Top 10 Best Pocket Knives for self Defense of 2022-Complete Guide Review

Best Pocket Knives for self Defense-The pocket knife is an accessory that must be in your survival arsenal. Folding or fixed blade, serrated or smooth, there is no shortage of models on the market both in terms of design and manufacturing materials.

This is why we must take stock of certain elements before investing. This is the purpose of our review. It informs you about the different parameters to consider as well as a list of products whose performance has fascinated users, such as the Higonokami Folding pocket knife and its foolproof chrome steel blade.

The shape of the Laguiole Actiforge Knife Handle in horn is similar to that of kitchen knives. You feel the same comfort in use while enjoying a pleasant aesthetic.  

The 10 Best Pocket Knives under 100(Reviews & Tests) of 2022

japanese pocket knife

1. Higonokami Folding Pocket Knife

If you’re a pocket knife connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of the Higonokami. These Japanese materials have the reputation of having a foolproof blade, like a katana, the samurai sword, but in a reduced version.

This model owes its effectiveness to its chrome-plated steel edge. Robust and resistant, it is effective in the face of all circumstances that may arise.

It shines in the culinary field as well as in outdoor situations. It accompanies you on your expeditions in nature and can even be useful to you in extreme conditions.

In total, this accessory is only 21 cm, of which the handle measures 12 cm. With these dimensions, it easily adapts to all hand sizes, both men and women. With its appearance, it also accommodates people who use both right and left hands.

For the

Cutting capacity: The blade is the result of Japanese know-how in the field. It crosses many textures easily, which saves you from repeating the operation each time.

Handy: The 12 cm handle fits well in the hand. With its symmetrical design, it is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

Versatile: This equipment can be used as a kitchen knife and can also complete your hiking or outdoor equipment.


Regular maintenance: It is advisable to sharpen and clean the cutting edge, respectively, before and after each use to optimize its efficiency and durability.

Handcrafted pocket knife

2. Laguiole Actiforge Knife Horn handle

If you want a pocket knife worthy of the name in your hands, contact a specialist brand in the field. And in a comparison like this, the Laguiole brand remains essential. The French designer owes his reputation to the manufacturing quality of his products, and this specimen is not lacking in his expertise.

In addition to its aesthetics, the solid stainless steel and the black horn constituting this knife made in the traditional way make it very solid. The configuration not only pleases the eye, but also remains durable over time.

With its 11 cm, this model is suitable for the majority of users. However, the handle is also available in 9 cm or 12 cm, depending on your preferences. When purchased, the accessory comes with a case that serves as a storage and transport box between two jobs.

For the

Good grip: The length of the handle easily adapts to all hand sizes. In addition, the design facilitates the grip of the whole.

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Robust: This knife has a structure entirely made up of stainless steel and horn elements. The combination of these materials gives it effective resistance against various wear factors.

Elegant Finishes: This entirely handcrafted specimen includes details that add to its luxurious aesthetic.


Adaptation time: Unfolding requires a certain technique. You will need to wield the knife for quite a while to acquire it.

Folding pocket knife

3. BearCraft Carbon Design Folding Knife 


This gear from BearCraft appeals to consumers looking for versatility in one item. Indeed, this model has a double-edged blade in 5cr13mov stainless steel. The smooth side will help you in the neat and clean cutouts of the elements. 

The other, serrated, will help you in more laborious operations such as sawing ropes or pieces of wood. In both cases, this accessory is a good ally for expedition enthusiasts and those who regularly find themselves in danger.

Once unfolded, this model measures 12.5 cm and weighs only 141 g. It therefore hardly encumbers during transport. A case dedicated to this purpose also accompanies the lot. Your movements are ensured by its ergonomic handle, which is suitable for both left and right-handed people.

For the

Multifunction: The blade of this specimen has two very distinct structures allowing the cutting of a certain variety of elements. On the back of the handle, you’ll even come across a component designed to break glass.

Quality of materials: The cutting edge is made of stainless steel while the handle is made of wood and a carbon extension. This assembly gives this knife unfailing durability.


Fragile mechanism: People have found themselves with the folding system damaged after a fall.

Premium pocket knife

4. Yousunlong Couteau de poche pliant


By turning to Yousunlong, you will probably have the opportunity to find a quality item, especially if you can’t decide which pocket knife to choose.

The brand has for example developed this damask knife 19 cm long when opened and 10 cm in folded mode. These reduced dimensions facilitate storage and handling of the accessory.

However, this does not penalize its effectiveness. The cutting edge comprises an assembly of layers of high and low carbon steel, covered with a layer of nickel. This combination not only gives this equipment a luxurious appearance, but also good robustness against friction with different surfaces.

In addition, this specimen can complete your survival equipment during your outings in nature. It is suitable for many activities such as fishing, hunting, climbing, and hiking.

For the

Aesthetics: The coating of this model immediately catches the eye with its shiny finishes. Its look, dominated by a metallic gray, leaves no one indifferent.  

Ergonomic: The handle includes a part made of natural bull bone maximizing grip. It remains pleasant to the touch of the hand and facilitates handling in all directions.

Blade performance: This part of the knife is coated with damascus steel combining more than 73 different layers as well as heat treatment to ensure all types of uses.


Deployment not easy: For some users, the blade withdrawal zone would be missing. Unfolding can become complex when you have wet hands.

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military pocket knife

5. Bibury 5 in 1 Multifunction Knife


Inexpensive, multifunctional and efficient, this specimen bearing the Bibury logo seduces consumers with its qualities. Indeed, it will suit you if you are looking for a tool that can perform many tasks, but for which you will not pay a fortune.

This reference alone groups together a set of 5 distinct functions. In addition to the blade that you will use in cutting, it includes accessories capable of uncorking wine bottles, opening tin cans and turning screws. It will not only do the trick for lovers of outdoor outings, but also DIY enthusiasts.

This device is set to last with a 420 stainless steel structure combined with a semi-serrated blade. Versatile, the latter remains resistant to corrosion and humidity.

Handling also remains easy with a multi-level locking system preventing unexpected openings and closings.

For the

Multi-use: This model includes many integrated elements allowing it to be easily adapted to various situations. Besides the cutting edge, it features pliers, a can opener, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver with an assortment of 9 heads.

Versatile: Thanks to its multifunctionality, this equipment is suitable for different types of jobs. Indeed, it will provide you with various services in hiking, camping, fishing or hunting.


A little heavy: According to consumers, the weight of 300 g handicaps the use of this model. Otherwise, it would have been the best pocket knife around.

Laguiole pocket knife

6. Laguiole Folding Design Knife


Trust Laguiole if you want to find quality equipment. For some, it presents itself as the best brand of pocket knives. Once again, the designer reinforces his notoriety with this specimen.

It is a collapsible material. It is possible to camouflage the blade between two uses. In addition, it also reduces its length from 22 cm to only 11 cm. In this way, it will be easy for you to store it despite the absence of a case in the set.

The particularity of this device lies in its design, which is both robust and elegant. It owes these qualities to the combination of its tempered stainless steel blade with its exotic light wood handle. We manage to sharpen it easily. All you need is a whetstone or a sharpening steel.

For the

2 in 1: This model has a corkscrew function in hardened stainless steel. It will help you uncork your bottle of wine if you don’t have a suitable accessory at hand.

Customizable: At the time of purchase, you have the option of engraving a text on the knife. This makes it a great gift idea, but will also allow you to distinguish it from another if you are several friends to get it.


Lack of a case: Consumers say that a storage box would be practical for transporting this equipment. It would keep him away from any risk of damage.

Pradel pocket knife

7. Pradel Excellence CK845 pocket knife


This model from Pradel convinces consumers with its practicality. With its total length of 18 cm, it remains easy to handle. Lightweight, it fits well in the hand. When you store the cutting edge, it is only 10 cm, which makes it easy to store.

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The stainless steel blade exhibits a smooth structure. It is suitable for the clean cutting of various elements or the cutting of wood for example. Its design ensures its resistance to alterations and in particular corrosion and rust. It does not degrade over time.

As for the handle, it is covered in light wood, justifying its elegance and solidity.

The aesthetics of the latter also simplifies handling and can meet the expectations of all user profiles, left-handed and right-handed.

For the

Practical: The folding system allows easy storage of the equipment during transport. It will be easy for you to find a place for this model, whether in your pocket or in your bag.

Good grip: The shape of the handle optimizes its grip. With the ripples on the edges, it adapts to the morphology of the user’s hand.


Handle maintenance: As the coating is made of wood, you have to treat it with specific products to ensure its durability over time.

Cheap pocket knife

8. Opinel Folding Pocket Knife


This model from Opinel alone combines practicality and performance. Being in the Luxury Tradition range, its elegant aesthetic does not leave you indifferent. And with its 19.5 cm long for a weight of only 50 g, it will not weigh you down during your various outings whether picnics, hikes, hunting or fishing.

This equipment also fascinates with its maneuverability. The Virobloc safety ring limits potential dangers by preventing inadvertent deployment and folding of the blade.

The latter, made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel with a high percentage of chromium, manages to cut many materials in a single pass thanks to its razor sharp and easy to sharpen.

For handling, you can count on its olive wood handle. Solid and aesthetic with its shades of orange and yellow, it brings a touch of warmth and luxury to the whole. This part remains pleasant to the touch.

For the

Secure: The Virobloc system locks the blade in the open or closed position to prevent the owner from inadvertently injuring himself. It is easily accessible and operates with a simple slide of the fingers.

Blade strength: The cutting edge has a Sandvik 12C27 steel structure with a high chromium content. This allows it to effectively resist corrosion and various factors of use.


Regular maintenance: To maintain the efficiency of this equipment, make sure to treat the wood frequently and oil the mechanism.

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mini pocket knife

9. Promithi Mini Folding Knife Multifunction Bottle Opener


Comparing the models you will find on the market will give you an idea of ​​which one meets your expectations. And if you are looking for a multifunctional device, this specimen from Promithi is likely to suit you.

It is a material capable of accompanying you in many activities. The ring at the back of the handle can be used as a bottle opener. In addition, it can also be used as a key ring or hanging system during transport. Here, it won’t encumber you or pierce your leg, since the knife is only 5 cm long when you fold it.

This article has a structure entirely in stainless steel. So you can scale fish with it, open cans, or expose it to humidity frequently without fear of it rusting overnight.

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For the

Practical: In folded mode, this model is only 2.6 inches or about 5 cm. Thanks to this, it will be easy for you to camouflage it or transport it during your travels. You can easily put it in your pocket.

Multi-use: The ring on its handle is suitable for various uses. Indeed, it can be used as a bottle opener to open a bottle or even as a key ring to hang your accessories.


Quite complex sharpening: With the dimensions of the blade, some people claim that the sharpening processes require a lot of precision. Then consider buying the necessary equipment for this.

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Damascus pocket knife

10. Perkin Knives Koobi Custom Pocket Knife


Take a trip to Perkin Knives if you want to know where to buy the best pocket knife around. Among the wide range of models offered by the brand, you can come across this reference. It has a Damascus steel structure which gives it its robustness, but also its efficiency. 

The 7.6 cm blade remains efficient on many elements. In addition, its smooth configuration ensures optimal cutting capacity. The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on this item confirms its longevity. 

If you do not neglect the regular maintenance of your equipment, it will accompany you for a good while on your various outings and will be essential for you to prepare food, make a fire or shelter.

For the

Cutting capacity: Entirely made of damascus steel, the blade has no difficulty in slicing through different materials. You will not only need it for eating, but also for other activities.

Handy: The curved part on the underside of the handle optimizes grip. It will therefore not inconvenience you during your use.


Sharpening equipment to select: Avoid sharpening guns. These accessories are not suitable for the hardness of the blade.

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Purchase guide

How to choose the best pocket knives of 2022? In this review, we give you advice as an answer to this question. They will prevent you from regretting later on having invested in equipment that ultimately turned out to be inadequate.


The blade

When browsing the web, it’s not uncommon for you to come across a buying guide for the best pocket knives on the market. There, the first element to take into account to find your favorite equipment remains the blade.

Generally speaking, manufacturers use steel as the main material of the latter. However, there are several types that you will have to choose from depending on the nature of your jobs and the hardness you are looking for:

 – Stainless steel: Its particularity lies in its great resistance to corrosion and humidity. Indeed, it fears neither rust nor use in extreme circumstances. It’s easy to maintain and cuts well no matter what consistency you have on hand.

 – Carbon steel: It remains the least expensive compared to the other categories. However, it remains the most efficient in terms of sharpness. Simple to sharpen and solid, it is however sensitive to water and humidity. It quickly loses its effectiveness if you neglect maintenance.

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 – Damascus steel: It also has interesting qualities such as durability and being ultra sharp. It is also suitable for a large number of activities and is appreciated by connoisseurs for its design and its unmistakably elegant finishes. However, always make sure to dry it after use, as humidity can damage it quite quickly.

The dimensions

Also consider the length of the blade if you want to determine which is the best pocket knife on the market. Usually, we choose it according to the nature of our uses. We like the less than 7 cm for small domestic tasks, but above all, because the law is not very strict about them. 

Many knife laws allow them. The medium models, between 7 cm and 10 cm, combine mobility and versatility. However, it is recommended to pay attention to the laws regarding their wearing in your country. Specimens over 10 cm are used for various purposes (cooking, DIY, camping) but like the previous ones, find out about the regulations in force in the territory concerning their outdoor use if you do not want to get in trouble.

The handle

Don’t overlook the handle if your goal is to figure out how to buy a better value pocket knife. There are two criteria that should not be left to chance because they condition your comfort in use.

Focus on the crafting material. Designers today use a wide variety of elements to meet the expectations of each consumer profile. If you are looking for a light and durable model, aluminum presents itself as the ideal candidate. It appeals to amateurs who tend to carry their gun everywhere with them but who don’t want to get bogged down. In addition, it is possible to find it in several colors for those who prefer whimsical knives and rather particular looks. 


Both titanium and stainless steel are above the rest in terms of robustness. However, they are sometimes penalized by their weight and become cumbersome during long trips if you are not used to them.

Designers are also innovating their articles with rubber sleeves. Users love them for their great maneuverability. Although rubber is not as durable as these other materials, it is still easy to replace and maintain. 

If you are looking for an elegant model, you can turn to specimens with a wooden handle. These structures often have a pleasant design with motifs appreciated by collectors. However, they require special attention for maintenance.

Regarding the shape, you will have plenty of choice on a price comparison. Make sure the look fits your hand size. This part of the knife shouldn’t cause you any gripping issues, either in your right or left hand. Once all these parameters in mind, all you have to do is find an address where to buy a new pocket knife.

frequently asked Questions 

Q1: How to sharpen a pocket knife?

There are different methods to sharpen your equipment, the most common of which is the whetstone. It is available in several models relating to the dimensions of the knife. Choose a sharpening angle for the latter. This will identify the slicing ability of the blade. The larger it is, the less efficient your accessory will be. However, pay attention to the nature of the stone. 

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If it is an oil version, you will need to lubricate it before use. Otherwise, you can use it as is. Then tilt your knife at the correct angle on the side with the thicker grain. Regarding the movement to adopt, we slide the knife in the direction of the cutting edge. Push it onto the structure to avoid the formation of a burr by holding it firmly by the handle. 

You can check with your finger which side it is on, of course being careful. If you have a double-edged blade, do the operation on the other side. The finishes are carried out on the other wall of the stone. However, the use of stone requires a little practice. In the end, the results obtained are, in the majority of cases, satisfactory.

Q2: How to sharpen a damascus blade?

The Damascus steel blade can optionally go through sharpening techniques such as stones, manual or electric systems. Avoid steel rifles though. Their hardness generally does not exceed that of your accessory. You risk damaging it if you force yourself to use them.

Q3: How to clean a pocket knife?

By maintaining your equipment regularly, you guarantee its durability. For this, there is no need to disassemble it if it is a folding model. You just need to have the right tools on hand. 

For the edge, a few drops of alcohol will be enough to remove the residue stuck to the structure. Clean with a dry cloth then oil the coating to ensure its corrosion resistance. If you decide to wash it, wipe the cutting edge until it is dry before resuming use.

For the deployment system such as the safety mechanism, latch, trigger ball, and more, carry a cotton swab and a sheet of paper to access hard-to-reach areas . Add a drop of oil in the mechanics to optimize the operation of the cogs.

Q4: What blade length for a pocket knife?

In general, the length of the cutting edge should be selected according to the nature of your uses. A small model, less than 7 cm, is more suitable for domestic tasks only. Its effectiveness will be limited in an extreme situation like cutting a rope or making a wooden stake. 

At over 7cm it is suitable for a variety of jobs, but can be reported as a stab in some countries if caught on you. Specimens with blades longer than 10cm are a bit cumbersome when moving, but will save you in perilous circumstances.