10 best pepper mills 2022-Complete Guide Review

The best pepper mills are more than just what you put in your meal. They’re a way to spruce up your table with a little sizzle and flavor. Pepper mills also make it easier for you to measure out exactly how much spice you want in each dish, which is important for those who aren’t used to eating spicy foods.

One of the most frustrating things about eating spicy foods is the fact that it’s often hard to get enough of them. Many of us have come to like spicy foods but still don’t quite know how to enjoy them. One way we can do this is with a pepper mill, which allows you to add just a little bit of spice at a time and still enjoy the flavor.

The best pepper mills are ones you should consider buying if you have any affinity for spicy foods or the grinding process itself. These mills are designed to be the easiest way to get the perfect amount of pepper you need.

Best Pepper Mills at a Glance

  1. Capresso 676 The Capresso 676 is an efficient machine that’s meant to cut your grinding time from seconds to hours. This mill features an adjustable chrome-plated grind chamber with a special disc that prevents your spices from burning on contact. It’s also dishwasher safe so you won’t have to spend any time cleaning it.
  2. Proctor Silex Pepper Mill The Proctor Silex pepper mill is designed to be attractive and stylish, as well as useful. It’s as easy to use as any standard model and has a beautiful design, too. It’s convenient and will save you time so you won’t have to waste it grinding pepper all day long just to get the right amount of spice in your food.
  3. Oxo Good Grips Mill The Oxo Good Grips mill is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple and sturdy model that won’t go out of style. This mill is also designed to be easy to use, with smart technology and a simple design. It’s also dishwasher safe, which means you won’t have to worry about getting debris stuck in the grinding mechanism.
  4. Safari Stainless Steel Pepper Mill The Safari pepper mill is one of the most sturdy models you’ll find, which is why it’s a great choice for those who love to use their peppers in a lot of different recipes. It’s also easy to clean and adjust so you won’t have to spend any time trying to figure it out.
  5. Chef’s Choice 1887 Electric Pepper Mill The Chef’s Choice 1887 electric pepper mill is designed to be easy to use, which is especially important if you don’t have a lot of experience with grinding spices. This model doesn’t need any batteries or electricity, too. You can simply add as much or as little as you need in order to make sure you’re getting exactly the right amount every time.
  6. Proctor Silex Pepper Mill The Proctor Silex pepper mill also comes in handy when you need to grind spices for a lot of different dishes. This model is designed to be adjustable so you can get the perfect grinder for any type of spice. It also has a simple and effective design, which makes it easy to use.
  7. Oxo Good Grips Mill For the professional chef who wants consistency and style, the Oxo Good Grips mill is a great choice.

How to choose a Pepper Mill

Pepper mills are more than just an item you need for every meal. They’re a way to add flavor and spruce up your table. Some people like to use them all the time, while others prefer only certain dishes that can benefit from the grinding process. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to find a model that fits your needs, uses and preferences.

The most essential part of any good pepper mill is the grind mechanism, since it’s what turns the peppercorns into a useful spice. You should be able to adjust it to get the perfect grind every time. The best models also have enclosed mechanisms so you won’t have to worry about bits of food getting stuck in the grinding gears.

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Most pepper mills have metal gears, which can transfer heat from pepper directly into your hand during the grinding process. The best models are designed to fit comfortably in your hands and won’t burn you. They’re often ergonomic, too, so they can be held easily while in use.

The handle is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a great pepper mill. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should also fit comfortably in your grip. The best models have handles built to fit the hands of either right-handed or left-handed users, since many people prefer to choose their own style instead of being forced into one. As a general rule, you should try and find a model that fits well and doesn’t slide around while you’re grinding your pepper.

Comparison of the best pepper mills: tests and reviews

Faced with the multitude of models that exist, choosing a pepper mill can be extremely difficult to do. Take advantage of this top 10 to find the pepper grinder that will be your next ally in seasoning all your preparations.

Peugeot electric pepper mill

Peugeot Elis Sense electric pepper mill

The electric model in brushed stainless steel

With its design and stainless steel coating, this Peugeot electric pepper mill will certainly appeal to users keen on modern appliances. At the same time, they will be able to benefit from a robust utensil treated against corrosion.

This electric pepper mill powered by 6 batteries supplied is one of the most popular models in France. Peugeot grain mills are a safe bet in terms of kitchen utensils. They equip starred restaurants as well as private kitchens. Thanks to a century-old know-how, spices are thus crushed effortlessly for all the times you need to season your culinary preparations. You benefit from a great ease of use which avoids you to use both hands when it is not necessary. And to allow you to perfect your seasoning, the manufacturer has thought of making it extremely ergonomic. The grinder also has a large, transparent container that can hold enough spices for several uses.


  1. The best quality
  2. Recognized brand
  3. In stainless steel: resistant


  1. High price but largely justified

Robust, well finished, aesthetic and above all effective, the lighting and more, it’s Peugeot class! Well the price of course… but the product is well worth the investment. This model has been improved compared to the previous one, the sensitive key in the upper part eliminating the problem of the side push button which, due to the time of use, became dissociated from the body of the device. Another improved point, the lugs for fixing the motor on its base have been transformed into lateral lugs and no longer on the upper part of the base, so there is no longer any risk of breakage when tightening the motor on its base. A good idea is also the small measuring jar with funnel, it makes it easier to fill exactly to the dose of the mill. In addition, on delivery it is pre-filled with black pepper, thank you Mr Peugeot .Read all reviews.

Parisse T.

Le Creuset Pepper Mill

Le Creuset Pepper Mill

With ultra resistant body and ceramic mechanism

The cherry-coloured Le Creuset pepper mill is characterized by a design and aesthetics that seduce, while recalling the know-how of the manufacturer. Part of a range of kitchen utensils that are both classic and modern, this product will look just as good at home as it does in a restaurant. It consists of an ABS body that allows it to withstand any kind of use, whether in the hands of an amateur cook or a chef.

It is equipped with a ceramic grinding mechanism, a material that gives it robustness and resistance to wear and rust. So you can use it to grind large or small peppercorns easily and effortlessly. In addition, by using the wheel provided for this purpose, you can also adjust the degree of grinding according to the quality of seasoning that suits you.

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In addition to being extremely easy to hold, the Le Creuset pepper mill is just as easy to handle. This is the case for example with the metal button which unscrews quite easily when supplying or replenishing the utensil with spices. Once the upper part is removed, the user will only have to add the desired amount of pepper and put the parts back in place. It should also be noted that the capacity of this mill is approximately 45 grams.


  1. Robust and durable
  2. ABS and ceramic construction materials
  3. Adjustable grinding degree
  4. Easy to use and fill
  5. Good capacity


  1. Not very suitable for other spices

Because of rheumatic pains in my hands and fingers, I used ground pepper. I just bought this mill from “le Creuset”, to match it with a mortar and pestle of the same brand that I ordered on Amazon last year. The set is very very beautiful. But the best part is that thanks to its flexibility and its ergonomic shape, I can use it without difficulty, brilliant!!! I highly recommend. Read all reviews.

Ariana U.

Russell Hobbs Pepper Mill

Russell Hobbs 23460-56 Electric Pepper Mill

Adjustable brushed steel

The big brands in the world of kitchen utensils know that the aesthetics of a product are very important to users. In any case, the Russell Hobbs brand did not fail to take this aspect into account when designing its pepper mill. Thanks to its elegant design and its brushed steel colour, this utensil will season your preparations, while being very decorative in the kitchen or on the table.

This electric pepper mill has a ceramic grinding system, which consists of self-sharpening blades. This mechanism can also be adjusted, to obtain a seasoning that meets the taste expectations of everyone around the table. Note that you will need to buy 4 AA type batteries to make it work and deliciously season your dishes. And to allow the user to add the right amount of spices to his preparations, lighting has been provided at the base of the utensil.

This Russell Hobbs pepper mill can also be used to grind fine herbs and many other types of spices. Enough to allow you to vary your seasonings for your greatest pleasure and for that of your loved ones. It also comes with a salt mill so you have everything you need on hand to treat everyone.


  1. Pleasant design
  2. Good grinding quality
  3. Lighting for precise dosing
  4. Brackets included


  1. Batteries not included

Bought for a Christmas present for a couple in their thirties who had just moved into their home, this lot had a great effect. The price is reasonable and the quality is on point. I recommend this purchase with eyes closed . Read all reviews.

Ludivine S.

Java Marlux pepper mill

Marlux Java Pepper Mill

Made of natural wood

If you are looking for a traditional pepper mill, this model offered by the Marlux brand will certainly please you. First of all, its sober and refined design does not fail to attract attention as soon as you look at it. Then, its color which respects the color of the wood will undoubtedly reassure lovers of natural and ecological products. And to go in the same direction, the wood used for its design is a beech wood exploited according to a process of sustainable forest management. Thanks to this material marked by the PEFC certification, you can be sure to buy a solid and good quality utensil.

The Marlux P247.210101 is an ergonomic grinder that you can easily hold in your hands. Once filled with peppercorns, all you have to do is activate its steel grinding mechanism to obtain ground pepper as needed. Depending on the preparation and the desired flavor, it is possible to adjust the fineness of the grind. This can be done using a metal button placed on the head of the utensil and which must be turned in one direction or the other.

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In terms of weight and dimensions, the utensil weighs around 181 grams on the scale and measures 7.3 x 7.3 x 21 cm. It can therefore be used both during the preparation of meals in the kitchen and directly on the table while tasting.


  1. Elegant beech wood design
  2. Easy adjustment
  3. Practical and ergonomic
  4. Complies with ecological standards


  1. Low capacity

Pretty wooden pepper mill, it is delivered empty. It must be dismantled with the small screw on the top and insert pepper berries. By tightening the screw, you then adjust the grind of the mill. It is of good quality, solid and holds well in hand . The pepper is perfectly ground and unlike the mill I had before the berries do not get stuck and do not block the mechanism. I recommend See all reviews.

Izzie D.

Peugeot natural wood pepper mill

Peugeot Paris U’Select wooden pepper mill

Made of natural wood

Still in the same range of products from the French brand Peugeot , this mill is intended to be your everyday seasoning tool. If it is also a traditional model, its neat design combined with its natural color does not leave you indifferent. If you are an ecological user, know that this utensil has been manufactured with total respect for nature. Indeed, its manufacturing material is beech wood from sustainably managed forests.

To allow the user to grind his peppercorns easily, Peugeot has opted for a steel grinding system with a double row of teeth. This mechanism thus makes it possible to obtain a sufficient grinding result to effectively season your preparations. Depending on the desired taste, the pepper can be ground finely or coarsely simply by manipulating the wheel provided for this purpose.

Thanks to its manufacturing materials, which are beech wood and steel, the Peugeot Paris U’Select pepper mill is a solid and resistant product. Its use is easy and no superfluous effort is needed to make the preparations tasty. With its dimensions of 22 cm and its weight of 259 grams, it will be useful to you without cluttering up your work plan.


  1. Quality build material
  2. Robust and easy to use
  3. Ecological product
  4. Elegant design


  1. Low capacity

I bought this mill to replace ours which was already a bit dated (more than 15 years) . I am very satisfied with the ground pepper which comes out without a problem. The little extra: delivered with pepper in it. The only negative point, there is no composition, nor the origin of this pepper. It should have been supplied separately in a bag. As for the fineness selection, not too tried the differences yet . Read all reviews.

Fannie M.

GooDoi Pepper Mill

GooDoi Pepper Mill

Kit of 2 wooden salt and pepper mills

At first glance, this utensil could well pass for something other than a pepper mill. Its design moves away from traditional models to look like a simple classic pepper shaker or even a salt shaker. However, it is indeed a pepper grinder offered by the GooDoi brand, which is not at its first attempt in this area.

Made from a wood selected for its high quality, this mill also features a ceramic grinding mechanism which is perfectly resistant to corrosion. This results in a pepper grind that retains all of its authenticity, and whose flavor is not marred by a woody or metallic aftertaste. In addition, its ergonomics make it easy to use during meals at the table or in the kitchen when preparing meals. And depending on everyone’s ability to enjoy fine or coarse ground pepper, the grinding degree of this grinder is adjustable to different levels. You can also count on its robustness to use it for as long as possible without fear of damaging it.

The GooDoi Pepper Mill also comes with a salt mill so you have all the seasoning essentials at your fingertips. It is very easy to distinguish them thanks to the letters P and S engraved on the stainless steel screwing button.

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  1. Wear and corrosion resistant
  2. Pleasant and versatile design
  3. Easy to use
  4. 5 adjustment levels


  1. Pepper often tends to get stuck

I struggled so much to mince the garlic with other products that it had become Perfect of very very good quality! With this price you can go there with your eyes closed! I recommend ! Read all reviews.

Patrick F.

Rmine 2in1 pepper mill

Rmine 2 in 1 pepper mill

Adjustable in brushed steel with integrated ceramic

The Rmine brand offers you a stainless steel pepper mill, with a modern design and a brushed steel coating. It measures 22 cm high and 5.2 cm in diameter, while displaying a weight of 280 grams on the scale. Whether on a dining table or on a work surface, this seasoning utensil will be very well in its place.

It is a model that offers 2-in-1 operation, which allows you to have two different spices in one and the same utensil. The user can further choose to fill it with peppercorns and salt according to their needs. In any case, each ingredient has its own compartment to avoid unwanted mixtures. It will be enough that one of its ends is directed downwards and that the corresponding mechanism is activated to obtain the seasoning of its choice.

The grinding system consists of a ceramic grinding wheel that is quite resistant, to grind all kinds of spices or salt. The grain size can be varied from fine to coarse thanks to the adjustment wheel located at the ends. In addition, the compartments are transparent to allow the user to know when to fill them so that they never run out of seasoning.


  1. Multifunctional
  2. Possibility of adjustment
  3. Resistant to moisture and outdoor particles


  1. A bit large for table use

I’m quite surprised at the quality of the pepper mill, frankly it’s great, plus you can adjust the size of the moldings. It is super easy to disassemble for deep cleaning. No complaints. I recommend it without hesitation . Read all reviews.

Sonia W.

Kitchen Dream Pepper Mill

Kitchen Dream Pepper Mill

Automatic and adjustable grain mill

To enjoy recipes that are always tasty and seasoned properly, it is essential to equip yourself with a quality pepper mill. This is precisely what Kitchen-Dream offers , through this electric grinder in stainless steel. It thus benefits from a superior quality coating which gives it both resistance and aesthetics. It is a 22 cm high and 5.3 cm diameter grinder, which is suitable for use at the table as well as in the kitchen.

Since some spices contain a significant amount of humidity, there may be a problem of corrosion which will affect the quality of the seasoning. In addition, the presence of rust residues in food constitutes a health risk for the consumer. These inconveniences are avoided by the grinding mechanism of the Kitchen-Dream automatic pepper mill which is entirely made of ceramic. This material also gives the utensil a certain durability, which can thus be used for many tasting occasions with family or friends.

Easy to use, this electric pepper mill works with a simple press of the start button. It is also equipped with a light bulb at its base which makes it possible to illuminate the preparation and thus benefit from a precise dosage. You can adjust the fineness of the grind to adapt the seasoning to the recipe or to individual taste. Four AA type batteries will be needed to operate this pepper grinding utensil.


  1. Polyvalent
  2. Wear and corrosion resistant
  3. Automatic operation
  4. Visible grain level


  1. Batteries not included

I struggled so much to mince the garlic with other products that it had become I hope a long life of the device. Long delivery times. Read all reviews.

Lucien H.

Aschef pepper mill

Aschef wooden pepper mill

vintage wood

Aschef is a brand specializing in the design of kitchen utensils, which is based on a long-standing experience. Since the launch of its activities, it has made it a point of honor to offer accessories that are both practical and qualitative. This know-how can also be noticed through this pepper mill which immediately seduces users with its very original vintage design. The main manufacturing materials are on the one hand, beech wood which serves as a coating for the body of the utensil and which comes from sustainable cultivation. On the other hand, stainless steel was used for the metal components. This has thus made it possible to obtain a high quality grinder which offers great resistance to wear.

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Apart from pepper, this grinder can also be used to grind other categories of spices. It is easy to use and easy to stock up on ingredients. A few simple gestures will suffice to open it and then fill it with the spoon provided. Note that a small brush has also been added to allow easy cleaning.


  1. Pleasant design
  2. Ceramic grinding rotor
  3. Filling and cleaning accessory provided
  4. Ecological product


  1. Not suitable for salt

Bought as a gift for my mother, they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It looks great in my art nouveau style kitchen. This pepper mill is a great product, I will definitely buy one more and suggest it to others.. View all reviews.

Yuri A.

Peugeot Roellinger pepper mill

Peugeot Roellinger pepper mill

The grind box

In the category of top-of-the-range mills, this model designed by the Peugeot brand stands out for its originality. It comes in a design that makes it look much more like a coffee grinder than a pepper grinding utensil. It is this unique style that is both classic and modern at the same time that makes this product so special. 

Another special feature of this model: its patented U’Select technology which allows you to adjust the degree of grinding of the grind. It should be noted that this is a manual mill that works with a crank. This system, which may seem simple, even old-fashioned, nevertheless allows the user to grind his spices efficiently and effortlessly. It can be used with different types of pepper depending on your needs and tastes.

The Peugeot Roellinger pepper mill is easy to use, but also easy to maintain. However, you should avoid cleaning it with detergents or putting it in the dishwasher. Although resistant, its coating requires maintenance without water or any other cleaning liquid. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, a dry, non-abrasive cloth will be more than enough to maintain it effectively, without risking damage.


  1. Design original
  2. Technologie U’Select
  3. Possibility of adjustment of the grind
  4. Easy to use


  1. Low capacity tank

Passionate about peppers and spices, I had this pepper pot for years and I use it daily (we have 16 kinds of pepper at home…). It has become a much appreciated gift from our good friends who, like us, have also built up a small collection of peppers. Even a single ground grain yields a small pile of much-appreciated pepper . Read all reviews.

Philip P.

Black, red and white peppers

Small utensil with a simple look, but very essential in a kitchen or on a dining table, the pepper mill plays a role of flavor enhancer. It makes it possible to improve the flavor of any preparation, thanks to freshly ground pepper. The choice of a pepper mill is therefore not to be taken lightly when you want it to live up to your expectations. But above all, it is essential to know the main selection criteria in order to know how to distinguish the models.

The main selection criteria

Manufacturing materials

For the mechanism of the pepper mill, the materials generally used are stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic or carbon. Stainless steel and carbon are recommended for the sturdiness, resistance and durability they offer. Ceramic is also used a lot for the same reasons, even if it has the reputation of being slightly less solid than the first two materials.

For the body of the mill, wood is the main material used, especially for traditional models. We appreciate this material for its pleasant touch and for its durable character. Plastic is also used for its low cost and lightness, while metal is used for its strength and glass for its aesthetics. As for the disadvantages of these materials, it should be noted that plastic, although strong, is much more susceptible to wear. Metal and glass are heavier, not to mention the fact that light tends to distort the taste of spices in a transparent container.

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The grinding mechanism

Depending on the type of mechanism integrated into the mill, the grinding result will be more very fine or rather coarse. Some systems do not reduce the pepper to a more or less fine powder, but rather simply cut it into thin strips. This technology would allow, according to the manufacturers who adopt it, to better release the flavors of the spices. The choice of one mechanism or another will therefore depend on the quality of grinding and seasoning sought.

It should be noted that some systems are adjustable to provide several degrees of grinding depending on the needs. This is a detail that also matters when choosing an effective pepper mill model.

The size

The size criterion is very important, because it has an influence on other equally important details such as ergonomics. It would therefore be wise to favor a model that is easy to handle, without being cumbersome.

The capacity

This criterion often goes hand in hand with the size of the mill, even if there are models that do not offer a capacity proportional to their size. Some users will prefer having the ability to grind a lot of spices, while others will be content with a small amount. The capacity criterion is to be taken into account according to his cooking habits. Among other things, a grinder that can hold a lot of pepper, for example, will require less frequent replenishment.

The type of pepper to grind

Most grinders are designed to grind all types of pepper available on the market. These are generally varieties of pepper whose grain size does not exceed a diameter of 5 or 6 millimeters. Some utensils, on the other hand, may have difficulty grinding certain types of berries or certain qualities of salt. In this case, you will need to opt for a mill with a mechanism or suitable materials.

The different types of pepper mills on the market

In addition to mastering most of the selection criteria, having an idea of ​​the different pepper mill models can be a great help. There are two main categories of pepper mills, namely: traditional mills and electric mills.

Traditional or manual mills

These are the most popular models. Generally made of wood, these types of mills offer manual operation. The user must activate the grinding mechanism by turning in a given direction to grind his pepper and season his preparations. These models are highly regarded for their traditional design, durability and value for money.

Electric or automatic mills

Although these pepper mills generally cost more, they still save the user manual grinding. Indeed, in most cases, it is enough to press a button to obtain ground pepper as it should be. Some models are powered by batteries and others are rechargeable via USB or other types of connectors. There are also electric grinders that have a lighting system to facilitate dosing.

It should be noted that some pepper mills are versatile and offer 2-in-1 operation allowing you to grind two ingredients with the same utensil. It’s up to you to choose the model that meets your expectations, taking into account not only the selection criteria, but also the different models that exist.