Top 10 Best Pizza Stone 2022-Complete Guide Review

Traditionally, pizza is cooked over a wood fire or charcoal in a stone oven. This is what gives it its legendary texture, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. To obtain the same result at home with an oven or a barbecue, the use of a pizza stone, also called a cooking stone, is necessary. Thanks to this accessory, cooking Italian pizzas like a real pastry chef becomes easy for everyone. However, when it comes to choosing a pizza stone, it is not at all obvious, as there are a variety of models on the market. This buying guide comes at the right time to allow you to discover a selection of the 10 best pizza stones, something to make your life easier.

Comparison of the best pizza stones 2022: tests and reviews

Dolce Mare pizza shovel

High quality cordierite pizza stone from Dolce Mare®

For The Oven and The Grill

If you dream of concocting your own pizzas at home, this baking stone from the Dolce Mare brand makes it easy for you. Made with cordierite , a material that withstands high temperatures, the accessory turns any cooking equipment into an Italian stone oven, ideal for making authentic pizzas.

This 3.95 kg pizza stone stores and redistributes heat exactly as needed for this type of cooking. This allows the pizza to cook evenly and quickly. Thanks to its ability to perfectly absorb the humidity of the dough, it allows you to have a crispy base and a juicy filling, enough to delight your palate and those of your guests. No need therefore to go to the pizzeria before having very good quality pizza at home, and in record time.

With its dimensions of 38cm x 30cm x 1.5 cm, this stone made of a refractory material stands out with its black varnished surface. It is rectangular in shape and is easy to insert into a standard size oven. It is also available in beige for users who prefer this color.

In addition, the accessory comes with a wooden shovel which is very useful for placing and removing the preparation. The risks of burning your fingers during handling are therefore limited. Among the advantages of the Dolce Mare cooking stone, we can also count its ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is also one of the few pizza stones that can be washed with water without affecting its quality.


  1. Versatile use (oven and grills)
  2. Resistance to high temperatures up to 900°C
  3. Wet cleaning
  4. Comes with a pizza shovel


  1. The accessory may retain cooking stains over time

Easy to use, it feels like a pizza maker and the pizza is more pleasant to eat and it is magnificent . Read all reviews.

Fred L.

Rösle pizza stone

Pizza stone with handles from Rösle 

The high quality

Whether in the oven or on the barbecue, this pizza stone from the manufacturer Rösler does its job well. Thanks to the refractory material with which it is designed, it stores heat perfectly and then releases it evenly over its entire surface, to allow the pizza to cook well. You can also use it for cooking pies flambées, bread and many more.

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It should be noted that this baking stone is only 1.5 cm thick. We are therefore dealing with a fine stone which therefore offers a relatively short cooking time. Despite the cooking speed, the preparation does not blacken and the taste remains impeccable. The greediest will certainly appreciate not having to wait too long before the moment of tasting.

This circular shaped stone measures 41 cm in diameter. It is therefore large enough to make large pizzas for the whole family. The accessory is additionally equipped with a chrome steel handle on each side. It is therefore easy to transport and can be put in and taken out of the oven without difficulty.


  1. Short cooking time
  2. Large format
  3. Chrome steel handles
  4. Multifunctional


  1. The stone tends to darken after use

Perfect and of the best quality, I recognize a product from the Rösle brand. Suitable for one large or several small pizzas. Read all reviews.

Mary D.

Weber pizza stone

Weber Gourmet Round BBQ Pizza Stone

BBQ special

Cooking your pizzas in the most traditional way possible is what Weber Gourmet offers you through its round barbecue pizza stone. Equipped with a stainless steel sleeved grill that makes it easy to transport, this accessory offers good cooking capacity. The stone is indeed capable of storing a large quantity of heat which it distributes evenly over its entire surface for a satisfactory result.

This is cooking equipment that is compatible with the Weber Gourmet BBQ System, as well as other standard cooking systems. It is therefore possible to use it outside, on the terrace or in the garden, during the summer to give free rein to your pizza cravings.

What is also very interesting with this cordierite pizza stone is that it does not always require preheating. It can therefore be used to obtain delicious slices of pizza in record time.

It should also be noted that the round Weber Gourmet pizza stone is a versatile model. It can therefore also be used to make many other tasty delicacies such as cookies and pies.


  1. Good heat storage capacity
  2. Multifunctional accessory
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Compatible with the Weber Gourmet BBQ system


  1. Long preheating time for the oven

We had a lot of fun using this pizza stone. We prefer to place two small pizzas on the stone and the kids love making and eating them . Read all reviews.

Amanda D.

Pizza Tools pizza stone

Pizza Tools Cold Pizza Stone

Made of natural stone for barbecue and oven

Do you want to make Neapolitan pizzas or Margherita like a real pizza maker? You can make it happen if you opt for this pizza stone from the Pizza Tool brand .

Supplied as a kit with a wooden shovel with suspension eyelet, instructions for use and a recipe book, this equipment guarantees you successful pizza recipes, both crispy and soft. You will no longer need to have pizza delivered to you before you can enjoy it. Whether in the oven, on the grill or on the barbecue, you can now make your own according to your desires.

Intended for versatile use, the device will also delight those who dream of making bread or tartes flambée themselves.

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Pizza Tool baking stone is designed with natural material. This gives it a high capacity for heat conservation and distribution, optimal management of humidity and fairly good resistance to high temperatures. It therefore has all the characteristics necessary for the production of a good Italian pizza. With its large size (38 x 30.5 x 1.5 cm), this model offers enough space for both a family pizza and mini pizzas.


  1. Large cooking surface
  2. Versatile use
  3. Comes with accessories


  1. Notice not available in French

If you don’t have room for a brick oven or can’t afford one, this set is a great alternative. The stone is of very good quality and it makes the pizza pleasantly crispy, like in a restaurant. It also comes with a wooden pizza peel to easily turn and take out the pizza. If you have lightly floured the peel, the pizza dough will not stick. We can only recommend it to you . Read all reviews.

Martine C.

Weber pizza stone

Weber pizza stone

For small appetites

If you have a Weber charcoal barbecue , this pizza stone from the same brand is likely to be suitable for you. It offers you the possibility of making delicious homemade pizzas that will rival those of your favorite pizzeria in flavor.

The 36.5 cm diameter accessory is distinguished by the quality of its manufacturing material, cordierite . It is a component highly valued by pizzerias, as it withstands high temperatures, perfectly absorbs humidity and distributes heat evenly. You can therefore have thin and perfectly light crust pizzas for your greatest happiness and that of your loved ones. You can even push the pleasure further by using it to make other equally delicious recipes such as pies, bread or quiches.

Note also that this refractory beige stone is accompanied by a metal transport plate. Thanks to the latter, it is easier to place and remove the preparation on the barbecue without having to remove the stone. This is an interesting asset, especially if you have several preparations to make. The metal plate also limits any burns that may occur and prevents the preparation from darkening after cooking.


  1. Cordierite coating
  2. Multifunctional accessory
  3. Resistance to high temperatures
  4. Functional hob


  1. Product sold without pizza shovel

Very good pizza stone, it adapts perfectly to my grill. Another brand would probably have been just as good, but it does the job and you can buy it without fear Read all reviews.

Janice T.

Rommelsbacher pizza stone

Rommelsbacher pizza stone

Also suitable for making homemade bread

This pizza stone is a wise choice if you want to take advantage of a mid-range model that offers great features such as versatility, resistance to temperature variation and optimal heat conduction. It’s definitely what you need to be able to make your pizzas the way Italian chefs do, whenever you feel like it. 

The Rommelsbacher PS16 pizza/bread stone is a popular steel model for its good price-performance ratio. It comes in standard dimensions (35.5 x 35 x 1.4 cm) and weighs 2.91 kg. It is therefore perfect for barbecues and for slightly larger ovens.

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In the packaging, you will find a very practical wooden oven shovel to slide the dough on the stone and to remove your creations once cooked.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Versatile use
  3. Delivered with wooden shovel


  1. Can not be washed with water

I hesitated for a long time before buying a pizza/bread plate, I am delighted with it and regret not having bought it earlier. The bottom of the breads and pizzas are well cooked. Read all reviews.

Veronique V.

Relaxdays pizza stone

Round Pizza Stone with Metal Holder by Relaxdays

The complete set

A pizza stone represents a fairly interesting investment when it is strong enough, withstands high temperatures and stores heat for a long time. And precisely, this Relaxdays model offers these different characteristics since it is made from cordierite, one of the best components on the market. Opting for this copy allows you to have at hand a perfect replica of the stone oven, the must for having authentic Italian pizzas.

It should be noted that this medium-sized baking stone is provided with a metal support which facilitates its transport. To this is added a wooden shovel which is a great help during the realization of the different recipes.

To offer an optimal user experience, the manufacturer accompanies the accessories with a recipe book as well as a maintenance manual.


  1. Good quality refractory material
  2. Versatile use
  3. Comes with accessories (metal stand and shovel)
  4. Good value for money


  1. Cannot be machine washed

Excellent pizza stone for gas oven and BBQ. It heats up quickly and you have to think about adding flour before laying the pizza dough. Unfortunately, if it sticks and blackens, it stays despite washing. Read all reviews.

Alphone R.

Amazy pizza stone

Amazy pizza stone

One of the best sales

The Amazy pizza stone will probably pique your interest if you are looking for an accessory that is compatible with different cooking equipment. It can indeed be used with charcoal barbecues as well as gas barbecues. Users who have an electric grill or an oven can also use it to make different dough recipes. And precisely, this baking stone lends itself readily to making pies, breads, cookies, turnovers and many delicious recipes.

Designed with cordierite, this cooking surface is very absorbent and offers excellent heat conduction. Enough to give you the opportunity to succeed in your pizza recipes like a real pizza maker to please you and your loved ones. However, its use with the oven requires a long preheating time compared to certain models in the same range.

In addition, this rectangular pizza stone measures 38 x 30 x 1.5 cm and therefore makes it possible to obtain a medium-sized pizza likely to satisfy around 3 to 4 people. And to optimize the comfort of use, the manufacturer accompanies the accessory with a shovel with an ergonomic wooden handle.

Regarding its maintenance, the Amazy pizza stone can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


  1. Versatile accessory
  2. Comes with a shovel
  3. Easy maintenance


  1. Long preheating time for the oven

I bought this pizza stone because I had the opportunity to discover this method of cooking in the oven with friends. I’m really not disappointed because the stone is of very good quality and the perfect size to fit in a traditional oven. Just preheat your oven with the stone in it (I put my oven at 250°C), then place your pizza on it. It cooks in a few minutes and the result is sensational! The whole family loves it. Read all reviews.

Kristina T.

Pizza stone from Küchenprofi

Pizza stone with saucer from Küchenprofi

In refractory brick

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Baking a pizza in a domestic electric or gas oven does not always lead to a successful recipe like in the best pizzerias. But, it is possible to remedy this with a good pizza stone, as is the case with this model proposed by Küchenprofi .

Simply place this 1.2 cm thick stone on your cooking device (oven, grill, barbecue), to obtain a professional system that promotes the realization of superb pasta recipes.

This 30 cm diameter cooking stone made from a refractory and porous component perfectly retains and concentrates the heat for impeccable cooking. It is equipped with two metal handles which make it easy to handle and transport, whatever the recipe to be made.

So it will now be easier for you to cook or reheat pizza, bread and other meals at home.


  1. Excellent heat conduction quality
  2. porous surface
  3. Fast cooking time
  4. Metallic sleeves


  1. Product fragile enough to handle with care

Very good product, you have to get used to the cooking times at first but after that it’s great. I use it with gas weber barbecue for pizzas and quiches, they are excellent. Be careful however, the product is quite fragile, handle with care . Read all reviews.

Magalie N.

Pizza stone from Kaminprofi24

Pizza stone from Kaminprofi24

Refractory stone/chamotte

If you are looking for a good alternative to cordierite stones, this model from the Kaminprofit24 brand will certainly appeal to you.

Made with chamotte (fired clay), this cooking material is an excellent heat conductor. It is able to tolerate high temperatures up to 1200°C. It also has a very good ability to absorb moisture and retains heat for a very long time.

This 4 kg, 40 x 30 x 2.5 cm refractory stone will certainly suit users looking for a large model to make pizzas for the whole family. Just make sure you use it on a grill or in the right size oven.

You can also use it to make your various preparations such as bread, tarte flambée and other gourmet recipes.


  1. Chamotte stone
  2. Withstands high temperatures up to 1200°C
  3. Large format
  4. Multifunctional accessory


  1. Does not have handles

Super product I am a former baker if the stone is heated correctly 30 min at 240 before baking the result is top!!! Read all reviews.

Martin C.

Make homemade pizza dough

As a reminder, the pizza stone is a cooking surface made from natural material which stores the heat of the oven and then releases it to cook the pizza dough evenly and quickly. Opting for this kitchen accessory therefore makes it possible to obtain delicious and authentic homemade pizzas.

But before choosing a pizza stone, a number of criteria must be taken into consideration. Only by doing so will you be able to find the one that really meets your needs and preferences.

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The different selection criteria

Here are some important parameters to analyze carefully before choosing a pizza stone.

The coating

Manufacturers use various materials for the design of this type of accessory. You will therefore find on the market pizza stones in cordierite, terracotta, lava stone, ceramic, marble, clay or granite…

Note that each component has both advantages and disadvantages. In general, certain materials such as cordierite or lava rock are known to withstand high temperatures, but they are the most expensive. On the other hand, other materials such as ceramic or fired clay may not tolerate too high a heat, but they still offer excellent cooking results. With this type of material, it is also necessary to pay attention to thermal shocks, as they are more sensitive to it.

You will also find steel stones which are generally quite heavy. Steel is a component known for its ability to absorb and conduct intense heat. In addition, it eliminates the risk of thermal shock, cracks and breakage.

Since the pizza stone is an accessory that is constantly subjected to heat, care must therefore be taken in choosing the material that composes it. It is generally recommended to opt for a very porous material that really allows the humidity of the dough to be absorbed during cooking in order to obtain a very crispy pizza.

The dimension

When choosing a cooking stone, we realize that there are different formats. How then to make a wise choice in this case? It really depends on the capacity of your oven.

Note that if the pizza stone is larger than the oven, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to position it. This is why it is generally advisable to opt for a stone slightly smaller than the interior of the oven. So you can handle it and insert it without difficulty. This also applies to barbecues or grills.

The best thing to do is to take into account the dimensions of the interior of your oven so as not to risk taking a stone that is much too large or too small.


The cooking time for your pizza depends in part on the thickness of the stone you use. This criterion is therefore very important when choosing the accessory.

In general, the thickness of pizza stones varies from one model to another. A distinction is thus made between fine stones (between 1 and 2 cm) and thick stones (3 cm and more). The advantage with the former is that the cooking time is relatively shorter, because they heat up more quickly. Only, without supervision, the possibility that the pizza dough burns is not excluded. Additionally, gemstones can easily break or crack if not handled with care and caution.

As for thick stones, they are more resistant to heat, so they heat up less quickly compared to thinner models. However, they are the best option for good durability.


There are pizza stones on the market that can also be used to make other recipes such as bread, cookies, pastries, pies and many others. These versatile models are therefore to be preferred for those who are used to varying dough-based recipes without the need to invest in several items of the same type. You may also prefer stones that adapt to any type of oven and are compatible with barbecues for grilling. Some can even double as a hotplate for pans. You must therefore opt for a stone that will make your daily life easier according to your needs and your habits.

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The design and the shape

A priori, the design of a stone has no impact on its ability to cook pizzas. However, this parameter should not be minimized, because a beautiful stone will necessarily bring a plus to the decor of your kitchen.

As for the shape, you will have the choice between square, round or rectangular pizza stones. Opting for one or the other depends above all on your preferences, but also on the size of the different preparations you want to make. Be aware that the size of the pizza also depends in some way on the baking stone used. Generally, you get a standard pizza with the round stones which are the most popular. But for more originality, you can opt for square or rectangular stones that offer a little more space.

The handle and accessories

A pizza stone equipped with a handle or two handles is much easier to transport, put in and take out. However, not all models have it. To compensate for this, some brands add additional accessories like a pizza shovel or a spatula. These are generally of great use and optimize the use of your cooking equipment. For example, if you opt for a stone without a handle, the shovel can make it easier to put in the oven and remove the dough. This limits the risk of burns, because it insulates the heat. As for the spatula, it is very practical for cleaning. Thanks to it, you can easily remove the remains of stuck pizzas after cooking.

The price

The price is the criterion to be considered as a last resort, because it can be misleading. Know that you will find products at relatively low prices. This does not mean that they are necessarily of poor quality. However, good quality products have relatively high prices. But here too, an excessive price is not always a guarantee of quality. So the best thing is to find a model of pizza stone that offers good value for money and fits your budget.