Top 10 best potato mashers 2022-Complete Guide Review

Let’s face it, some kitchen utensils are used very little but can quickly become essential to perform certain tasks. This is for example the case of the potato masher . Making a big serving of mash for a big family meal can be a real pain. Don’t rely on a fork or a spoon to do the job. So consider buying a manual or electric potato masher to get this titanic job done.

But what does this device look like? You’ve probably seen this stainless steel tool with a long handle and flat crushing head. This thing has a name and it’s a potato masher. From pureeing baby food to smooth mashed potatoes, you can count on this utensil to get the job done. If this is your first time hearing about this item, don’t worry, because we’re here to teach you how to choose the best potato masher for your needs.

In order to simplify your life when the time comes to prepare this delicious homemade puree, we have selected the best puree presses on the market and carried out an in-depth examination for each of these vegetable shredders.

Comparison of the Best potato mashers 2022

Smaier potato masher

The best value for money

This potato masher from Smaier is simple but effective. It has many advantages including a very good quality/price ratio. This model features a stainless steel and mesh head, an ergonomic handle, and rave reviews from cooks who have tried it and loved it. Unlike other traditional potato mashers which have vertical handles, Smaier’s model uses a wide horizontal handle which is super convenient and requires less force and pressure. Besides its innovative handle, we also liked its rubberized material which ensures a solid grip, as well as the large crushing plate with a large surface which is very useful to prevent the potatoes from slipping. The only thing we don’t like about this product,


  1. Moderate price
  2. Ergonomic handle
  3. stainless steel


  1. Storage in a more difficult drawer

A utensil, with a wide and comfortable horizontal handle. Comfortable and secure pressing action. Read all reviews.

Marcus T.

Presse purée Betterday

BetterDay manual potato masher

Ingenious and elegant

This potato masher from BetterDay makes it possible to press potatoes finely, making them soft and firm without liquefying them. This model is also suitable for other vegetable families such as carrots or zucchini. It also adapts to fruits by giving you the possibility of making coulis. Made of stainless steel, this potato masher should serve you for several years before you retire. During this time, you will certainly enjoy using it thanks to its ergonomic handle. For storage, it will slip easily into a drawer thanks to its folding system of its pressing head.

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  1. Foldable head for easy storage
  2. Easy maintenance, dishwasher safe
  3. Non-slip handle


  1. Reduced robustness due to its storage system

It is a high quality product and easy to use, in one word: perfect! This is exactly what I needed, it is robust and ergonomic, its folding system is well thought out for storage. Read all reviews.

William H.


The Vonshef potato masher is the essential kitchen utensil if you want to prepare homemade meals for your baby. Its 10 cm diameter tank can indeed contain many fruits and vegetables. Its stainless steel finish and silicone handle guarantee durability and safety. With this tool, you can make a nice smooth and creamy mash.


  1. Polyvalent
  2. Non-slip silicone handle
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. Footprint

Potato masher of very good quality and very practical. Easy to use and sturdy, everything you ask of it, I recommend. Read all reviews.

Eric N.


Potato masher Tefal K2071214 Ingenio

A great brand at a low price.

The Ingenio range from Tefal offers you an ergonomic and robust masher with a press head designed to allow you to easily remove the mash from the spatula. This dishwasher-safe product is made of plastic but is heat-resistant up to 230° C. A non-slip silicone ring allows this masher to have a very good grip, thus reinforcing your safety. You also benefit from a guarantee of quality that no longer needs to be demonstrated by selecting a product from the Tefal range.


  1. Little price
  2. Resists heat and stains
  3. Easy cleaning in the washing machine


  1. Plastic utensil therefore potentially less resistant

What can I say, the whole range is excellent, it was the banker who was not happy, I completely renewed my kitchen accessories for this range. Read all reviews.

Cyril J.


Jamie Oliver Potato Masher

A unique design combined with a perfect grip

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The Jamie Oliver potato masher is a product like no other. Yes, it has a vertical handle like most products in this category, but it also has other unique features. First of all, the handle and the pressing surface are made of stainless steel, namely stainless steel. What’s great about the handle is that it has a soft grip insert that makes it comfortable and manageable when handling it even for long hours. Here is how the brand has managed to combine robustness and ergonomics. The plate is made up of holes of different sizes. It turns out that the purpose of this variation is to prevent lumps from forming, which is perfect. However, if there is a defect to remember, it is the weight. It is a little too heavy for prolonged use.


  1. Robust and ergonomic
  2. Non-slip handle
  3. Anti-lump


  1. Fairly heavy weight

Very good potato masher and very robust! Won’t warp like plastic ones. The best I’ve had the opportunity to see and test. I don’t regret my purchase at all! Read all reviews.

Marie A.


Presse purée Westmark

Making mash or spaetzle pasta

Westmark’s potato masher is often used to make Spätzle (pasta) but is ideal for making mashed potatoes. Its irregular perforation allows it to avoid lumps and its ergonomic shape allows you to handle it easily. Its aluminum body is dishwasher safe and you can disassemble it for storage or washing.


  1. Made in Germany
  2. Removable for maintenance or storage


  1. Fairly heavy weight

Robust and simple. I press my puree ten times faster than at the mill and it cleans up in 2 seconds under the tap. Read all reviews.

Landru O.


Leifheit 3032 Proline potato masher

Leifheit is a German company with a worldwide reputation and is known to the general public for its high quality products. The 3032 Proline potato masher is one of them. Featuring an S-shaped pressing grid, this model from Leifheit is ideal for mashing potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Among its features are a stainless steel head, a stainless steel handle and a fixing eyelet.

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  1. Good grip
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Recognized brand


  1. Footprint

Congratulations to Leifheit who innovates with a quality potato masher, much more practical than the old ones with holes. Aesthetic, good grip and easy to clean. Read all reviews.

Helena X.


Macha’s Electric Potato Masher

The electric grinder

The Masha potato masher uses the power of an electric motor to automatically turn potatoes into a creamy, fluffy mash of the perfect consistency. Besides being able to make mashed potatoes, the Macha is a very versatile kitchen tool. For example, you can grind baby food , avocado to make guacamole and other ingredients for soups or compotes. Its ergonomic, non-slip black handle puts less pressure on your wrist and crushes food in just minutes and with minimal effort. This electric potato masher model is a great choice for people with arthritis or joint issues.


  1. 2 crushing heads included
  2. Non-slip handle
  3. Can be disassembled for cleaning and storage


  1. Quite expensive

Very practical for making purées, very easy to use and quick to clean. Plastic parts so handle with care. Read all reviews.

Fabian J.


Zyliss ZE980096 Potato Masher

Swiss know-how

Zyliss is a Swiss company and their know-how in the manufacture of quality kitchen utensils is transcribed in this model of potato masher. This product combines elegant design with increased practicality, making it a very attractive kitchen tool. Whether it’s mashing potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables or fruit, the Zyliss ZE980096 will do the job. It is sturdy and durableand you can count on its longevity thanks to the premium stainless steel that composes it. The potato masher can be put in the dishwasher, but to maintain the quality of the stainless steel, it is best to wash it by hand and dry it completely before storing it. Although the head can be cumbersome to store in a kitchen drawer, the built-in grommet will allow you to hang it on the wall.


  1. Grille large
  2. Ergonomic handle
  3. Simple and effective cleaning


  1. Bulky in a drawer

This potato masher is great, solid, handy. No “lumps”, the texture of the puree is perfect! See reviews.

Delphine H.


Joseph Joseph Rotary Potato Masher

An innovative system for squeezing vegetables effortlessly

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This is an innovative kitchen utensil! Thanks to its rotary pressing system, the Joseph Joseph potato masher will greatly facilitate your task when preparing your favorite recipes. Unlike other systems, this device uses horizontal pressure with a unique twist mechanism to achieve more pressure without extra effort. Easy to clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher and is made without toxic materials like BPA.


  1. Unique twist mechanism
  2. Stainless steel base
  3. Easy to clean


  1. More fragile plastic handle

Easy to use and clean with a nice design. Good hold in hand thanks to the plastic reinforcement of the sleeves, it’s great! This device does not require great effort thanks to its rotary system of the press. Ideal for the elderly and in case of motor problems in the hands. Superb invention! Read all reviews.

Daniella I.

Buying guide for the best potato mashers on the market

Manual potato masher

First of all, potato mashers aren’t just for making mashed potatoes – there are so many more options! Indeed, we think directly of this tuber when we talk about mashed potatoes, but many other vegetables can be used to cook very good dishes. This is the case, for example, with carrots, zucchini, parsnips, celery, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, pumpkin, beets… and the list goes on and on.

Plus, if you’ve ever used a fork to mash your potatoes, then you know the result isn’t always as good as we originally imagined. Creamy mashed potatoes can only be obtained with a potato masher.

The different types of potato masher

Manual potato masher

This type of material requires greater physical effort. Indeed, it’s all about manual actions and movements. However, they have the merit of not needing electricity to operate. Nothing better than elbow grease! As an individual, a manual potato masher will do just fine. Unless you’re the biggest mash fan in the country.

electric potato masher

No more manual chores, make way for robotization. Electric potato masher models are the most popular among users. They make it possible to quickly grind fruits and vegetables without providing effort. The only action you have to do is press a button. On the other hand, you will have to be careful not to let your appliance run for too long in order to avoid having a purée that is too liquid. This electrical equipment can also be used to make soups, compotes and coulis . What you will not necessarily be able to do with a manual potato masher.

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Everything to consider before buying a potato masher

Here is a list of things to consider before buying a potato masher. Thanks to all these tips, you can serenely choose the best device.


How much are you willing to spend on a potato masher? If you are a regular user and are likely to use this utensil regularly, you should definitely invest in a quality potato masher , which is more expensive but will last you longer. But if your use is only occasional, choosing an inexpensive potato masher will do the trick. If possible, prefer a tool that can produce a large quantity of puree , as for a large family. This will allow you in the future to prepare large purees during meals with family or friends.


Size is another factor to consider if you plan to mash large quantities of potatoes. To create more, you need to use a bigger tool. Now suppose you are mashing potatoes in a pan, a small potato masher will do. While to use it in a large pot, the material used must be long enough to reach the bottom.


Metal handles are the most durable, but silicone handles are comfortable and ergonomic. Additionally, the stainless steel handle tends to slip and have a more haphazard grip. It is therefore preferable to opt for a silicone or rubber handle , often equipped with a non-slip system .

There are also two types of handle : vertical and horizontal. The vertical handle in the form of a sleeve requires more force when crushing vegetables but makes it possible to work more efficiently in deep containers. This model is easier to store in a drawer. A horizontal handle makes it possible to better distribute the force and pressure exerted on the food. You will therefore need less force to mash your potatoes and will be less tired over long-term use.

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Press head type

There are two types of heads. A wave-shaped head and a hole-drilled circular with a wider pressing surface. To have more texture during the tasting, it is suggested to use a wave head because it allows to leave small pieces. A pierced grid will allow you to obtain a smoother and creamier puree.


Storing the mashers is not a problem in itself, but if it is quite large and you have little storage in your kitchen, it may be a problem. To keep this tool in a drawer, choose a compact one with a retractable head .


Ideally, the grinder chosen should be dishwasher safe , to save you time when cleaning your kitchen utensils. Objects with small recesses are also to be avoided as mash can easily get lodged between these small spaces and make cleaning your potato masher more difficult.

In summary

We have reviewed many potato masher models and one of them is sure to meet your needs. But the most important thing in all of this is that you can eat healthier by preparing your own vegetable purée or homemade fries. Do not hesitate to abuse this product, especially if you have children.

So honor your body and definitely banish from your plates the industrial mashed potatoes in dehydrated potato flakes that we find in supermarkets. You suspect that several additives with suspicious names are added to these mixtures and do not help your life expectancy and your health.