Top 10 Best oil diffusers 2022

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the aromas of essential oils, then we can only guide you towards the acquisition of a diffuser. It is an easy device to find and besides, the offer continues to multiply on the market. If you intend to buy this device, you will have to consider the design, the materials, and the specific type of model to acquire. The comparison that we put at your disposal will give you an idea of ​​the product that can meet your requirements. 

If you want to know the best products, here are the two models that lead our ranking. Among the most popular of the moment, Zen’Arôme by Nebulization Effisenscan be practical for you thanks to its control panel that can adjust the power and duration of diffusion. It is modern in appearance and not bulky, it is also a reasonably quiet model. The Salking Ultrasonic is a beautiful diffuser with a vintage style in second place. It takes the form of an old lamp, perfect for decorating a bedroom or living room.

Purchase guide

To benefit from aromatherapy, you must use an essential oil diffuser. It is a handy device in everyday life. Most homes today have them. On the other hand, it is not necessarily easy to buy this product, because the offer is numerous and very varied. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the advice that we are going to give you before starting. Taking into account these characteristics, you will not experience any difficulty in buying it. Before deciding on the product you are going to take, focus on the design, materials and type of device.


The design of the device is the first criterion you should consider in this buying guide for the best essential oil diffusers. This is a decisive point when acquiring this equipment. Therefore, it is essential to choose with great care. Indeed, the design is the first thing you see. Thus, it is essential not to make a mistake in the choice of this characteristic. Otherwise, you risk acquiring a product that is not suitable for the room in which you are going to install it.

There are diffusers on the market with various designs. Each of the designers tries to create innovative items to please the customers. You will find diffusers with different shapes. Some are rather round while others are designed with surprising features.

Manufacturers also play with colors to seduce users. This situation explains the fact that there are devices with very varied colors. Faced with all this, it is increasingly difficult to select a broadcaster today. Even if the external appearance of this accessory does not influence its effectiveness, do not forget that this product will remain clearly visible in the room where you intend to put it. That said, it is important to focus on its design.

To make the right choice, make sure that the product you are going to buy will fit in with the decoration of the place. It must be able to fit naturally into the room. Therefore, it should not cause a false note in its layout. It will be necessary to ensure that the diffuser can complement your decoration. There isn’t really a recommended shape or color when buying. But it’s up to you to find the middle ground. Also favor products that have a good finish.

The materials

If you can’t figure out where to buy a new essential oil diffuser yet, you need to focus on the materials. By taking this information into account, you will have the guarantee that it is an effective product. This criterion plays an important role in the acquisition of this kind of equipment. If you make the right choice in this regard, you will be assured that the device meets your requirements.

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Manufacturers are experimenting with a wide variety of substances for the creation of this type of diffuser. They do a lot of research to find the best product to use. Faced with this situation, customers are guaranteed access to quality products.

When purchasing this device, take the time to learn about the materials that went into its manufacture. In most cases, these characteristics are mentioned in the product sheet. If you need additional information then, do not hesitate to go on the internet. By taking all this information into account, you will no longer be wondering how to buy an essential oil diffuser with better value for money. Indeed, you have all the information you need to choose the model that meets your needs.

Regarding design materials, builders usually use plastic. You will therefore have to make sure that this material is of high quality. Thus, you will have the guarantee that the device will serve you in the long term. That’s not all, because it is more resistant to shocks that may occur. This will allow you to make significant savings. Indeed, we must not forget that the purchase of this equipment is an investment.

The type

The last criteria to consider in this buying guide is the type of diffuser you need. It is essential to specify this characteristic before placing your order. There are several kinds of diffusers on the market. For starters, there are the devices that use the nebulizer system. Here there is a pump designed to propel the oils.

When these come out of the nozzle, they are greeted by a blast of air. Then, they are projected laterally on the walls. Thanks to the speed of the flow of essential oils and air as well as their crossing angle, the particles are strongly dispersed in the atmosphere.

Then you have equipment with misting technology. They work simpler than the first thanks to the integrated process. An ultrasonic pad is placed at the bottom of the device to emit high frequency vibrations. It will therefore be necessary to add cold water and then the essential oil in the location intended for these operations.

Some equipment is equipped with gentle heat diffusion. They are made to slowly heat the essential oil. The temperature of the latter should not go beyond 40°C. It will be necessary to pour several drops of oil into the integrated receptacle. The heat gradually propels the particles into the air. Other materials work by ventilation. They have a disposable blotter on which you add the oils. A powerful blast of air passes through this element so that they take off into the atmosphere. The technology used on this device is simplistic. It is a discreet device and does not emit much noise. Therefore, you can put it in your bedroom.

When you have made your choice among these techniques, you can finally move on to the price comparison. It will help you find the most interesting offer. Thanks to this system, you can acquire a good product, but without paying a substantial sum.

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How to use an essential oil diffuser?

The health benefits of essential oils have long been demonstrated. They can deodorize a room, stimulate concentration and stop the spread of germs in the house. The reason why, the installation of a diffuser is paramount. If you’re wondering how to maintain your equipment, we’re here to help.

Use an essential oil diffuser to stay healthy

Essential oils remain effective in purifying the air circulating in the house. But not every product sold in the market acts the same way. This is why you should follow the advice of an aromatherapy specialist to guide you.

The diffuser incorporates a kind of pump to spread particles of essential oils into the atmosphere. These microscopic droplets will deodorize your interior. They are effective in eliminating pathogenic germs and microbes. Thus, a person with a cold no longer risks contaminating the other members of his family.

Use an oil diffuser to improve sleep quality

To relax after a hard day at work, use the essential oil diffuser. You can put it next to your bed to improve your sleep quality. Prefer products based on sweet orange. Four drops are enough to get the desired result. To calm your child, opt for mandarin essential oil. It is also effective in combating anxiety. Pregnant women can also use them from the second trimester of their pregnancy, except pine.

Forget the use of this equipment if you live in a small room and you have a baby under 36 months.

Respect the time of use

Instead of running your diffuser all night, consider timing the time it is used. The presence of a timer is therefore essential. To purify an average sized apartment, use it for 5-10 minutes every hour. 10 to 20 minutes is enough to mask the smell of a food you are cooking. The atmosphere of the room will then be more friendly. Don’t use your diffuser for several hours or you risk wasting your essential oil.

Respect the cleaning of your equipment

Certainly, the oil diffuser remains effective in purifying the air inside the house, but it needs regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. If you let your equipment get dirty after each use, the smell may become unbearable, especially for vulnerable people.

Clean your essential oil diffuser regularly

Start by draining the glassware and emptying the diffuser. Add a little 90° alcohol to speed up the process. Then turn it on and wait a few minutes for the small component inside it to slowly unclog. Then, place the glassware in a pot of clean cold water to boil. Feel free to pour in some black tea in order to remove the yellowish gunk.

Once the device has completely cooled, remember to dry it. Put it upside down to get rid of the liquid. Normally, the item should regain its luster.

Since this step was a difficult task, you deserve a little rest, relax by diffusing fine lavender essential oil.

What essential oil to calm cough?

Essential oils are known for many health and metabolic benefits. Depending on the composition of each of them, they can have the most soothing virtues. Some are used to moisturize the skin or hair. Here, we will mainly talk about those that will help you cure your cough. We therefore suggest in the few lines that follow the products best suited to your concern and in particular how to use them correctly.

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Types of cough

Indeed, there is not a single category, but two types of cough. The treatments therefore differ according to this designation. A distinction is then made between a wet cough and a so-called dry cough. You have to know how to identify one like the other to be able to act better in the future and not do anything to treat them properly.

Thus, you have a wet cough if secretions are generated by your lungs. Moreover, this family is said to be productive. For dry cough, it’s the opposite. No secretion is to be noted. This will subsequently lead to irritation of the respiratory tract. You should also know that there are treatments that can treat both types. Mention may be made, for example, among them, of the essential oil of Eucalyptus.

Essential oils against wet cough

Wet cough is not a disease in itself. It is mainly an alert following a respiratory problem. It is therefore not advisable to contain it, but rather to let what it brings with it evacuate. Indeed, it allows you to get rid of certain microbes. Despite this, it remains important to treat and treat this concern. Several essential oils can therefore be effective in doing this. Three of them seem the most reliable in this sense.

First, we have the essential oil of eucalyptus radiata. This one is especially known for its antibacterial, mucolytic, anti-infectious benefits. Thanks to it, you will evacuate unpleasant secretions more quickly. However, it should be noted that its use is prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Secondly, myrtle essential oil is also an effective solution. This is a powerful antiseptic. The spread of infections is limited by using this product. However, it is also prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, children under 10 should not take it.

Third, we have rosewood essential oil. This treatment is both anti-inflammatory and infectious. During the first three months of gestation, this solution is prohibited. The same applies during breastfeeding and for children under 8 years old.

Essential oils for dry cough

Having a dry cough is very bothersome. When we have it, we have the impression that something in our chest is tearing. Sometimes it even tends to hurt. To remedy this problem, there are several solutions. We will tell you here the most reliable essential oils to treat this inconvenience.

To begin, we will talk about the essential oil of Tarragon. Its use is above all antispasmodic. The effects of this product relate to the reduction of involuntary muscle contractions. This will result in relieving the cough.

Next, the Lavender Fine essential oil. It is known for its pain-relieving benefits. Its role will therefore be to limit the irritation caused by your cough. Thanks to this, you will again be able to spend a calm night. This product is also an antispasmodic.  

For those looking for more of an anti-inflammatory, lemon eucalyptus essential oil is the perfect remedy. It strengthens the immune response so that the inflammation does not spread.

Recipes that work

Knowing the essential oils corresponding to a particular cough is not enough. It is also important to know how to use them wisely. Indeed, it is not a question of ingesting them in their raw state. For pregnant or breastfeeding women, for example, the use of these solutions is certainly not prescribed, but at low doses it is still possible. To do this, you will need to strongly dilute the product in water. In addition, prolonged use of the treatment in question should be avoided.

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Also, note that the intake of these liquids may be different from one mixture to another. Some were made to be diffused, others to be applied as a balm, still others for inhalation. So pay attention to every little detail.

To further help you achieve the right treatment, we are going to offer you some recipes here. The first that we present to you is to diffuse to remedy the oily cough. It is a question of mixing 2 drops of essential oil of globular eucalyptus with 2 other drops of essential oil of ravintsara for three drops of essential oil of niaouli. Insert the resulting solution into your essential oil diffuser (here is a list of the best products). Use it for three to five days. This will have the effect of clearing your bronchial tubes and therefore calming your problem.

As for the dry cough, the mix is ​​a bit fuller, so to speak. It is a question of putting in a single bottle of essential oil of Tarragon, Cypress of Provence, Fine Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, and vegetable oil of Nigella. The amount prescribed is 30, 45, 15, 30, and 120 drops respectively. Then stopper your tube and shake everything to homogenize the whole. You should also know that this is a synergy type solution. That is to say, you will have to apply it to certain key parts of your body for the treatment to take effect. Thus, we advise you to place 3 drops on the thorax and 3 others on the top of your back. You will have to repeat this operation 4 times a day. And this over a total period of 5 days. Avoid exceeding this recommended time frame.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to clean an essential oil diffuser?

It is important that you know that cleaning your essential oil diffuser should be done about once or twice a month. And to do this, first make sure to disconnect it from any mains connection. To dissolve fat, you can turn to the classic method using 90° alcohol. Pour about 1-2ml of this liquid into the reservoir and then diffuse it across the room for 2 minutes. However, be careful not to add water to the preparation.

Q2: How to clean an essential oil diffuser with white vinegar?

Maintaining your equipment regularly will extend its life, whether you’re dealing with a nebulizing or ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. And to begin with, it is useless to tell you that water and electricity do not mix well. It is therefore imperative that you turn off all power sources. Fill the tank halfway with water and then pour about ten drops of white vinegar. For the latter to take effect, turn on your device for 5 minutes. When finished, empty the container and wipe it with a dry cloth. Make sure that the control buttons and electronic components do not come into contact with the liquid.

Q3: My essential oil diffuser is no longer misting, what should I do?

The first step is to check the assembly of your fogger. Inspect the electrical connection as well as the water level in the tank. It is also possible that the liquid you are using contains impurities preventing it from working properly. In this case, scour its components. To do this, simply clean the probe disc with a cotton swab. You can also spread a mixture of water and vinegar, of the same volume, in order to dissolve the limestone. If the probe no longer emits any signs of life, it is probably time to change it.

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Q4: How to make an essential oil diffuser?

If you want to perfume your interior without having to use a diffuser, you can count on this tip. You take a glass bottle in which you pour sweet almond oil. Add drops of essential oil to it. Pour a capful of alcohol into the mixture. Then place wooden sticks or skewers in it. Stir everything and turn the accessories from time to time.

Q5: How to diffuse essential oil without a diffuser?

If you don’t have a diffuser on hand, but you want to perfume your home, follow these tips. Take a cotton ball that you will initially soak in essential oil. Position it near a fan to diffuse the aromas. Another method is to use a vaporizer. You will fill it with water and a few drops of oil to mask bad smells. You can also use a tissue or a paper handkerchief on which you will add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil.

Q6: Which essential oil should I choose for my mist diffuser?

The essential oils for your diffuser will depend on the mood you want to create in your home. They are generally classified as following very specific categories such as sensual atmospheres, purifying, anti-insects or even anti-odors.

Q7: What use for my essential oil diffuser?

The selection of your essential oil goes a long way in maintaining your well-being. To do this, choose it carefully. In order to purify the air, count on the scents of lemongrass, thyme, eucalyptus or even lavender. Sour orange, mandarin, geranium will bring you a relaxing effect while peppermint, lemon or even pine will give you an energizing atmosphere.

Q8: How does an essential oil diffuser work?

How an essential oil diffuser works generally depends on its type. Mist models create a visual effect through the release of mist. Soft heat specimens are, as their name suggests, equipped with a thermal regulation system providing a constant temperature without causing overheating. The ventilation devices on their sides are equipped with a filter cartridge while blowing cold air and vaporizing scents. There are also diffusers by nebulization which uses a process of separating the particles of the essential oil and projects them into the air.

Q9: How many drops to put in an essential oil diffuser?

The amount of oil to put in the diffuser generally depends on the hold of the scent you want to have. It can range from 5 to 15 drops depending on the dimensions of the room and the operating time of your device.