it has not been assembled from several pieces with glue or any other chemical product. By opting for this utensil, you can be sure of using it for a long time without contaminating your preparations with residues of substances unfit for consumption.

The handling of this rolling pin is made easy thanks to its rotation system equipped with ball bearings. There is therefore no excessive effort to be made or particular force to be deployed to spread the dough. With 1.63 kg, its weight, which may seem a little high, plays precisely in favor of the user who will only have to press lightly to spread his pasta.

The rolling pin from isenberg also impresses with its design, which remains traditional, but still very elegant. Its oiled wood displays a natural color which does not fail to reinforce its appearance as a robust and resistant accessory. Regarding its dimensions, this model is 25 cm long and 9 mm in diameter. It is possible to have it in larger sizes (30, 35, 40 cm) to work larger doughs.


  1. Nice appearance
  2. Simplified operation with ball bearing
  3. Food grade materials
  4. Easy to maintain
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  1. No thickness adjustment rings

it’s a beautiful object, imposing, well in hand, it allows you to work well without effort, moreover the handles preserve the integrity of my hands, the ball bearing is well adjusted it allows you to work without effort, without get carried away in the void, the wood is well centered on the axis, there is a (very very) slight eccentricity (no asymmetry, everything is perfectly in line) which limits the roller’s chances of leaving on its own on the worktop, and this is not at all detrimental to fast and efficient work! really excellent, to recommend, in terms of durability, I can’t say anything yet but it looks solid. Read all reviews.

Patricia O.

Kneading a dough

By identifying which rolling pin best suits your needs, you can be sure to choose a model that will really serve you. There are selections to take into account to easily distinguish between accessories.

Selection criteria

The material of manufacture used

The advantage of having a rolling pin in one material or the other depends on the characteristics of each of these materials. There are generally about 4 different types on the market, namely wood, stainless steel, silicone and marble.

Wood is undoubtedly the most common material because of its affordability and the natural resistance it offers. However, this material is quite sensitive to humidity and any contact of the roller with water (to clean it for example) must be brief and followed by immediate drying. This is important to prevent it from getting damaged or accumulating mold and possibly bacteria. The wood also tends to carry the dough with it when hitching it, hence the need to dust it well with flour. It should be noted that bamboo, unlike classic wood, is less sensitive to water and also remains a good alternative.

Stainless steel is just as durable and resistant as wood, if not a bit more. Stainless steel also has the advantage of being more non-stick, which facilitates the flattening of the dough, not to mention the fact that a stay in the fridge does not fail to optimize its efficiency. Stainless steel is also easy to maintain, and it is a material that does not fear water.

The silicone rolling pin is also a good option, as it is one of the most hygienic materials. It is easy to clean, whether in the dishwasher or by hand, since its non-stick character means that the dough does not soil it too much.

Marble, on the other hand, is a naturally elegant material that makes it possible to have utensils of great beauty. It takes a little experience to master marble rolling pins because of their very often high weight. But again, this weight can turn into an advantage and allow a less difficult display. This material is also easy to maintain. Its only real flaw is its price. But that doesn’t have to be a problem when you’re willing to put your hands in your pocket to get the right product.

roll size

The larger a rolling pin is, the wider it allows the dough to be rolled out. The sizes of this utensil vary between 30 and 50 cm, with equally varied diameters. The best compromise in case of uncertainty is to opt for an intermediate dimension. You just have to keep in mind that a roll that is too big will obviously have a proportional weight. But at the same time, this detail can be an asset for an easy display of the dough. It’s up to you to determine your level of mastery for a smaller or larger accessory.

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Do not forget to also take into account the fact that other people (your children for example) could also participate in your baking sessions.

Roll weight

You have certainly understood it with the previous points, the weight can have a positive or negative influence on the handling of the utensil. In short, a model that is too heavy can be a handicap and a model that is too light can require more strength to work the dough. The guideline is to go for the weight you think you can handle easily, or for a model that can be weighted down with water like the TUPPERWARE rolling pin .

The design of the roller

The design criterion does not refer specifically to aesthetics, although this detail can also count when choosing. Some dough flattening utensils come in a standard size, while others are a bit fancier.

The accessories that come with the roller

 As far as accessories are concerned, the most commonly offered by manufacturers are adjustment rings. Generally supplied in several pairs, they make it possible to adapt the thickness of the dough to the prepared recipe. The thicknesses that can be obtained range from one millimeter to approximately 6 millimeters.

Some rollers have handles while others do not. In some cases, a ball bearing system is integrated to facilitate rotations of the display surface.

There are also models that come with cookie cutters, or have designs directly printed along their body. Additionally, a baking mat can be supplied with the roll.

The price

The model of rolling pin you buy will depend on the price you think you can afford. The best advice you can follow is to avoid being persuaded by prices that are too ridiculous, while keeping in mind that “too expensive” does not mean “very good” either. The range in which you can expect to find a well-made rolling pin is 15 to 40 euros. It should be noted that some sellers often make promotional offers that allow you to find interesting utensils at low prices.

How to maintain your rolling pin?

Maintenance precautions for rolling pins mainly concern wooden models. Due to the presence of humidity, the wood will tend to favor the appearance of germs and mould. This situation can be harmful to your health and that of your family. Wood is a very good material, one of the most widely used, but it still needs to be well maintained after each use.

The best thing to do is to avoid leaving your rolling pin submerged in water for too long. Use a damp cloth (preferably non-abrasive) and clean it thoroughly and then be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it.

Most other materials do not have this problem, but it is just as important to maintain them well after use.