Top 10 best portable induction cooker-Complete Guide Review

If you are looking for the best portable induction cooker, you can be sure that you have come across the right article. It is indeed a device that is more and more popular for its ease of use and the rapid cooking of food that it allows. Discover here a selection of the most fashionable models on the market as well as all the advice you need to make the ideal choice.

Comparison of the best portable induction cooker: tests and reviews

In this comparison, the 10 best portable induction hobs have been collected to make it easy for you to find a model that suits your needs. So take the time to sift through all the products to better understand their potential in terms of performance.

Aobosi YL-20K66 portable induction hob

Aobosi YL-20K66 portable induction hob

Discover the Aobosi portable hob with its dimensions of 27 x 31 x 6.4 cm that you can take with you anywhere. It could be perfect for cooking up delicious meals at home for the whole family, or for preparing a quick snack at the campsite. Above all, it is a compact and lightweight ceramic glass model capable of cooking food quickly and efficiently.

With its control panel consisting of an LED display and touch controls , the Aobosi hob allows you to adjust its heating capacity from 200 to 2000 W. You can thus obtain up to 10 power levels to cook all meals. , in the rules of art. The temperature can also be adjusted in steps of 20°C, from 60°C minimum to 240°C maximum. This also gives the right to 10 levels of heating intensity for optimal cooking of food.

A timer function allows you to program a cooking time between 0 and 180 minutes and after which the appliance will turn itself off. You can thus attend to other occupations without fear of missing your preparations.

It should be noted that the Aobosi YL-20K66 portable induction hob is suitable for cookware from 12 to 26 cm magnetized. Despite its compact lightweight design, it is robust and can therefore be used for a long time. It is also an easy-to-clean device that is also childproof.


  1. Compact, lightweight and robust design
  2. 10 power levels
  3. 10 temperature levels
  4. Safe and easy to clean


  1. Loud fan noise

Parcel arrived on time and in very good condition. Bought this plate for Chinese fondue it works very very well. The plate heats up very quickly. There are several adjustable temperatures and it is very quiet. It is quite light transportable everywhere very practical and easy to use. Read all reviews.

Zhenli C.

Twinzee portable induction hob TWZE-INDH-001

Twinzee portable induction hob TWZE-INDH-001

Cook whatever you want wherever you want with the Twinzee TWZE-INDH-001. This portable induction hob can indeed be used easily in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the garden. All you have to do is find a good place to put it, on a table, on a counter or simply on a work surface.

This utensil is a multifunction model that offers 4 cooking modes for heating, boiling, frying and making soup. This leaves you enough leeway to adapt the operation of the plate to your desires.

And for even more control over your cooking, the temperature and power can respectively reach 270°C and 2000 W. You can set everything from the control panel which is touch-sensitive with an LED display . It is furthermore possible to set a 3 hour timer to give you time to do things your way.

The Twinzee TWZE -INDH-001 portable induction hob is a secure and certified device. It incorporates a locking function that allows you to block its ignition to prevent children from handling it.

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With its elegant design and beautiful black and silver finish, the plate is easy to clean and use thanks to the glass surface. It is also advisable to make sure to use induction pans or saucepans with magnetic bottoms. The seller even offers you a refund if you are not satisfied with the device after 30 days, not to mention the 2-year manufacturer warranty that is also provided.


  1. Sleek and secure design
  2. 4 pre-recorded cooking modes
  3. Appliance under brand warranty
  4. Easy to clean


  1. The plate tends to heat up too quickly for some users’ tastes

I couldn’t believe it because I ordered blindly and yet it’s true that this hob is not only fantastic and more beautiful! For my first experience, I cooked a frozen rump steak directly in a cast-iron grill pan and I was very surprised by the almost immediate cooking… See all reviews.

Pierre P.

Severin DK 1071-000 portable induction hob

Severin DK 1071-000 portable induction hob

One of the great features of this 2000 W induction hob is its glass ceramic hotplate which makes it very easy to use. Each of its functions is easily accessible and programmable thanks to its touch control panel.

For example, you will easily identify the on/off button that allows you to turn on the device or put it in standby mode without unplugging it. The + and – keys will allow you to increase or decrease the heating power and the cooking temperature on 10 levels of intensity.

You can also prepare your food according to your availability by taking advantage of the timer which offers a range of 180 minutes. All device data relating to its operation is displayed very clearly on the small LED display integrated into the control panel .

For its price, the Severin DK 1071-000 portable induction hob is a very suitable model with its 22 cm diameter cooking surface. You can use it on the spot or on the go thanks to its compact and light size. Its dimensions of 28.1 x 35 x 4.2 cm make it easy to store in luggage or in a closet. The device also benefits from a stable and non-slip base , and is easy to maintain.


  1. Convenient and easy to use
  2. Adjustable power and temperature
  3. Easily transportable
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Fan noise is a bit loud

I bought an induction stove because I wanted to be able to simmer good meals without wasting my gas bottle. So I first bought a TEFAL brand stove, which I was very disappointed because despite its multitude of functions, it didn’t do the thing I asked of it: simmer. So I returned it and bought this Severin brand stove which I took because I already had a raclette grill of the same brand. Read all reviews.

Annabelle T.

Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ Portable Induction Hob

Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ Portable Induction Hob

With a starting price of less than €50, the Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ portable induction hob seduces with its features and its many functions. Its cooking surface which can accommodate containers from 15 to 22 cm in diameter. The manufacturer also recommends using only compatible pots or pans to ensure its durability.

This model allows you to boil water, reheat your food or make all kinds of recipes. You keep total control over the cooking quality thanks to the possibility of adjusting the heating power between  200 W and 2000 W and on 10 levels .

The temperature can also be adjusted from 60 to 200°C depending on the type of dish to be cooked. Plus, you can also program a run time of 180 minutes so you don’t have to watch the cooking all the time. And all of these features you can adjust with the easily accessible and identifiable keys on the touchscreen control panel.

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The Aigostar BlueFire 30PKZ is not only easy to use, but also secure. Your children will not be able to use it because it is possible to lock its operation. There is no doubt, it is one of the best inexpensive induction hobs on the market.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Power and temperature adjustable
  3. Integrated timer
  4. Child lock and overheating protection


  1. The fan is a bit noisy

Used intensely all summer, works great, very powerful, effective even with large pans. Brilliant product with easy to set timer while cooking. Fan a little noisy, not bothersome outdoors. Read all reviews.

Philip A.

Amzchef SK-CB16 portable induction hob

Amzchef SK-CB16 portable induction hob

The features and functions of the Amzchef SK-CB16 portable induction hob are those of a device with a very good design quality.

Its operation is based on electromagnetic induction technology which allows rapid or slow heating according to needs. All cooking is possible with this device, with the possibility of frying, roasting, sautéing, simmering or boiling efficiently and easily.

For this, the heating capacity of the Amzchef SK-CB16 can be increased or reduced on 10 levels from 300 to 2000 W. The same is true for the temperature which can also vary over 10 intensity levels from 60 to 240°C.

Preparing with this portable induction hob is easy and not at all restrictive. You can indeed program its automatic extinction thanks to the 180-minute timer. The device is also secured to prevent possible manipulation by children and also to prevent overheating. It is helped in this by a ventilation system that effectively regulates the heat inside during operation.

The compact size of the Amzchef SK-CB16 induction hob makes it easy to store or transport. Both the unit itself and its black polished crystal glass work surface are easy to clean. You can use cooking utensils with a diameter of 12 to 26 cm , provided of course that they are compatible magnetized models.


  1. 10 power levels
  2. 10 temperature levels
  3. Integrated timer
  4. Safe operation


  1. Fan noise maybe a little loud

Great induction hob. I bought it initially to make fondues on the dining table. I also use it now to cook my frying on the balcony and avoid odors in the house. Lightweight, easy to wash and store. I recommand it. Read all reviews.

Simone D.

SUNAVO portable induction hob

SUNAVO portable induction hob

This model offered by Sunavo is one of the best portable induction hobs with a single burner. It incorporates many features and functionalities very well thought out to optimize comfort and ease of use.

The device stands out mainly thanks to its power of 2000 Watts, its timer setting up to 5 hours and its 15 levels of temperature and power adjustment . It is ideal for testing all kinds of cooking while at the same time making significant savings in electrical energy.

Using the SUNAVO portable induction hob is child’s play. Thanks to the intelligent LED control panel and its touch keys , everything is done in the most absolute simplicity. All you have to do is press the corresponding pictogram to perform the function of your choice: setting the temperature, the timer or the power, activating the lock mode.

This induction hot plate from Sunavo is suitable for cooking utensils in stainless steel, cast iron, iron, etc. It is also easy to maintain and has utensil detection technology. The device switches off automatically 30 seconds after removing the pan.

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Like the brand’s other products, the plate has obtained European ETL, CE and RoHS certifications. So you don’t have to worry about its reliability and build quality.


  1. 15 levels of power adjustment
  2. Timer (5 hours max)
  3. Detection system with automatic shutdown
  4. Stability and security


  1. Fan noise

This portable hob has a lot of positives. First, the packaging and baking tray are aesthetically pleasing. Then, this product has several functions that you can set yourself thanks to its touch control panel, i.e. the cooking time which can be set with the timer (which goes up to 300 minutes), the power of the device which goes from 100W to 1800W and which heats up really super fast . Read all reviews.

Tanguy O.

Tefal Everyday Slim Portable Induction Hob

Tefal Everyday Slim Portable Induction Hob

Obtaining the best cooking results while saving space is what you can hope for by opting for this 45 min thick portable induction hob from Tefal . Very compact and superbly well designed, it has been designed to adapt to all needs.

At the cutting edge of technology, this electric hot plate offers all the advantages of induction cooking: flameless cooking, automatic ignition, automatic detection of utensils, optimal heat transfer.

The Everyday Slim has many very interesting features to guarantee you precise and optimal cooking. Thanks to its 6 preset programs and its manual mode for endless possibilities, you will be able to cook all kinds of dishes without any worries.

For controlled cooking, the choice will be made between 7 power levels ranging from 300 W to 2100 W. The presence of the timer with adjustable automatic shutdown up to 3 hours and the pause function are very practical for cooking in complete freedom and flexibility.

It is important to note that the Everyday Slim Tefal Portable Induction Hob has a glass-ceramic coating. It adapts to utensils from 10 cm to 26 cm in diameter and its temperature can go up to 240°C.

This hob will also give you a better user experience thanks to its simple controls that are very easy to master. It has a very well developed touch interface associated with a digital screen that is easy to read and understand. With the Everyday Slim Tefal, there is no doubt that comfort of use will be there.


  1. Simple d’utilisation
  2. Its features
  3. Timer and automatic shutdown
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. Inaccurate temperature setting

This is my second purchase of this Téfal plate, enjoying a very good quality/price ratio (65€). After having tried other induction hobs of the same style, this one is of much better design. The main problem with induction hobs is the good ventilation of the electronic board and this Téfal hob is very well ventilated, which allows it to resist much longer. Read all reviews.

Jacqueline J.

Aobosi FS-IRC108 portable induction hob

Aobosi FS-IRC108 Double Portable Induction Hob

Are you dreaming of the best portable bifocal induction hot plate ? So why not opt ​​for this model from the Aobosi brand? In addition to offering you the same advantages as a built-in hob, it will make you enjoy much more.

The FS-IRC108 Aobosi proves to be an ideal solution to save time in the kitchen while saving energy and space. It will indeed find its place in your kitchen thanks to its portable and ergonomic format.

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Super efficient, this hob has a power of 3500 watts as well as 10 adjustable temperature levels between 60 and 240°C. It is also equipped with a configurable timer up to 4 hours. But its greatest advantage lies in the fact that the two cooking zones can be used independently or simultaneously as needed. It is precisely for this reason that we note the presence of control panels.

Using this portable induction hob is easy. The settings are quite easy, thanks to the digital and intuitive control buttons. Note that it is compatible with all cooking materials between 12 and 26 cm in diameter and which are made of steel, cast iron, copper or enamelled iron. Maintenance is also easy and will be done with a cloth slightly dampened with soapy water.

The FS-IRC108 Aobos i portable induction hob also guarantees safe use. It incorporates an automatic shut-off which is triggered 30 seconds after removing the cooking utensil. You will certainly appreciate its overheating protection system as well as its locking function.


  1. Two cooking zones
  2. Temperature adjustable in 10 levels
  3. Keep warm function
  4. Simple cleaning


  1. Fan noise

Really impressed by the quality of this induction hob (not built-in which offers very nice features such as power, temperature, timer display and the highlight: a “keep warm” function to keep your dishes warm without burning them (it’s just super good) See all reviews.

Sebastian L.

Brandt TI2FSOFT Portable Induction Hob

Portable induction hob Brandt 2 hearths TI2FSOFT

This model can be a perfect choice for those looking for the best high-end portable induction hob. It is a two-burner model that stands out for its very remarkable careful design and surprising ease of use.

By making your choice on this hob, be sure that you will enjoy the ultimate. The device has a total power of 3400 watts. The latter is distributed between the two cooking zones at 2000 W and 1400 W. You can use them simultaneously or separately. Each cooking surface is controlled with highly intuitive touch pads that are easy to understand. It is ideal for quickly concocting dishes and saving time in a small kitchen. 

The Brandt TI2FSOFT portable induction hob adapts to different types of cooking. You will have the choice between the preset programs which are five in number for each cooking surface. But it is also possible to customize the power, temperature and cooking time according to your needs.

The device has several very interesting security features. It incorporates an anti-overheating system, an anti-overflow function and an automatic shutdown function. We also appreciate the locking technology of the dashboard and that related to the detection of kitchen utensils without forgetting the residual heat indicator .

In short, the Brandt TI2FSOFT portable induction hob is designed in accordance with the safety standards set by the European Union. It also benefits from a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. Double cooking hearth
  2. 5 preset programs
  3. Integrated timer           
  4. Moderate bulk             
  5. Precise power adjustment


  1. Slight fan noise

it is not that small and I thought it was something dilapidated and in fact no it is of excellent power and solid even if the plastic around it is plastic, we note all the same that it heats up quickly and I do everything with it I recommend it to you it arrived with its original packaging so I dare to hope that during transport it was well treated. Read all reviews.

Denis S.

Portable Induction Hob YL35-DC08 Amzchef

Portable Induction Hob YL35-DC08 Amzchef

Like the previous model, this portable induction hob also has a bifocal. It has an overall power of 3500 watts and an adjustable timer up to 180 minutes. The appliance is suitable for all cookware in stainless steel, enamelled iron, cast iron… It is an interesting option to consider if you want to invest in an exceptional quality cooking appliance at the cutting edge of technology.

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With this polished crystal glass hob in black color, you can prepare two dishes at the same time to save enough time or use only one heating zone. One thing is certain, you will have no trouble using this device, because the settings are quite easy thanks to the intuitive touch keys of the digital screen.

Amzchef  YL35-DC08 Portable Induction Hotplate can be used to cook any type of dish. It will be enough to adjust the temperature and the power to obtain a perfect result. For this, you have 10 temperature levels as well as 10 power levels for the left cooking plate and 8 for the right one.

Choosing this griddle means opting for easy cooking without flame, without overheating, without burning and without risk. It also has a safety lock , a high temperature indicator among many others.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Dual cooking surface
  3. very powerful
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. Can be bulky in a too small kitchen

 Quick delivery ! Well packed! Product conforms to the description! Easy to use. Working very well. . Easy to clean. It heats up very quickly. Excellent value. Super happy . Read all reviews.

Lucie H.

Shopping guide to buy the best portable induction hob

Portable induction hob on a table

Just like built-in models, portable induction hobs make cooking simple and safe without the fuss. Unlike other types of plates, the temperature rises very quickly and is transferred directly to the cookware. This avoids heat loss and optimal restitution of the latter. You will therefore make great energy savings and therefore save money. They are also easy to use and take up very little space.

Need help choosing the right portable induction hob? Want more information to better understand how it works and the benefits of a portable hob? Without further ado, discover the essentials in this mini buying guide.

The criteria for choosing the best portable induction hob

If we were to take into account only the price, everything would lead you to believe that only the most expensive products are the most efficient. And yet this is not always the case. Relying on price alone to choose your portable induction cooktop is not the best way to go. You need to analyze other interesting options so that you do not have to regret your choice. For this, you must take into consideration these few important parameters.

The number and size of the hearth

Portable induction hobs generally have one or two cooking zones. If you want to be able to prepare several dishes at the same time, you will obviously have to choose a double hearth hob . Remember, however, that compared to a single-fired model, the latter can be slightly more bulky.

Buy a plate whose size will be compatible with those of your utensils. In general, the minimum and maximum size of accessories that can fit each plate is indicated.

The power

If you want to be sure to choose the best portable induction hob, you must necessarily pay attention to the power. The performance of the device in terms of heating speed depends on this. For a single hearth hob , the ideal would be to favor models with a minimum power of 1500 watts. If you prefer a bifocal device then the power should be around 3500 Watts.

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Power and temperature adjustment

To be able to adapt to the cooking requirements of each type of food, it is better to be able to choose the power and the cooking temperature according to your needs. Most induction hobs have both of these options. The number of levels of choice varies from one model to another. But be aware that the more possibilities there are, the more comfort of use is optimal.

The different features and options

The best portable induction hobs incorporate a number of features that you will need to check before making a choice if you are interested. These include, among others:

  • Timer with audible signal;
  •  Pre-recorded programs;
  • Digital display screen;
  • Fast heating mode;
  • Keep warm


The vast majority of portable induction hobs come with a number of features aimed at ensuring safety during use. These include the anti-overheating, the cooling system, the recognition of cooking equipment and the locking mode.

We also have overflow protection , not all models are integrated with these specificities, but you will find some that include them all; this is the case for example of the Brandt TI2FSOFT which is one of the best induction hobs on the market.

To be sure to choose a safe and reliable portable induction hob, don’t forget to make sure that it has the various certificates attesting to its compliance with EU safety standards.

 Compatibility with your cookware

If this is your first purchase, you should know that induction cooktops only really work with cast iron or stainless steel cookware with a magnetic bottom. If you don’t have this type of cooking equipment, now might be the time to buy some.

How does a portable induction hob work?

An induction cooktop is equipped with an electromagnetic copper coil, located below the cooking surface. Once the device is energized, the coil receives electricity and creates a magnetic field. Thanks to this mechanism, the current is directly induced on the bottom of the kitchen utensil to heat it. This is why it is absolutely necessary to use a cooking accessory made from a conductive material.

How to clean a portable induction hob?

Cleaning a portable hob is not complicated. It is quite easy and requires very little effort and time . Since it is only the part that is in contact with the cooking utensil that heats up, the contours remain cool. This ensures that food that falls or overflows does not burn to stick and further dirty the plate. So you only have to use a non-abrasive cloth and neutral dishwashing liquid to wipe it down.

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