Top 10 Best Pizza Ovens For Home-Complete Guide Review

What is the best pizza oven  ? Which to choose  ? These are questions that come up quite often when someone is trying to buy a home pizza oven. This is quite normal since the diversity of models makes the choice really difficult. However, buying quality equipment is very important not only for successful pizza recipes but also to enjoy them for as long as possible. 

To simplify your task and allow you to go very quickly in your research, consult this comparison of the best pizza ovens of the moment. You will also find a buying guide that takes stock of tips and advice for choosing the right pizza oven.

Comparison of the Best Pizza ovens 2022: tests and reviews

In this selection, you will discover the most interesting pizza oven models on the market in terms of value for money. A detailed explanation of the features, advantages and disadvantages will be provided for each model to allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pizza oven APZ 400 Viva Italia Bestron

Pizza oven APZ 400 Viva Italia Bestron

The Viva Italia APZ 400 from Breston is one of the best inexpensive electric pizza ovens on the market. It stands out for its modern and colorful look. Quite compact and space-saving, it displays dimensions of 37.5 x 31 x 16 cm for a weight of 2.9 kg.

This pizza oven is designed with quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramic. By opting for this model, you can therefore be sure to buy a durable product that will hold up over the long term. The device rests on non-slip feet and is quite easy to use thanks to its thermo-insulated handle , its ON/OFF button with indicator light and its viewing window.

To allow you to have delicious homemade pizzas , the device is equipped with a 27 cm diameter stone heating plate covered with non-stick. It works with a power of 1800 watts thanks to which the temperature rises very quickly.

For optimal cooking, the manufacturer has relied on two mirrored heating elements for better heat distribution. It is also important to note that the temperature can be manually adjusted up to 180 ° thanks to the thermostat according to the needs on the two cooking surfaces simultaneously or separately.

It is true that the maximum temperature of the Viva Italia APZ 400 pizza oven is not ideal for making Neapolitan pizzas, however, it will allow you to make other types of pizzas according to your desires. You can also use it simply to heat up a pizza or any other frozen dish. It can also be used as a panini press or a table grill.


  1. Rapid rise in temperature
  2. Adjustable temperature
  3. Easy to use
  4. Compact and ergonomic design


  1. No timer

I am very happy with the first use of the oven. I made pizzas and they were cooked very well. To be continued…and also an omelet. Read all reviews.

Jenifer C.

Caliente SPP029-R Spice pizza oven

Caliente SPP029-R Spice pizza oven

With the Caliente SPP029-R from Spice, you can be sure to make your homemade pizzas a success every time. This pizza oven is in fact equipped with a 32 cm refractory stone plate. Thanks to this non-stick cooking surface, you will have pizzas cooked like a wood fire with the only difference that it will not have fumes or unpleasant odors.

In terms of efficiency, the Caliente SPP029-R Spice electric pizza oven scores very well. It is able to reach 400°C very quickly thanks to the 1200 watts generated by its heating element. Perfect for properly cooking Neapolitan pizza in 3-5 minutes. Easy to use, it comes with a recipe book and mini wooden pizza shovels.

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It should also be noted that the Caliente SPP029-R Spice is equipped with an adjustable thermostat with indicator light which allows you to adapt the cooking temperature according to your needs. Which is perfect for cooking other foods, such as meat, savory pies, cakes…

The Caliente SPP029-R Spice could meet your expectations if you are looking for the best electric pizza oven with good value for money. Space-saving, it is a compact circular device that measures 32 x 35 x 26 cm and weighs 5.12 kilograms. It also benefits from an external design in stainless steel and chrome steel and enjoys good solidity.


  1. Good build quality
  2. Versatile pizza oven
  3. Fast cooking in 3 minutes
  4. Ideal for 3 to 4 people


  1. The refractory stone blackens

I love this oven! There had been a problem with the delivery (too bad…) and I ended up ordering it elsewhere but I highly recommend it. Read all reviews.

Celine C.

Ariete 909 Pizza Oven

Ariete 909 Pizza Oven

Make your homemade margarita pizzas like an authentic Italian pizza maker with the Ariete 909 pizza oven . This model dressed in red seduces above all with its nice design and the quality of its construction. In terms of its structure, aluminum was used as the main manufacturing material to ensure its resistance and durability.

Adopting the Ariete 909 as a pizza oven means guaranteeing you delicious pizzas whenever you want and without waiting indefinitely for the arrival of a possible delivery person. Thanks to the 1200 W power of the device, the heat rises very quickly and reaches 400 ° C almost instantly.

The device thus promises you a cooking time of only 4 minutes for fresh pizzas and 2 to 3 minutes for frozen pizzas. It also promises that once baked, your pizzas will be tender, crispy, delicious and smell great like those baked in a traditional oven.

You also have the possibility of cooking other foods just as quickly and efficiently in order to vary the pleasures as much as possible. You can also adjust the temperature to warm up your croissants, pies, toast, and many other delicacies.


  1. Fast heating and cooking
  2. 33 cm refractory stone included
  3. Temperature setting


  1. Non-removable pizza stone

This mini oven is great, easy to use, I recommend all the same, a small wooden shovel in order to be able to slide the pizza well on the stone, but apart from that, it heats very well.. I do not regret my purchase… . Read all reviews.

Michèle B.

Pizza oven Emerio PO-113255.4

Pizza oven Emerio PO-113255.4

Do you love pepperoni pizza with tuna or cheese? Or are you more of a margarita with mozzarella? Anyway, know that by opting for this model offered by the Emerio brand, you will be able to easily make them. Even better, this pizza oven will allow each of your family members or friends to cook their own pizza according to their preference.

In fact, the Emerio PO-115984 pizza oven is a 3-in-1 appliance that can cook 6 mini pizzas or 6 raclettes simultaneously. It is the perfect device for sure to make your convivial evenings with friends or family a success. But that’s not all, it can also be used as a barbecue thanks to its grooved cooking surface. So you can grill seafood, fish, slices of meat or vegetables without fat.

This multifunction electric pizza oven will allow you to cook your mini pizzas in 7 minutes. It works with a power varying between 1500 watts and 1800 watts. Thanks to its lid which is in the form of a dome, the heat is absorbed and diffused in an optimal way so that the dough can cook as it should. Note that the device comes with 6 round pans, 6 wooden spatulas and 6 pizza peels.

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  1. 3 in 1 device
  2. Easy to use and store
  3. Non-stick coating
  4. Non-slip feet


  1. No adjustable thermostat

Really happy with my purchase, it is practical and cooks the small pizzas really well . Read all reviews.

Veronique K.

Severin TO 2058 pizza oven

Severin TO 2058 pizza oven

In terms of performance, the Severin TO 2058 pizza oven has a maximum power of 1800 W. This power allows its heating elements to quickly produce the heat needed to cook food efficiently, in a very short time. To ensure impeccable cooking of your pizzas, the heat of the pan can be adjusted with a temperature range from 0 to 230 degrees .

In terms of integrated functions, the Severin TO 2058 has a timer that allows you to benefit from 120 minutes of programmable time . So you can put your pizzas to cook and go about something else without fear of missing your recipe. Once the programmed time has elapsed, you will be notified by an acoustic signal of the end of the cooking process. Note that the oven will stop on its own without you needing to run to turn it off manually.

In addition to baking pizza, this oven can also bake cakes, pies or fries, while also serving as a rotisserie for meat or poultry. Its interior is lit by a bulb so that the cooking of different foods can be closely monitored.

The Severin TO 2058 is a multifunction pizza oven with a capacity of 42 liters with dimensions of 51.5 x 42 x 36.5 cm in length, width and depth. It is equipped with a 29 cm diameter pizza stone, a rotisserie, a removable crumb tray and a spit tong.


  1. Great versatility
  2. Temperature controller with timer
  3. 29 cm diameter pizza stone included
  4. Fast heating and cooking


  1. Defrost function missing

Ordered on Monday at the beginning of the afternoon, it arrived the next morning around 10:30 am. Question speed, it’s really amazing. The first evening, my wife made us some sweets, golden and fluffy to perfection. The next day noon, chicken on the spit.  Read all reviews.

Frank N.

Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia G3 Pizza Oven

Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia G3 Pizza Oven  

The G3 Ferrari Pizza Express by Deliza is an electric pizza oven with a double circular heating element made of armored steel. It has a power of 1200 watts and a thermostat setting up to 390 ° C. With this equipment, the temperature rise is rapid. This will allow you to properly cook your homemade pizza in 6 to 8 minutes without smoke or unpleasant odors.

The G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia pizza oven is equipped with a 31 cm diameter refractory stone. Enough to make a crispy Italian-style pizza for 3 people. In addition to pizzas, this appliance can also be used to bake breads, cakes, quiches or pies. You can precisely adjust the cooking temperature according to your needs thanks to its adjustable thermostat. It also has a timer and a very efficient defrost function for reheating frozen pizzas.

This electric pizza oven comes in the dimensions 35 x 33.5 x 20 cm for a weight of 5.4 kilograms. It is easily transportable and stores quite easily.

If this model is one of the best and most popular pizza ovens on the market, it is also for the simple reason that it is designed with solid, resistant and durable materials. It also comes with a recipe book and a pizza shovel.

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In short, if you decide to invest in the purchase of the G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia, know that you will certainly get a very good deal. You will no longer need to go to the neighborhood pizzeria before tasting delicious Italian pizzas .


  1. Rapid rise in temperature
  2. Perfect cooking without smoke or unpleasant odor
  3. Adjustment thermostat and timer
  4. Simple cleaning


  1. blackened cooking stone

Pizzas rock with this oven! After a few adjustments to perfect your pizza dough, it’s really great. After several months of use, the negative point is the diameter of this oven: it is too small. You can’t make a big pizza (1 pizza = 1 person), so beyond 2-3 guests, it takes too long and everyone can’t eat at the same time! Read all reviews.

Nawell W.

Burnhard Nero Outdoor Pizza Oven

Burnhard Nero Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Nero Burnhard can be ideal if you are looking for the best outdoor pizza oven with which you can cook real Neapolitan pizzas. It is a solid, durable device that measures 57 x 47 x 29.5 cm and weighs 13 kilograms. It enjoys an excellent quality of design and benefits from a neat finish.

This pizza oven has a 36 x 32.9 cm x 1.5 cm cordierite pizza stone that will give you a large cooking surface. So you can cook wood-fired pizzas for the whole family in just 5 minutes. Versatile, it can also be used for baking pies, quiches or bread.

The device was designed to quickly reach 500°C. In addition, the heat is distributed evenly and evenly over the baking stone. This allows you to have well-cooked and crispy homemade pizzas like those of a pizza maker.

Designed with a double coating of high quality stainless steel with wool panels, the device is able to maintain constant heat for a very long time. You can therefore make several batches in a row to please your guests.

Very simple to use, the Nero pizza oven from Burnhard has a fuel filling compartment. It also works with pellets, coal, logs or briquettes. It is also equipped with a removable chimney with lid and a wooden handle. It also comes with a pizza shovel as well as a forehead thermometer.


  1. Rapid temperature rise
  2. Versatile and suitable for 4 people minimum
  3. Fast pizza cooking
  4.  Authentic taste

The photo posted is the first of a long series to come. I was looking for an oven that exceeds the 300 degrees of my household oven. Indeed, it takes 380 degrees to properly cook pizzas and flamekueches, which I am very very, but then very fond of! Read all reviews.

Yannick J.

Pizza oven Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto CC6110

Pizza oven Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto CC6110

Conventional ovens do not cook pizza as it should. It is for this reason that pizza makers use specially adapted ovens. In households, pizza stones help optimize cooking, but it’s always better to buy a real pizza oven like this model from the Pizzacraft brand.

The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto is one of the best gas pizza ovens on the market. It can be the perfect choice if you are looking for a cooking appliance to make Neapolitan pizzas without the disadvantages of coal or wood.

 This is a pizza oven designed for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors without worry. It rests precisely on a foot support which favors its installation on any surface. 

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For the design of the device, the manufacturer used steel. He also bet on a double stone for optimal cooking of the pizza. Inside the cooking chamber, the temperature can exceed 350°C, which allows you to cook your pizzas in 5 minutes like a real pizza maker. So that the pizza does not burn or to prevent the dough from cooking before the filling, it will be enough to use the reflector to adjust the temperature.

The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto CC6110 pizza oven is simple to use and also quite easy to maintain.


  1. Beau design
  2. Rapid temperature rise
  3. Easy cooking
  4. Good build quality


  1. small opening

I am delighted with this pizza oven I have used it outside, it is easy to transport, it can be easily placed, it is not bulky and, in the house: I have placed it directly on my stove because his feet are a little high so it’s perfect and he heated the kitchen for us at the same time. The pizzas are cooked perfectly well because the temperature is monitored thanks to the thermostat visible above the door.  Read all reviews.

Caroline C.

Royal Catering RCPO-2000-1PE Pizza Oven

Royal Catering RCPO-2000-1PE Pizza Oven

If you are looking for a professional quality pizza oven , the  Royal Catering brand presents the RCPO-2000-1PE . This model has power of 2000 W and its temperature can go up to 350°C .

This heating performance makes it possible to cook both frozen and fresh pizzas quickly and efficiently. It is possible to control the temperature with two knobs to optimize cooking. A 120 minute timer is also available to allow you to set a time beyond which cooking will not continue. This way, you are sure not to take charred pizzas out of the oven. It should be noted that activating the timer is not mandatory if you think you can do without it to obtain a satisfactory result.

The Royal Catering RCPO-2000-1PE pizza oven has two heating elements and a 40 cm diameter refractory clay stone. Thanks to this equipment, the heat is evenly distributed in the cooking compartment. The interior is also illuminated, which makes it possible to keep an eye on the progress of the cooking through the porthole of the hinged door.


  1. 2000W of power
  2. Both heating elements are separately adjustable
  3. Possibility to cook pizzas of 40 cm in diameter
  4. Integrated timer

I bought this oven for my stand during the World Cup! It’s really great and I’m going to buy a second one soon! I made 150 pizzas a night during the World Cup. I am a Pizzaiolo and this little oven really made my job easier! I recommend it without hesitation See all reviews.

Enzo C.

Pizza oven Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1

Pizza oven Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1

This Royal Catering pizza oven allows you to cook pizza at the same time thanks to its two cooking compartments . This is a professional model that can be used in a pizzeria to satisfy demanding customers, or at home to treat gourmet loved ones. Anyway, the device allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare delicious pizzas of 40 cm in diameter .

This double batch provided by the RCPO-3000-2PS-1 is made possible thanks to its high power of 3000 W. In terms of functionality, it is the most efficient model in this comparison of the 10 best pizza ovens of the moment . Designed in stainless steel, the appliance is equipped with 2 refractory fireclay stones which give your pizzas that much appreciated traditional cooking taste.

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The Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1 also incorporates a timer that allows you to program a cooking time from 0 to 120 minutes. The temperature is adjustable via independent thermostats and can reach 350 degrees to cook quickly and flawlessly.


  1. 3000W high power
  2. Two cooking compartments
  3. Fast and perfect cooking
  4. Temperature setting and timer

Very good as a retired pizza maker I think it’s enough for a large table 10 pizzas in 10 minutes it’s top See all reviews.

Christian C.

Buying guide to find the best pizza oven

door of a pizza oven

The pizza oven comes in a wide variety of models. In addition, many brands rub shoulders and compete in ingenuity to offer models that are just as interesting as each other. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose blindly. But then, how to choose your pizza oven? You have to find the model that best meets your expectations. To do this, you must ask yourself the right questions and take several parameters into consideration.

Which pizza oven to choose?

There are indeed many models of pizza ovens specially designed for home use. Depending on the heat source, they can be grouped into three large families. The choice of one or the other will depend on your budget, your needs and above all your preferences. 

electric pizza ovens

As you would have understood, electric pizza ovens are models that plug into an electrical sector to operate. They are therefore suitable for indoor use and offer great flexibility. Boasting a modern design, these cooking materials easily find their place in any contemporary kitchen on a table or worktop.

Electric pizza ovens are the models for individuals par excellence. They save time, ensure even baking of the dough and filling, and are easy to handle and clean. Some models are versatile, that is, they are able to cook other dishes such as quiches, pies, etc.

Most electric pizza ovens are equipped with a timer and an adjustable thermostat. But some more elaborate models have a keep warm function.

For domestic use, it is recommended to choose an electric pizza oven with a minimum power of 1200 watts capable of reaching a minimum of 300°C. As for size and capacity, they vary from model to model. Note that a 30 cm diameter table pizza oven can be enough for 2 to 3 people. Otherwise, you can also opt for an electric pizza oven capable of accommodating two pizzas simultaneously, such as the Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1 .

Wood-fired or charcoal-fired pizza ovens

When it comes to authenticity in the art of pizza making and when it comes to taste, no other cooking equipment can compete with the best wood-fired or charcoal-fired pizza ovens. Very popular in the professional world, but also appreciated by individuals, they are extremely popular when it comes to cooking old-fashioned pizzas.

Generally made up of a base, refractory slabs and a vault, the device offers exceptional performance in terms of cooking speed. It can indeed reach 350 to 500°C, thus making it possible to make tasty and soft pizzas in just a few minutes (2 to 5 minutes). Some models can even be used to bake bread, pie, buns or for grilling and barbecues.

The use of this type of pizza oven requires a preheating time which can last 20 to 30 minutes. It is also necessary to be attentive during cooking to watch the fire so that it does not go out, but also to turn the pizzas at the right time so that they do not burn.

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The wood-fired or charcoal-fired pizza oven comes in a variety of models that differ from each other in terms of design, manufacturing materials, etc.

For domestic use, the ideal would be to opt for an outdoor model like the Burnhard Nero which is one of the best wood-fired pizza ovens on the market. Finally, note that the maintenance of a wood-fired pizza oven is very simple. All you need is a stiff brush and an ash scraper to do this.

Gas pizza ovens

The gas pizza oven is an interesting alternative for those who wish to cook pizza the old fashioned way; but who are forced to do without the wood-fired pizza oven for one reason or another. It offers almost the same performance as the latter in terms of cooking time, since the temperature of these ovens can reach an average of 300 to 350 ° C.

This type of oven is fueled by a bottle of butane/propane or natural gas. Unlike a wooden pizza oven, lighting is much simpler and the temperature rise is faster. In addition, it is possible to adjust the temperature as well as the cooking time on some models.

Although some models take on the design of the wood-fired pizza oven, most are more modern. They are also compact and can easily fit into any kitchen. It should be noted that the maintenance of this type of oven is quite easy. However, care must be taken to choose a good quality gas oven to avoid problems with gas leaks which can be very dangerous.

Criteria for choosing the best pizza oven

Buying a pizza oven is an important investment, here are the key points to analyze before making a final decision.

  • The cooking temperature: To be perfect, a Neapolitan pizza must be cooked at a temperature of at least 400 to 480°C. You must therefore be sure that the model you want to choose is able to reach this temperature.
  • The dimensions of the appliance: Whether it is a table pizza oven, an outdoor pizza oven or a professional model, you must take into account the space you have available for its storage or storage before validating the choice.
  • Capacity: How many people do you expect to serve? Are you alone, in a couple or do you have a large family? These questions will allow you to choose well.
  • Versatility: Are you looking for a multifunction pizza oven or not? In the first case, bet on equipment with an adjustable thermostat or favor a model that combines several cooking devices: grill, pans, plancha…
  • Practicality: If you want an easy-to-use pizza oven, choose a model with a cooking plate with a non-stick coating. For electric pizza ovens, a timer, an indicator light or a beep at the end of cooking can be interesting.

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