Top 10 Best pizza peels 2022-Complete Guide Review

Everyone loves pizza, but that doesn’t mean they love cleaning up after themselves. When you eat a little too much of your slice, the cleanup is always a hassle. There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping pizza sauce all over the place or whatever else happens to spill out of your box.

This nifty little kitchen gadget is called the best pizza peel and it’s a super fun way to enjoy your pizza. The best pizza peel has a long handle and an even longer metal paddle that’s meant to swipe underneath your pizza box once you’re done eating. You can then set the plate down with ease, knowing that you’ll still have it in one piece after you’ve cleared off the plate.

The best pizza peels are made from standard aluminum and have a nice wooden handle for a solid grip. Since they have such a long handle, you can easily use them without getting a hand full. They’re easy to clean as well, because you can easily wipe off your box and plates using a damp paper towel. It’s no simple task to wash pizza pans so its nice that this product comes with its own dishwasher-safe tray.

These are made from the best materials and will last for years. They’re perfect for students that are on a budget and they’re a fun way to add pizzazz to your next pizza party.

How to Choose the best pizza peels 2022

If you love pizza and have a passion for cooking, you’re in luck because there are many ways to make the perfect pizza. From sauce-free pizzas to your favorite pies with bold toppings, here are some of the best pizza peels.

  1. Pizza stone: The most important tool on this list is the pizza stone that bakes your crust beautifully and evenly without burning or scorching it! Just preheat the oven for at least half an hour on 350 degrees Fahrenheit before placing your pie onto a hot crust stone. Some pizza stones include a rack or a stand that you can use to make your pizza on.
  2. Pizza pan: If you’re not a fan of using a stone when cooking your pizza, you may want to consider using a pizza pan instead. A pizza pan is similar to the stone, but it’s smaller and easier to handle.
  3. Pizza cutter: You need a tool that can easily cut through your favorite pizza, whether you prefer thin or thick slices. A pizza cutter is very useful in cutting pieces of your pizza without taking out all the cheese.
  4. Pizza wheel: If you’re using a pizza pan, the wheel attached to the pan is useful in removing uncooked and cooked parts of your pizza.
  5. Pizza peel: This is another essential tool, especially if you’re a novice who has never cooked pizza before. The peel will help keep you from burning your hands as you take the pizza out of the oven.
  6. Pizza cutter: If you’re not a fan of using a wheel or peel, you can always use a pizza cutter to help remove your pie from the pan.
  7. Pizza spoon: If you’re making a sauce pizza and don’t like to use your hands, a pizza spoon is the best utensil to use. It won’t let you spill or make a mess while you serve your pizza to the family.
  8. Pizza cover: You want to keep the heat inside of your oven, but that’s impossible if you leave your door open. A pizza cover will help keep heat in the oven, allowing it to remain hot for up to thirty minutes after cooking.
  9. Parchment paper: Use parchment paper to line your baking sheet before placing your dough onto the sheet. It will make it easier for you to slide your fork or spoon underneath the pizza without staining the sheet.
  10. Pizza cutter: If using a pizza peel, you’ll need a pizza cutter to cut straight down through your pie without pulling out more than half of the cheese on top.
  11. Baking stone: For a slightly crispy crust, use a baking stone in place of a metal pan when cooking your perfect pie.
  12. Parchment paper: If you need to cover something that won’t fit in your oven or pizza stone, use parchment paper instead of aluminum foil. Just spray it with cooking oil and slide your pizza into the bottom of your oven.
  13. Pastry brush: A pastry brush is useful in keeping your pizza from sticking to the baking sheet after cooking. Just spray it with water and then brush off any excess water from the pizzas topping using a clean brush before placing them on the shelf.
  14. Crust shield: If you like to use the peel, the crust shield will help protect your hand from burning when taking the pizza out of the oven.
  15. Baking sheet: When attempting to cook a large pizza on a baking sheet, you’ll need a baking sheet that can support heat evenly without burning or turning hard.
  16. Pizza cutter: This is another tool that you’ll need when using a wooden pizza peel and stone to bake your pizza pie on oven. You’ll need a pizza cutter that is durable and capable of cutting your pizza without getting stuck in the crust.
  17. Pizza pan: Use a pizza pan if you’re tired of the round, flat shape from using the stone or marble slicer. The pan will give you more room for sauce and toppings on your pizza pie.
  18. Pizza cutter: If you want to use two different sizes of pizzas, consider buying a pizza cutter instead of using scissors or a knife to cut your pizzas apart.
  19. Pizza wheel: The wheel is useful in cutting larger pizzas into equal parts.
  20. Pizza slicer: If you have a strong passion for cheese on your pie, consider purchasing a pizza slicer that can cut through your favorite toppings without pulling out the cheese and leaving them behind.
  21. Tray: An oven tray is a useful tool to hold your pizza, allowing it to cook evenly.
  22. Parchment paper: This is another useful tool you’ll need if you want to make thick or charred pizzas while baking them on a baking sheet in the oven.
  23. Cookie sheet: The cookie sheet is more durable than aluminum foil and will also give your pizza more room to cook evenly, which will result in perfectly cooked slices of pizza.
  24. Baking pan: If you want to bake your pizza pie on a baking sheet, you can use a baking pan instead. Just be careful not to burn the bottom of the pan if the pizza is already cooked inside.
  25. Pizza cutting board: This is another essential tool for turning your wooden peel or stone into an oven for cooking your pizza pie in. Just be careful not to burn yourself with hot steel as you cook your pie!
  26. Pizza fork: When using a baking stone or peel, you may want to use a pizza fork to slide your pie onto the stone. It’s easier than using your hands to grab the hot pizza.
  27. Pizza sticks: If you’re fancying up your pizza with chicken, pork, or seafood toppings, use a pizza stick instead of tongs that can make it difficult for you to cook the meat evenly. Just be sure not to let them sit for too long!
  28. Pizza cutter: These are great for cutting a pizza into four pieces, making it easy to pass around the table.
  29. Pizza peel: This is an essential tool for cooking thin crust pizzas or pizzas that have tortillas or crackers baked on the bottom. You can also use them for making your own homemade pizza dough in the oven, especially if you plan on serving the pie with a nice and warm cheese sauce poured on top.
  30. Pizza pan: These are suitable for thinner square pizza pies, especially if you want to use a stone or metal pan to cook your pizza in.
  31. Pizza wheel: The wheel can be used when using a stone or marble slicer to cut rustic pizzas into slices.
  32. Baking sheet: If you don’t have room to cook your pizza on a baking sheet, you can always use the baking sheet instead and bake the pie for a shorter period of time in order to make it somewhat more crispy.
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Comparison of the best pizza peels

Chef Pomodoro’s Pizza Shovel

Lame and aluminum

Chef Pomodoro’s pizza shovel is the perfect companion for cooking and preparing pizzas and pastries. You can use it to cook your pies, pastries, pizzas, cakes or breads.

With a 35 x 30 cm aluminum head, putting in and out of the oven will never be a difficult task again. Thanks to a 28 cm foldable handle, you can safely place your dish in the oven while benefiting from the compact size of this pizza shovel for easy storage. In addition, the stainless blade can be detached from the 100% natural pine wood handle and placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


  1. Foldable and detachable handle
  2. Stainless aluminum blade


  1. Small handle suitable for small ovens

Perfect size for baking homemade pizza. I love the detachable handle, it’s easy to clean. The aluminum is very strong and the tool is very functional. Read all reviews.

Maryam O.

Homefavor GA Pizza Shovel

And aluminum

This Homefavor brand pizza shovel has a long 40 cm wooden handle ensuring a good grip in complete safety. Its aluminum blade is very light and resists heat very well. It is also very easy to clean it by removing the handle from its blade. However, it is recommended not to constantly screw and unscrew these two elements so as not to damage the pizza shovel.


  1. Unscrewable handle
  2. Long wooden handle
  3. Easy cleaning


  1. Diameter of only 30 cm

Very good quality for this really cheap product. Already used a dozen times, does not move. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Loulou L.


Pizza shovel from Blumtal

This pizza shovel features an extra-long handle measuring over 40cm. Made of aluminum, its blade glides perfectly and allows you to very easily place your preparation in the oven without it sticking to the shovel. This one is delivered with a pizza stone guaranteeing you a perfect and homogeneous cooking of your dough. Resistant to more than 1200°C, this 38×30 cm rectangular cordierite stone retains heat very well.

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  1. Comes with a manual and a pizza stone
  2. Long wooden handle

Great for making tartes flambées and pizzas. Ideal with a 300° high power oven, but will work perfectly with a 250-260°C oven. It cooks very quickly and the dough is crispy. The pizza shovel is of good quality compared to other products offered by other sellers. Tip: buy a metal barbecue brush with hard bristles, that’s the only way to get rid of the cheese that falls on the stone and burns. This stains easily. Above all, do not rinse it under running water, the pizza stone may split if it is put in the oven without being perfectly dry. Read all reviews.

Peter M.


Relaxdays pizza shovel


Relaxdays offers you this 30 cm diameter bamboo pizza peel. Thanks to its leveled edges, this kitchen utensil is perfect for depositing or recovering all the preparations directly in the oven. Thanks to the small hole on the handle, you can easily hang it on a hook and store it in your pantry or kitchen.


  1. Light
  2. Natural bamboo


  1. Heat resistance

The pizza shovel is really great. Due to its bamboo composition, it is not as heavy as traditional wooden shovels. The grip is perfect and the pizza can easily be put in the oven. Read all reviews.

Mary I.


Dolce Mare pizza shovel

Aluminum with oak handle

Dolce Mare has imagined a design that is both elegant and ergonomic for its shovel in order to offer you the perfect tool for baking your pies, breads and pizzas. Its long 30 cm oak wood handle is perfect for safely handling your preparation. Thanks to its hanging loop, you can easily store it on a hook and store it in your kitchen. With a length of 35 cm by 30 cm, the aluminum plate is light and handy and guarantees you great stability.

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  1. Big size
  2. And aluminum
  3. Large handle


  1. Quite bulky

Perfect for all wood-fired pizza enthusiasts who want to live a real pizza maker experience at home! I love the sleek wooden finish which is still very light and easy to maneuver. No more burnt fingers because the shovel allows you to check the cooking of your pizza in complete safety. Very nice product. Read all reviews.

Katy L.


Hecef pizza shovel

Made of acacia wood


  1. Comes with a pizza wheel
  2. Elegant design
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Quite heavy

Made of acacia, this pizza shovel from Hecef has a surface of 30 cm allowing you to cook quite large dishes. Whether it’s pizza, quiche or flamenkuche, this tool will help you bake your best dishes with great ease. Its large handle gives you a very good grip and its tapered edges allow you to slide your preparation smoothly into your oven. In addition to being very resistant, acacia wood is easy to maintain. For storage, the small string at the edge of the handle allows you to hang it on any support.

Very good product: perfect size for a medium pizza, pleasant design, neither light nor heavy. The pizza wheel is also of very good quality, a perfect set for a pizza party. Read all reviews.

Vitaly S.


Pizza shovel from Rösle

The high end

Rösle is a German brand well known for the quality and robustness of its kitchen utensils. This pizza shovel is no exception to the rule and offers you the very best in terms of ergonomics and design. Thanks to its long wooden handle, no more heatstroke. Its aluminum blade is ideal for easily putting all your dishes in the oven. Despite its imposing volume, this object can be stored very easily against a wall thanks to its drawstring located at the end of the handle.

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  1. Great brand
  2. Manche extra long


  1. High price

Admittedly, it is not the cheapest pizza shovel but certainly the most robust and qualitative. With a very nice finish, I recommend it without hesitation. Read all reviews.

Moe P.


Weber is a leading brand in barbecue design. Endowed with a great reputation, it is therefore logical that he offers us his pizza shovel. If you’re a fan of BBQ pizza, then trust Weber.

With a rubber handle, the grip is pleasant and its foldable handle allows you to store it in a cupboard or hang it thanks to its eyelet.


  1. Brand recognized for its know-how
  2. Folding handle


  1. Plastic handle more heat sensitive

A good size, it looks very good. I use it with parchment paper, there’s less risk of the dough sticking to the shovel (the test with flour was inconclusive…). BBQ pizza is a treat! Read all reviews.

Nicolas R.


Pizzacraft Pizza Shovel

Supplied with a brush, this pizza shovel from Pizzacraft has a wooden handle and an aluminum blade. With a common width of 30 cm, this utensil adapts perfectly to all types of culinary preparations: pies, quiches, calzones, etc. Very light, with only 490 grams on the clock, this shovel is very handy and easy to handle. In addition, its removable handle will facilitate storage.


  1. Comes with a brush
  2. Foldable handle


  1. Price slightly higher than average

Very good set, sturdy and functional, and which folds up to store in the oven when you don’t need to use it. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Marylou P.


This set of 3 kitchen utensils for preparing pizzas is the essential kit for any pizza maker. Composed of a wheel, spatula and pizza shovel, this stainless steel set allows you to prepare, cut and serve your dough with ease. Equipped with a wooden handle, this service will fit very well in the back of a cupboard. After each use, you just have to put them in the dishwasher to clean them. However, it is recommended to wash them by hand in order to prolong the life of these objects.

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  1. Set of 3 kitchen accessories
  2. Very good value for money


  1. Smaller shovel size

Very good pizza shovel delivered with a very good quality wheel. The handles are made of wood and are very pleasant to grip, comfortable to hold and use. Read all reviews.

Lily L.

Purchase guide

Pizza peel buying guide

Many people overlook the most important part of preparing a pizza: baking. Several elements such as the dough and the quality of the ingredients are important, but any good cook knows that the most crucial part is the baking. It is during this stage that we distinguish the good from the perfect pizza.

What is a pizza peel?

As soon as you do not plan to place your dough on the grill of a kitchen oven, the pizza shovel becomes the essential kitchen utensil for cooking your pizza. Indeed, nothing beats a real wood-fired pizza oven to bring out all the flavors.

This object is like a large spatula designed for placing and removing pizza from the oven. It has a large flat surface that is suitable for a large dough. This is called the blade. It is on this part that a long handle is attached to it.

How to choose a pizza shovel?


The materials usually used for making pizza peels are wood and metal. Each component has its own characteristics which each bring advantages and disadvantages. The best choice will therefore be based on what you are looking for.

Wooden shovels are more aesthetic and authentic, more elegant and traditional. If the handle of your kitchen utensil is quite short, you can consider serving your pizza directly on it without this being a problem. On the contrary, a metal model is less suitable for this type of presentation. It is therefore preferable to serve your preparation on a plate.

However, note that wooden pizza peels require more maintenance and should be completely dried after being washed. You should also clean them thoroughly by hand and make sure you don’t use any detergents that are harmful to wood.

On the other hand, metal pizza shovels like those made of aluminum or steel are easier to use for beginners because they have a very thin blade that makes it easier to deposit or remove the dough in the oven. They also tend to be lighter than wooden ones, making them easier to use and handle.


You will find in stores or in online shops many sizes of pizza peels. So choose the diameter of the blade according to your needs and the capacity of your oven. Note that the standard size of a pizza varies between 26 and 33 cm in diameter.

To determine the ideal size of your shovel, base yourself on that of the entrance of your pizza oven. Your utensil should not be too small to support your pizza and not too large to fit in your oven.


Handle length is an important factor to consider when selecting your pizza peel. If the handle is too short, it will be difficult for you to reach the bottom of your oven, especially if it is designed to cook several pizzas. However, a handle that is too long is also not ideal as it will make it harder for you to maneuver your shovel. So choose a shovel according to the space you have around your oven.

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Be aware that there are foldable handles on the market that allow you to save space when storing. Whether you choose a wooden or metal pizza peel, the handle should be made of a heat-resistant material to protect your hands from the heat of the oven

Blade shape

Pizza peel blades are usually round or square. A square shape can however have rounded front edges. There are actually no more advantages to using one form over the other.


Where is the best place to keep your pizza peel? The longer the handle, the more difficult it is to store it. Find below the list of the best places to store your tool:

  • Hanging on a wall thanks to the handle fixing eyelet.
  • Stored above your refrigerator or cupboards.
  • Suspended in a broom cupboard.
  • Below your pizza oven, if you have the change to have space.

How to maintain a pizza shovel?

The maintenance of a pizza shovel will differ according to its composition. Indeed, metal does not clean like wood.

Clean a metal pizza peel

Metal pizza peels are easy to maintain. The larger models do not fit in a dishwasher but can be washed by hand with soap and water. Once washed, let it air dry.

Clean a wooden pizza peel

Material requires, wooden pizza shovels require more care. Too much exposure to water and humidity will warp its blade. In addition, the heat of the oven can also contribute to its deformation.

To protect it, you can apply a light coat of oil to its surface. The oil will act as a sealant and help prevent warping. You can repeat this process about once a month.

It is advisable not to wash the pizza peel with water. Instead, we recommend wiping its surface with white vinegar. This acts as a disinfectant killing all microorganisms lodged in the blade.

However, if you must use soap, dry your pizza peel immediately and then let it air dry. Be sure not to put it away until it is completely dry.

What not to do: slicing your pizza on a wooden shovel can damage its surface. The cuts can then reduce the effectiveness of the pizza peel by creating friction when removing the pizza.