10 Best Raclette Grill machines 2022-Complete Guide Review

Raclette is the dish of conviviality, of good humor which can be enjoyed with family or friends around a good local wine. This recipe originating from Switzerland has conquered the hearts and taste buds of the French, who are more and more likely to invest in the purchase of a raclette machine . 

You want to buy a raclette machine to make your raclette evenings even more convivial or simply to enhance your dishes with a drizzle of melted cheese. You’re not sure which model is more reliable or which one will best suit your needs. It is true that the market for raclette machines is very diversified and there are many brands. Here is a comparison that brings together the 10 best raclette machines of the moment followed by a buying guide.

Comparison of the best raclette Grill machines 2022: tests and reviews

This comparison highlights the characteristics, advantages and weak points of the 10 best raclette machines currently selling on the market.

Domo Just Us raclette grill

Domo Just Us DO9147G raclette grill

Do you like to spend convivial moments around a good raclette with two or three friends? In this case, you need one of the best raclette machines of the moment like this model from the Domo brand. 

The Domo Just Us DO9147G is a 2-in-1 device that combines a 4-pan raclette grill and a cooking grill . Ideal for 4 people or for a couple, it is perfect for making recipes according to your desires and those of your guests. What could be more interesting than making cheese fondues while having the possibility of grilling fish, meat, seafood or charcuterie at the same time?

This raclette-grill from Domo works with a power of 600 watts which allows it to heat your ingredients quickly. Very easy to use, just press its “on/off” switch to turn it on.

The cups of this inexpensive raclette machine are coated with non-stick; which ensures perfect cooking of the cheese. Cleaning is also quite easy, especially since you can send the pans to the dishwasher or wash them quickly with a sponge.

Also note that the DOMO Just Us DO9147G raclette-grill has a sober and elegant design thanks to its black coating and its square shape. It is also available in a compact format which is particularly space-saving and easy to store.


  1. Rapid temperature rise
  2. Non-stick coating
  3. Perfect cooking
  4. Dishwasher safe


  1. No temperature setting

I already had a large raclette machine, for 8. I was looking for one for the 4 of us or less. This one is perfect. Much less bulky on the table, heats well, non-stick cups. I recommend . Read all reviews.

Carine T.

COOKUT Lumi candle raclette grill

COOKUT Lumi candle raclette grill

Cookut offers LUMI, a special device that allows you to make raclettes by candlelight. It comes in the form of a candle holder and its wooden and metal design gives it a rather artisanal design. It is in fact one of the best non-electric raclette machines around. Even if you already have a multi-function raclette grill, this equipment can be useful for many reasons.

Indeed, the Lumi raclette is perfect when you don’t want to bother with heavier devices during a raclette party. Delivered in a set of 4, each will have their own device to melt their cheese directly in front of them. You absolutely do not need a power source. All you need are classic tealight candles that you will place in the candle holder before placing the dish containing the cheese. In just a few minutes, the latter will begin to melt under the effect of the heat produced by the candle.

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Easy to use, portable and compact, it can be taken anywhere without worry: camping, travel, walks, park…


  1. Compact et portable
  2. Ecological
  3. Design compact
  4. Comes with wooden spatulas


  1. Limited functionality

I put two candles per lumi. Awesome. We turn off ours when we want and we put only one candle if we eat slowly. We love. Super economical… after 5 uses, the candles have lost only 1/5th of their height. To offer or to offer oneself. Be careful not to move the lights when the wax is liquid . Read all reviews.

Martin J.

Severin raclette machine

Severin RG 2681 raclette grill

Delight up to 8 people with family or friends with the Severin RG 2681 of 1100 watts. One of the best raclette machines currently available on the market, this model includes all the features necessary for a successful tasting moment.

The utensil has a cooking surface of 800 cm 2 with 8 pans which benefit from an even distribution of heat thanks to the spiral resistance. Whether there is meat, fish or vegetables on the menu, the food is optimally cooked and the meal tasty. Plus, you can rely on the adjustable thermostat to conveniently control the temperature based on what you’re cooking.

The RG 2681 from Severin is a 42.5 x 34 x 11.8 cm raclette grill that has an elegant design with a beautiful black finish. Apart from its cooking plate, it is made of high quality plastic materials which resists heat very well. It is also equipped with a control light while benefiting from good stability thanks to its non-slip feet. In short, this is the perfect model for grilling or gratinating quickly, efficiently and safely.

It should also be noted that the Severin RG 2681 offers easy cleaning. In fact, residues are easily removed thanks to the non-stick coating of the cooking plate.


  1. Large cooking surface
  2. The spiral resistance ensures good heat distribution
  3. Adjustable thermostat with indicator light
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Delivered without wooden spatula

It is compliant, aesthetic and reasonable price. However, after 3 or 4 uses the cheese clings strongly to the Teflon and you have to soak it for a long time to clean it. In fact purchase made because scandalously exorbitant price for the only replacement of the caquelons, or even small wooden spatulas. We are therefore far from a reasonable economy! Read all reviews.

Karine G.

Princess raclette grill

Princess raclette grill 162710

Who says raclette evening, says moment of conviviality, furnished table, laughter and good-natured atmosphere. But for this to be effective, you must have a good raclette machine. And it is precisely to allow you to organize memorable raclette parties that the Princess brand offers you a wide range of cooking items, including this model.

The 162710 Princess raclette grill is a 3-in-1 multifunctional device that will allow you to cook several times at the same time. It comes with 8 cups which are very handy for cooking cheese, pancakes and omelettes. We also distinguish on the upper part, a cooking surface with a grill side and a stone side. Using these, you can cook or grill fat-free meat as well as vegetables, seafood, cold cuts and more.

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Despite its functions, this Princess raclette grill remains easy to use. It also comes with 8 wooden spatulas for the most comfortable use. In terms of cleaning, everything is quite easy since you can machine wash the pans because of their non-stick coatings.

This cooking equipment is one of the best temperature-adjustable raclette appliances . It is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. This allows the different ingredients to be cooked efficiently and evenly. Added to this is its power of 1200 watts, perfect for quick cooking.


  1. Ideal for 8 people
  2. Multifunctional (Raclette, grill, stone)
  3. Thermostat adjustment
  4. Non-stick coating
  5. Easy to clean


  1. Baking stone is not dishwasher safe

I offered this raclette machine to my grandson for his installation in an apartment. We all released it together and it is perfect. The device heats up quickly. Good article that I recommend. Good value for money. Read all reviews.

Blanche H.

Tefal Pierrade raclette grill

Tefal Pierrade PR457812 raclette grill

In winter, as at any time of the year, it is not uncommon to meet around a good raclette with family, friends or colleagues to unwind. But for conviviality and good humor to be part of it, you must necessarily have a raclette machine available with good features like this model which comes straight from Tefal.

Tefal PR457812 is indeed a 2-in-1 device (raclette and pierrade) which has been specially designed to adapt to everyone’s needs. It has 10 cups arranged so that everyone can concoct their dish according to their preferences. It is the perfect multifunction raclette device for large gatherings.

In practice, this raclette machine is quite easy to use. It has an on/off button and operates with a power of 1350 watts. The pans therefore heat up quite quickly since the temperature rises very quickly.

In addition to that, the cooking is done quite well and efficiently thanks to the non-stick coating which prevents the cheese from sticking to the bottom of the cups. This also promotes easy cleaning by hand or machine. Note, however, that the device comes with a scraper. As for the stone, it is practical for cooking with little or no fat.

In short, the quality of design, the number of cups and their arrangement, versatility and ease of use are the essential points that have earned this device its place in this comparison of the best raclette devices.


  1. Ideal for 10 people
  2. Fast heat-up time
  3. Cooking without fat
  4. Non-stick coating


  1. No temperature setting

The device is aesthetic and compact . We only used it in “raclette” mode, the wooden spatulas are not provided but apparently they are useless, the cheese slides on its own. The temperature is ideal. My old tefal device served us for 20 years… I think that with this one it’s gone again for 20 years 🙂 See all reviews.

Séverine V.

H.Koenig raclette grill

H.Koenig RP418 raclette grill

H. Kœnig is a well-known German brand in the small domestic appliance market. It offers a wide variety of useful everyday kitchen items such as the RP418, which is one of the best multi-function raclette appliances around.

The RP481 raclette machine is designed in stainless steel, a well thought-out choice to provide users with solid, resistant and durable equipment. Its design and color

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This equipment is ideal for those who like to cook a bit of everything during a raclette party. It is a 4-in-1 cooking device that has three interchangeable trays in addition to 8 non-stick coated pans that are mainly used to melt raclette cheese.

There is a grill and a natural stone cooking plate which will be your allies for grilling and cooking with or without fat (meat, vegetables, seafood, charcuterie, etc.) as well as a plate for mini crepes or pancakes. In short, a complete arsenal to allow everyone to feast according to their preferences and desires.

The RP418 H.Koenig raclette device works with a high power of 1500 Watts which allows it to efficiently and quickly perform all its functions as it should. Simple to use, it has an adjustable temperature thermostat and an on/off button with indicator light.


  1. Polyvalent
  2. Its fast heat-up time
  3. Its non-stick coating
  4. Its value for money


  1. Power cable length

Very good multifunction device. Corresponds perfectly to the expectations as well as the description. Only downside no wooden spatula to accompany the raclette. The device heats up well and quickly! ideal for the coming winter. Read all reviews.

Sebastian W.

HengBo raclette grill

HengBo HB-105 Raclette Grill

HengBO is a brand not well known in France. However, it offers raclette machines that are very popular with many users, including this model.

The HengBo HB-105 is a 2-in-1 cooking device that can be used for both raclette and cooking other foods. In addition to its 8 pans which are arranged in two rows in sets of 4, it also has a cooking grill. The latter offers a two-sided cooking surface: a grooved part for grilling meat, bacon, etc., and another smooth side which will certainly be perfect for cooking vegetables and many others. It’s the perfect choice if you don’t need a raclette grill.

So that this raclette-grill can perform its functions efficiently and quickly, it has been equipped with a power of 1500 W. This places it in the category of the most powerful raclette appliances for domestic use on the market. Also note that the equipment is equipped with a thermostat which allows you to regulate and control the cooking temperature.

The HengBo HB-105 raclette-grill is very easy to use. Like most of the models offered in this comparison of the best raclette machines , its pans are coated with non-stick. This has the advantage of promoting easy cooking and cleaning.


  1. Suitable for 8 people
  2. Multifunction
  3. High power
  4. 4 wooden spatulas


  1. Brittle non-stick coating

Very good raclette machine easy to use and clean . Read all reviews.

Sam D.

Transparence® Lagrange glass raclette grill

Glass raclette grill Transparence® Lagrange 009801

This cooking device is included in this list of the best raclette devices for several good reasons: its manufacturing quality, its design, its practicality.

As you will have noticed, Transparence® is a raclette device which has three tempered glass shelves superimposed between two lacquered metal supports. This unusual design positions it as an ultra-modern appliance that will fit into any style of kitchen. Beyond aesthetics, the transparency of the cooking plates is rather practical for monitoring the cooking of your raclette cheese.

The device comes with 8 cups with non-stick coating for cooking without attachment. These are placed on the middle cooking plate in sets of 4 on each side for more convenience. Very easy to use, the device has an on/off switch with indicator light. It should also be noted that the lower cooking plate keeps the pans warm until you are ready to enjoy your cheeses.

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The Transparence® Lagrange 009801 raclette device still performs its function despite the fact that some users feel that the heating time is a bit slow. Which is also understandable because it works with a power of 900 watts which is slightly below average.


  1. Tempered glass tops
  2. Keep warm function
  3. Ultra modern design
  4. Non-stick coating


  1. His power

After reading the comments that said it didn’t heat up well, I was a little hesitant to buy it, but it’s so beautiful that I couldn’t resist… and I don’t regret it at all! he is just gorgeous! after preheating it for fifteen minutes, the cheese melts very quickly, and you barely have time to eat it when the next one is already melted… personally, I’m very happy with this raclette machine. Read all reviews.

Jacques L.

Klarstein Tenderloin raclette grill

Klarstein Tenderloin 50/50 raclette grill

The Klarstein Tenderloin 50/50 is one of the best multi-function raclette machines currently selling on the market. It could be perfect for you if you are looking for something to make cheese fondue as well as all kinds of grills according to your tastes and preferences.

The ergonomic and original design is the first interesting feature that stands out in this raclette machine. It is in fact composed of two cooking zones connected by a foldable hinge. One of them has a natural stone plate to prepare with little fat and the other has a metal grill.

The device comes with 8 cups divided into 4 on each part. It is the perfect model for those looking for a raclette machine intended for 8 people which will allow everyone to compose their own menu in a friendly atmosphere.

The Klarstein Tenderloin 50/50 raclette grill has a total power of 1200 watts distributed evenly in each cooking block. It should also be noted that it is possible to use the two parts separately, especially since each of them has its own switch and its own gutter. Which can be perfect if you want a raclette evening as a couple or in a select committee.

Overall, the Klarstein Tenderloin 50/50 raclette grill is easy to use. Since the pans have a non-stick coating, cooking is quite easy without cheese or the like sticking to the bottom. For a better experience, eight wooden spatulas are included with purchase. However, it will be necessary to ensure that the stone cooking plate is heated in the oven, ideally a few minutes before starting the grilling.


  1. Multifunctional device
  2. High power
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. Intended for 8 people


  1. Absence de thermostat

Well here is a nice and well thought out product. The power is there and no problem for a raclette for eight people. In addition, being able to unfold it lengthwise is practical for long tables. …no problem we cut it in half! Read all reviews.

Mary C.

Original Louis Tellier Signature Brézière® Raclette Grill

Original Louis Tellier Signature Brézière® Raclette Grill

If you are looking for a raclette machine to heat cheese traditionally, this model would be ideal. Installing it in the middle of the table, it will allow about 4 guests to help themselves to the deliciously heated cheese. You can hang a 1/4 or 1/6 grinding wheel without any problem thanks to its two adjustable heating ramps. Its use is simple and secure with its switch which allows it to be turned on or off without any problem.

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The Louis Tellier raclette grill is a 230 V model with stainless steel and epoxy steel support. It measures 29.3 x 15.5 x 11 cm in length width and height. Thanks to the dimensions of its foldable heating ramps, the device is easy to store and transport. It even has a carrying handle so you can take it wherever you want raclette.

Thanks to its high quality materials, the utensil allows you to eat healthy and have fun with family or friends. Its maintenance does not require any particular maneuvers, apart from a few clean wipes when necessary.


  1. Traditional design
  2. Quality materials
  3. Foldable and height-adjustable heated ramps
  4. ignition switch


  1. No thermostat

Perfect for cheese lovers! After knowing the device in a Franche-Comté restaurant, our acquisition from the Amazon site delighted us. You can put a big piece in it for good eaters. The arms are raised to slow the rhythm of the flow of the cheese. Read all reviews.

Nicholas J.

Buying guide for choosing the best raclette machine

Plate of charcuterie for the raclette

You like raclette; this famous Savoyard cheese-based recipe that is traditionally eaten with potatoes in their jackets and vegetables with vinaigrettes. You have therefore decided to buy a raclette machine in order to better appreciate this delicious dish in the company of the family or alone. But you hesitate between two brands? Between a multifunctional raclette grill or a traditional model? In this buying guide, discover the different types of raclette grills as well as the criteria you absolutely must take into account to choose the best raclette grill that best suits your needs.

The different types of raclette grills 

The raclette machine comes in several models. The most popular and best-selling on the market are the multi-function raclette devices . In addition to melting cheese, these devices have cooking plates that allow you to grill several other foods. They are appreciated for their versatility and multifunctionality and also for the fact that it promotes conviviality at the table.

There are also traditional raclette machines which are made up of a base and one or two heating elements. Depending on the model, the cheese is heated up or on both sides. Once cooked, it melts and you will only have to scrape it to make it flow on your plate. Very easy to use, this type of raclette device can only be used with blocks of cheese and is suitable for people who wish to prepare their raclette traditionally.

Finally comes the category of candle raclette appliances . A candle raclette machine is indeed a device that uses the heat produced by the candle to melt the slices of raclette cheese. Very ingenious, it is easy to use and adapts to all kinds of situations. Compact and portable, it’s ideal for organizing a picnic, a romantic dinner or going camping. Of course, it heats up less quickly than an electric model, however you will not need electricity to make it work.

What criteria should be considered to choose the best raclette machine?

Are you looking for the best raclette machine that really suits your needs? Here are the parameters to consider when choosing your future device.

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The power

The power of the raclette grill is a decisive criterion which should not be overlooked when choosing. Indeed, it is a parameter that strongly influences the heating rate according to the capacity of the device and its functionalities. This is the reason why the vast majority of multifunctional machines for 6 to 8 people run at least with a power of 1300 Watts. For small devices intended for 4 people, it is better to opt for models of 850 to 1000 Watts to be sure that it will work properly.

The capacity

To choose the best raclette machine , it is imperative to take this criterion into account to avoid ending up with a device that is not suited to your needs. You will have the choice between the devices intended for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. It all depends on the size of your family or the number of guests you plan to receive on average.

With traditional raclette machines, you will have the possibility of obtaining unlimited slices of cheese, regardless of the number of people. It will be enough to choose a device that can hold a quarter or a half wheel.

Features and options

Traditional devices only serve to melt cheese while multifunctional machines offer much more. Since the latter are mostly equipped with one or more hotplates (grill, pierrade, crepe maker, etc.) in addition to pans, you can use them to grill or heat up ingredients. There are 2-in-1 devices, 3-in-1 devices and even 4-in-1 devices. The choice between a basic device and a versatile device must therefore be made according to your needs.

The possible options that can be found on a raclette machine are:

  • Adjustable thermostat to adjust the temperature as needed.
  • Keep warm function to keep melted cheese and other foods at a certain temperature after cooking.

The accessories

The raclette grill is supplied with various accessories such as pans, cooking plates and spatulas. It is better to opt for equipment whose cups are coated with a quality non-stick coating. This promotes perfect cooking and easy cleaning. As for the spatulas, they are usually made of PVC or wood and are practical to more easily remove the remains of food that stick during cooking to prevent them from burning.

Most of the time, traditional raclette machines are sold with a double-sided raclette knife that is used for scraping and cutting.

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