Top 10 Best Panini Press Makers For Home Use 2022- Complete Guide Review

Do you like toasted panini with its grilled streaks and melting cheese? Or do you prefer to take it with ham, chicken or mozzarella? Whatever your preference, now you can easily make your own gourmet recipes at home with a panini maker. . But first, you have to find the perfect model that meets your needs and fits your budget. To do this, discover this comparison and buying guide that will make your job much easier.

Comparison of the best panini press machines 2022: tests and reviews

Here is a selection of the 10 best panini machines currently on the market. These are the products that have the best value for money and are highly valued by many users.

Aigostar Calore sandwich machine

Aigostar Calore 30HHK Panini Maker

Croques-gents can be perfect for a movie night with friends, a romantic picnic or for a family dinner. But for the recipe to be a success, you must have a good quality  panini press at your disposal like this model from the manufacturer Aigostar.

With this equipment, the possibilities of use are numerous since it is a versatile model that has several functions. In addition to being used as a sandwich maker , it can also be used as a a steak grill , griddle or rotisserie.

The device works with a power of 1800 Watts. It is therefore efficient enough to produce in a very short time the ideal heat necessary for cooking, grilling or searing your various dishes. To adapt the temperature to the food to be cooked, simply use the adjustable thermostat with which it is equipped.

This sandwich maker has two non-stick plates that adapt perfectly to cooking without adding fat. In addition, they are large in size and can be opened up to 180 degrees, thus offering a large cooking surface on which you can put several paninis at the same time.

The Aigostar Calore 30HHK panini maker has two indicator lights that make it easy to use. Always in relation to the comfort of use, you will certainly appreciate the handle used to press the panini bread to give it its characteristic streaks. But, it is also very practical for removing excess oil from the meat, which will also flow into the grease collection tray, thus facilitating easy cleaning.


  1. Versatile device
  2. Large cooking surface
  3. Adjustable thermostat
  4. Durable quality material
  5. 2 years warranty


  1. Does not have an ON/OFF button

Simple, practical, the price is suitable, enough for 4 people, it does not take up space in your kitchen, we can vary our preparations on this grill which goes from a panini to a plancha, for my part it is ideal to bring with you yourself during the holidays because you are not allowed to barbecue in campsites because of the gas! problem solved . Read all reviews.

Juanès U.

Machine à panini Russell Hobbs

Machine à panini Russell Hobbs 17888-56 Grill 3en1

This 3-in-1 device is part of the CookAtHome range from Russell Hobbs. It is a very practical and simple to use device for home use. Both panini press , barbecue and grill, it will perfectly adapt to all kinds of needs. So you can use it to heat up panini, grill sausages or sear meat and vegetables. All you have to do is adjust its hinge according to the thickness of your food and you’re good to go.

This 3-in-1 sandwich maker operates at a power of 1800 W. It therefore has enough to reheat and cook your various preparations very quickly. Already in two minutes, the bread has a beautiful golden finish and is ready to be garnished according to your desires and preferences. Just keep an eye on its two indicator lights to follow the heating and cooking phases.

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Thanks to the cooking surface which is still quite large, it is possible to toast at least 3 panini breads in one go. In grill mode, you can go up to 5 pieces of meat and double this amount if you fully open the device to 180 degrees.

The plates of the Russell Hobbs 17888-56 Panini Maker are coated with non-stick. It will therefore be very easy for you to clean them after use. It also avoids having to use too much fat when cooking your dishes. But in case they are in excess, be aware that the equipment incorporates a recovery tank in which they will flow. So you cook cleanly without having to put it everywhere.


  1. High power
  2. Versatile device
  3. Dual cooking surface
  4. Easy to use
  5. Elegant design


  1. The cooking plates are not removable

Since I have this device, I am addicted to it. Paninis, tacos, grilled chicken. Nothing stops him. In a blow of wet sponge it is cleaned even when it is very dirty. A perfectly melting rendering, with a well-flowing cheese in the paninis and cooking without fat. Read all reviews.

Sabine U.

Panini maker Tefal GC241D12

Panini maker Tefal GC241D12

With a power of 2000 Watts which gives it a very good heating capacity, this panini press is perfect for those looking for a powerful and versatile model. A few minutes after switching on, it is indeed able to heat up very quickly to allow you to cook your various preparations quickly and efficiently. Versatile, this croque-monsieur machine will be used to prepare tacos, paninis and wraps, but also to grill fish, steaks, meats and many others.

The Tefal GC241D12 panini maker has non-stick plates that make it much easier to use and clean. Since these do not stick the food during cooking, you get perfect preparations without too much fat. However, the device incorporates a removable, machine-washable tray that is used to collect meat juices and fat.

This panini device from Tefal has an ergonomic design which means that it can be folded vertically after use for simple and optimal storage. You will therefore have no trouble finding a space for it, because it becomes very space-saving.


  1. High power
  2. Versatile and multifunctional
  3. Easy to use
  4. Simple cleaning and maintenance


  1. Thermostat not available

Bought 40 euros, a month ago, currently I eat tacos 3 times a week. Not a scratch, doesn’t catch the steaks (well I don’t burn fat either), or the fried eggs. Large cooking surface (you can put a Tacos 3 XL without it overflowing). In terms of height, it’s the same, you can slide in a well-stocked double cheese. Read all reviews.

Alain V.

Aigostar Hitte Panini Maker

Aigostar Hitte 30HFA Panini Maker

If you are looking for a high-performance and inexpensive panini machine , then you should be interested in this model from the Aigostar brand. A bit like its elder Calore 30HHK, it has very interesting characteristics.

Assembled from very good quality BPA-free materials, the Hitte 30 HFA sandwich maker is robust, resistant and solid. It sports a nice design with a beautiful gray / black finish very elegant.

In terms of operation, this equipment will meet your expectations in terms of speed and efficiency thanks to its 1500 Watts of power. Whether it’s to make a panini with Italian ham, tomatoes, or a soft and crispy croque-monsieur, all your desires will come to life with this machine.

In addition to being a panini press , the Hitte 30HFA can be used as a plancha or as a multifunctional grill. Simply open the upper part to 180° to obtain a larger cooking surface ideal for grilling meat, vegetables, fish, etc. Note that the two plates are non-stick, thus promoting healthy cooking and easy cleaning.

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The use of this electric grill is quite easy. You can set the ideal temperature according to the dish to be cooked thanks to the thermostat. To guide you, the manufacturer has placed two indicator lights on the device that allow you to monitor the proper functioning of the device.


  1. Versatile device
  2. Powerful and fast
  3. Easy to use
  4. Adjustable thermostat


  1. Sealed cooking plates

Completely satisfied with this little grill, which accompanies me on a daily basis from now on. They fit perfectly in my kitchen with a design similar to my kettle. Moderate size as I wanted, it allows me to make homemade paninis for the family. I’ve never used the grilling function, but there is a grease trap behind it to prevent it from leaking everywhere. Read all reviews.

Carl O.

Machine à panini Black&Decker

Machine à panini Black&Decker ES9680030B 

Do you love chicken panini with grilled vegetables and green salad or do you prefer a melting and crispy croque-monsieur? Whatever your preferences, know that from now on, you will have no trouble concocting them if you have a good panini machine like this model developed by Black+Decker.

Very practical, this device will make your daily life easier. Whether for lunch, dinner or just for a moment of conviviality, it will allow you to prepare your various delicacies in a very short time. Take advantage of these two cooking plates and its rapid heating capacity to cook two small cheese sandwiches in one go. Very easy to use, you will have no trouble using it properly. Thanks to the indicator lights, you will know that the appliance has heated up enough and that it is the ideal time to place your various ingredients on the grill.

The Black+Decker panini machine also adapts to all types of pieces thanks to its adjustable hinge. For more latitude, know that you have the possibility of making an opening at 180 degrees in order to have more cooking space. 

This multifunctional cooking grill also incorporates a drip tray that collects cooking residue to facilitate cleaning after use.


  1. Versatile and efficient
  2. Simple cleaning
  3. Non-slip base
  4. Easy storage


  1. Tedious cleaning

Beautiful and of very good quality. On the other hand, I don’t think I’m that big…Even if it’s very practical in use. I recommend. Read all reviews.

Halima R.

Machine à panini Cecotec Rock'nGrill

Machine à panini Cecotec Rock’nGrill

If you are a fan of croque-monsieur, panini or meat skewers, then you must have at your disposal an appliance that combines the functions of a meat grill and a panini press . For this, you must opt ​​for high-performance, functional and easy-to-use equipment like this model from Cecotec.

The Rock’n’Grill panini grill is a versatile device that works thanks to a resistance of 1000 Watts. With this power, a few seconds are more than enough for the heat to rise and spread evenly over the entire cooking area.

Simple to use, this cooking grill has a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature according to each cooking. So be sure to get perfect preparations in all circumstances, whatever recipe you want to make.

Also note that this panini machine has two hotplates covered with toxin-free rock stones. They are non-stick, easy to use and very easy to clean. They also offer a cooking surface allowing you to prepare several portions of sandwiches or cuts of meat at the same time.

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It is possible to optimize the uniform distribution of heat on both sides of the panini by adapting the height of the contact grill with floating lid according to its thickness.

Like most multifunctional grills , this panini appliance from the Cecotec brand incorporates a container for collecting juices and fats. For practicality, it has an ergonomic handle and also incorporates a cord storage which makes it much easier to store. Besides, the device can be folded vertically and will take up very little space in your drawer or closet.


  1. Haute performance
  2. Adjustable temperature
  3. Plates with non-stick stone
  4. Design modern and stainless steel


  1. Non-removable plates

180° opening possible Heating plate with pivoting top allowing large thicknesses to be grilled without forcing and to even out the pressure of the plate. teflon. Thermostat is working properly. Good product . Read all reviews.

Gérard P.

Bestron panini maker

Bestron APG150 panini maker

The Dutch manufacturer Breston is a benchmark in the design and sale of kitchen utensils and household appliances. It offers a multitude of products of exceptional quality, all sold with a 5-year guarantee. The proof, the APG150 panini grill which is one of their productions, perfectly meets the brand’s standards.

It is a cooking material that stands out for its ease of use despite its great versatility. Equipped with two hotplates, it can be used to toast panini and sandwiches while also serving as a table barbecue, grill and plancha. You can therefore use it without worry to grill meat, vegetables, seafood, fish, etc. 

Very practical, this multifunction panini machine is suitable for mixed use when fully open. Perfect for baking and grilling several different ingredients at once to save time.

As with most of the models in this comparison, the two plates are non-stick and can be cleaned quite easily. Overall, the hardware is easy to use and handle. Precisely, it has an insulating handle that offers a good grip, a lid with locking system as well as non-slip feet that ensure its stability. It also comes with a recipe book which will be very useful for you to test new recipes.

Also note that this panini warmer operates at a power of 700 W. It has a light indicator that lets you know when the device is heating up so that you can add the different ingredients to the preparation surface.


  1. Powerful and fast
  2. Versatile device
  3. Thermo-insulated walls and handles
  4. Easy to use and maintain


  1. No adjustable thermostat

Cook meats, fish, sausages and vegetables but in small quantities at a time. Small sandwich. Suitable for 2 people . Read all reviews.

Daniel G.

Tristar Panini Maker

Tristar GR-2846 sandwich machine

If you want to have at your disposal a functional panini machine that will allow you to concoct croque-monsieur, sandwiches and other snacks without great difficulty, then this model from the Tristar brand may be right for you.

This Tristar electric panini cooking grill works with a power of 700 W which is enough to heat its cooking surface perfectly. With its two heating plates covered with non-stick, you can cook your various ingredients without too much fat. A tiny bit of fat is more than enough to get healthy and tasty meals that will be good for your health. After using the device, cleaning is easy with a cloth and soapy water since the food does not stick to the walls of the grill. 

Very easy to use, this panini machine from Tristar has an indicator light that lets you know when the right temperature has been reached. You will also certainly appreciate the floating stainless steel lid which makes cooking thick pieces easy.

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The device also has non-slip feet for good stability as well as a heat-insulating handle that allows it to be handled and gripped without risk of burns while it is working.

Finally, note that this panini device is a compact model that is very suitable for basic household use. If you receive quite a lot of people, you will have to turn to a more suitable model.


  1. Non-stick coating
  2. Stainless steel lid
  3. Integrated and very practical handles
  4. Suitable for camping


  1. Basic features

Received today very satisfied with my purchase exactly what we wanted compact and 2 small panini without worries. Works perfectly. Nothing to report because everything is described in the description so no surprise I recommend because in addition very pretty chrome design in the kitchen. Read all reviews.

Coco C.

De Longhi panini machine

Panini De Longhi CGH 1012.D

This De Longui panini grill is distinguished by its very remarkable futuristic design highlighted by its stainless steel coating and its blue LCD screen. It will certainly please you if you are looking for a high-end cooking appliance that will allow you to make a lot of recipes without mistakes.

The biggest advantage of the De Longhi panini machine is its cooking surface. It is indeed very large and can be 1700 cm 2 when completely unfolded. It is ideal for cooking several ingredients at the same time. What is also interesting is the fact that this grill offers 4 different cooking modes (panini, mixed cooking, barbecue, gratin). You can therefore use it to prepare panini, eggs or cheese according to your desires, but also to grill meat, fish and vegetables.

The Delonghi CGH 1012D Multigrill works properly and efficiently thanks to its 2,000 Watts power. Very easy to use, its intuitive digital screen makes it easier to monitor the temperature and cooking time. Note that the device is equipped with a timer that allows you to adjust the cooking time in increments of 10 minutes up to 90 minutes as well as two thermostats to control the temperature of each plate separately. This panini cooking grill is also compatible with a dedicated application called “Multigrill”. This guides the user for a better experience.

Simple to maintain, the machine incorporates dishwasher-safe components such as the cooking plates and the drip tray.


  1. Intuitive control
  2. 4 cooking modes
  3. Independent cooking plates
  4. Height adjustable


  1. Cooking probe not available

Super awesome rises quickly in temperature very practical and of good quality I recommend. I use it all the time . Read all reviews.

Sebban H.

Tefal panini maker

Panini machine Tefal GC712D12 Optigrill+

Tefal is no longer to be presented in the world of kitchen accessories and small household appliances. Present on the market for a very long time, this manufacturer offers very good quality products that are carefully designed to make life in the kitchen easier.

The GC712D12 Optigrill+ panini machine, which is a creation of the brand, is no exception to the rule. This is an innovative piece of equipment that combines several very interesting features. Multifunctional and efficient (2000watts), it ensures perfect, uniform and rapid cooking of different dishes. It will allow you to cook your homemade paninis, croque-monsieur or even your meat and fish without any difficulty. The device incorporates 6 cooking modes and automatically adapts the temperature according to your choice. However, you can control the temperature yourself with the thermostat.

What is also interesting with this equipment is that it is able to analyze the number of pieces placed on the grill, their size and their thickness in order to precisely and accurately set the time and the ideal temperature for a optimal cooking.

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The Tefal Optigrill+ panini machine has two cast aluminum heating plates which offer you a more or less large preparation surface. Very practical, they benefit from an inclination which promotes the natural flow of meat juices and fats into the collection tray. For the maintenance of this machine, it will be enough to disassemble the plates and the drip device to wash them in the machine.

It must also be recognized that this electric grill from the Tefal brand comes in a perfectly studied design marked by its intuitive control zone. It will fit into any type of decor and will bring a little touch of novelty.


  1. Intuitive control panel
  2. Premium build quality
  3. Automatic cooking sensor
  4. 6 cooking programs
  5. Removable cooking plates


  1. Average cooking surface

After more than a year of use; The use is extremely simple: you choose the type of product to be cooked, without forgetting to specify whether it is fresh or frozen, you start preheating, and at the first “beep”, you place the food on the cooking plates. , and no need to keep an eye on it all the time, just rely on the indicator light which tells you where your cooking is, whether it’s meat, fish or vegetables and also paninis… See all reviews.

Barbara X.

Panini machine in a shop

Decorated in various ways according to everyone’s taste, the panini is a must for snacks with family or friends. Unlike the classic sandwich, this unanimously appreciated snack is prepared using a special cooker. The panini machine, and as long as you want the tasting to be a success, therefore deserves special attention when you choose it. Here are the main criteria to take into account to find the ideal model.

Choose according to use

As with any appliance, you need to consider what type of use you intend your panini maker to be.

For once-in-a-lifetime home use, there are classic models that would do just fine. With these devices, you will have all the basic features to have delicious sandwiches on the days when you want to nibble something quickly. Count for that at least 15 euros, or even about 50 for this kind of models.

If you want to use your panini maker as often as possible, it will be best to look at semi-professional devices. But you must plan at this level between 50 euros minimum and 150 euros maximum to be sure to meet your expectations.

As for the professional models, their robustness and resistance make them suitable for much more intensive use at home or in specialized establishments. The minimum price to pay here will be 150 euros and can go up to 300 euros.

The most important thing in either situation will be to ignore low-end devices.

Consider the power

The power criterion should even be the first to be mentioned in this buying guide, as it is of paramount importance. The ideal is therefore to have a powerful panini machine that will allow you to prepare your sandwiches quickly and efficiently. You can be sure that your guests or your children will be very happy to be able to feast quickly. And for yourself, a sufficiently powerful device could prove beneficial if you have a big craving to satisfy quickly.

For professional use, you should opt for a good power on the assumption that at least 1500 W would be ideal. For classic devices, you can trust a model with around 700 W or more.

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Choose the right size

It will mainly be a question of choosing a panini machine that has cooking plates large enough to satisfy a certain number of people. Of course, the needs of a large family are not the same as those of a student, a single person or a childless couple. The same applies to the occasions or events during which the device will be used most often.

In any case, you will be much more advantaged by a grill capable of cooking several paninis at the same time. This will save you from having to keep some people waiting while others are already eating, or having everyone wait to cook the sandwiches one by one. In the latter specific case, you end up with the risk of eating cold paninis, which can seriously spoil the taste and the atmosphere.

Consider Versatility

Some panini machines also allow you to make other equally delicious recipes. With some models, you can make, among other things, croque-monsieur or madame, waffles, pancakes and all kinds of grilled meats. You will find panini cookers whose cooking plates are removable and which come with very practical accessories.

You can also take advantage of the possibility of adjusting the temperature level or keeping it warm for a certain period of time. In this case, you can also opt for a model that includes a thermostat. A drip tray could also be useful for collecting cooking residues (liquid or solid) and to facilitate cleaning.

Pay attention to the materials of manufacture

As far as quality is concerned, the most recommended materials and which are moreover the most used by manufacturers, are aluminum and stainless steel. Made in one or other of these materials, your panini maker will thus benefit from good robustness and excellent durability.

Cast aluminum is a material that conducts heat very well while distributing it evenly over the entire preparation surface. It would therefore be wise to favor this way for your cooking plates. It will not take more to allow your paninis and all your other recipes to cook ideally. However, it should be ensured that the coating is non-stick, always with a view to facilitating cleaning, which incidentally is also an important selection criterion.

Don’t neglect design, brand or safety

Of course, the most recognized brands on the panini machine market are the ones you should focus on. The chances of finding a good-quality device that perfectly meets your needs will be even higher.

The design is also important if you want to have an appliance that will not fail to seduce your guests while matching your kitchen.

As for safety, this is an essential point to take into account to be sure to prepare your paninis by limiting the risk of burns, for example. Similarly, a non-slip base or heat-resistant handles are also good guarantees of reliability.