The best portable radio CD player in 2022 – Comparison, Review guide and opinion

best portable radio CD player-You see that 90s cliche, the guy with a ghettoblaster on his shoulder in the street?

Or the good old radio-cassette boom box that sat proudly in the parents’ house?

The right time to listen to a CD, cassette or radio in a jiffy, no streaming or connection problems.

In the era of Spotify and mini Bluetooth speakers, you might be happy to be able to bring back and rethink the famous portable radio CD player in your daily lives, at home, at work or on vacation.

And it is possible today with a multitude of models available on the market, redoubling their audacity to provide you with the best experience.

If you grew up somewhere in the 80s or 90s, chances are you have a collection of tapes or CDs gathering dust somewhere.

So why not bring the famous boom box back into your daily life to listen to your favorite CDs and teenage mixtapes?

Best portable radio CD player 2022

Whether it’s for the nostalgic side, the simple and effective side of being able to easily listen to a collection of CDs or cassettes, the practical side of having a small light and transportable radio or CD at home or at work, in the workshop or on the construction site, or to amuse the gallery, put a little atmosphere in a family party or entertain the children with a simple and inexpensive device, CD radio players have a multitude of uses to brighten up your daily life. .

Some models will work more on the vintage look, the appearance. Others will look for more sound quality and more powerful speakers, with the famous “mega bass” button of Sony models for example.

Other brands will go so far as to mix the vintage look with modern features like Bluetooth and multicolored LED equalizers that react to the beat of the music.

Finally, others will bet on simplicity and efficiency, favorites of children or even seniors who are a little allergic to new technologies and for whom iTunes and Bluetooth remain complicated futuristic concepts.

To help you make your choice, we analyzed and then compared 20 models of portable radio CD players available on the Canadian market for 34 hours, and we took into account the opinions of 676 users.

Following our last update, we decided on our 1st choice on the Lonpoo D02, which appears to be an excellent choice and value for money in portable radio CD players.

LONPOO Portable CD Boombox FM Radio/USB/Bluetooth/AUX Input and Earphone Jack Output with Stereo Sound Speaker Audio Player

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Our 1st pick for the best portable radio CD player

Our opinion on the Lonpoo D02

LONPOO Portable CD Boombox FM Radio/USB/Bluetooth/AUX Input and Earphone Jack Output with Stereo Sound Speaker Audio Player

Versatile et efficace

If you are looking for a small, compact, multifunction CD Radio CD player to play music at home in a room, without breaking the bank but keeping quality sound, this beautiful little model LP-D02 from Lonpoo is a perfect choice! Including Bluetooth and USB, you will be delighted by its versatility and efficiency!

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What we think of the Lonpoo D02

Here is one of the best quality-price ratios on the market for portable CD Radio Players! This Lonpoo LP-D02 model surprised us with its remarkable efficiency, as well as the versatility of its functions, if we leave aside the cassette option (but who listens to cassettes today anyway)!

We already like the full range of audio functions. You can use it for CDs, and that includes CDs with mp3s. You can use it for the radio, with good reception of fairly clear and efficient FM frequencies, even according to users living in the regions who manage to pick up more stations than with certain small radios! This player’s weak point is on the AM frequencies, be careful if you have a favorite listening post of this type. You can use it by USB. Note that like most USB drives, when listening to mp3s it is not possible to choose or skip to the next song, only to the next file.

And we obviously like the mini jack socket which is always practical, either for connecting an auxiliary such as a telephone or a small mp3 player, or for connecting earphones or headphones, for example when the children are sleeping at night but we have absolutely want to make an AC/DC album.

On the power side we appreciate the fact of being able to choose between the classic socket plugged into the wall, or to make it work wirelessly with 4 C batteries, to be able to take it everywhere with you. And besides, this player is equipped with a nice handle, which is not the case for all!

The sound is really good quality for the price! Radio, FM, CD, Bluetooth, everything works well, it will surprise you. I put it in the center of my apartment and I can hear it well in every room without turning the volume up, perfect for background music. It fulfills its function very well. However, the operating explanation leaflet needs to be redone, not everything is clear, in particular how to program the radio stations. Not loud enough for an outdoor party, but for indoors it’s really perfect.


Let’s come to the question of volume because it is often a very important criterion for users. Overall, if you look at the really reduced size of this model, the volume is quite impressive! More than enough for use in an interior room, for example. After that, it’s still a small portable radio CD player, so don’t expect incredible sound power to liven up a party in the garden with friends, for example! We remain in an interior domestic use. A detail: the volume does not remain in memory when you turn off the player and turn it on again. But there’s obviously a nice volume knob with 32 levels, so it’s no problem to readjust it once you know your favorite level!

For the sound quality, it is still very remarkable when you consider the size and the price of the device, you can have fun cleaning the living room when nobody is at home! For those who are very picky about settings and equalizations, know that it is not possible to adjust the bass or treble. However, several different EQs are available and will allow you to play around with the sound to fine-tune it to your liking.

In short, an excellent little portable player, very affordable with very respectable sounds. Not top of the line or a powerful ghettoblaster for hosing down the neighbors, but more than enough for indoor use.

LONPOO Portable CD Boombox FM Radio/USB/Bluetooth/AUX Input and Earphone Jack Output with Stereo Sound Speaker Audio Player
LONPOO Portable CD Boombox FM Radio/USB/Bluetooth/AUX Input and Earphone Jack Output with Stereo Sound Speaker Audio Player

Summary of Lonpoo D02 Features

  • FM Radio,
  • CD player
  • Bluetooth
  • lecture USB
  • AUX, 3.5mm jack
  • Multiple EQs
  • Power supply: 4 C batteries or cable
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Advantages and disadvantages of Lonpoo D02




  • The volume / size ratio!
  • Sound quality and the different EQs
  • The lightness of the device
  • Good radio reception
  • Bluetooth and USB compatibility
  • The look and design with blue lights

The lessers

The lessers

  • No AM frequencies
  • Decent volume but not the strongest
  • No manual bass or treble EQs, only pre-programmed EQs

Our verdict on the Lonpoo D02

Quality4.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 5.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We really like this Lonpoo LP-D02 model because it does the job well for a very reasonable price: versatile functions for listening from various sources, impressive sound quality and volume for the size, and it’s cute too with its small modern bluish design! An excellent choice of portable player on the market today.

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Our choice for a high-end portable CD radio player 

Our opinion on the Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego

Sony Bluetooth Portable Cd Player Stereo Sound System Bundle/Digital Tuner AM/FM Radio Cd Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System Included A NeeGo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

A Sony classic revisited

Were you a fan of Sony’s classic CD player, the black Boom box with Mega Bass function, but would also like to use it with a Bluetooth transmitter? Look no further with this package that includes this highly efficient Sony classic with a Neego Bluetooth device if you want to hook up your phone or tablet to play music anywhere!

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Video demonstration of the Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego

What we think of the Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego

When we talk about portable Radio CD player or Boom box , we often think of Sony’s classic from the 80s. What do we have here? A revisited version, more compact and more modern, but here delivered with a Neego brand Bluetooth receiver to be able to connect more devices! So it’s a cover of Sony’s classic adapted to our times, and the result is still there in terms of quality!

Handle with care, however, there is no handle, everything is plastic, and the longevity of the CD player can leave something to be desired if you are not too careful. However, if you are looking for the solution to listen to a CD in the garage, on the terrace or anywhere, this boom box from Sony will be perfect. We also note the clarity of the FM and the sound quality of the radio.

As for the volume, it’s still very decent at the decibel level, considering the compactness of this version, with also superb sound quality, and that’s why we trust Sony in the field of audio for many years. Certainly it’s a price to pay, but it remains a name synonymous with reliability for the pleasure of the ears!

And obviously, we can only be enthusiastic about one of the favorite functions of many users and music lovers: the Mega Bass! This is the famous button that accentuates the low frequencies and guarantees you to raise the party a notch, enjoying your favorite tunes that pulsate well, reinforced by good bass. We won’t shake the walls since we stay in a portable player, but all the same, the effect is guaranteed!

I’ve purchased 4 boom boxes from Sony over the past few decades and they just keep getting better. This one doesn’t feel as sturdy as my older version from the 80s (which still works), but it makes up for it with more features. Beware of the relative solidity of the plastic, do not rush it… But the sound is fantastic. I hooked it up to my TV, my iPod and my Kindle, excellent Bluetooth connection. A very good deal!


We love this package here because in addition to the classic Sony ZS-RS60BT device with all its functions, you get a 3.5mm Bluetooth receiver from Neego. Paradoxically to its name, this little gadget is smart and allows you to transcend the classic boom box with the Bluetooth function! You can wirelessly connect your phone, tablet or laptop to play music and enjoy the sound quality of the Sony player!

Only small downside on the side of the wireless autonomy if you use it with batteries, some users reported a duration of only two to three hours, against the six hours displayed by the manufacturer. However, it may also depend on other factors such as the quality and brand of the batteries you use, or the type of function used which may take a different energy (CD, radio, Bluetooth, etc.).

This Sony is still a high-end choice if you want to equip yourself with a quality portable radio CD player while taking advantage of the Bluetooth function added in this set, enough to send the watts at home and create an atmosphere. music in any room!

Sony Bluetooth Portable Cd Player Stereo Sound System Bundle/Digital Tuner AM/FM Radio Cd Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System Included A NeeGo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver
Sony Bluetooth Portable Cd Player Stereo Sound System Bundle/Digital Tuner AM/FM Radio Cd Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System Included A NeeGo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver
Sony Bluetooth Portable Cd Player Stereo Sound System Bundle/Digital Tuner AM/FM Radio Cd Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System Included A NeeGo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego Features Summary

  • CD, CD/r, MP3, USB
  • FM / AM radio, presets possible
  • Bluetooth receiver 3.5 mm (mini jack)
  • Fonction Mega Bass
  • 6 C batteries or cable

Advantages and disadvantages of Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego




  • The Sony classic, safe bet!
  • The Bluetooth extension to connect the phone, tablet or computer
  • Sound quality and volume

The lessers

The lessers

  • The durability of the CD player over the long term
  • Battery life, maybe less than the 6 hours shown

Our verdict on the Sony Boombox with Bluetooth Neego

Quality4.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 3.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We love the classic Sony boom box with a Bluetooth extension, whether in the bedroom, in the garage or on the terrace, it’s the quality of listening that is guaranteed with this radio CD player and receiver set Bluetooth. We therefore like the additional opening of the possibilities of music sources, the fact of being able to send your Spotify playlist from your IPhone or a good old compilation on a burned CD, it will pulsate in any case with the timeless “Mega Bass” button »!

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Our choice for a budget portable CD radio player

Our opinion on the GPX BCA209B

GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black

The smart choice

Maybe you’re just looking for a small, portable CD Radio CD player, without necessarily looking for big power, without the need for Bluetooth functionality or hundreds of tunings and EQs. And if you also want to be able to listen to cassettes on occasion, then this GPX BCAA209B model will be a perfect choice!

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Video demonstration of the GPX BCA209B

What we think of the GPX BCA209B

For some there’s no need to invest in a state-of-the-art Radio CD player that flashes all over the place connecting Bluetooth, mp3s and Spotify, with volume and bass for dancing around the house. We are simply looking for a good little unpretentious device that will suffice to put the radio or a CD in the background, and that does not take up space.

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And for others, whether out of nostalgia, or perhaps to make a present for elders, it would be welcome to have an integrated cassette player like in the old days, to be able to listen to those good old tapes from time to time. weather. But it’s getting harder and harder to find these days.

Well if you belong to one or both categories of users, look no further than this GPX BCA209B! This amazing mini player, because it is indeed very compact, presents us with a combination of functions that are increasingly difficult to find new these days: the CD player, the AM / FM radio, and the cassette player!

Great for the radio, CD and cassette combo, rare these days unless you’re paying a lot for something vintage! I found it so good that I bought two, one for each floor of the house! For this price it’s a real gem, because I can put in a CD that I like and it will play all the songs in full and if I want with the repeat function. The black design is classy, ​​the format is very small, it really doesn’t take up much space on my shelf, very practical. A very good product do not hesitate, I will offer another to my children!


Let’s be aware that we are here in an entry-level, a device of honorable quality but which remains a modest reader. So it may not be suitable for passionate audiophiles or intensive cassette listeners, because its player remains limited in quality. In particular, we observe in the long term problems of speed. However we appreciate the good old recording function, for example to save a piece of a radio show, or why not make a compilation from a CD like in the old days!

And of course we won’t shake the walls with this miniature player, but you will be surprised by the quality of the sound that comes out of this little GPX, which definitely stands out as a low-budget solution for equipping yourself with a small set. radio or CD at home.

GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black
GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black
GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black

GPX BCA209B Features Summary

  • CD player
  • AM / FM radio
  • Cassette player, recording possible
  • Compact design with handle
  • 6 C batteries or power cable

Advantages and disadvantages of the GPX BCA209B




  • The very small format, easy to transport with the small handle
  • The ability to play cassettes and even record
  • The amazing sound quality and volume compared to the very small size of the device
  • The affordable price

The lessers

The lessers

  • Hard to read buttons, black on black
  • Longevity and quality of the cassette player, the reading speed may become defective
  • The headphone output does not work all the time with cassettes
  • Audio CD only, no CD/R with mp3

Our verdict on the GPX BCA209B

Quality3.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness3.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We really like this little GPX boombox because it’s very compact and still very effective! And casually, it also reads cassettes, a rare but valuable argument for many users! And all this for a price as small as its size. Admittedly, we are not in the big boom box of the future that connects to a smartphone, but we are still in a very decent option in terms of value for money, with a device that will be perfect for tinkering in the garage, listening to the radio in cooking, or even to please grandma by re-listening to her collection of cassettes!

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Our choice for a portable radio CD player other alternative

Our review of the Jensen CD-490

Jensen CD-490

The sporty and vintage look at the same time!

It’s not just a question of sound and playing your CD collection: it’s also the question of the somewhat retro, sporty 90s look with a beautiful black and shiny red, two visible speakers and the antenna . telescopic: the Jensen CD-490 will seduce you with its appearance, but also its compact format which will make it a great accessory to accompany you anywhere and put the radio or an album!

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Video demonstration of the Jensen CD-490

What we think of the Jensen CD-490

Remember those big red and black ghettoblasters with their big speakers in the 90s? The golden age of boom boxes with a slightly sporty look. Well imagine a scale model, with the same charm in terms of appearance, and here is this adorable portable player from Jensen, the CD-490!

In addition to the look, we really like the ease of use, which also pays homage in this sense to the first players of its kind: large round buttons, simple functions, AM / FM radio and CD, it’s very easy to use and in a few movements the music is on! Recommended for children therefore, who will have fun with CDs, but also for seniors who will appreciate the lightness and ease of use, for example to dive nostalgically into an old collection of CDs.

Personally I find the sound almost better than on my Panasonic which cost twice as much! I’ve had it for over a year and it stayed in my wanabagoo. The CD player works very well, and the auxiliary connection too. Very simple to use I like it, and the children too! Except they broke the antenna, I should have been careful…but I’m very happy with it!


We stay in a small light plastic device that you still have to handle with a certain precaution, be careful of the damage so with younger children for example, the radio antenna might not resist them!

In terms of sound, Jensen offers us good quality here, which many users appreciate, highlighting in particular the good definition and precision of the speakers. However, you have to be aware that these are small speakers, and they are not top of the range: if you want to listen at a high volume, the sound may start to distort and saturate when you exceed the 75% volume. If you are looking for power and big volume to do the rumba, this is not the best model. Otherwise, it will amply do its job on the edge of a table, on a dock at the cottage or in a corner of the garage on the workbench: it takes up no space!

And let’s not forget to mention the auxiliary input, which will allow you with a mini-jack to be able to play music from a telephone or a tablet for example, and to mix the charm of the boom box old-fashioned with a playlist on Youtube or Apple Music!

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In short Jensen offers us here a very good alternative therefore in terms of CD player / portable radio with the charm of the originals, small in size and easy to use with a very honorable sound and quality.

Jensen CD-490 Features Summary

  • CD and CD/R player
  • Tracks / radio LED display
  • AM/FM radio telescopic antenna
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • 6 C batteries or power cable

Advantages and disadvantages of the Jensen CD-490




  • The retro “sport” look with the handle
  • Ease and simplicity of use
  • The perfect compact size for transporting and using on a patio
  • Clarity of sound at moderate volume

The lessers

The lessers

  • The sound saturates when the volume is more than ¾
  • Durability of the CD player if intensive daily use

Our verdict on the Jensen CD-490

Quality3.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We really like the Jensen CD-490 because it reminds us of the big old-fashioned ghettoblaster with its somewhat sporty look, its simplicity of use and its large buttons, its easy functions, CD or radio, but in a reduced format. ! Not top of the range when it comes to sending large volumes, and certainly a little fragile if you’re not careful, but it’s still an excellent little player, with the auxiliary input still very practical, and sounds very decent for this price.

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The alternatives to buy a portable radio CD player

Our opinion on the Sony CFD-S70

Sony CFDS70B.CEK Classic CD and Tape Boombox with Radio - Black

Simple and effective, the classic Sony walkman with the
Sony cassette option

The good old Sony walkman is still relevant on the market with this CFD-S70 version, a compact model but which does not send less watts! If cassettes are still important to you, with your CD collection, or even simply for the radio, this portable player offers a solid option that ensures good listening quality, in addition to being very practical.

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Video demonstration of the Sony CFD-S70

What we think of the Sony CFD-S70

Once again, Sony remains one of the market leaders in terms of audiovisual, and this CFD-S70 is not lacking in the mark! If you’re looking for a portable CD/radio player that also offers the cassette option, ensuring good sound quality, this is a choice worth the investment.

We are here in a fairly classic model, with a square design, black, sober but effective. This Sony CFD-S70 stands out for its good sound quality compared to other similar, more compact models. However, it keeps a small size and remains very practical to transport from one place to another, with its integrated handle.

Excellent option if you are looking for the CD, Cassette and Radio combination! It’s easy to plug in and move from room to room, and the sound quality is good. I was wondering if the volume would be high enough, but don’t worry, it’s very acceptable


Even if it does not work miracles in volume pushed to the limit, it remains of a quality and a power superior to certain other models of portable CD players of the same size, and it is here that we recognize the quality of certain components, particularly in the loudspeakers, which will saturate less at high volume, depending on the music listened to. We must mention the legendary “Mega Bass” button like on most Sony hi-fi systems, which accentuates the low frequencies and gets the party started!

It is obviously necessary to underline the option which will seduce some of the users: the good old cassettes! The CFD-S70 is equipped with a good tape drive that will also stand out from similar models from other brands in sound quality and clarity. And for some music lovers who also own an old car with a cassette car radio, this option is gold for making compilations for long journeys:

I needed an inexpensive cassette recorder so I could make mixtapes from mp3 files for use in my car, which has a cassette car radio. It works very well. Obviously the tape mechanism itself isn’t as crazy as a Nakamichi or the few high-end manufacturers that still produce tape machines, but it doesn’t click or move, it works well enough.


So Sony offers us a very nice option here, in the range with cassette player. Once again, it remains a small, compact reader and a plastic device which naturally has limits in terms of solidity and reliability over the long term, depending on the use that can be made of it. But well maintained, the CFD-S70 will satisfy you for regular home use.

Sony CFDS70B.CEK Classic CD and Tape Boombox with Radio - Black

Summary of Sony CFD-S70 features

  • CD player
  • Cassette player
  • AM / FM radio
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sony CFD-S70




  • The quality and sound power of the loudspeakers
  • The cassette player and the recording function to make mixtapes!
  • The sober and square design

The lessers

The lessers

  • Longevity over time, the CD player can sometimes have trouble reading CDs

Our verdict on the Sony CFD-S70

Quality4.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We like the Sony CFD-S70 because it reminds us of the good old Walkman from the same brand but smaller, but no less effective in terms of sound quality! We appreciate the sobriety and class of the black design. For those who want to use cassettes in addition to CDs and radio, it remains among the best choices on the market in this price range. Beware of the CD player which can weaken over time, apart from that, this portable player should prove to be a good accessory for your daily musical life.

Our opinion on the GPX BC232RGPX Portable Top-Loading CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio and 3.5mm Line in for MP3 Device - Red/Black

A small boom box that does the trick

Sometimes it’s just a very simple little CD / Radio player that we’re looking for, while wanting to keep the charm of these ghettoblasters of the great era: the GPX BC232R offers itself as an interesting option, especially in terms of value for money! With its beautiful little look, this portable compact player will be more than enough to have a small radio in a room of the house or when traveling!

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Video demonstration of the GPX BC232R

What we think of the GPX BC232R

GPX wins us over again with an amazing little portable CD/Radio player for the price! If you are just looking for a small radio or CD set for the house, for the garage or for the children’s room for example, this BCR232R is an excellent choice.

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We are first surprised by the volume / size ratio, it is a small device but it is relatively strong, compared to other models of similar size. And so it’s a compact size that’s easy to carry right and left. Like most of these portable players, it will run for several hours on 6 C batteries (1.5 volts), but of course you can plug it in with a cable for longer use.

A good point for its relative solidity, which is not always the case with these small plastic readers often made in China. Many users have been pleasantly surprised to see their GPX withstand the onslaught of children, for example!

And it may be a good choice on this side: with just a few buttons, the ease of use of this model makes it an ideal device for little ones, to familiarize them with and have fun with a collection of CDs for example!

I bought it for my 3 year old son for his CDs. We first tried it with batteries, it lasted about 2 days before the batteries ran out. So we used it plugged in with the cable and it works great. It’s been over 6 months and it still works well despite being abused by a small child haha, it’s tough! It’s not the best sound quality, but it’s still an excellent choice, especially for a child. It is very simple to use and it seems really durable!


It’s on the radio side that this model disappointed us a little. First, even if the description of some sites speaks of a telescopic antenna, it is not: the GPX BCR232R is supplied without an external antenna, it is an internal antenna. And that’s also what makes the quality of radio reception rather poor, depending on where you live and what radios you’re looking for. Too bad because we liked the small screen with precise digital display for the frequencies.

I got used to it but the radio tuning knob is very sensitive. Fortunately, I know the station numbers I want to listen to. The volume is excellent. I can use it while I use my power tools while hearing the music. It’s a perfect replacement for my old boom box in the garage.


In summary, not top of the range for refined audiophiles, but a very good little player at a low price which will be perfect for playing CDs. If we add its sporty look reminiscent of the old ghettoblasters of the 90s, it becomes a very good choice of portable CD player for the home!

Summary of GPX BC232R features

  • FM Radio
  • CD player, CD/R
  • LCD screen displaying radio frequencies
  • Programming function
  • Auxiliary input
  • 6 C batteries or power cable

Advantages and disadvantages of the GPX BC232R



  • The style of the retro boom box watch from the 90s!
  • The relative strength of the device in general, quite durable
  • Ease of use, perfect for kids too

The lessers

The lessers

  • No external antenna, lower radio reception quality depending on the area
  • Adaptation time to tune the radio, sensitive button
  • Can have a slight buzz when the CD is not playing

Our verdict on the GPX BC232R

Quality5.0 out of 5.0 stars Efficiency4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 3.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 3.0 out of 5.0 stars]

This GPX BC232R seduced us with its quality / price ratio, its size / volume ratio, and its size / solidity ratio! Rather for listening to CDs, and to avoid for those who listen exclusively to the radio, especially if reception is poor in your area! We recommend it rather for a model for children, whether at the cottage, in the bedroom, but also for a small CD player in the garage without taking up too much space.

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Our opinion on the Studebaker SB2145B

The retro music player from the 80s!

Looking for the true original boom box style, not 90s, but 80s? Then Studebaker is going to blow your mind with this magnificent SB2145B which offers us a portable CD / Radio player with an analog vintage look and modern features with Bluetooth and really fun LED lights!

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Studebaker SB2145B video demonstration

What we think of the Studebaker SB2145B

Studebaker is a Chicago-based brand on a mission to keep the vintage spirit of the analog era of music alive through modernized audio gear, whether it’s turntables or radios. And this SB2145B model thus offers us a portable CD / Radio player with a shape and a look straight out of the 80s or even 70s, but refurbished with modern technology.

We are therefore delighted to be able to use Bluetooth to be able to play music from our telephone or our laptop on the Studebaker, and thus marry our modern era with the charm of the past, of a time when devices with the same shape existed when digital was still far in the future.

Still in the mix of eras, this Studebaker is equipped with multicolored LED lights, including an equalizer which reacts to the rhythm of the music, guaranteed effect especially in the evening, it is very successful on this side, and it will also please children and adults. teens!

I love this boom box I recommend to everyone! The volume is loud enough for only 10 watts, it sounds great. Thanks to Bluetooth I connected my phone and my iPod without any problem. And it looks ta****k with the speakers on, the blue lights plus the multicolored LED equalizer that moves to the beat of the music! I can’t wait to use it at my party on Saturday! I wish the rechargeable battery lasted longer than 3 hours but that’s not that bad.


On the sound side the quality is honorable, relative clarity and depth, but it’s still small 5 watt speakers, it’s not the firepower either, nor the big bass in the carpet, but for the size of the machine, it remains very satisfactory.

Be careful not to brutalize it too much, there are several fragile components such as Bluetooth and a fall or even a shock could quickly damage it. Apart from that everything works pretty well, the CD player or the radio. The Studebaker is supplied with a power supply but also with a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 3 hours.

A superb option first in appearance but also providing decent sound, this Studebaker SB2145B model will be an excellent choice, perhaps more directed towards the festive side with its lights and its retro side transportable anywhere. We’ll see him on the terrace of a chalet as well as in a breakdance battle in town or in the living room on Saturday evening by turning off the lights and dancing to the rhythm of the music!

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Summary of Studebaker SB2145B features

  • Multi-Color LED Equalizer
  • FM Radio
  • CD player
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 2 x 5W speakers

Advantages and disadvantages of the Studebaker SB2145B



  • The excellent vintage look of the old radio!
  • LED lights that react to music, great effect in the dark
  • Bluetooth connection for other external devices

The lessers

The lessers

  • Handle with care, a small shock could damage certain functions
  • The vagaries of the Bluetooth connection

Our verdict on the Studebaker SB2145B

Quality3.0 out of 5.0 stars Effectiveness4.0 out of 5.0 stars Design 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Prix 4.0 out of 5.0 stars]

We love the look of the Studebaker SB2145B which comes to get the very vintage side of the boom box radio from the 80s while bringing the modern touch, Bluetooth and reactive LED lights, we send the Spotify playlist, we dim the lights and it’s the party! We may be able to criticize Studebaker for having invested too much in the look to the detriment of the quality, whether in the speakers, the finesse of the sound, or the solidity over the long term. Perhaps more for youngsters than for audiophiles, but depending on your usage, this portable player might just appeal to you.

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Things to know before buying a portable radio CD player

Why buy a portable radio CD player?

They were more fashionable in the 90s, see the 80s, these famous ghettoblasters , or boom boxes . Today we have all kinds of Bluetooth speakers, so why bring out these audio devices which are already vestiges of the past for some? Because they can still be very relevant in many listening contexts at home or elsewhere!

Listening to CDs : the CD format exploded in the 90s, and even if it is still one of the most used physical media today, it is still overtaken by music in digital format. As a result, fewer and fewer devices are equipped with CD players. Unless you still have that old hi-fi system in the living room that often took up a lot of space, many of our modern homes no longer have enough to listen to CDs. Whether it’s laptops that no longer have a reader, or even recent cars that no longer have one, because everything is optimized for digital. But what about your old collection of CDs gathering dust? A portable CD player can thus allow you to always listen to CDs at home with a compact and generally inexpensive device.

Listen to the radio  : And why not kill two birds with one stone: the portable Radio CD player can also allow you to listen to the radio in good conditions, with just a few movements. Because we agree that aside from podcasts, listening to regular FM or AM radio can be difficult on a phone or computer, going to the site, fixing online streaming problems. Whereas if your portable radio player is already plugged in and set up in your kitchen or garage, all you have to do is turn it on in time to listen to your favorite show.

Listen to tapes:It’s still a somewhat forgotten vintage format, but it’s hard to find cassette players these days, apart from the old analogue hi-fi systems which are sometimes not cheap, and you don’t necessarily have the budget or the place to equip yourself with such a device just to listen to a few cassettes. A portable player equipped with a cassette deck will offer you a practical and inexpensive solution for listening to your cassettes! We are entering a slightly more specific audience here, but it still exists! Some of you still have a collection of cassettes, having grown up in the 80s or 90s. It also happens that some of our elders have a collection of cassettes: a player of this type will be an opportunity to listen to them again! At last, some more underground music scenes like to bring the cassette format back into fashion and some artists offer it for sale, for collectors. And finally, several old vehicles, especially trucks and vans, are equipped with a cassette player. You may have already made mixtapes, compilations on tape: some portable players allow you to create them today!

Speed ​​and ease of listening  : Certainly today we are fully equipped with modern audiovisual technology. But to listen to a CD or the radio in a few movements, it’s sometimes not easy: turn on the computer, or the tablet, or the phone, open the application, go find music online, wait for the wifi to reconnect, wait for the Bluetooth speaker to be connected, adjust the sound, wonder why it doesn’t work, in short: it’s not so simple anymore. Whereas with a portable CD / Radio player, you just have to turn it on and the radio is there, or choose a CD, insert it and press “play”. A bit like a return to basics, especially in efficiency.

Listen with better sound  : Today it is mainly our phones and our computers that contain our music. But if you’re not listening with headphones or earphones, the quality is usually really poor on a phone or computer. While on a portable CD / Radio player, we will be assured of having a minimum of consistency and quality of listening. And the best of both worlds is possible since most devices are equipped with an auxiliary input allowing you to connect a phone or a computer with a min jack, and even thanks to Bluetooth for some recent models.

Music anywhere  : We are talking here about the practical aspect of these portable players which are often of a compact format, allowing them to be plugged in or taken anywhere. Whether on a small shelf in the bathroom, kitchen, in a corner of the garage or in the living room, these devices will be easy to install anywhere in the house to have a small listening post. And if you use it with batteries, you can enjoy music on the patio, at the cottage, on the dock or in the park. It was kind of the primary purpose of these devices when they exploded in the 90s.

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What is the principle of a portable radio CD player?

It is simply a mini hi-fi system with small integrated speakers, designed in a portable and compact format, where we will generally find a CD player, a radio, and for some a cassette player. As the principle is to be portable and transportable, most can be operated using batteries, often 6 C batteries, to be able to use it wirelessly outdoors. But they are also powered with a normal mains cable, so you can plug them in at home. They are often simple to use devices with fewer buttons than on a large hi-fi system for example.

Our selection criteria for buying a portable radio CD player

Several different uses are possible, and certain criteria will therefore be more important for some than for others, whether it is the possibility of playing cassettes, the Bluetooth option, the vintage look or even the volume power. Here are our selection criteria to help you choose the portable radio CD player best suited to your needs.

Supported formats

First you must determine the format in which you want to listen to music: CD, cassette, FM or AM radio. You need to make sure the player has these options, as some don’t have a cassette player, and some don’t pick up AM frequencies. If you want to use external music sources like smart phones, tablets or a computer, you need to make sure the player has a 3.5mm auxiliary input, which you can connect to using a mini -jack, checking that the player has an “auxiliary” mode. You might want to use Bluetooth, and therefore favor readers that have this option.

The quality of the speakers

For some, a small portable player will only be used to listen to the radio in the workshop, play background music in the kitchen, or entertain the children. For others, it will take enough volume to listen to music through the house while cleaning, or to set the mood at a small family party in the garden. For still others, it will be important to favor good listening quality, with for example the option of having enough bass for more depth. You will therefore need to look at the quality of the speakers and the sound of portable CD Radio players, as they can vary from one model to another, particularly in terms of volume power and sound clarity. Generally, more expensive ones will have better quality speakers, but that’s not always the case.

Wireless autonomy

If you’re planning the classic use of the boom box for walking around with it on your shoulder in the park, moving it around a big house, or just to use outdoors, why not camping or just in the garden, it you will have to look at the wireless autonomy. Know what kind of batteries are needed, how many, if they are supplied or not, rechargeable or not, and above all how many hours of autonomy the device will allow you. If you’re planning primarily indoor use plugged in with a power cable, this criteria won’t really matter.

The style

We agree that a portable Radio CD player is a somewhat retro object these days, and for some it will be important to accentuate this vintage side to make it above all a charming and attractive object. Some brands will opt for sobriety, more square and dark, while others will go for bright colors with a big handle and exposed speakers, the slightly sporty but retro look of the 90s, and some brands will go as far as to add equalizers with LEDs, or even go for the vintage shapes of the old portable radios of the time: it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.


It should be kept in mind that these portable readers are often light and compact plastic devices, and some are more or less solid and durable than others. It will depend on your personal judgment in relation to your intentions: if the reader will be used by children, or will travel a lot with you for work, in workshops or construction sites for example, the solidity will be more important than if the reader remains on a shelf in your living room or kitchen.

The price

We try to select products with the best value for money, but it comes down to your personal judgment and your intended use. It is possible to find very good portable radio CD players around 50 CAD. However, if you are looking for a higher quality product for better and more powerful sound, it will rather be necessary to count around 100 CAD.


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