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How do I choose the best hanging patio heater?

When you’re looking for the best hanging patio heater for your needs, keep in mind where you would like to place it and what you will need to be able to do so. Finally, you will want to find a heater that looks good in your space. Some designs are sleek and eye-catching, while others are more subtle.

Are there any portable heaters that can be used outside?

Whether propane-fueled or electric, most outdoor heaters are meant to stay in one place (say, on your home patio or deck). But there are a few that are truly portable, including tabletop heaters and camping heaters.

Are patio heaters good for your home?

Whether you’re hoping to keep patio parties going late into the night or to extend backyard barbecue season, patio heaters are your best friend. These handy heaters warm up the space around them, making outdoor living spaces more comfortable on chilly evenings or cool fall days.

Can a natural gas heater be used outdoors?

Because natural gas heaters are connected to your gas line, they do not offer the same mobility as propane or electric heaters, but they do provide top-notch heating for expansive outdoor living spaces.