10 Best Rice Cookers 2022-Complete Guide Review

The primary role of a rice cooker is to quickly, efficiently, and easily cook rice and several other grains. There are a multitude of different models on the market to help you find the one that suits you best. The best devices have been gathered in this comparison to optimize your chances of making the right choice.

Comparison of the best rice cookers for brown Rice: tests and reviews

Each of the rice cookers in this comparison is presented to you with its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. You will find all the necessary information to choose wisely one model or another according to your needs.

Tristar rice cooker

Tristar RK-6126 rice cooker and steamers

What will seduce you the most about the Tristar RK-6126 , apart from its sober and elegant design, is undoubtedly its many functions and its performance. This cooker is indeed a simple efficiency when it comes to cooking rice and cereals. All you have to do is turn it on after adding the required amount of rice and water to the bowl.

Whether for a meal shared with family or friends, the device allows you to cook up to 5 portions of rice thanks to its 1 L capacity . Preparation is quick and intuitive thanks to the automatic shut-off function which prevents overcooking. Plus, the keep warm feature built into this cooker ensures your rice will always stay at the right tasting temperature between 70 and 75 degrees. It should also be noted that the Tristar RK-6126 is also designed not to start up when the elements necessary for its operation are not met. The indicator lights will let you know when the appliance is in cooking mode or in keep warm mode.

This 400 W power device is a stainless steel model that comes with a preparation spoon and a bowl to measure the right amount of rice and water. Its cooking bowl has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean, whatever the recipe. For good stability during use, the cooker rests on non-slip feet. It should be noted that this cooker is also available in capacities of 1.5 L, 2.2 L or 0.6 L to cover all needs.


  1. Capacity of 1 L
  2. Keep warm function
  3. Non-slip base
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Good value for money


  1. No possibility of steaming

I had bought in store the model of range below of the same mark. It is HS after 4 years of good and loyal service at 3 uses per week on average. I bought this one for the design, the larger capacity and the still attractive price. Read all reviews.

Cecile G.

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker

The Russell Hobbs 19750-56 is the ideal machine for large families in which rice is highly valued. Indeed, with a capacity of 1.8 liters , this cooker is able to take out of its tank up to 10 portions of rice in a single cooking. With its power of 700 W, this rice cooker can also be used for recipes based on fish, meat or vegetables thanks to its steam basket. You thus save a considerable amount of time in the preparation of your meals for the family or for guests, without having to change cooking utensils.

This Russell Hobbs model 19750-56 rice cooker shuts off automatically when food is cooked. You will no longer have to be on the alert during the whole cooking process fearing that your rice will cook more than it should. And as it may happen that you are not yet ready to eat, the heat preservation function will prove useful for serving hot.

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In terms of its design, it should be noted that the device is elegantly distinguished by its brushed steel and black finish. Its body is made of stainless steel, the cooking bowl is removable and benefits from an easy-to-clean non-stick coating with a glass lid. In addition to the steam basket, a measuring bowl and a plastic spoon make cooking even easier with this cooker.


  1. Simple and elegant design
  2. Large capacity of 1.8 L for 10 portions of rice
  3. Comes with a steamer basket
  4. Auto shut-off and keep warm


  1. The power cable is not long enough

Russell Hobbs! What more can I say… A pressure cooker that does its job perfectly, easy to use and maintain. Delivered with measuring spoon and large spoon as well as a steamer basket. I only have Russell Hobbs in the kitchen and as usual once again satisfied with the quality of the appliance and the price. Read all reviews.

Jean-Denis O.

Severin rice cooker

Rice cooker Severin RK 2425

Experience a new, more optimal way of cooking rice, vegetables, fish or meat with the Severin RK 2425 cooker . Its use is very simple and rests its push button which allows in a single gesture to pass from the state of stop to that of running or the opposite. In the same way, the temperature preservation function will activate automatically at the end of cooking to allow you to eat hot at any time. You can also tell if the appliance is in cooking or reheating mode at a glance, thanks to the LED indicators.

In addition to displaying a certain robustness thanks to its stainless steel structure, the Severin RK 2425 also pleases in terms of its design. It pushes its great practicality also in its other physical characteristics, starting for example with its removable cable. You will also appreciate its non-stick tank closed by a lid equipped with a locking system. However, this does not prevent you from being able to open it effortlessly by simply pressing the opening button provided for this purpose.

The Severin RK 2425 rice cooker is a 3 liter capacity model, with ergonomic carrying handles. It comes with a steamer basket, a measuring cup to prepare with the right amounts, and a spoon to stir and serve the food. It is also fitted with a container designed to collect water runoff caused by condensation.


  1. Gentle steam cooking
  2. Automatic keep warm function
  3. Big capacity
  4. Detachable power cord


  1. The lid is not removable

It matches the description perfectly. I mostly used it to make black garlic. It’s top of the line. Keeping it warm, hermetically sealed and its large capacity allowed me to make this black garlic to perfection. Only happiness and above all very big savings… See all reviews.

Pascal A.

Reishunger rice cooker

Reishunger rice cooker

Without an adequate utensil, it is not easy to always successfully prepare your rice, even when you know how to cook. Between badly dosed water, insufficient or excessive cooking or even the meal that burns downright, we are often obliged to monitor the cooking all the time. The Reishunger cookersaves you all that clutter by helping you cook your rice efficiently and easily. You don’t need to open it every 5 minutes to see if everything is going well, thanks to its intuitive operation. All you have to do is put the rice to be prepared in the bowl, add the right amount of water and start cooking. The utensil will do its job without your assistance and will automatically go into reheat mode as soon as your rice is cooked. There is therefore no risk of overcooking or even burning, and in addition you are sure not to eat food that has cooled down.

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The Reishunger brand rice cooker offers a capacity of 1.2 L which is equivalent to approximately 4 to 6 servings. By unpacking the packaging, you will discover it with its preparation accessories, namely a plastic spoon, a measuring bowl and a steamer basket. While being removable, its bowl is made of aluminum and has an additional non-stick protective layer for easy cleaning. In the same way, the honeycomb bottom facilitates the maintenance of the tank by cooking the rice in an optimal way without burning it.


  1. Powerful and easy to use
  2. Automatic keep warm function
  3. Bowl with double non-stick coating with honeycomb bottom
  4. Easy to clean


  1. No On/Off button to turn off the cooker

Really top and consistent with the description, the biggest problem is the lack of On / Off button, forced to unplug the pressure cooker each time. Otherwise the rice made with it is niquel, if it is missed it is your fault for a bad water dosage or just a bad rice. Read all reviews.

Denis W.

Senya rice cooker

Senya rice cooker SYCK-RC003/A

The Senya SYCK-RC003/A is a 300 W cooker whose dimensions in length, width and height are 20, 18 and 21 cm respectively. Compact therefore, this utensil offers a capacity of 1 liter and will not clutter you in your kitchen. It also comes in a black and red colorway while featuring a sturdy plastic and aluminum design.

What pleases most about the Senya cooker is its versatility. On the one hand, the device allows you to cook and succeed in your dishes in a totally surprising way. You can prepare all kinds of rice from basmati to jasmine, through Thai and Japanese. Cooking will take between 20 and 25 minutes and you can treat up to 4 people each time. It shuts off automatically at the end of the cycle, and your perfectly cooked rice will be kept warm until everything is ready to eat.

On the other hand, this Senya brand cooker can also be used to prepare delicious homemade sushi and maki. It is delivered for this with all the necessary accessories including a spoon, a spatula and of course sushi moulds.

Whatever the recipe, you will have no trouble cleaning this rice cooker thanks to its non-stick coated bowl. This is also removable and can thus be machine washed if necessary with the rest of the accessories.


  1. Compact and pleasant design
  2. Versatility
  3. Auto shut-off and keep warm function
  4. The accessories and the bowl can go in the dishwasher


  1. Small capacity

A good product, its small size makes it discreet and easy to position in a kitchen. A handy on/off button that avoids having to unplug the appliance, a button to start cooking (automatic stop of course) and keep warm after cooking. The power cable is rather short but that’s not a problem since I don’t plan to put it in the middle of the room . Read all reviews.

Sophie U.

Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Cuisinart CRC400E Rice Cooker

The Cuisinart CRC800E allows you to offer your family a complete menu based on rice, vegetables, fish and meats. Having it in your kitchen is not only the way to make all your dishes successful, but also the guarantee of healthy eating. The operation of this device is very simple and anyone can use it without any problem.

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Once the cooking has started with the right proportions of rice and water, you can quietly take care of something else while waiting for the end of the process. When your food is cooked properly, the cookware will automatically switch to keep warm mode. This function gives you time to finish what you have to do, being sure that your preparation will not get cold. It will also be an opportunity to save time by cooking the meal in advance while waiting for dinner time. Note that the different modes, namely “cook” (cooking) and “warm” (reheating) are indicated by the two indicator lights fitted to the appliance. An on/off switch is also available to allow you to turn it off without necessarily unplugging it.

In addition to its features, the Cuisinart CRC800E rice cooker also impresses with its original unique design. Its stainless steel finish is due to the nature of its coating, which at the same time gives it resistance and durability. It comes with a non-stick bowl, a stainless steel basket, a measuring cup, a spatula and a transparent lid that can be cleaned in the washing machine. The power cable is retractable.


  1. Elegant design
  2. Ability to cook multiple foods
  3. Auto shut-off and reheat function
  4. Accessories are dishwasher safe
  5. Easy storage


  1. Possible boilover during cooking with certain types of rice

I offered this rice cooker to a friend because I’ve had the link for 10 years and it hasn’t moved! If you wash the bin by hand, it will stay with you for a very, very long time! The only flaw is the steamer basket which has lots of little nooks that store leftover food. It will take special care. Other than that, my friend runs her rice cooker every day and everything is fine! It is fast, does not stick. Read all reviews.

Luce F.

Tefal rice cooker

Tefal RK1011 rice cooker

With its 750 W power, the Tefal RK1011 allows you to quickly and easily cook different types of food for the enjoyment of the whole family. Its cooking container has a capacity of 1.8 L which can hold up to 10 cups of rice. Thanks to its included basket, you can also steam vegetables, fish and meat. You can also make your favorite soups and eat a balanced diet.

Take advantage of this cooker’s features to cook ahead to save time. In addition to the cooking mode which allows you to obtain perfectly cooked food, you can count on the keep warm function. As long as this utensil is part of your daily life, no one will eat cold or burnt rice in your home.

The Tefal RK1011 cooker is a white model designed in a food-grade plastic material. It has a transparent glass lid that can be hung on one of the ergonomic handles while cooking. Thanks to the On/Off switch, you won’t have to unplug the device to turn it off.


  1. 1.8 L capacity for 10 cups of rice
  2. Cook and keep warm modes
  3. Cooking bowl with non-stick coating
  4. Interrupteur On/Off


  1. The cleaning of the lid requires a little more attention because of its edges

Received quickly. works very well and has the advantage of having an on/off button behind it so that it can be left plugged in. Very good value for money, the lid rests on the handy side as well as the accessories. I just hope the coating lasts a long time. no problem cooking rice, I was already used to a pressure cooker . Read all reviews.

Anna G.

Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker

Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker

The Reishunger digital mini cooker differs from previous models thanks to its technology that cooks rice in 7 phases . Each of these steps plays a decisive role for a progressive and flawless cooking at the end of the process. Thus, after passing through different temperatures ranging from 50 to 100 degrees, the deliciously cooked rice is maintained at 65 degrees for up to 24 hours. This allows you to get ahead of your cooking schedule so you can always serve the meal on time. In addition, the cooking time can be programmed according to the recipes made.

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This cooker designed by the Reishunger brand offers different cooking programs corresponding to the specificity of each type of rice. You can also prepare several other steamed foods such as meat, fish or vegetables. Defrost and bake functions are even provided for even more versatile use.

The device has a digital display illuminated by LED lighting. It provides the easiest access in the world to the various programs and features via a highly intuitive menu. Delivered with a measuring cup, a spoon and a steamer basket, this cooker can prepare three portions of rice thanks to its capacity of 0.6 L. It is also equipped with a non-stick ceramic bowl that distributes the heat well while being easy to clean.


  1. Robust and aesthetic design
  2. 7-phase cooking technology
  3. 24 hour keep warm function
  4. Intuitive LED display
  5. Easy to clean


  1. Small capacity

Replacement for the philips HD3011/08 which only lasted 2 months before starting to leak. This one seems of a completely different quality. Of course the price is not the same, but given its reliability in intensive use (2 to 3 times a week) so far it seems justified. Only one criticism, a master switch would have been nice. To put yourself, or buy a socket with switch. Read all reviews.

Percy I.

Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

The Yum Asia Panda is certainly one of the best rice cookers on the market that best deserves to be included in this comparison. It is indeed a top-of-the-range model which will certainly not fail to seduce you with its many qualities, starting with its elegance.

One of the strengths of this utensil lies in its advanced fuzzy logic technology which promotes rice cooking in the most optimal conditions. The device is indeed able to efficiently and easily cook many varieties of rice from long to short rice to brown rice.

The Panda cooker from Yum Asia goes through 7 major progressive and fully controlled cooking stages. The result is immediately noticeable at the end of the process through tender and delicious rice, even without accompaniments. And even after cooking, the rice will remain pleasant to taste for up to 24 hours thanks to the keep warm function.

The control panel of this device is equipped with an LED display with very intuitive touch keys. Programs and features are easily accessible, and most of the time one swipe is all it takes to get stunning results.

In addition, it should be noted that the Panda Yum Asia is a mini cooker which offers a capacity of 0.63 liters to satisfy 1 to 3 people. This compactness turns out to be a great asset when it comes time to store the machine after use. The tank benefits from a “Ninja” ceramic coating which gives it more resistance and ease of maintenance. Of course, the rice cooker comes with all its accessories, from the steamer basket to the soup ladle, including the spatula and the measuring cup.

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  1. Sleek BPA-free plastic design
  2. Fuzzy Logic Baking Technology
  3. Keep warm function
  4. Ninja Ceramic Bowl


  1. The handling of the cooker can be complicated at first because of its user manual which has no explanation in French

Day and night with my old tefal low gram rice cooker which cooked the rice badly, recently broke down. The device is clearly worth its price, the cooking of the rice is perfect if you respect the quantities of water and rice and that you rinse the rice well before cooking. It is compact, does not take up space and can make rice for up to 3 people, more than enough for my use . Read all reviews.

Yanh W.

Reishunger Auto Rice Cooker

Reishunger Auto Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a cooker that will cook your rice exceptionally well, you might want to choose a model that incorporates a 7-stage cooking mode . In any case, this is what this Reishunger device offers you to help you never miss your dishes again. This progressive way of cooking the rice allows it to retain all its flavor while having a very pleasant texture. The cooking capacity is 1.5 L and should allow about 8 people to enjoy each preparation.

Versatile, the appliance offers 7 cooking modes as well as 12 programs to adapt to several varieties of rice and different types of food. You can thus make several recipes with meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, quinoa, soups or even pastries. It will thus be your perfect kitchen ally to please family or friends, allowing you to always eat healthy.

The Reishunger Auto is easy to use thanks to its beautiful control panel with beautifully illuminated LED display. A simple press of a single button will suffice each time to launch the cooking modes, the keep warm function or to change functions. It is also equipped with a bowl with a high quality non-stick coating made of ceramic, aluminum and bronze. This can be easily cleaned in the same way as the steamer basket and the other accessories.


  1. 7-stage cooking technology
  2. 7 modes and 12 cooking programs
  3. Intuitive control panel
  4. Easy to clean


  1. No on/off button

Nice device, well designed, easy to use, robust. The doses are good. It doesn’t stick and food is cooked to perfection. We don’t feel like we’re eating the same rice as usual. They even thought of a small reservoir to collect the steam that flows over the lid when it is opened. It can also be adapted with ebly and other things. Certainly it is not a rolls such as the Zoruichi brand which remains hard to find and very expensive but it has nothing to envy them. Read all reviews.

Nadia C.

Cook rice in a cooker
Modern electric multi cooker and food on kitchen countertop. Space for text

Selection criteria

The rice cooker or “rice cooker” is, as its name suggests, a utensil that is mainly used to cook rice. The device has evolved a lot since its first models until those which are proposed today on the market. But still, it generally consists of a shell, a removable tank, a lid. What will then weigh in the balance of choice will then be the specific characteristics and functionalities of each model. Here are the details to take into account to choose the right one.

The power

The power expressed in Watts is the criterion that determines the overall performance of the rice cooker in terms of speed and cooking efficiency. The ideal will therefore be to favor a device with a sufficiently high power according to your needs.

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The capacity

The minimum or maximum capacity that can suffice for the needs of a student or a single person is not the same as for a couple or a large family. The capacity varies from 0.5 to treat one person to 5 liters to make food for a whole regiment. It’s up to you to see which capacity would suit you best depending on your cooking habits and the number of rice lovers to feast on.


The main function of a rice cooker is to cook rice quickly and easily. However, the appliance can offer functions such as keeping warm which optimize its cooking efficiency. Some models, for example, also allow you to cook other foods such as vegetables, meat or fish. Others offer cooking programs adapted to different types of rice or food.

The coating of the hull and the tank

Many manufacturers offer rice cookers with a stainless steel frame because of the known strength of this material. But plastic and aluminum are also used and can be just as resistant, provided of course that they are food grade. At the level of the tank, it is important to favor a non-stick material to facilitate cooking and maintenance. Many appliances also offer a ceramic coating because of its good heat conduction and its non-stick character.

The budget

The main thing here is to determine whether you think you can settle for a rice cooker with basic or advanced features. As you have understood, the purchase price of the model you are interested in will depend on its technical specificities. With around €20, you can already have a device that does just what it was designed for. But by investing a little more, even up to a hundred euros, you can find more sophisticated models.

How to effectively maintain your rice cooker?

The first thing to do when you want to clean your rice cooker is to unplug it. You must then wait patiently for the tank to cool completely before removing it from the appliance and cleaning it. Most builders recommend using a simple soft sponge with detergent and warm water. Above all, do not scrape the inside of the tank with any utensil in the hope of removing any stubborn food residues. All you have to do is soak the container in water for a while and wipe it down with a non-abrasive sponge again. Or, you can make it simpler by cleaning the cooking tray and its accessories in the dishwasher, provided of course that this is recommended by the manufacturer.

For the engine block, a slightly damp cloth will be more than enough to restore its shine, while absolutely avoiding any contact with water.

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