Top 10 Best Portable Chemical Toilets-Complete Guide 2022

For camping or outdoor activities, you will need the best chemical toilet. Poor quality equipment not only risks being unsanitary but also dirtying the environment. Indeed, a poor quality toilet risks spreading germs and bacteria. Draining will not be easy and the fluids may escape everywhere.

The best model is hygienic, easy to clean, and maintain. It is suitable for the whole family and does not require any connection or drainage system.

Below we present the best chemical toilets:

1. Porta Potti Thetford chemical toilet

This portable toilet from Thetford is a top-of-the-range model. With a seat height of 408mm and a weight of 4kg, it is ideal for the whole family. It is an ideal piece of equipment for people who are looking for a luxury chemical toilet.

Portable, it is suitable for multiple uses including camping, hiking, festivals, at the beach, on a boat. It can also be used as a second toilet in the garden.

This model is distinguished not only by its unique design, but also by its shape and seat height. In particular, it has innovative features and striking designs.

Practical and durable, it does not require connection to a drainage or water supply system. It comes with grinder for emptying.

Easy to use, just clean it with cleaning chemicals with the rinse water.

2. Branq Travel Chemical Toilet

This Branq brand chemical toilet is ideal equipment for camping, sailing, or in all places where access to the toilet is limited.

With a tank capacity of 22 liters, this good quality camping toilet is designed with plastic material. It is a comfortable and ready-to-use dry toilet system. It has enough height to be used by the whole family. Thanks to its lid, it can also be used as a bucket.

Equipped with a toilet seat and lid, this model prevents the spread of unpleasant odors. It also has a roller that can be used as a handle.

Easy to clean, this model can be washed with appropriate chemicals and maintained with sawdust. It requires no connection to a drainage system or septic tank.

3. Campingaz chemical toilet

This model of portable chemical toilet from the Campingaz brand is suitable equipment for camping, on the boat or as a second toilet in the house.

Thanks to its unique design and seat height, it is ideal for children. It is also suitable for the care of the elderly. The increased height combined with the generous width provides great seating comfort. The large 20 liter tank makes it ideal for the whole family.

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Practical, this model has a locking and spring connection system between the upper part of the tank and the lower tank. This allows it to be used safely.

Easy to maintain, the chemical toilet has a seat and a bowl with an antimicrobial treatment. This treatment removes odor and mold. Just disinfect it with sanitary disinfectant while washing.

4. Giganplast Camping Chemical Toilet

This chemical toilet for camping is a portable toilet that can be used as a bathroom potty, camping potty thanks to its dry toilet system. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors, for example in a tent.

With a maximum load capacity of 120 kg, this model has the perfect dimensions and is suitable for the whole family. It is suitable for children, but can also support elderly people. It is ideal for 2 or 3 people.

Made of plastic, this hygienic bucket is used with sawdust and a dedicated toilet bag. The seat has received an antimicrobial treatment to prevent the development of odors and mold.

Easy to clean, just rinse the equipment with a disinfectant and dry it before using it. You can also put it away when you’re not using it anymore. It does not clutter.

5. Enders chemical toilet

This chemical toilet from the Enders brand is a top-of-the-range equipment according to the users’ opinions. It was notably awarded by the Caravaning Design Awards 2010. It also offers the best value for money of the selection.

This portable chemical toilet has different functions. It has a wheel that makes it easy to transport when camping, boating or hiking. It is suitable for both women and children.

With a large tank, it allows up to 50 uses before emptying. It has a high efficiency electric pump for regular maintenance. It also has its own rinsing water system.

Easy to use, this equipment also has a pivoting filling arm allowing easy filling of the additive liquid. An indicator light is activated during filling while an emptying arm with a purge valve allows easy emptying of this chemical toilet.

6. Kampa Camping Chemical Toilet

The Kampa camping chemical toilet is an ideal dry toilet system for days in the countryside, in caravans, on sailboats, during festivals or for other outdoor events.

Solid design, this model is made of plastic. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to store and transport during your travels. It can also be used at home for the elderly or sick people or children.

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With a sturdy plastic bowl, this toilet has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. The tank has a capacity of 10 l, ideal for daily use.

It is easy to maintain. Its removable design makes it easy to empty the bucket. A plastic guard sits inside the toilet and allows convenient flow of fluids into the toilet seat and high-efficiency disposal .

Buying guide for chemical toilets

What is a chemical toilet?


A chemical toilet or mobile toilet is an odorless toilet that can be easily moved. Some are reusable and can be moved to other sites, others are easy to install but become permanent once in place.

A major feature is that most types do not require the provision of pre-existing services, such as sewage disposal, but are completely self-contained.

Chemical toilets are well-known models, but there are others, such as urine-diverting dehydrating toilets, compost toilets, bin toilets, bucket toilets, freezing toilets and toilets. to incineration.

What to consider when buying a chemical toilet?

For the purchase of a portable toilet, here are some criteria to consider:

Waste treatment

Biodegradable bags, specially designed for camping chemical toilets, are easier to dispose of in the countryside. They usually contain a chemical powder that transforms liquid waste into solids to be buried afterwards.

Toilet paper can take the longest to break down, so it’s best to have a toilet paper that breaks down quickly.

The volume of the chemical toilet

When looking to buy a flush toilet they often give examples of how many flushes the toilet can take before flushing. It’s not an exact science, but it will give you an idea of ​​the size toilet you’ll need.

Utilisation facility

Although car parks and marinas usually have an area reserved for toilets, it is often necessary to install your portable toilet every time you stop.

It should never be forgotten that the location in which you wish to use the toilet can be a factor to consider.

The dimensions of the chemical toilet

Flush and bagged toilets come in a variety of sizes, not only the volume of waste they can handle, but also the dimensions. In addition to fitting the toilet into the space, you also need extra space around it to allow the waste container to be removed for emptying.

The degree of intimacy

The Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Complete Chemical Toilet System is one of the few eco- friendly chemical toilets to come complete with a shelter. But there are several shelters that can be purchased separately that will provide more privacy.

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The brand

There are plenty of notable brands on the list, starting with Camco. Build quality is what separates big brands from small brands, which is important because you have to manually empty the contents of portable camping toilets.

The price

Think of less expensive toilets without a cover as requiring more maintenance than more expensive models. However, the cover does not automatically make one toilet better than the other, but it takes less time to stay clean.

To get an approximate idea of ​​the price of a chemical toilet, it is necessary to count around 70 to 700 euros. It all depends of course on the brand and the options you want to benefit from.

The level of comfort

Most of the options on the list use classic hard seats, which are nothing special, but offer varying levels of comfort. The level of comfort will depend on the size and weight of the toilet. Balance comes into play when using this toilet, so pay close attention to dimensions and weight when deciding.

The height

While sitting on a shorter or hanging toilet doesn’t affect everyone, it does affect enough people that companies make a point of specifying whether their camping chemical toilet has a height above normal or not.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting for a long time in a position that damages your body.

The maximum load capacity

This varies depending on the WC and can reach 140 kg on average. A lighter toilet does not necessarily mean it takes less weight, but more weight will be concentrated in one area and there will be slight balance issues.

If possible, securing a camping chemical toilet somewhere while you’re away can make all the difference in supporting the weight. The weight will not always be evenly distributed in a given area.

Therefore, securing it can help restore balance and make it easier for people to use the toilet in an unconventional sitting position.

The Different Types of Camping Chemical Toilets and Their Uses

There are generally three types of camping chemical toilets:

Bucket toilets


Bucket camping toilets are the most common type of chemical toilet. It is the cheapest of all and very ideal for people who have little money to spend on toilets. Bucket camp toilets are simple to make. It is a simple toilet seat that fits over a specially designed bucket.

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The bucket becomes the main compartment used to hold waste and can be stored in common paint buckets. Despite this, the chemical toilet with bucket is also stable. It does not lean easily like other models. Indeed, it is quite sturdy and firm with the ground as its base.

However, it is too big for children, it is not disposable, and it does not come with a lid. If you need a lid for your bucket toilet, the best you can do is improvise.

To keep odors away from a chemical toilet, you can always do the following at any time.

  • Improvise a form of lid.
  • Keep it outside the camping tent.
  • Use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Use toilet additives and eliminate odors.
  • Empty the toilet as often.

The foldable camping toilet

This toilet gets its name from its foldable legs. The legs can bend easily, especially when the toilet is not in use. Due to the easy folding of the legs, the folding chemical toilet is usually very easy to transport when traveling, as it guarantees a minimum of space.

When setting up your collapsible chemical toilet, all you have to do is unfold the folded legs and place them over a hole in the floor or better still, an ideal collection bag.

However, you should use it with caution, as the three legs never provide the required sturdiness. Remember again that the smell of this type of toilet can be very strong. Thus, portable toilets can be disastrous if kept in the tent or motorhome .

Manual flush chemical toilet

Finally, we have the manual flush chemical toilet. This is a modern designed camping toilet known for its rugged styling and for all your camping toilet needs. They come in different sizes, and the shorter models are especially ideal for camps with children.

Nevertheless, the best advantage is that this toilet can be emptied like a normal flush. The toilets come with a confined area for waste. This makes it the easiest camping toilet to empty. And because of its design, the portable flush toilet has many advantages over other models;

  • It’s very sturdy/stable.
  • It is easy to use even for children.
  • It has an autonomous waste area.
  • It is hygienic and easy to empty.
  • You can easily contain without additives (comes with a lid).
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How to use and maintain a chemical toilet?

Some chemical toilet models require more maintenance. Depending on where you travel and what you want to pack, you will need to consider maintenance.

One-person bag systems simply require you to clean visible areas and dispose of waste properly before packing it away and heading home.
Portable toilets with chemically coated basins at the bottom are excellent for deodorizing and neutralizing bacteria from waste. You will therefore not run the risk of bacterial exposure. However, these coatings are not going to do the trick.

There are liquid-based disinfectants for your chemical toilet. If you’re considering buying a bottle of chemical cleaner, here’s what you should do:


Separate the top half of the toilet from the sink, making sure the side valve locks are properly opened and everything stays in the sink.

chemical additive

Open the cap that leads to your waste tank and pour in your chemical sanitizer. You don’t need to wait between this step and the third step; you can just keep rolling with the punches.

Replace and rinse

Reattach the top and bottom halves of the chemical toilet and watch out for those side valve locks. It’s time to add water (usually about a gallon, depending on the brand and type of your chemical additive).

Questions answers

How to safely empty a portable toilet?

When you have a water drain system and a basin, you need to locate specific dump stations.

Most bag disposal portable toilets come with a sample bag. When you want to dispose of your waste safely, you have to.

These bags are designed to be biodegradable. You will need to dig a 6” hole in the ground, making sure it is at least 100 yards away from any water source, so as not to contaminate the water with animals, organic life or plants. other campers by the chemical. Bury your waste properly.

This rule also applies if you are using an open bottom model and the waste is not kept in a bag.

Can several people use a single toilet?

Portable camping toilets can accommodate a lot of people and some even go over 50 times before they need to be flushed.

Never go over the tank limit, and if you don’t have a well-covered camping toilet, always make sure that easy-to-reach cleaning supplies are available right where they will be placed.

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How often should you clean this kind of toilet?

Beyond the quick cleaning of the seat after each use, each time you empty the tank, you should perform a thorough cleaning . Nothing too in-depth, and it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. This prevents the development of bacteria and minimizes odors.

With the 30L large capacity tanks , you’ll probably only need to clean it once or twice per trip. And if she tends to be in a hot zone, wiping off the seat of condensation that has built up eliminates that shameful feeling.

Where are the best places to install a chemical toilet?

Just because chemical camping toilets are small and portable doesn’t mean they should fit in the smallest space possible.

An area with air vents or a window is perfect, as you don’t want it in a place where there is no air circulation. Lack of air circulation will allow odors to amplify and become worse than they are.

Buyers who plan to install the toilet in a semi-open area will get the best airflow and possibly the best experience.

As long as the location you plan to put it in allows for odor escape and adequate legroom, you can consider it a good spot.

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