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What are the PS4 thumb grips?

These PS4 thumb grips offer a few special touches. First, they're not just grips, they're full-on stick-toppers. That means they add some serious height to your controller's basic sticks, which helps if you have long fingers.

What are the best thumb grips for gaming?

Vivi Audio's thumb grips are a low-cost, silicone solution to the eternal question of how to boost gaming performance while on a budget. Plus, they have cat paws printed on top. As the product's Amazon reviews will state, these grips are the perfect union of affordable and adorable.

What are the best FPS controller grips for PS4?

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex... This thumb-grip pack includes a whopping eight pairs of grips for one low cost. They're all noctilucent silicone and great for both PS4 as well as Xbox One, meaning if you have a couple of controllers for either console that are in need of grips, this pack is a stylish, cost-effective solution.

Are geltabz'performance thumb grips the best DualShock 4 grip?

Anyone who's tired of thumb grips falling off their DualShock 4 controller's thumbsticks will want to check out GelTabz' Performance Thumb Grips, which have garnered strong praise for their tightness and security. These grips really hug your controller's thumbsticks, ensuring next to no sliding or movement during gameplay.